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  1. Let's See Some Glue Bombs!

    Wow! That one is rough! I have one that is almost as rough. It's a 67 where the mouldings have been crudely sanded off. I have not stripped it, but it looks like it has putty in it. Good luck. Mid 60's Falcons are scarce.
  2. Dick Landys 68 Charger

    Before Revell brought out their 68 and 70 Chargers, I invested in some resin repops of the MPC Chargers to build. Both are still un done, and I also have Revell's kits to do too. I built the MPC annuals back in the day, and was very happy with them.
  3. BMW 2002


    Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. '77 Ford Mustang II

    Very nice!
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    That 63 Comet Convertible and the Falcon was a good score. My 63 Comet was a little worse for wear, but I was able to get it ready for paint It's all clean and ready for paint. I have not decided on the color. And yes, that is a 63 Falcon Convertible behind it. Also waiting for paint. I may paint them the same color combination.
  7. Camaro Convertible Question

    I know someone who made their own up top for a car, and it looked good. Who was it?
  8. Rockford files 1977 firebird

    I looked at what you are doing, and your work is excellent. One thing I would do is add a little more roundness to the tops of the windows. The Monogram/Revell Firebirds are too flat along the top, and looks chopped. Take a look at the AMT 70 Camaros. They have the proper shape for a non t-topped side window.
  9. 1965 Chevrolet Sport Sedan

    Tommy, that is one project I have always wanted to do. As you recall, I did my own 66 Caprice 2 door Hardtop from a 66 Impala SS kit, as I never liked the way that the Modelhaus 66 Caprice looked. As a matter of fact, I worked with Bob Kornow (Model car Garage) when he was developing the 65 Impala SS Photoetch set. I suggested that he include the scripts for the Biscayne, which I drew for him, Bel Air, Impala and Caprice so that all could be done. When I did the 66 Caprice roof, I kept the front half of the original hardtop roof, as the one to one would be using the same windshield and pillars. I would approach a 4 door hardtop basically the same way. It took quite a bit of plastic sheet putty, filing and shaping. The convertible's trunk lid and tulip panel is a better fit for the sport sedan's items, but face it, while it is a doable project, I will take a lot of work to achieve a good replica. I think the hardest part of the project, would be replicating the interior. I would love to do one, but It would be several years from now. I would do mine in Silver Blue, with the black vinyl roof and blue interior. Just like the one in the picture Bill showed.
  10. Very nice work. Somewhere in my basement, I have an un built 82 MPC Trans Am. Years ago when the kit was new, I started an 81 Trans Am Turbo, which my younger brother ruined. I still have it, and was considering either a re-build, or a M80.
  11. '57 Ford Del Panel

  12. Johan prices $$$$

    I was quite lucky, as I bought most of my JoHans in the 80's and 90's while they were cheap, and I had money. I have several flat box kits. I did buy some that were built before, but restorable, but most were un built, and in white styrene for the most part.. Joe, I like your use of the Revell Charger Chassis under the Johan Fury.
  13. Son of Danger Progress

    GO get 'em George. I have an original annual 63 glue bomb with the revolving headlights to fix up one day.
  14. Early 60s Mopar Dog Dish Hubcaps

    Steve. Paul Hettick is correct about the dog dish caps. I bought a set several years ago from The Modelhaus. Where they are, I do not have a clue, but I have some great news for you. The AMT "Lawman" '64 Plymouth Belvidere has a set of the Hubcaps you need. Those hubcaps are not available elsewhere. The other variations of the Lindberg/AMT '64 Belvidere does not have those caps. RC2 had them tooled for this kit, along with a set of steelies and some 5-spoke mags. As far as I know, they are no where else. I am going to use mine on a Resin '64 Savoy Wagon Tow car project.
  15. Guldstrand Grand Sport 90 (GS90)

    Ismael, you are doing an admirable job of turning a Sow's ear into a silk purse.