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  1. I just got a set of them, and they're gorgeous! The service is great too. Thank you!
  2. Johan 1963 Olds Starfire has a Slim Jim in it. Other than that you may have to have one 3D printed.
  3. I ordered his 81-82 and 86-87 Chevy Truck grilles and the Period aluminum wheels. They came quick, shipping and handling was fair, and the quality is great. I am very happy.
  4. Very nice. Can I make a suggestion for the wheelcovers? I snagged a set of wire wheelcovers from the Trumpeter 64 Falcon. I'm using a set on my 65 Galaxie 500XL Convertible build. They look to be perfect 15 " wheelcovers for the car. Mercury used red centers and Ford used red-white-blue centers. And yes I have two to build. One new, and one to restore.
  5. Very interesting. I did mine in Marimba Red with the white vinyl roof and white interior trimmed in red. The mistake I made was to open the trunk and doors. The styrene was brittle, and the a pillars and rockers broke. I have another unbuilt one in the collection.. The next Pontiac for me will be a Bonneville. Either a 68 convertible or a 67 Hardtop.
  6. The AMT 70 Corvette ZR1 has the air injection pump in it. I added the tubes to the manifolds on my build back in the 90s.
  7. I like where this one is going. I did a 69 R/ T hardtop the same way. I did mine in B5 blue with white trim, dog dishes on red lines. Your car looks great by the way. I'm going to follow this one closely.
  8. Magnificent!!! A friend of mine's brother had a 69 Cutlass Supreme in that color.
  9. Best one of those I have ever seen.
  10. Been there, done that. The major mistake I made was cutting open the doors and trunk. I love the car though.
  11. That looks fantastic! At first , I discounted the kit as toylike. But after seeing stellar builds, such as yours, I bought another to build at a later date.
  12. Here's my plan. Several years ago, I bought a 66 442 Convertible kit very cheap. It had no body but everything else. I had bought a built up 64 Cutlass convertible. The previous owner did it as a race car, popping off the windshield frame. I have enough parts to build it with kit parts, but the detailed car was quite interesting, plus I have MCG photoetch for the 442 emblems. Rereleasing the kit in annual form will allow me to pull off the project. I'm still going to buy one when it's available. When I was a kid, I remember a friend of my dad had bought a new 64 Cutlass Convertible. It was white with a White top and metallic blue interior.
  13. Remember. In 1964, part of the 442 package was a 4 speed manual transmission. The 64 Olds Cutlass tool has a automatic transmission console. I have a hardtop and a convertible that needs a windshield header. I had planned to combine a 64 body with the superior 66 chassis and drivetrain for a future project.
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