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  1. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    UPDATE! I've done some work since my last update but didn't get around to posting it until now. I mounted a modified Revell '40 Ford steering gear. I added a hoop steering arm (blue) to the axle/spindle made from a Revell '37 Ford street rod a-arm and then made a long steering drag link rod using Evergreen rod and tie rod ends cut away from the Revell '32 Ford kits. Here is the steering linkage in place with the front hairpin radius rods and long rear trailing arms. It looks like a cluster but everything clears! On the top side of the floor I've added all of the needed driver controls. A clutch pedal, a Moon style gas pedal, steering column and wheel, shifter stick and a neat hand operated master cylinder from Revell's old 60's parts pack T Roadster frame kit. Here's the top side with the cage in place. Back underneath I made a drive shaft from Evergreen tube and some kit U-joints. I also finally finished out the Hiborn fuel injection with some medium intake tubes made from Evergreen tube and then drilled out to a more realistic thickness. This thing is just about done with the fabrication and fitting stage and close to being ready to prep for primer. Here's some final bare plastic mock ups.
  2. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks, man! I'm having fun with this one.
  3. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks a bunch! And that's the goal.
  4. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks so much for your kind words, brother!
  5. What else to do with ZZ Top Monogram 33 Fords??

    Using the body shell, top and frame rails from the sister Thom Taylor '34 Cabriolet kit (which is basically the same except for the cabriolet windshield section, top and wheels)... I built this: Just like any other kit, your imagination is the limit!
  6. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Today I felt like continuing with body / exterior related stuff. First thing I did was scratch together a parachute mounting bracket. The chute is from MPC's Cosmic Charger. Then I made a "club plaque" mount utilizing the original taillight mounting hole in the lower left corner of the body. I turned my attention to the cowl and removed the entire center of an AMT '29 Roadster firewall leaving just the outer perimeter to align the hood and still hinting of the firewalls original shape as if everything but the outer edge was simply sawed out. Then it occurred to me that I need to make sure that the engine still fits in the narrower hole. Thankfully it does! I made a basic platform to span between the frame rails in front of the engine then scratched together a fuel tank complete with filler, feed and return connections and mounting straps. And here it is all mocked up again. Also visible is that I filled in the headlight mounting holes on the fenders (and removed the plastic masses on the undersides.) Definitely looking like a racecar now! So next weekend I'll get back to the interior details but it's definitely getting "there"!
  7. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Add me as another who ALWAYS updates my WIP thread titles to indicate I have done more work on the project. It definitely has a noticeable effect on getting views and comments!
  8. Just look at that!!! It's just so BAD!!!
  9. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm much happier with the floor now. I didn't totally like the way the seat looked at first proportionately but trimming the bottom off did the trick.
  10. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Thanks a bunch, Tim, I was hoping you'd find this one. Plenty more details to add, yet. If you look above you'll see I added an update after you posted. And oh boy, I can't wait to check out your '30 Sedan!
  11. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    The first weekend without rain in a month meant lots of yard chores! But, I did get in a few hours at the bench this afternoon. I wasn't at all satisfied with the front angled floor section. It honestly didn't fit worth a darn and because I used thin .020 for the cap and it was flimsy and droopy in the center. I broke those pieces off of the firewall and decided to start over. Part of the problem was the bottom of the firewall wasn't supported or located by anything. I added some small tabs inside both sides of the body to give the firewall something to position against. That allowed me to accurately measure for the new front sloped floor and its supports I decided this time around to attach the front sloped floor to the fender unit instead of the firewall. I made the supports different this time so that the back edge of the cap would actually be level with the main floor instead of below it like before. I also made the cap out of sturdier .040" sheet like everything else. Here's the underneath. I couldn't be happier with the precise fit everywhere this time! Here's how the floor fits over the engine. Miles of clearance! With the floor finished I finished the roll cage by shortening the rear angled down bars and pinning them to the floor like the hoops. I also sanded all of the lay out pencil lines off of the floor as they were no longer needed. I decided to use the seat from Drag City Casting. I trimmed 1/8" off of the bottom of it, added a piece of .040" flat sheet across the bottom then made some drilled mounting rails, also from .040". I also added alignment pins which are glued into holes as well as to the insides of the drilled rails. Here's some full mock ups with the reworked floor, finished cage and seat. I also decided to put it up on its wheels and still the engine in for a look. It's starting to really look like a race car now! Lastly, here's one with an AMT '29 Roadster sourced hood which fits perfect. Next I'll start detailing the interior with pedals, gauges and steering. Stay tuned!
  12. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    Got one! Found it at a Southern California Hobby Lobby.
  13. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Found a couple of hours to hit the workbench today. Took a break from the engine and chassis to get the firewall and floor roughed in. I started by making the firewall out of .040" sheet and designed in an angled toe panel that covers the trans. Because of the engine set back it mounts where the dashboard would normally be. Then I made a new floor out of .040" sheet. I also wanted to incorporate the really neat roll cage that comes in the '28 Sedan for the full drag version. Because I chopped the top I had to shorten the legs of the hoops and then I inserted mounting pins so that the hoops can be mocked up and be positively located. The seat is tentative and is one of Drag City Casting's new, better detailed Stone, Woods, Cook buckets. The roll cage also includes rear angled bars that still need to be shortened and fit but I propped them up here to show the general concept of how they go. And some mock ups with the body in place. Still more to come!
  14. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    It's only plastic!