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  1. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I agree with ya, Snake!!!!
  2. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Stock, front bench seat /interior tub - 1964 Cadillac   

    Norm cast those from my original JoHan annual '64 Coupe deVille, so they are correct, unlike the ones in the USA Oldies '64 Cadillacs. I'm using them for my upcoming '64 DeVille convertible project.
  3. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic AMT 2016 Camaro SS Coupe   

    I took the 2016 Camaro to our club meeting, and it was well received. Also, I brought along some of my earlier model Camaro builds to contrast and compare the new car against some of the classic Camaros I built in the past.
    1969 Camaro SS350 Coupe- Converted from a Revell '69 Z28, with the hood, intake, carb and air cleaner from Replicas and Miniatures Co. of MD, MCW  Rally Green Lacquer, MCG Photo-etch, Modelhaus COPO Dog Dishes on parts Box Steelies, and MPC Hockey Stick Decals.

    1970 Camaro SS350 Coupe- Converted from an AMT '70 1/2 Z28, with the intake, carb and air cleaner from Replicas and Miniatures Co. of MD, MCW Cranberry Red Lacquer, MCG Photo-etch, Detail Master Aluminum Wheels with American 200S Centers mounted on Fujimi Pirelli P7 Tires.

    1967 Revell Camaro SS396 RS Coupe- Converted from a Revell '67 Camaro SS, with a scratch built RS Grille, and Deluxe interior, Testors Artesian Turquoise Lacquer, MCG Photo-etch, Parts Box Cragar SS Wheels mounted on AMT Firestone Wide Oval Tires.

    1970 Baldwin/Motion Camaro SS Coupe- Holley 780 carb and Lynx air cleaner from Replicas and Miniatures Co. of MD, MCW Daytona Yellow and Black Lacquer, MCG Photo-etch, and Fred Cady Baldwin Motion Decals used for the edge stripes.

    I have a '78 Camaro Sport Coupe under Construction, being built as a replica of a car I once owned. It will be White, with a Dark Red Interior, T-Tops, 350/Automatic, Aluminum Wheels. I am using a MPC '78 Camaro kit as the basis. Sorry no pics of that one yet. I have a lot of work to do to it yet, but it is pretty well along.
    As you can see. I like Camaros. I have more on the shelf to be built.
    And yes, I fixed the headlamps and front wheel alignment that was mentioned before by Snake 45.
  4. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1965 Grand Prix   

    That one is looking great so far. I think that Iris Mist is one of the best colors for the '65 G/P. I have an original annual kit in my stash that I may decide to build, after I do a few other projects.
    I used Testors' Evening Orchid Lacquer on my  '65 Corvair Corsa build.

    To me, the metalflake is too coarse, and I may re-do it, after looking at yours.
    I like the way your paint came out in the photos.
  5. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Flashback Review! - 1981 MPC "Turbo-Z"   

    Interesting. Years ago, I had a '78 Camaro, which I am making an attempt to build a model of. I am using the MPC '78 Z28 kit, where I cut out the T-tops. It's a little rough now, but I figure It will turn out fine.
  6. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Hard Top   

    That sounds great Steve. I have a couple of '63 Convertibles to do...
    The one with the green promo seat in it is the product of two bodies spliced together at the door, as it was twisted, so I used the front section of an un-repairable  glue-bomb to make a useable body. I have a little putty work to do to it, and I can get to work on it. I want to paint it white, with a Blue interior, just like the one I remember a friend of my father having. They took me with them to the dealership to pick it up in 1963 as a new car. The first time I saw an absolutely brand new car at the dealership. I even think I have an up-top that I can adapt to the car in my parts stash.
    I hope to do this with the other car.

    Those big Pontiac Bonnevilles from the '60 are among my favorite cars from that era, as I have a couple of hardtops to do too.
    I plan to re-do this '64 in Black, as I was never crazy about the silver paint on it.

    Your builds are awe inspiring, and they give me the inspiration to build more.
  7. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 2013 Mustang Boss 302   

    Looks good in Grabber Blue.
  8. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic '70 Chrysler custom   

    That is beautiful. I had one of All American Resin's '70 Chrysler 300, which I had intended to turn into a 300H, which was a great kit. I am amazed at how yours came out. The concept and execution are excellent!!!!
  9. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    Funny thing about that story. When AMT first brought out the '69 GTX, Hardtop, it was a Pro Street Car, and the Convertible was a Replica Stock. I had just built a Triple-Black '69 Barracuda. I had the Recall Mags from that kit available to me, so I decided to do my own Replica Stock GTX, so I combined the two GTX kits, and came up with a Black '69 GTX Hardtop with the Recall Wheels on Red Lines, which did come out very nice. A few years later. I was able to acquire an unbuilt JoHan '69 GTX Hardtop, which by the way, has a much better body, and grille with the correctly bucketed headlamps, a built-up JoHan '69 Road Runner that has seen better days, but can be restored, which I plan to do as an A12 car, where I combine it with a resin 6 pack Hood and steelies I have in my parts box, along with the AMT chassis and 440+6 engine from the '69 GTX kit.
    When I was young, ,there were a few B5 Blue '69 Plymouth mid-size cars I was familiar with, and I really like that color, along with Bronze, Dark Green, and Turquoise. When it came to Dodges, Green was very popular on the Coronets and Chargers.  I cannot wait to see what you do to a '69 Road Runner Steve.
  10. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic '70 Dodge SuperBee   

    Who could ask for anything more? Beautiful!!!
  11. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    The build is beautiful. One thing though, the R/T emblems should be on the body center line, the same as on the Charger. Personally, I would leave it alone, as a Coronet R/T with the stripe delete is a very rare car. That one is definitely a sleeper.
  12. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Johan '63 Polara Super Stock   

    Very Nice work!!!!
  13. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic WoooooHoooo! How About a '66 SUBURBAN !?!?!!!   

    Can we say "Panel Delivery"??? If the kit has panel doors like this photo, Mine will be built as a panel delivery, more than likely. With my luck, the Panel Delivery will be the next kit out, a month after I do mine.
  14. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1966 Сhevy Fleetside Pickup   

    Fantastic work Yuri!!!!
  15. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Revell 1966-'77 Ford Bronco   

    I believe they are 15" wheels and tires. I looked at the 1971 brochure, and it said the Bronco Custom Package had 15" wheels and wheel Covers.