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  1. ‘81 Z-28 conversion to straight stock Camaro

    That's what I am using to do my car. I have to fill the vents in the front fenders.
  2. ‘81 Z-28 conversion to straight stock Camaro

    Good luck. One of the projects I have going is a model of my 78 Camaro Sport Coupe.
  3. You most certainly know your way around a van. My hat's off to you. Excellent Work.
  4. eBay part seller now gone

    I know certain members here on the board have a distain for certain Ebay sellers parting out kits for re-sale, but since The Modelhaus has decided to wind down, a lot of my projects would be still-born without them. I look for parts on a daily basis.
  5. Restored 1960 Lincoln

    Very nice work!
  6. eBay part seller now gone

    So do I.
  7. eBay part seller now gone

    I was selling off some of my collection on Ebay, and I had a Resin Chevy Express van kit for sale. It was a complete Scale Equipment Kit. I had some clown PM me that my price was exorbitant, and the van was worth no more than $25 including shipping, and I had to lower my beginning price to that figure. I politely told him where he can go, and let the bidding process work. The market will dictate what something is worth on Ebay. Fair pricing and good service will get you far. I never bought from PJ's Toys, even though a lot of the items he listed was needed one time or another for a project.
  8. eBay part seller now gone

  9. Revell's 65' Chevelle

    I have several of those kits, and when I built mine, I did it as a phantom Z16 convertible. I never liked how they did the roof. My first car was a 65 Malibu, which was a mess that never got to what I da n Ted it to be. A lot of years ago, I. built a R & R Resin 65 Chevelle Malibu SS trans kit that was mastered from a 65 Craftsman body with an open hood and underhood detail. At this time, I have a Craftsman built up 65 Malibu SS in my collection to be restored. I plan to correct the roof of the Revell 65 to build an accurate Z16, and maybe a Malibu or 300 Deluxe from my other kits. As far as your build goes, make it what you want. One day in my travels, I saw a beautiful white 65 Chevelle street machine. It had a nice stance. A set of modern 18" wheels, a trick interior, and a healthy small block or LS Motor. They make nice street machines
  10. FINALLY , my Lawman complete ( OK almost )

    I bought a couple of sets of Bostrum seats for a future project with this in mind. I'm glad I bought those kits before the price went up. By the way Bill, your build looks great.
  11. FINALLY , my Lawman complete ( OK almost )

    Thanks for the help Bill. As far as I know, There was no such thing as a Belvidere in 64 with Bucket Seats, They all had bench seats. I want to build The Lawman, The California Flash, Melrose Missle, Ramchargers 64 Dodge 440, The Dodge Boys 64 Dodge, Color Me Gone, and the Black Arrow 65 Belvidere I. And those are the Chrysler products. I have not gotten into the Ford or GM stuff yet. If I last long enough, I'm going to take a year and do Drag cars from the 60's. That will freak some folks out.
  12. FINALLY , my Lawman complete ( OK almost )

    Looks great Bill. Thanks for publishing the pictures of the one to one car. It's going to help me build my kit, as I am going to do some 60's Super Stocks.
  13. I feel sorry for you.
  14. 66 Country Squire

    Here's an original AMT 66 Impala Super Sport Convertible I did several years ago. I did some upgrades on it, but I had to do it. The next one I do will be from a Revell 66 Hardtop, if you can get one. A resin version based on that kit would be much more feasible.