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  1. Really nice Z/28. One of the best I've seen.
  2. Mark do you think the textured spray with semi-gloss black would look ok ?
  3. Wasn't a vinyl top was painted with a textured paint.
  4. Reminds me of an old Kay-O station on Williamson Road in Roanoke, minus the garage. Was the smallest gas station in town. Had gas, 4 quarts of oil maybe one can of break fluid. Gas was cheap 14.9 a gallon. during a gas war, I doubt you young guys know what this, seen gas at 13.9 gallon. Nice work on the station.
  5. read somewhere where he said he couldn't lead but could draft with anyone. great build.
  6. Soot is what I use, comes in a three set with snow and rust. Application just as Randman said.
  7. Actually can't remember which Tamiya set I use. I'll need to look at home. Actually found out about using it from a Clay Kemp article in a magazine. It's one of the little three pack sets. I use the black. Again I'll look tonight and see.
  8. I built the Bobby Allison flat nose Monte Carlo with Powerslide decals, not the kit decals, which are Powerslide also, used Solvaset, Microsol and Microset everything worked great. I did let the big green portion of the decals set for a couple of days, I'm really over cautious, before putting any decals over them, worked great. Power slide decals are some of the best I've ever used. I'm not a great modeler but have been modeling for a long time. I don't think you need to coat them first unless you just want to. oh I also use setting solution for the tire decals, once dry coat with flat clear and then hit them with a Tamiya weathering stick to unbrighten the white.
  9. In 69 the Gurney cars were blue the Bud Moore team was red white and black. I had thought the Moore team changed to the orange/yellow paint in 70.
  10. Didn't know a friends son drove a race car. He doesn't look the type. LOL Nice work those are tough kits to put together.
  11. My boss at one time had one of those that looked almost exactly like that when he got it, only it was left hand drive. Man, he worked night and day and got it looking really nice, new paint interior and electrical system then he sold it and bought a mid 70's Bill Blass T-bird, go figure. Nice job on that rust bucket, looks like if you hit it real hard with a hammer it would fall apart.
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