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  1. I was a salesman at a very large dealer when these trucks came out. We had a few 305 V8/ manual transmission 1/2 ton trucks in stock.I really liked the way the truck drove.350s were very scarce.
  2. Beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Cadillacs.
  3. I picked mine up yesterday ,and I like the look of it. I have never seen the Supernatural TV show, so I have no interest in that particular version. I decided to build a replica stock 67 Impala 4 door hardtop. I did my research concerning what was available from the factory. I have a deep parts box, so doing an interesting variation will not be a problem. I believe that I have the front seat issue solved, but I have yet to lay a finger on the kit.
  4. Mine came out a little better, as I "massaged" it 7 ways til Sunday. I haven't started on my Boss 302 yet.
  5. I haven't bought one yet. I have planned my build, and it's NOT going to be the tv show car, as I have never seen the show, nor do I have any interest it It. I am going to build it as a Replica Stock car, and that is all I'm going to say.
  6. I take my hat off to you Paul. Excellent work as usual.
  7. When I did the 65 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible, I used the chassis, suspension, firewall, core support and radiator from the Revell 65 Impala SS, the engine, accessories, and transmission from the Revell 72 Olds Cutlass, and the Air Cleaner from the Johan 63 Olds Starfire. It worked out fine with just a little tweaking.
  8. Very nice! I have one in my collection to do over that is almost as nice. I had one as a 9 year old gluebombed in 1965. Dad had a 65 98. I painted it with some leftover paint by number oil paint. Boy did it reek. In hindsight I would have done better not painting it. I can't wait to see the masterpiece you end up with.
  9. I love this one!!! I have come across three 73-74 Dusters that were someone's aborted restoration projects. I have enough between them and my parts box to do 3 cars. I have to order some decals for them from Slixx.
  10. No pictures. I bought two 84 GMC "Deserter" pickups for my ZForce Modelworkx 81-2 and 86-7 Chevy grilles and Factory Aluminum wheels.. I had demonstrators that used that body. 82 dark blue and silver, 86 red, short bed. I can change the suspension to a 2nd configuration, and scratch build a bench seat, using a 78 2nd as a pattern. Ill have to scratch build the body side mouldings. I also picked up a Revell 66 IMPALA, a 70 Torino GT, and the Dealers Choice Camper/ Racers Wedge.
  11. Those are the correct for 70 dog dish hubcaps mounted on integral steel wheels and chromed.
  12. If mine was anywhere near that condition, I would just clean it up and put it in a case. The fact that mine was a gluebomb made my decision easy. It became the bones for a Ranchero based on the new sedan to get the proper length doors, and a resin Country Sedan.
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