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  1. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon   

    Steve, The only problem with that method is that there is not enough 3-d effect.  I may have to cut them down.
  2. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon   

    You're right about the mouldings being large. I had to use what I had.  I may be able to shave them down, but if not, I may just leave them alone.
  3. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 66 Bonneville Convertible restored   

    Very nice!!!
  4. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Chopped/customized 53 Ford Hardtop   

    I like the look. Too bad about the paint.
  5. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon   

    I did a little work on the wagon yesterday and today. I changed the rear end from the 1966 to the 1967 configuration. I also sprayed the first coat of primer.

    For some reason, the primer does not want to stick to the resin hood, even though I cleaned it. I put 3 coats of primer/sealer on it, which was Duplicolor. I may strip it, and soak it in some Westley's Bleache White. Sometimes the release used by the caster does not come completely off of the part after cleaning.

    I have to look through the paint I have on hand for the exterior and interior colors. I looked at the '67 Chevelle brochure, and I may go with a different color. I am leaning towards a different color that the gold. My only criteria is that it coordinates with the wood-grain panels, and no black for the exterior. I am leaning towards Maroon, or Dark Blue. Just has to be period correct as a Factory Color, or as a re-paint, as just about every '60 car needed at one time or another after about 4 or 5 years. Since I am on the strictest of budgets, I cannot invest any more funds into this project, so I will use what I have to do the model. I have a lot of parts and paint, so I do not have to pirate anything from another kit, or buy any paint except for some clear.
    Now on to the interior. With any kind of luck, I plan to paint this one by next week.
    Thanks for the comments.  
  6. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic ‘97 Mclaren F1 GTR #43   

  7. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 87 Buick   

    Very Nice!!!
  8. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic Turning AMT's Disparaged Modern-Tool Ala Kart Into Something Acceptable   

    I'm not into the old cars, but that one is cool!!!!!
  9. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon   

    I found that while the Revell '66 Chevelle Wagon, '66 El Camino, and the '67 SS396 could have been made from the same tooling, they are not. They are similar, but not exact. Everything can be made to work, with a little measuring, cutting filing and filling. When I did my Replica Stock '66 Chevelle Malibu Wagon,

    I thought it would be just as simple as swapping the hoods and wheels, and procuring the small block. The wheels worked, but the hoods were off about .020", which required that I add plastic strip to it, and fitting it to the Wagon. Everything else worked into place.
    In the case of going from the '66 to '67 Wagon, and I would guess the '66 to '67 El Camino too, I looked at the bodies of the two cars. Since the '66 body was the greater part of the conversion, I kept as much of that car as I could. I did a rough cut of the front fenders (inner and outer) off of the' 66 wagon, staying close to the door line, and keeping the cowl and the firewall. The only things I am using from the '67 are the differences between the '66 and '67, namely the fenders front grille, bumper, hood and tail lamps. The rear contour, and the sides of the '67 hood had to be trimmed to fit the '66 Cowl and fender lines. I used the '67 hood as the guide to fenders (inner and outer) and core support to the body at the front doors and cowl. The side contours are different between the two cars are different on the models had to be adjusted between the two cars, with some filling and filing. I re-cut the door and cowl lines until I was satisfied with the fit. I saved the bottom of the '66 front fenders, and grafted it back under the '67 Fenders to retain the chrome rocker panels. I also cut the inner fenders from the '66 chassis so that it will fit with the '67 fender unit. This model is not very simple, but because there is more work than I anticipated, will be more satisfying if it works out. I hope to get the back end done today, so I can put some primer on it before the holiday. 
    I have to cut the mesh from the grille, and replace it with the photoetch grille from the Model Car Garage set.
    At this time, I have not tackled the interior yet, as that work will be much more involved, and will probably involve some scratchbuilding.
  10. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon   

    I have some wood grain decals in my collection. I will have to see if they will work.
  11. Ron Hamilton added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1967 Chevelle Concours Wagon
    Several years ago,  I built a Revell 1966 Chevelle Malibu Wagon. I was a little miffed that Revell decided to do the car as a street machine instead of a Replica Stocker, so I did mine as the car out of the brochure. About a week ago, I received my subsciption copy of Muscle Car Review Magazine, and one of the article had a story about a '67 Chevelle Concours Wagon, with a L79 (327/325) Engine, with a 4-speed transmission.

    The car grabbed me, and I said, Why Not?
    Several months ago, I purchased a flat hood off of Ebay, and I had several of the '66 Station Wagon kits, as well as a '67 SS396 Body and some other parts, so I went to work. I removed the front fenders from both cars, and grafted the '67 front end onto the '66 body.

    It took a little more work, in that the tooling of the two cars, while similar are not the same. I had to do a little fabrication to make it work. I got the front end to work, as everything fits the way I want it to. Also, I made the trim for the wood grain. I still have some tweaking to do to it, but it is close to being ready for primer.
     My next step is to do the rear treatment. So far I filled in the tail light openings.

    I have to fit the '67 tail lights in, and make a trim panel for the tail gate. 
    The next part is the interior.
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  12. Ron Hamilton added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B (*** Finished 22 Nov 15 ***)   

    That's a pretty car Tim. 
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    That is cooooolllll!!!!