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  1. I found a set of some great Spyder mags from the original AMT 70 Impala annual kit, and had a set cast in resin for another project. I may use a set of them on my build, mounted on a set of AMT parts pack white lettered tires.
  2. This kit is going to be a welcome addition. I would like to see a 4 Door post sedan based on this kit. It wouldn't take a whole lot of work to modify the roof, as the profiles are similar. The Model Car Garage's 67 SS427 Photoetch Set includes a set of correct Impala Scripts and emblems for the rear fenders, various engine designation emblems (Crossed Flags), as well as the open grille. Model Car World and other vendors have 67 specific GM paint available, as the color palate was quite extensive for interiors and exteriors. Depending on how soon the kit is actually offered, there will be several excellent examples on the contest and NNL tables.
  3. The wheelcover in the bottom photograph was included in the 67 SS427 annual kit. However The Modelhaus included a set of the wheelcovers in the top photograph in their 67 Impala Station Wagon Transkit. I kept a set of them for a future Impala Sport Coupe project. With this kit coming out, they will get put on my build. There are other wheel choices for the Replica Stock builders for this kit. The AMT 67 SS427 kit included a set of correct Rally Wheels. Maybe Round 2 will include a set in the kit. The Revell 65 SS Z16 included a set of Sport Wheelcovers, and the AMT 66 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible and the Lindberg Chevrolet SS409 Convertible included a set of wire wheel covers, but the spinner prongs should be removed and replaced with the appropriate center, as spinner caps were not offered after 1966 from GM on passenger cars. A lot of builders would like a set of steelies and Dog Dish caps. The 67 Full Sized Chevrolet had a specific design that was used for only that year. I have not seen them in plastic, resin, or 3D created. I hope this answers your questions.
  4. Exquisite build. I have a 69 that I built and a 70 to restore.
  5. Roger, your build is exquisite. The AMT Fast and Furious version of the 67 Mustang does have the hood with the indentations. Its the only version I know of with that hood. The Model Car Garage also has an excellent photoetch set for the kit. The Replicas and Miniatures Co. Of MD 67 Mustang upgrade set is pretty comprehensive. I have a GT Fastback under construction which got the hood, ribbed rear panel, and the rocker panel mouldings from this kit.
  6. You may want to contact Replicas and Miniatures of MD. They did an AMC 6 for use in the Gremlin. The cost may be less than an entire kit if all you want is an engine.
  7. A funny thing, I was rooting through the basement the other night, and realized that I have a lot of 67 Corvette models and parts from MPC, AMT, and Revell. I only have a Revell coupe and roadster built. That Streaker Vette is worth the price of admission for the slot mags and the header/mufflers. I'm so old, I remember building my 67 MPC annual on Xmas night. I had a ball.
  8. I like where this one is going. I have an old Modelhaus 62 Galaxie 500 Hardtop to build one day. I was given a clean 62 Sunliner that will be rebuilt one day, and a black sunliner that I brought back from gluebomb hell a couple of decades ago. It still on my collection. I plan to clean it up, and install a set of full wheelcovers that I acquired for it. Right now it has baby moons on chrome reverse wheels on pin whites. I'm going to call it Perry Mason. He had one on the tv show. I also have an old Hubley Country Sedan. I think it is a promo, and fortunately there is no warp, but all of the chrome is shot. It is ugly. I ant to make a Country Squire out of it
  9. I admit that I really like 69 Chevrolets. When I was 12, one of the Xmas presents I got was an AMT 69 impala SS kit. I remember sanding the SS emblems from it, painting it Pactra light Turquoise Metallic, and using the custom parts. Fast forward to the early 2000s, I acquired another unbuilt kit, and combined it with the AMT 67 SS427, painted it triple black, and added a set of homemade hideaways. I believe I was the first modeler to do this. I had several bumpers cast in resin so that I could do this. Fast forward to now, I have a forlorn convertible promo, that I plan to open up, and use the engine from a 70 Monte Carlo SS kit to get the a/c and Turbo400, and a 70 Impala, since it would be easy to fit everything under it. It's moulded in red, which I like, and it may be a red Convertible with Rally Wheels and either pin whites, or red lines. It will get hideaways, and a fully detailed interior. I also have a MCW Resin 69 Sport Coupe, that's going to need a lot of work to get it to what I want it to be. It may be either dark blue, green, or brown, with a coordinating vinyl roof and interior. I have my work cut out for me.
  10. Im going to use the ones from the 70 Ford Police car. They're really close.
  11. Wow! I rode a many of them when I was a kid. DC Transit used them in the 1960 s. I have a 1/43 Dinky DC Transit bus and PMC Street car in my collection. I would sell off a few to get a fishbowl in 1/25 scale.
  12. No. The only way a set of those tires would ever get on a fleet van from the factory, is that there were no other tires available on the assembly line. Coca Cola wouldn't pay a dime for them. Ford would have have given them the tires for free. However, if a local Coke distributor needed a truck in a hurry, and bought one locally, equipment could vary. If an emergency situation came up, and a set of tires were needed, well you get it. The red lines and wheel covers look great, but they would end up on another project in my world. My build would get blackwalls, white steelies, and dog dish caps.
  13. I understand the sentiment concerning the copying of other's resin bodies. Didn't Greg state that he was copying this body for a friend for his personal use and not for commercial resale? Besides the original origin of this body was from All American Resin. How do I know? I built one decades ago. R& R copied AAR's work, and I cannot speak for Jimmy Flintstone.
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