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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I got the hood remnants out of the 66 Ford Falcon promo, and the replacement good fits pretty good. I have to do a little file and putty worth to get the edges absolutely clean before primer and paint.. I am leaning towards turquoise with a beige interior. A friend of mine's father had a 66 Fairlane in that color combination. I also cut the dashboard from the interior tub, and the engine plate popped out of the chassis. Now I have to source a 289 V8 for my 66, 67, and 69 Falcons I am restoring I don't know what that thing AMT put in the 66 through 69 Falcon kits as an engine. I have to have the chrome for all three cleaned up and related.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I had to break my hood off, as the glue used to secure the hood melted the plastic underneath. Fortunately, I have both a styrene hood and a Modelhaus resin hood available to me. After I finish this note, I am going to clean up the remnants of the glue and hood from the Falcon body.
  3. 68 GTX grille

    I got my goodies from Shapeways today after taking advantage of the cyber Monday sale. I am happy.
  4. '76 Buick Skyhawk ('77 Monza)

    Very nice rescue.
  5. 1967 Ford Galaxie XL

    Steve, You're killing me with this beauty. I have a suggestion for the wheels. The Mag Stars from the AMT 67 Shelby Gt350 would look great on this car, and would be period correct. I believe that the 67 Ford kit had those wheels too. My uncle had a 67 LTD 4 door Hardtop with the Brougham trim package. The car was Yellow with a black vinyl roof and interior. It was loaded. When I do my 67, I believe that I am going with that combination, with the sport wheel covers from the 66 7 liter, which is also correct for the 67. Also the 67 Shelby has the "flower pot" steering wheel horn button as an extra part.
  6. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    My sister had a Dark Brown 78 Town Landau. Beautiful car. I hope that you can see fit to do the finned aluminum wheels that were a popular option on the 77 through 79 Thunderbird.
  7. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The hood is a separate piece, but is is glued down tight on mine. I bought a hood just in car I have to break it to remove it. I hope to get the hood out without breaking it, as it is a nice piece.
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have one of those myself for a future build. I would love to see how you get the hood out of it.
  9. Porsche Panamera Turbo

    Excellent work Dominik.
  10. 68 GTX grille

    We never thought about the GTX scripts for the quarter panels on the 68. The 69 Sport Satellite script for the front fender could be done as a chrome adhesive backed transfer, along with the key lock bezels, the side marker lamps on the 68, and the pentastar for the right front fender. A good idea would be to add one extra of each as a lot of us are half blind and ham handed.
  11. 68 GTX grille

    I placed my order for those parts today. I cannot wait for the 68 gtx rear treatment. While you're at it Rico, how about a proper flat hood for the AMT 68 Road Runner/69 GTX for a Sport Satellite Variant, as well as scripts for the Sport Satellite.
  12. Polar Lights 64 GTO-my first snap kit

    Nice work. Those are pretty good kits.
  13. AMT Piranha Spy Car

    I saw the shows where this car was used. Interesting.
  14. 40 years!

    I got you beat bill. Can you believe that I have been at it for 55 yrs.? Never stopped either. I'm in a drought this year, as I didn't finish anything.