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  1. no laguna progress, working my way through the list of orders they way it is!
  2. Ok guys there wil be NO white rubber tires, we cant get a good color withour ruining the strength of the rubber! sorry black rubber is the only color rubber i can get! Kevin
  3. charlie send me a pm or email!
  4. Thanks guys, we sure try hard around here, this year we added another team member & he has been a great help! meanwhile i whittling down the chevelle list little by little! Kevin
  5. Jim they are 75.00 + shipping, are you far from metro detroit? maybe i dont have to ship to you!
  6. sorry the kit is not on the website yet...i am trying to keep all those that ordered already happy
  7. Art thank you for the kind words! the team at Missing Link is growing & learning, we are doing our best to keep up
  8. Mastered by Bill at Scale Concepts, this pro touring chassis will fit the revell 70 cuda's, AMt 67 mustang & shelby, trumpeter 63 nova's, 64 falcon's & 65 ranchero, also the revell 67 camaro & 69 camaro's. I t also looks like it will fir the AMY 57 chevrolet, i am sure with some trimin of the front you can fit it in a buch of cars! You will have to drill out the holes for your exhaust. Please Feel free to send me a PM, I have some in stock now! thanks
  9. im the one with them on ebay thanks!
  10. Modelhaus used to make them, i think they still do
  11. He is right i have a few just waitin! thanks Kevin
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