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  1. Looks absolutely killer as a B400! Very much looking forward to following along to completion. My friends at Bruce’s Rod Shop in Texas come to mind with their B400 on Real Wheels. It gets driven all over the country like all their other 32’s.
  2. As I was reading your story just above and before scrolling down I knew you were talking about the California Spyder. I remember following along every installment of that build (whole series start to finish) and used to see it around at Southern California hot rod shows. Your roadster turned out killer, can’t wait to see the finished picture thread after you add those last details. Good call on NOT using the Wagon Rod wheels. I worked at a Pepboys back in the late 90’s as a senior in high school and that very design was on the wheel wall near the tire section. They were one of many cheapo American Racing (Prime, Elite, etc…) wheels that people would settle for because they couldn’t afford good stuff like Budnik, Centerline or Weld. 🤣
  3. Definitely NOT just another ‘29 Roadster. Amazing what a few well planned changes can do for a kit. Making the wheel wells less obnoxious is a huge improvement and it looks great with the full hood and blown SBF tucked under it. Paint is beautiful and a great color choice. LOVE IT! 😎
  4. The reason they wouldn’t include the regular roadster windshield is because with the cowl modified for the DuValle the other one would no longer fit. It’s not that Stacy David owns the rights to a windshield or headers, it’s that to get around copyright they have to change some percentage of the original kit. I for one won’t miss the original headers. They have no place on a ‘32 Ford.
  5. Thank you for sharing the video. Watched the whole interview and 100% worth the time. It’s very clear how near and dear these old Custom Car Parts sets are to him. I bet he never imagined them coming back and being directly involved. It’s clear the fellows that run Atlantis respect the history of the model car hobby.
  6. I dare say that when finished this model will be more epic than your Saltster…
  7. I admit, I wasn’t feeling the new tall cowl type hood so I didn’t comment but now with it extended back to the windshield I think it looks really cool. That’s what it needed. Can’t wait to see this car in color!
  8. Too bad about the interference but the blower sure looks good in there! Also, not gonna hide the fact that I’m happy you’re sticking with these wheels. 😁
  9. Agreed, those do look more appropriate.
  10. Unfortunately, no. It’s definitely not forgotten about and progress will be made. A few weeks ago a staffer from MCM contacted me and asked me to do a build-up feature for a future issue of the magazine so I have to focus on that project to meet their deadline.
  11. I love those rear Halibrand’s from Drag City. Stance looks perfect, too!
  12. I love your vintage drag builds, JC. Looking forward to following along! I watched the Dennis Collins episode. Very cool history on that car.
  13. Turned out really nice, Craig. I really like the extra chop, 2x6 small block, back-dated banjo rear and especially the color scheme. The Racing White and Champagne are perfect together!👌🏻
  14. That’s about as bad ass as a T Coupe can get. Looks totally WICKED! I love everything about it!
  15. Absolutely stunning work @Speedpro . @Kit Karson gave me a sneak peek over the weekend and when I saw the pics my jaw dropped. Not just because of the high quality of the paint but also because of the color. I can’t wait to see the truck come together!
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