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  1. Thanks! Interior panels are Tamiya AS-22 “Dark Earth”
  2. UPDATE! I finally dug this one back out and am working towards completion. i wasn't happy at all with the half-assed engine mounts so I started over and scratch built a front mounting plate. I also did away with the ugly, bulky brackets on the frame and made new mount tabs for the plate ends to sit on. Another thing engine related that was bugging me was the cylinders heads. I'm using the basic engine from Revell's '50 Oldsmobile and the heads are rendered wrong in that they don't have "wells" where the spark plug wires should go. The best I could do was have the wires enter at an angle which would have looked totally wrong. I replaced the heads with the ones from Revell's Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit which are rendered correctly. in the picture below the Beatnik Bandit heads are installed on the engine and one of the incorrect '50 Olds heads is laying next to the engine for comparison. One of the other last things was recessing a pair of '50 Pontiac taillights and license plate, as well as, a fuel filler cap. Finally, I made a platform for inside the rear of the body and mounted a fuel tank from the Revell '29 Roadster/'30 Coupe kits and a battery box from AMT's '32 Phantom Vicky. The body fully sanded down with wet 600. I decided to take a chance with not stripping it back to bare plastic, mostly out of laziness because I didn't want to redo the bodywork for the chop. Tamiya "Light Gunmetal" right over the old red! Here's the finished wheels and tires. I obviously decided to strip the chrome. The paint is Tamiya "Silver Leaf" with their flat clear coat. I kept the knock-offs chrome and added chrome trim rings from the steelies in Revell's '32 5-Window. Parts is parts... And here's the general idea... At this point i just need to clear and polish the body and frame. Final assembly coming soon!
  3. Testors 288 Ferrari GTO

    Stance is perfect!
  4. Testors 288 Ferrari GTO

    Looks beautiful so far! These are my second favorite Ferrari of all time, only behind the legendary F-40.
  5. Never mind I got it


  6. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    UPDATE! Did a little more work on the 4th between festivities. I found a gauge panel in my parts bin that fit the bill perfectly although I have no idea what it comes from. The firewall was still looking a bit plain so i decided to decorate it with some period decals that very well could have been put there back in the day. The roll cage bar is laying there for reference as it is right up against the firewall when installed. I detailed the club plaque which is one of the 4 different ones that come in the latest issues of Revell's '31 Sedan. I also polished out the body and fenders then took some pictures out in the sun. Getting really close to being able to start final assembly!
  7. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    Thank you! There was a company, Hendrix, offering a '32 Fordor (2 actually, one AMT based and one Revell based) but it was stock roof. I'm not a huge fan of a stock roof '32 Fordor but I love them chopped. I hope this one is a good seller for my friends resin business because it's chopped and way more Hot Rod.
  8. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    Thanks so much for your nice comments, Alan! This is, by far, the most extensive body modifications I've attempted to date and I'm no body-man! I've chopped other tops before but with the extra door posts and all those windows (and seams to make all those windows) it was very time consuming. I'm glad it's nearly finished!
  9. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks so much! The paint scheme has proven to be a test of patience because there’s been so many steps of masking with the frame, floor and fenders all being one piece. I haven’t shown it but the frame is gloss black and just today I masked everything again and sprayed the top side of the floor silver like the body. And I still have to brush the underside of the fenders and boards flat black then mask the body and spray the fabric roof insert flat black. I’m really looking forward to it all being done!
  10. 1932 Ford Tom Gloy Lo-Boy Roadster

    The full scale car is one of the best looking and proportioned channeled '32 Roadsters ever built, then or now. You did a wonderful job capturing the look and feel of it! No finished picture of the reworked chassis after all the work you did?
  11. Absolutely beautiful! Nailed the 60's look!!! Love the blue and white with the chrome-reverse wheels, killer stance and the Rochester-injected small block is a perfect choice.
  12. 33/36 Ford Coupe

    So good to finally see this one get finished! I really like the blue accent with the satin black and the blown Y-Block looks tough as nails tucked under the hood. The '36 greenhouse looks totally natural blended into the '34 body and the tucked in tail section makes the back end look nice and tight. Love it!
  13. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks guys! UPDATE! Yesterday I masked the fenders and sprayed the running boards flat black then last night I applied the decal scheme, all of which come from the most recent Retro-Deluxe AMT '40 Ford Coupe with the orange car on the box. Now it should make sense why the engine and other parts are orange!
  14. 1932 Ford Chopped 4-Door Sedan Conversion

    UPDATE! After a round of sanding & primer followed by a round of filler, sanding and primer here is where the Fordor conversion is at. Just a couple of nit-picky things to address and the body will be ready to send to Ed at Drag City Casting where it will be reproduced in resin and available for public consumption.
  15. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    UPDATE! Work continues. Yesterday I got the engine assembled, plumbed and wired. All the detailing products are from Detail Master. Last week I painted and cleared the fenders and today I painted the all of the other body and pieces. Fenders are Tamiya Light GunMetal and the the body is Mica Silver. Gonna give the paint a day to harden and then I can apply decals and clear. Getting there!