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  1. Thank you David for the information. I have yet to build any of the variations of this kit, so it is very helpful.
  2. Very nice. Great minds think alike. I think Turquoise is one of the best colors for that car. I have several more of the kits to build.. I really like them
  3. The caps included in the original kit were baby moons with Chevrolet bow ties. Not correct, but decent looking.
  4. I have used the Detail Master Version of that product for years. It worked very well for me.
  5. That is very nice. I have a nice unpainted one to restore and a black one I once restored that needs refreshing. I think I'm going to give it a "Perry Mason "vibe.
  6. I love that one. The Oldsmobile Toronado from 1966-72 are among my favorite cars, and I have several of them unbuilt, and a couple of rebuilders. After looking at this masterwork, I have a 68 I must attend to. I think I have enough parts in my junk box.
  7. Who could ask for anything more? I have a few of those 1st generation AMT Buick Rivieras in my collection, including an original issue 65 annual that I haven't built. Back in the 80's, I built a 65 from one of the Barris Custom Versions. Since it didn't have a set of stock wheels, I found a set of Buick Chromed Wheels and put them on it. I also put a vinyl roof on it, using some grained contact paper. It is Dark Green, with a Black roof and interior. Seeing your builds reminded me of it. I have to dust it off. I haven't looked at it for over 20 years.
  8. I'm glad you posted the pictures of your latest masterwork, and I know you will get paid handsomely for it. In November 1977, my sister told me that she was ready to trade in her 75 Cougar XR7. To make a long story short, I went with her as her counselor, and she bought a 78 Thunderbird Town Landau. It was Dark Brown with a matching Velour interior. It was a gorgeous car, which she kept for eleven years, and gave to my Dad. Unfortunately, I am bucks down, or else I would buy one of these kits, do the modifications, and gift it to my sister. I love your creativity Paul, and thank you for making these kits available. One of these days.
  9. Beautiful work as usual Roger.
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