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  1. A few years back I back dated the chassis to a traditional 1940's era by installing the frame center "X" and rear cross member from a Revell 1940 Ford and the rear axle from one of their 1948 Fords. Well, a bit over-simplified but not difficult to accomplish.
  2. Cut here, splice there... No problem! Looking good, brother!! 😎
  3. UPDATE! Sadly, I had completely forgot about this project sitting under my bench halfway to being finished. I had that feeling something was missing! Didn't finish it today but I'm a whole bunch closer. Had a little bit of bronze paint left so I flowed some into the valve cover fins and air filter depressions. Then I finished up the Y-Block by terminating the plug wires and building the fuel lines using Detail Master #4 line and fittings with a scratch built tee and modified '57 Ford kit fuel filter. Assembled the interior which is right out of the '32 5-Window kit except for the scratch built column, parts box Hurst shifter and AMT '41 Woody steering wheel. Glued the engine into the chassis and connected the front exhaust pipes. I added decals to the engines oil filter can and generator for a little more interest. I also added the headlights, rear nerf bars and gas cap. Couldn't resist another mock up with the engine in place. One more afternoon at the workbench should have this one finished. Left to do are install the windshield and window glass, then the interior and firewall can go in permanent. Also small details like the door handles, taillights and license plate.
  4. They may have called it that on the box but the physical engine in this kit has never changed except for the induction and valve covers.
  5. The engine in this kit is absolutely a first generation Cadillac 331 V8. It is NOT an Oldsmobile. The first few issues of the kit back in the 60’s featured a six 2-barrel intake and Cadillac script valve covers. In the 70’s those features were changed to reflect the popular (at the time) tunnel ram intake with dual 4-barrels. A few years ago Monogram reissued the kit restored entirely back to its original configuration except for the Cadillac name on the covers. They also altered the original issue Blue Beetle name to Blue Bandito. Both because of copyright conflicts. The ignition is a Magneto and does not use a coil.
  6. A few (seven or eight) years ago I decided to see what I could make from some of my left overs. 😎
  7. UPDATE! I've done more to this over the last couple of weekends. I cut out the bulky front motor mount cross member (original kit add on piece for the flathead engine option) and scratch built new mounts. I also had to add some material to the front edges of the mounts on the engine so that the steering gear wouldn't get interfered with. I accessorized the ARDUN flathead with a Vertex magneto, carbs from the Ed Roth Tweedy Pie, rear breather tube/fuel log from Revell's '48 Ford Convertible and a modified oil pan from AMT's parts pack Chevy engine. I plan to use over the frame lakes style headers so to make room for them I had to build a new lower profile steering linkage. I made this linkage from a modified shaft piece found in Revell's '26 T Sedan Delivery. I mounted the lakes style headers from AMT's '32 Phantom Vicky and then made a full exhaust system using front "pipes" from Revell's '29 Roadster and rear pipes/mufflers from their '48 Custom Coupe. The down spouts on the headers had to be moved as far back as possible to get around the hairpin radius rods, the mufflers were shortened 1/4" and the tailpipes were shortened at both ends. The front pipes also had to be shortened at the muffler end and lengthened at the header end. The whole thing pins together. Right now it's just floating so I need to make some mounts to positively located it all. And some new mock ups. Still more to come...
  8. My truck has a small block and I occasionally polish and wax it. It must be a Street Rod. 😱
  9. Thanks, Brother! Yes! Brandon Mead’s sedan is one of my favorite Mordors. Really good dude, been doing business with him for many years. The primer red one was actually his second. The first one was a black patina paint body that we sold and shipped to him. He set it on a chassis that he already had and chopped it oh so nicely. Sold it before it was driveable. 😎
  10. And don't forget Ed at Drag City Casting because without his impeccable molding and casting talents there would be no bodies to buy and build!
  11. I just love the way this turned out! The perfect combination of aggressive and classy. I already told you this yesterday but it looks absolutely like something that could come out of Brizio's shop right now.
  12. UPDATE! After being away from this project for a while I decided to make some changes to back-date the chassis to a truly traditional appearance. I smoothed out the center floor then added the frame center "X" from a Revell 1940 Ford Coupe. I smoothed out the rear floor and added the rear cross member also from the '40. I put together a rear axle assembly using the '40 Coupe axle (which is rendered with a Columbia 2-speed overdrive) and the radius rods/spring from a Revell 1948 Ford Convertible. the brake plates are '40 Ford while the finned drums, wheels and tires are from Revell's '29 Roadster. Up on all 4! The '32 Sedan kit front axle was lowered by trimming the top of the spring. Another pair of '40 brake plates and, again, the finned drums, wheels and tires from the Revell '29 Roadster. The engine is the ARDUN equipped 8BA flathead from Revell's 1950 F-1 Pickup. That's all for now. More to come soon!
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