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  1. Very nice. Thought that car looked nice back in the day.
  2. My Grand Dad owned a 59 just like that. To my knowledge it was the only two door car he ever owned. Didn't keep it very long and purchased a 61 similar color. Always owned a straight drive w/out a radio until he couldn't get a straight drive or a car without radio. 73 I think. In my life time he owned a 57, 59, 61, 62, 66, 73, 74 and a 78 which may have been the ugliest color combo ever cream with a brown vinyl top. All were Impalas except the 57 and 66, they were Bel-airs. As you can see he was a Chevrolet guy. Great start on a beautiful car although at the time maybe a little far out for most.
  3. I heat up all my paint, including primer, in a hot water bath, just put the can in hot tap water, seems to help with coverage.
  4. There are articles in both Model Car Mag and SA about the 60 chassis under a 63/64 Fastback. Both good stuff. Actually the cassis conversion is pretty simple. you do need to cut the bottom off the 63/64 interior to get the right height. The engine is what you need and in one of the issues the stock car exhaust manifold is there. Depends on how far you want to go with the stock version. It does make for a very nice model. I was just a teenager when the original 64 came out. Must have had a dozen of those kits. first kit I remember with any stock car parts though most were incorrect for an accurate build, but I built 'em and enjoyed the heck out of them. Threw them away long ago along with Mercury's Chevy's, Dodges and Plymouth from 64. Love to have those back.
  5. Is that a cobbled together chassis or is it from the 64 Lindberg Plymouth kit?
  6. Nice work on the GT-40. If you weren't around in 66 you have no idea what a big deal Ford winning Leman's was. There were only 3 sports cars of any importance then in most of America. The Corvette because it was American made, the Cobra, the legend was beginning to grow and so was the price and Ferrari , because it was a Ferrari. They made some beautiful cars. It seemed for the first time the general public, not just the sports car fan, was interested in GT racing. The way Ford won, dominating a race most of America had only heard about, proved America could do almost anything. Again nice work on the Ken Miles Ford GT.
  7. nice work on the Bee. Seems like back in 69 the Super Bee was very popular we had a saying back then everybody and his brother owned a Super bee. Most were 383's but a few had the 440-6. Seemed more popular than the Roadrunner. Oh and most had a big Dodge decal on the rear quarters. Again nice work.
  8. I bought a pro-street Plymounth with the red car on the box and inside was a stock road runner. So buyer beware.
  9. I picked up a tall spoiler for 5 bucks from some resin caster. Think maybe it was Hart but not sure. Better than paying 30 bucks for a Baldwin kit.
  10. Great work Steve. ! Question, Glue Kit or Pro-modeler with paint removed and redone? Sorry can't tell
  11. Didn't I read somewhere that the Flocks had a sister that was a racer. I think the article said she may have been the best of the bunch.
  12. Fine looking build. always had a soft spot for the 66/67 Fairlane
  13. Worked with a young guy who had a 64. It was light green, bench seat maybe, not sure. He had made a ram air system for it using dryer hose with the scoops mounted under the bumper. Nice looking GTO in a not seen much color.
  14. I have read over the years that Huggar orange and Hemi Orange are the same color. Don't know about Poppy Red but again MRN radio, back in the day, described the K&K Dodge as a tomato red. HPIguy who does tutorials on Youtube about building models used TS-23 for Petty Blue and Tamiya Bright red for the red color and it looked great. I do believe real Petty red is Fluorescent but doesn't always photograph the same color.
  15. I bought a bunch of Cady decals when he was going out of business. I know I have a set with gold stripes will look tonight to see if I have any other. May take the weekend to answer.
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