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  1. Really nice Z/28. One of the best I've seen.
  2. Mark do you think the textured spray with semi-gloss black would look ok ?
  3. Wasn't a vinyl top was painted with a textured paint.
  4. Reminds me of an old Kay-O station on Williamson Road in Roanoke, minus the garage. Was the smallest gas station in town. Had gas, 4 quarts of oil maybe one can of break fluid. Gas was cheap 14.9 a gallon. during a gas war, I doubt you young guys know what this, seen gas at 13.9 gallon. Nice work on the station.
  5. read somewhere where he said he couldn't lead but could draft with anyone. great build.
  6. Soot is what I use, comes in a three set with snow and rust. Application just as Randman said.
  7. Actually can't remember which Tamiya set I use. I'll need to look at home. Actually found out about using it from a Clay Kemp article in a magazine. It's one of the little three pack sets. I use the black. Again I'll look tonight and see.
  8. I built the Bobby Allison flat nose Monte Carlo with Powerslide decals, not the kit decals, which are Powerslide also, used Solvaset, Microsol and Microset everything worked great. I did let the big green portion of the decals set for a couple of days, I'm really over cautious, before putting any decals over them, worked great. Power slide decals are some of the best I've ever used. I'm not a great modeler but have been modeling for a long time. I don't think you need to coat them first unless you just want to. oh I also use setting solution for the tire decals, once dry coat with flat clear and then hit them with a Tamiya weathering stick to unbrighten the white.
  9. In 69 the Gurney cars were blue the Bud Moore team was red white and black. I had thought the Moore team changed to the orange/yellow paint in 70.
  10. Didn't know a friends son drove a race car. He doesn't look the type. LOL Nice work those are tough kits to put together.
  11. My boss at one time had one of those that looked almost exactly like that when he got it, only it was left hand drive. Man, he worked night and day and got it looking really nice, new paint interior and electrical system then he sold it and bought a mid 70's Bill Blass T-bird, go figure. Nice job on that rust bucket, looks like if you hit it real hard with a hammer it would fall apart.
  12. Very nice. I ordered a sheet of each one of the vermillion covers. the paint on the Buick and Monte Carlo look like they could be a bear. your color looks spot on. Again very nice.
  13. nice work, always thought those Pontiac's in that livery were really nice.
  14. I built one of these kits back in the day and don't remember having any problem with the glass. It was a Waltrip car I converted to a Dale Sr. Car. maybe the Aero coupe was different. The flat nose Monte glass was a bear. Glass never did fit correctly. I pulled out and old Monte kit last evening and the kit glass fit better but did have some issues. At least that's the way I remember it.
  15. Nice job on that kit. Wheels are beautiful. Don't know How I missed it.
  16. built the Allison flat nose Monty and the glass never fit. Kit is same as the Hardees car with the flat nose added. Didn't seem to be enough curvature in the glass. After trying several times finally used super glue to get it in fogged the glass. You did a great job on yours I have the Legends version of that car with Powerslide decals hope it turns out as nice as yours.
  17. nice work Replica of that car at the Woods brothers Museum looks nice
  18. Has anyone tried Krylon crystal clear? I've not used it on paint but on Chrome it works really well and allows you to brush paint where needed say on bumpers where a combo paint chrome is needed. And leaves no brush strokes. When you spray it on chrome don't be alarmed if the chrome mottles at first, nearly scared me to death, but it dries nice and clear. I know Testors makes are at least use to make two Clears. Is the wet look clear one of these? The top coat clear that goes over the automotive paint colors to make them shine, and their regular clear, dull coat, semi-gloss which can be used over almost any paint. I been told to not use the top coat clear over anything but the automotive paint colors. Tamiya is the best rattle can paint I've ever used at least since Tru-Match. It goes on smooth, dries quickly and their line keeps expanding. if my hobby shop doesn't have the color I need, he can get it, if available, in four day. I've never used their clear but do have a can. Just can't bring my self to clear over such a nice paint job.
  19. Started the 72 year in a RR then switched to a Charger
  20. There is an article in one of the model mags about adding detail to one of there. Mag is from around 1990. Some of those are pretty nice kits some not so much. 1/43 Scale. I've always wanted to do one of the 87 T-birds just never could find one. You can do the Coors t-bird, decals are on various sheets. Nice work on the kit. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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