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  1. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic What are your favorite car songs?   

    A Bunch of good songs everybody put up. Here are a few of my favorites.
    One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash
    455 Rocket by Kathy Mattea
    Lord, Mr. Ford or Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack by Jerry Reed
    Baby who could really love this car but me, by Brian Setzer Orchestra
    Take Miss Lucy Home by Molly Hatchet
    4 wheel drive, Convoy by CW McCall
    Rapid Roy, Bad Leroy Brown, Don't mess around with Jim by Jim Croce
    Bad to the Bone, Gear Jammer by George Thorogood
    Chrome by Trace Atkins
    Steady at the Wheel or Mustangs and Camaros by Shooter Jennings
    Manic Mechanic by ZZ Top
    The Ride by David Allen Coe
    Maybellene, Riding Along in my Automobile, Chuck Berry
    Chicks dig it, can't remember the guys name, country
    Big Ol Truck, Toby Keith
    Guitars Cadillacs, Dwight Yoakam
    I'll check my collection for more
  2. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    BTW, Led and 67, if you like those logos I did at J&J, wait until you see my car portraits.
  3. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    Darlington Hobby on RT15 is the only one i know of, there used to be one called Parent Hobby, i wen there once in the 80's, only place i could find purple spray paint to paint the old 83 Lake Speed WYNNS Oldsmobile stock car.
  4. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    I have maybe 2 LHS's, Apponaug Hobby, HOBBYRI.com, not much for modelers, 2 sets of shelves, but he has ships, armor, electric trains, slot cars and stuff like that, I only buy BMF or a magazine from him once in awhile. AA Hobbies, right around the corner from my work, but all TRAINS, SHIPS and ARMOR. Darlington hobby in Pawtucket, but I don't drive that far if I don't know whats in stock, been a long time since I've set foot in there, he had a TON of OLD kits but priced out of my range. Most hobby shops don't tend to last around here, between high rents, high cost to supply as a small business, cost have to be past on to the consumer, but the thing that gets me is when the sign says open at 11AM, your there at 12:30pm, UPS labels stuck to the door and the lights are off. Or close at 8pm, you get there at 7pm and lights are out. Can't make money if you ain't open. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  5. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    Great Shop, really nice guy. I did those engraving when he used to be in the back of building.
  6. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic LHS Love   

    J&J Diecast in Taunton, I did the Hot Wheels and Johnny Lighning logos engraved in his counters, I stop by there when I go up that way to see my oldest daughter. i love that shop
  7. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic Custom Display Bases   

    As soon as I can get access to a scanner i'll scan some old pics, and i need to get some digital pics of some current work.
  8. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic Anybody in RI, SE Mass or Eastern CT interested in a club   

    Hi guys,
    I'm in RI, south of Providence. The only club I know of is Masscar. Just kicking around an idea. I'm actually a litytle on the busy side lately, work, family, fixing up the house.
  9. jrmullens1 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Custom Display Bases
    Hi guys,
    thought I'd post this over here.
    I do customer glass engraving.
    These make great display bases, you can do things like the name of the car, or manufacturers logo or a portrait or caricature of the car on the display, your imagination is the limit.
    If this sounds like something you maybe interested in for one of your models let me know.
    write me at jrsautografx@verizon.net
    Thanks for looking.
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  10. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic What does NNL stand for?   

    it stands for Nameless National Luminaries, it's a model club whose contests are not judged, models are displayed and enjoyed, i think there are people's choice awards.
  11. jrmullens1 added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Anybody in RI, SE Mass or Eastern CT interested in a club
    Anybody at all, I know somebody has to be buying models out there besides me. C'mon guys, answer up.
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  12. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic Custom Glass Engraved Display Bases   

    Hi Gramps
    Talking to misplaced Mountaineer here.
    Born in Charleston, my Dad was from a little town called Craigsville, near Richwood and Summersville.
    God's country. Love it, miss it, can't wait to go back.
    BTW, I saw some of your airbrush work, very impressive. I do T-shirts myself.
  13. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic Custom Glass Engraved Display Bases   

    Hi George and Mr Biggs
    Thanks for your interest. To answer your questions.
    1:) I can go pretty small with the engravings, for instance i put a lot of details in a feather if I'm engraving a bird, you can pick out every feather.
    2:) I've never tried to engrave clear plastic. I use a dremel tool with diamond/carbide tip spinning at about 10,000 rpm. It builds up some heat, so i'm thinking it may melt plastic.
    I engrave almost any glass, beer mugs, shot glasses, flat pieces of glass, and car windows, except windhields. I prefer stuff with a little thickness or temper to it. I did a 3/4 view of a 69 Chevelle on a beer mug, you could pick out every tube in the grill and tread in the tire. One of my upcoming projects is a 3 page spread of a bikini girl on a stereo cabinet door. With the engravings I do, if you put a piece of black paper behind them they really pop, so they should look good as a base for a model. I can even put color in the engravings which looks really cool.
    Thanks again
  14. jrmullens1 added a topic in General   

    Custom Glass Engraved Display Bases
    Hi Everybody
    I'm a new member here. Glad to join. Another of my hobbies beside model building is Custom Glass Engraving. I can make a custom display base of any subject matter. I have given pieces to Richard Petty and John Force and they have put them on display in their museums. If this sounds like something you maybe interested in, please contact me. jrsautografx@verizon.net, we can discuss subject matter and prices. My prices are very reasonable for the service. I'll try to get some pictures scanned to display. I hope to hear back.
    Happy Modelling
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  15. jrmullens1 added a post in a topic Further clarification Please   

    Thanks a lot,
    Hopefully I'll get some interest