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  1. Thanks a bunch, Roger. Glad you like it so much!
  2. Thank you so much. All very kind of you to say!
  3. Thank you Brother KK! But hey, you never told me you weren’t sure about the color during the build!!!
  4. Thanks, Dave! I appreciate the enthusiasm but I don’t see myself making any more moor-door bodies. Deuce’s are the only ones I really like and I like them chopped! There is another Revell based 32 Fordor body out there, perhaps by Hendrix? It’s got a stock height roof.
  5. Thanks! I couldn’t be happier with the color. Glad I took the chance with it.
  6. Just finished up my '32 Fordor Sedan using the conversion body for Revell's '32 Sedan kit by Drag City Casting. This project started a while back when I created the master body for Drag City to mold, cast and sell. (Not only did I convert a 2-door body into a 4-door, at the same time I chopped the top 3 scale inches.) Once I had a production resin body in hand I set out to build a 50's traditionally styled hot rod with it. Hope ya'll like it! - Drag City Casting 3” Chopped '32 Ford Fordor Sedan resin body - Revell '32 Sedan donor kit - Frame back-dated with center "X" and rear cross member from Revell 1940 Ford's - Revell 1940 Ford's Columbia 2-speed rear axle with Revell 1948 Ford's radius rods and spring - '32 Sedan front axle and suspension with Revell '32 5-Window "hairpin" radius rods - Revell 1940 Ford's brake plates with Revell 1929 Roadster finned drums - Revell 1929 Roadster wheels and tires with '48 Ford hubcaps - ArDun flathead engine from Revell 1950 Ford Pickup kit-bashed with a Vertex magneto, modified Chevy finned aluminum style oil pan, Revell Tweedy Pie carbureters and AMT '32 Phantom Vicky lakes style headers - Full exhaust system bashed together with sections from Revell's '29 Roadster and '48 Custom Coupe - Interion from '32 Sedan kit with door lines reworked to match Fordor body - Revell '48 Ford steering wheel - Tamiya "Pearl Light Blue" over their light gray primer and sealed with their clear.
  7. UPDATE! Okay, I lied. THIS will be the last update before final assembly! Interior assembly: Voltage regulator and heater added to firewall: Fuel lines for carbs finished. Detail Master #1 line and fittings: Front shocks and headlights, taillights added. I'm a big fan of stock '32 taillights but I hate when people leave them out on the tips of the frame horns on a fender-less '32. Gotta tuck them back by the body! Now all that's left is to cut and install glass, shove the interior up into the body, install the firewall and wheel wells then glue it all down to the chassis.
  8. An oldie but a goodie! There's a ton of detail packed into this little space.
  9. I just love this, it turned out awesome! Looks totally period correct, too!
  10. UPDATE! Getting closer. This might be the last update before final assembly which should take place over the next couple of weekends. The body and related blue parts have been polished and waxed. I love this color! The interior pieces are all finished. Instead of the typical black and white scheme I went with gray and white which is simply Tamiya flat white and fine gray primer with their semi-gloss clear to give it a sheen. The carpet area is Duplicolor dark gray sandable primer with a flat clear coat to seal it in. (I didn't pull the tape until I got home from work and got some white that bled under so I'll need to touch that spot up.) Steering wheel is Revell '48 Ford and the hot water heater is from Revell's '40 Ford's. Some last mock-ups.
  11. Thank you! And, yes, it was a tight fit. Even with the kits recessed firewall. The shape of the exhaust manifolds doesn’t help, either.
  12. Looks fantastic! And so much better with the ride height corrected. Makes all the difference in the world!
  13. Very cool! I think you captured the look quite well. The truck in the picture was restored by a man named Ed Warnock many years ago. He was the 1932 advisor for the Early V8 Club of America. The truck still looks the same and is in a museum. I’m currently doing some chassis work for him as he finally crossed over to the dark side and is building a hot rod!
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