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  1. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 72 Cutlass 442 Convertible - the newest release   

    That is very nice. Wait 'til you see what I am doing to mine!!
  2. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1958 Chevy Delray - Ann Arbor Police   

    I love it Tom!!!!
  3. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Dodge Charger   

    Looks good to me!!!
  4. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Project X ,,,,   

    I would use the Revell '57 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 Door Sedan Kit, as it has the correct 2 door Sedan Body, and the correct Side Trim mouldings.. You are on your own for everything else. Do a lot of research, and decide on which version of the car you would want to do.
  5. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1971 F100 shop truck   

    Very Nice!!!!
  6. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.   

    Very handsome car, and a nice build. Looking at it makes me glad I kept one to build. One of my cousins had a Black and Pink one when I was a kid, but I am more partial to yours.
  7. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 66 T Bird Coupe Restoration Done in less than 24 Hrs.   

    I love it! I wet sanded and polished mine out, as I liked the red color.
  8. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Jo-Han Eldorado Rancher?   

    What you stated as above is correct. More than likely, there is a '76 in that box. The '74 is quite rare and pricey, and I have never seen a '75 kit, even though I have a set of '75 Promo Bumpers to go on one of mine.
    As a fan of Eldorados, I have all of those in kit form, as well as a couple of white '71 promos, one of which I am going to turn into a convertible. One of the ones I have came in the '72 Box, which is kind of weird, as it is a '72, but it does not have any body side louvers, body side mouldings, or scripts on it. From what I have read, It is quite rare. It looks to me that they were trying to anticipate the '73, as the body is close to a '73. I am thinking of building it, painting it Black on Black with no chrome on it whatsoever, except for the wheels. No whitewalls either. It looks like a custom to me.
  9. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Goodyear Blue Line Tires on a Barracuda Formula S Updated Pictures 1/23/16   

    I believe that you are right.
  10. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Goodyear Blue Line Tires on a Barracuda Formula S Updated Pictures 1/23/16   

    I'm in complete agreement with you John concerning the tire issues. I have been fortunate That I have been building models for a long time, and I have a good stash of tires that are appropriate for the builds I want to do. When Satco was in business, I bought several sets of their Firestone Deluxe Champions, which replaced several kit tires. Now they are either too expensive, or just cannot be found. I like some of the offerings from AMT in their tire packs, as a matter of fact, I would love to get my hands on several sets of their small white stripe tires for a couple of compact car models I am restoring, and do not have enough tires for.  In a lot of cases, The Modelhaus has come to the rescue, but we are running out of time with them, and it is hard to make a legitimate business case for my needs with a resin caster if I am buying a small number of tires. I have found that Fireball Modelworks has a nice line of tires, which he has done from 3D drawings, but most are in 1/24 scale where my needs are 1/25 scale. I also looked at several kits from the '90's that had some very nice tires which fit my purposes, such as the Revell '64 and '65 Chevy Kit Goodyear Power Cushions, and I have adapted a set of Lindberg Good Year Power Cushions from the '61 Impala SS for my '64 Plymouth project. When I go to shows and to club meetings, If a vendor has a bag of used tires at what I deem a reasonable price, I buy them up, and give them a good cleaning. I bag them up in marked sets of 4, and I am not concerned about the stripes on them, as I am able to add whatever stripe I need to them. On my '63 Thunderbird, I adapted a set of what I call rim eaters, Revell U. S. Royal Masters from the early 1960's, mounted on a set of Modelhaus  American 5-spokes, which seem to be impervious to being eaten by the tire so far (over 10 years on the build).
    I am a little miffed that some of the manufactures are not able to give us branded tires with the correct profile, as well as a correct tampo stripe, or white lettering for the car in the kit, or those strange wheels which will work with a particular tire, and nothing else. I also went through the late '70's AMT and MPC kits with those strange Good Year race car tires, which were never on a real car from the factory.
    Speaking of the Piranha, I plan to do mine up as the Man from U.N.C.L.E. car, which I believe had red Lines on it, so the Blue Streaks are a bonus for either a '65, or '66 Barracuda Restoration project, which may come sooner than later, since I have a Mobieus  '65 Satellite under construction, as well as a Jo Han '65 Fury Convertible. Can we say Formula S?
    I am one who believe that the tire/wheel combination makes the car, and one of the things which aggravate me to no end is the wrong tire on a model. I have seen several potentially stunning builds with the wrong tires on them. It's sort of like wearing "Chuck Taylors" with a suit. You can do it, but it looks plain silly in my opinion.
  11. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic My New Years Resolution. Finish the Still Born Projects.   

    I got quite a bit done on the 'ol girl, I'll take and post some pics soon, when the snow breaks. I painted it, foiled it, and rubbed it out, and I am quite happy. All I have to do is the engine (426 Super Commando with some max wedge bits), and the interior (once I select the color). I am quite happy with it.
  12. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 72 Olds Cutlass Hartop/Missing Link Resin DONE 01/30   

  13. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Mercedes 300SL   

  14. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 65 Satelitte   

    Very Nice Dan!!!!!
  15. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1977 GMC Sierra Wrecker   

    Absolutely Stupendous!!!!!