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  1. Testors Ultra gloss clear over Tamiya Gun Metal. I polished it out with a couple different polishing coumpounds. This is the first time I've had a paint job good enough to skip the whole multi-grit cloth routine.
  2. I've got a ton of kits in the stash, but my wife doesn't understand why I have to buy more! I tell her... I built one, I have to fill the empty spot!
  3. I've been building quite a bit this year... 8 finished so far! But... Minimal detail, no repaints, some are curbside... My philosophy lately is to get them done, and don't stress on the little stuff! My 2010 Builds...
  4. I've always said if I had stupid amounts of money, this is the car I'd own. An excellent kit, I enjoyed building this one. Painted Tamiya Gun Metal with a Tamiya Maroon interior. The P/E grills are beautiful, but almost too fine to see. All things considered, though, Tamiya did a great job on the detail of this kit. Some of the trickier items... The P/E scripts for the engine! Be prepared to go blind trying to see the placement on these, and the frustration of trying to burnish them down. Hope you like it... Comments and Questions always welcome!
  5. Almost $280k, which is why I'm building the plastic model!!!
  6. Hey, I haven't been on the Model Cars forum in ages... Most of you probably don't even know me. I thought I'd drop by and show you my latest project... The body is painted with Tamiya Gun Metal. For the first time ever, I had a clean enough paint job that it didn't need the full polish routine, only rubbed out with some coumpound. To wrap up the whole build, I need to install all of the Body Bits... windows, fascia, lights, grills, etc... Using Tamiya Maroon, I was trying for an "Elegant" leather interior. I'm still kind of split about whether I achieved it or not... The engine went together easily, but those chrome scripts gave me fits. You'll notice a T in Aston is missing! I just noticed that I need to trim the carrier on the oil cap decal... The chassis was another easy assembly. The bummer is that all of the great rear end detail is hidden beneath that skid plate! Tamiya kits... Clean, Crisp and Precise! I wish the American manufacturers could achieve the same level.
  7. I guess I screwed that one up... I went to Frankie, Johnny and LUIGIs pizzeria, in the same shopping center! Let me know if you plan on doing it again.
  8. NNL East 2008 Great Show, Great People... What more can you ask for? Another Bar Tab shared with Gregg... Seems to be the norm for shows lately, huh?
  9. You guys don't see me much on the message boards lately. As much as I enjoy time spent here and a few other boards, theres just not enough hours in the day! Lately my priorities are: Work Family and home Work Building Models Work and Message boards. (gotta lighten up on that Work Thing!!!) What little spare time I have has to be at the bench. I may not build the best stuff but I'm enjoying it a lot more lately! I've been completing quite a few (8 last year) because of a few concessions I've made lately. NO PAINT STRIPPING, Less modifications and body work, even a few Box Stock builds. I've also reined myself in with starting new projects, as painful as that sounds. Lately I concentrate on one at a time, maybe doing a little prep on the next project. I've come to realize that my abilities (and eyesight!) have peaked and now I build for the pure pleasure of it! I still come up with the occasional trick, but mostly its just building the stuff I've been wanting to build for years! I'll never give up on the message boards... I've made too many friends online to quit... but I realize that I have to spend my free time wisely. As it is now, I troll the boards for inspiration (and there's a lot of it out there!) and the occasional comment here and there, mostly to people I already know.
  10. April 6th or 20th would work for me... Keep me informed.
  11. Hey Guys, Milt just sent me a note about the idea of a get-together... Count me in! Just tell me when and where and if possible I'll make it. Sorry, I haven't kept up on the message boards in a while... I have no clue whats going on anymore! Randy V. works at the Slot Cars Unlimited shop (at least I think thats the name). He's slowly but surely bringing in the kits, paints and supplies. He's shown the owner that there is a market for it. His shop is usually my first stop lately!
  12. Tony, That would be nice, we could leave it out for the public to look at. Thanks.
  13. If you have plans to attend NNL West this Saturday, please consider bringing any Boyd Kits or Boyd inspired builds you may have. The hot rod community, and the model car community also, have lost an icon and we should honor his memory in the only way we have, by displaying his influence on us! Thanks, Steve H. and the entire NNL West staff.
  14. For all your troubles, It came out very nice! Always loved that color combo!
  15. Ummmm... You're right... Thats kind of embarrassing . I guess I'm such a gooder model builderer that I don't have to read the instructions! I'll have to take a look at turning that assembly around. Radirs from the T_bolt kit, tires from the 29 rat rod p/u.
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