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  1. 70 Dodge Charger R/T

  2. `Polished Plastic ; Please Share'

    Years ago, I bought a Monogram 57 Chevy snapper moulded in black. I polished it out, Bare Metaled it, and detail painted it. It looked great. People asked me if I painted it, and I told them what I did. I sold it for some crazy money that someone offered me for it. I told them what I did before they offered me the money, and they did not care. I bought another one to do the same thing to as a slump buster. The Polar Lights prepainted Pontiac GTO's I have came out great too. I did a black convertible, and a turquoise hardtop. I have a saddle tan hardtop to do. I love that 61 Steve.
  3. Station Wagon Kits

    I did this one from an old Hubley Glue-bomb. and I made my own 67 Concours Estate Wagon from a Revell 66 and 67 Chevelle. and I have to decide on the color of this one.
  4. 67 Charger

    my, my, my!
  5. Bill Mitchell's Corvette Sting Ray

    Hi Gary! I loved that model then, and I love it now!
  6. 70 Javelin Mark Donahue

  7. Station Wagon Kits

    I turned the Revell 66 Chevelle wagon into a stocker. I patterned this one after the car in the brochure, using the transkit from Replica's and Miniatures Co. of MD, Model Car World Aztec Copper Paint, and Model Car Garage Photoetch.
  8. I'll try it. As you can see, I have gotten further with this one since the earlier photo.
  9. It does not work for me I have tried it.
  10. He is lurking for now, as his photos are in Photobucket, and their fee to post them is too stiff for his pocketbook. Maybe one day, he will get back to work on his Lincoln Sedan. All it needs is primer, paint, and final assembly.

    That 9C1 Nova was a beast. Our county has them, and they were pretty fast. I have been considering trying my hand at doing a 4 door Nova. I had a 78 4 door as a demo when I first got into the car business.
  12. Looking for 68 Ford LTD parts

    The Missing Link Resin 1968 Ford LTD 4 Door Hardtop Transkit is pretty nice, and is worth finding. In the one- to-one world, the roof panel between the 2 and 4 door hardtop is the same, with the sail panels being different. The gentleman who did the master for the Transkit, Howard Weinstein, is a personal friend of mine, and is a member of our modeling club. I have one of the transkits myself, and I am considering turning mine into a 2- door, and no it is not for sale. If you can get one from Missing Link, do not hesitate.
  13. Your work is pretty good, and you do not have to impress anyone but yourself. Keep it up.
  14. 1968 Roadrunner

    Beep beeeeep!
  15. 1970 Charger

    That looks great. I really like the color, as it is period correct.