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  1. james460 added a post in a topic AAR Cuda and Model King Mopar   

    There is a really good article in SA about converting the new tool Revell "Cuda" into a Gurney T/A. I think he did bascially the same stuff you have done to your conversion. Fred Cady made decals for the stock T/A as well as the Gurney, Swede Savage T/A Cudas. I don't know of any one else who does thoses. I had a set put for some reason sold them. I had hoped some one would do the hood and spoiler in resin so I can do the race car.So far I have only seen the hood.  Keep up the good work. Jim
  2. james460 added a post in a topic 1970 'Cuda   

    Really nice build.
  3. james460 added a post in a topic '65 Plymouth Satellite...The One That Got Away   

    That's one nice looking 65. I've always been a Ford guy but if you ask me the 65 Bel/Cornet are two of the nicest looking cars ever produced in America. your real car is a bute. I'm sure the model will be super.
  4. james460 added a post in a topic Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose Indy Car   

    Nice work on the Ruby Car. To me he was one of those guys when you mentioned Loyd Ruby you thought The indy 500. I love the older Indy stuff. It was a time of innovation. Novi's, roadsters,rear engine cars, side pod cars, turbines man I loved Indy back then. Again the Ruby Mongoose is a blast from the past. Great work.
  5. james460 added a post in a topic need help on a 1963 ford galaxie light weight   

    The cast iron headers from the 60 Starliner ,I can't remember if they are in the stock 60 are the coustom 60, the later release has both. I think are correct for this application. You can also get those headers in the 64 Galaxie superstocker and the 65 Fairlane superstocker. At least they are correct for the Nascar version. I would assume they were used in the 63 Drag version. I believe there is an article in Model Car Mag and the cast iron headers were used on the red 63.
  6. james460 added a post in a topic 63 Lightweight Galaxie - Romy Hammes Brannan   

    nice work so far. I'm using the same pieces to do the 63 Daytona winner. Does MCW still make the light weight interior. Looks like the interior trim is what is in the Woods car. The kit interior is the Galaxie 500 interior. I cut off the bottom of that interior and it fits nicely with the 60 hump and floor. I did need to make a new fire wall panel for the 500 interior. Great work keep the picture coming.
  7. james460 added a post in a topic 1969 Torino Fastback - Almost finished (plus some commentary) - 04/20/17   

    Nice work on the Torino. Did you have any trouble getting the chassie up under the interior tube. For some reason everytime I try to build one these the chassie rails don't want to go up under the body so well. Thought you might be able to help. Again it looks really good.
  8. james460 added a post in a topic Earnhardt Sr. #3 '92 Lumina   

    Chevy engine red is correct.
  9. james460 added a post in a topic AMT 1970 Camaro Z28   

    Building the Z-28 from AMT right now. It's the one that got away. Will be Dark green. Any surprises when building the kit. I followed one of the builds in one of the mags. He said the dash needed to be shortened. What are your thoughts. I've got all my parts painted starting the assembly process.
  10. james460 added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I Is Completed   

    I bought one a couple of weeks ago an like you was surprised about the content. I do wish it had a scoop and front bench seat. hopwfully mine is going to be white exterior with red interior. i'll be watching your build.
  11. james460 added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    It always amazes me how you get so many "it should be like this" from test shot photos. Anyway alway liked the 65 Bel. any chance there's going to be a racing version?
  12. james460 added a post in a topic 1963 Chevy Impala, AMT promo   

    Man that's a really nice piece. I've always thought that the AMT 63 Impala body was as good as it get. Hard to believe that a 50+ year old model. Looks great.
  13. james460 added a post in a topic Hudson Hornet Salt Racer   

    Hate to see that coming up in the rear view window. Too cool.
  14. james460 added a post in a topic Petty's 64 Plymouth   

    If you look at the last picture, which is really a good one for info, you can just see the top of the bucket seat poking it's top out over the dash. I noticed in the clone it has a bench seat. I remember a few year back seeing an interview with RP. He stated in the interview that the Daytona car had a bench seat with the back removed. This picture proves that's not so. I think sometimes we've got to remember these guys, remembering things, are gettin old. I'm 66 and can't remember nothing. The one thing that bugs me about clones is someday some guy will come up with the cash to purchase the 64 Clone and sware up and down that the Petty's told him the car was the Daytona 500 winner and he'll have something signed by them stating it is. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful car and the workmanship is top notch but I doubt Richard ever drove that car in a race. I wish, when clones are built, the guys building them would pay a little more attention to what they really were and had. I guess if they did it would be harder to tell a fake. LOL If you're building a Petty race car specially the 64 there is tons of info on the net and you can't go wrong with the info you find on Randy Ayers board. When it come to the older cars these guys know just about everything and are not afraid to let anyone in on the info. And they build some pretty nice models too.
  15. james460 added a post in a topic Petty's 64 Plymouth   

    That a restored car and may be how the car looked later in the year. The car RP ran at Daytona was a little different. The car came to the Petty shop painted a really light blue. The exterior was repainted Petty blue at the shop but the underside was left the light blue. There are a couple of pic out there that show verly clearly the light color under the hood. Looks white but it is a very light blue. The interior was a vinyl metallic blue sorta medium blue, dash, seat and probably the interior door panels. The engine color was probably hemi orange, The valve covers were not painted at Daytona.The Pettys usually painted their engines a blue but remember these engines arrived at Daytona stright from the factory and were probably a shade of orange. Later pics of the Pettys installing an engine at Darlington show it being painted a light blue. I have a 64 Racing pictorial that show the Plymouths and Dodges at Daytona and you can see clearly the the Dodges have interior panels that are a factory color. I figure the Pettys went the same route. I'm not a Petty expert and thing changed as the year went by but I'm pretty sure about the Daytona deal.