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  1. I was fortunate to see the actual car in a museum. Very nice work.
  2. The one with no trim is a rarity. Its was made between 72 and 73. I believe that Johan was guessing that the 73 was going to look like a 72, and created this kit. I have one of these, as well as a 72, 73, 74, 75, and 76 to build.
  3. Sorry, I can't get to it right now. Its buried in the basement.
  4. I bought one a few years back and I can say it's GORGEOUS!
  5. Excellence in execution!
  6. No, that's a 4 door Landau. Beautiful car though.
  7. I am curious. Did the 69 Thunderbird have the bird emblem on the roof sail panels? I have an original kit and a brochure and neither show the bird. The brochure shows a "Thunderbird" script right behind the quarter window on both sides. The car is fairly rare. I have never seen one in the flesh. I have seen nothing but Town Landaus and Four Door Landaus. I'm not sure as to which direction to do mine. I'm enjoying your build, as usual, but you know me. I like replica stock.
  8. Magnificent!! I only hope my 1969 Jeepster comes out half as great.
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