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  1. Since Im seeing the Gundam Mk II as a long term project Im switching to the HGUC version of the RGM-79GS GM Command, a Yutaka Izubuchi design from 1989's Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. The RGM-79GS GM Command Space Type, a specialized space combat version of the RGM-79G GM Command developed for use on Earth and in colonies. While the Space Type was visually similar to the regular GM Command besides the standard GM paint scheme, the Space Type mounted an enhanced backpack equipped with more maneuvering verniers and more powerful rocket thrusters. By removing equipment not needed in a gravitational environment, more internal space was freed up in the Space Type, allowing it to be equipped with additional verniers and larger fuel propellant tank. Having done most of a RGM-79D GM Cold District Type, it shares a majority of parts making this seem to fall together. Adding plastic sheet to the skirt armor to block the empty spaces, forearms yet to be sanded. The red areas will be painted in a yellow/green mix while the white will be in a light gray.
  2. In regards to the "OK" logo, http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/2012/02/01/the-vintage-japanese-ok-hand-logo-explained/
  3. I'd start with Mobile Suit Gundam and work your way through the UC timeline up Victory Gundam, non-UC series to start with it After War Gundam X, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing or Gundam 00. There's also a current series Gundam Build Fighters that centers around the Gunpla hobby.
  4. Wanye, they're a few different timelines in the Gundam franchise. http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Gundam_Wiki:Timelines As for scale they range from 1/48 to 1/2400, there is a 1/12 scale RX-78 Gundam and MS-06S Zaku II but are more along the lines of store displays. The Most common are 1/100 and 1/144 scale. The RX-178 is in 1/100. Danny, G-Exes Prime.
  5. My entry into this, the RX-178 Gundam MkII from Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta. I don't plan on doing the Titans or AEUG colors. Been mocking up parts while on break at work.
  6. How about two flavors of Toyota 4A-GE power. Twin side drafts with exposed cams. Stock.
  7. Less than five minutes on Google I managed to find this.
  8. The bark falling off the other side of the tree may come from the tree flexing during impact and it returning to rest in its original position, much like pushing in the side of a alumium can and popping it back. Wood like metal does contain memory and is shown to be more durable than a two - three ton car.
  9. You can be ambitious and build a Patriot-3 MARS (Mobile Adjustable Ramp System) seen here used by the CAP Beijing Division's 13th team.
  10. Dave, the Chevrolet LUV was a Isuzu Faster. As for Mercury theey shared the Villager with Nissan for the Quest, Ford used the Mazda B-series for the Courier and Ranger making Ford the only US manufacture to not have their own light pickup.
  11. Excellent build but I'd suggest one thing, run a black marker along the edge of the headlight lense to give the effect of a seal.
  12. Each Girl Scout regional council decides which licensed baking company to use for cookie sales in that council, thus determining which varieties are available in the area covered by the council. Traditionally each regional Girl Scout council set the prices for cookies sold in that council and offer the option for customers to sponsor boxes of cookies to be sent to U.S. servicemen and women. This is the same for the Boy Scouts Trails End popcorn.
  13. Aoshima's VW kits are ex-Imai molds, along with the Subaru Sambar, Nissan Silvia SP113, Toyota Corolla (E70) and almost all the 1/12 motorcycles.
  14. You refer to then solely used by terrorist? Besides, where's proof of the four door Hilux theft ring?
  15. So the SAS, LRDG and PPA are terrorist organizations? Chadians troops defending their country and raiding Libyan army bases? Civilians acting to depose their opressive governments? US Special Forces using them for clandestine missions?
  16. Second to last Aoshima 1/6 wheels, this is the SSR Formula Mesh.
  17. Spent most of the evening cleaning parts for the Stratos, filled in sinkmarks and did some minor assemblies like the inner doors and light pods. Also picked a color of white with dark gray wheels.
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