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    Quatermilers Message Forum
    Thought I'd pass along this link to a new message forum dedicated strictly to drag racing of all eras and forms. Stop by and check it out as it's brand new!

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    Bird of a Yellow Feather
    Thought I'd share my current WIP. I started this project a few days ago and have spent most of my time modifying the body, opening panels and researching the 1:1 car, which is proving to be a bit difficult at present.
    This kit was actually given to me by a gentleman when I stopped to check out a Camaro he had for sale in his yard. While I didn't end up with the "F" Body, we did get talking Nascar and one thing led to another. When he found out I was an avid Earmhardt fan and learned I built models, he excused himself and went into the house. When he came back out, he handed me the kit you see here now. Granted the kit was open and started, but it's not to the point where it couldn't be saved. The only payment he asked for was being able to see the car when it was done and that I do both the car and Dale's memory justice in the build. Well, what you're seeing is my idea of doing this car justice.
    I dunno, maybe it's the circumstances surrounding my obtaining this vintage kit, or maybe it's because it's one of Dale's cars, or who knows, but for whatever reason, modeling is fun again. I was in a terrible rut the past several months and had only dabbled sporadically on various projects, but not really accomplishing much. When I got home with this kit however, I dug into it with both feet and got busy right away. For the first time in almost 3 years, building is FUN again. I actually look forward to working on this car and all my other half started projects have been benched for this one.
    Anyways, enough about the drama of this project. Here's what I've done so far: Opened the trunk, opened the grille and the left headlight screened vent, opened the fuel filler, glued the hood pins into the hood and trunk and sanded smooth to facilitate adding working hood pins. I have also filled the door seams as the 1:1 car did not have the factory seams, but rather panels that were more butted against eachother.
    Opening the trunk was a real bear simply because the kit didn't have the bottom of the trunk line molded along the taillights so I had to do that cut by measuring and eyesight. I am currently looking for some good reference pics of the underside of the trunk and hood so I can add the reinforcements and bracing as they were back in the day.
    I hope y'all enjoy the pics and if anough interest is shown I'll keep updating my progress on this car. Enjoy the pics!

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