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  1. Thanks for the thorough review, Tim! AMT held nothing back with this one. Can’t wait to get my hands on one for the Hemi and decal sheet alone. Then there’s that killer trailer. Let the mental wheels spin!
  2. I’m not into Japanese cars generally but I have always loved the NSX since I saw my first one around 12 years old. Honda got the lines right from every angle. The only thing I don’t like is the 1st Gen wheels so your switch to larger BBS looks AWESOME! Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship throughout and the color is killer. Nice job!
  3. This might be the nicest custom AMT ‘50 Ford I’ve ever seen. Both the execution and workmanship look first rate. The color choices and interior pattern are perfectly suited to it. The narrowed Caddy rear bumper is not only a unique idea, it also looks totally rad! Very nice!
  4. Killer! I really like the colors and color scheme. Stance is perfect and the integration of the Smoothster chassis and engine is totally rad. Nice work!
  5. @alan barton I just re-read all of the text. I know exactly the T Roadster he was inspired by although the full size car is maroon and powered by a Y-block. I’ll also add that the parts choice and execution of this model is even more impressive considering he’s generally not a hot rod builder!
  6. This might be the only one of those bodies I think I’ve seen built and your friend did a killer job of it!
  7. @Kit Karson Are those photo leaks authorized or unauthorized? 🤣
  8. Absolutely agree! In that regard I’m very pleased with AMT for restoring or all out recreating these old kits because there’s no original issue that I want so bad that I’d pay hundreds of dollars for it. But, if I lucked into a rare original issue in decent condition on the cheap or having it given to me I’d have no reservations cutting and kit bashing it. 😎
  9. I’m having a blast! The original kit wasn’t even on my radar until the big thread got going here leading up to the new tools release. By the time it hit the shelves I had read all the hype and knew I had to get one. That said, had I had an original prior to AMT recreating it I wouldn’t have hesitated to build it the same way if that’s what I wanted. Did you ever see what I did with my mint AMT/MPC ‘28 Ford Sedan? It’s only plastic!
  10. UPDATE! I had just enough time at the bench today to finish the rest of the exterior modifications. Every time I’ve had this model mocked up it’s occurred to me that there’s a lot of air below the front bumper, which is considerably higher relative to the rocker areas down the sides of the body. I decided that what the front end needed was an air dam to close the gap between the bumper and the table top. I started out with some .040” Evergreen sheet cut into a long enough strip that was 1/4” wide. I drew a line across the strip 1/16” down from one of the long edges and glued it the back edge of the bumper leaving 3/16” hanging down which is about 4.5” in scale. I then glued some 1/4” wide side extensions to the back edges of the dam, again with 1/16” up inside the front fender edges but I did not glue them to the fenders. This allows the air dam to come off with the bumper. I then added some strips to the inside corners for support. With the basic shape and structure roughed in I trimmed the edges of the extensions even with the wheel wells, rounded the front corners (another reason for the support strips in the corners) and then added a strip of .060” half round rod around the bottom edge and up the back edges of the extensions to match up with the raised bead on the wheel opening of the fenders. From there I scribed all of the door lines deeper with the back of a #11 blade then sanded away all of the ribbed rocker trim. Lastly I filled the little depressions in the fenders behind the headlights since the rear of the body is smoothed out. And some final mock ups with the finished exterior modifications. I set the finished engine in because the air filters sticking through the hood are a significant design element. I really wish I had hung the exhaust system for the full effect. I’m very happy with the addition of the air dam and how much aggression it adds to the car. At this point the body and other exterior parts are ready for final clean up and onto primer. Next I’ll be focusing on a major update to the interior to bring it into the early 90’s with the rest of the car. Stay tuned!
  11. Very promising start. The stance is right-on and the proportions look good. The wedge shaped door wood is an interesting idea, I think I like it.
  12. Beautiful color! Much better than than the root beer (IMO).
  13. It doesn’t look like the top that I made for Ed. Similar shape but the details are different.
  14. Very cool, Tom! I like the reworked door panels and dashboard. Are the Edelbrock valve covers from the AMT ‘55 Chevy as well?
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