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  1. Glad I could help, LOL! This is coming along nicely. I’ll never understand why they made the engine so undersized in this kit. Everything else about is a huge improvement over the original but then the motor kills it. The most upsetting part is if it had been properly sized think how awesome it would be for kit bashing! Oh well...
  2. @BullysCustomModelParts Pro Street, I freaking love it! I also love the use of the Auto Drag wheels. They were such a staple of the 80’s, people put them on everything. Are you going to fill in the fenders around the upper A arms? I’ve actually seen that done a few times in the full scale world when people would fit Pinto front suspension into an early car.
  3. UPDATE! Still chipping away. This past Sunday I assembled and wired the flathead and permanently assembled the wheels & tires. The red wire is from Parts By Parks while the little dividers are from Model Car Garage. As usual, I couldn't resist a mock up! The body is in its first round of primer and also got its first round of tune up and awaits a new coat to see where its at. When you multiple raw plastic colors going on it's always exciting to finally see a project all in one color and really get a sense of how it looks. I couldn't be happier with the stance and proportions and man am I glad I decided to swap in the V8.
  4. Just following up that my truck is posted in the finished section for trucks. If you haven't ventured over there yet here's a link. Check it out!
  5. I've never had this kit but I keep thinking I should for the wheels, if nothing else. I'm a sucker for 80's and 90's billet wheels! I buy distributor wire by Parts By Parks from a seller on eBay. Detail Master packages it, too, but theirs is ever so slightly smaller gauge. I justify the postage because you get enough to do 3 or 4 engines so I'm really only spending about $1 on postage per model.
  6. @tim boyd It would be absolutely epic to have all of the Modelers Corner columns in one book! My dad still has his entire collection of Street Rodder but it’s not very handy to have to have all those issues on hand. I hope someday that idea pans out...
  7. A couple of years ago I did this AMT '53 as a curbside so no engine or chassis detail. Quite a few external mods though such as moving the front wheel openings forward 4.5 scale inches, molding the front roll pan and bumper delete, smoothing the stock grill and modifying it to take separate headlight reflectors, grafted 6 rows of louvers into the hood, scraped off the molded windshield wipers and installed separate chrome wipers, made a flush fit bed cover, molded in the kits rear rolled pan and grafted 1948 Ford taillights into the rear fenders. Resin tuck & roll interior set from Drag City Casting and a 1950 Ford steering wheel. Wheels and side pipes from AMT's 1936 Ford Coupe/Roadster with their double stripe Parts Pack tires & slicks.
  8. Thanks for all of that, Alan! I couldn't tell you how many times I've thrown these wheels out thinking I'd never use them. It's amazing how much better (crisper) they look with the heavy plating removed. Then you realize they have no lug detail and after that you realize Halibrand supplied them with push-in wing nuts. I'm very happy with how they turned out. I remove kit plating from almost everything I do these days. I find that it's too thick and too toy-like. I also don't generally like full scale hot rods bathed in chrome. There's a lot of nice engraving in a lot of these kits that gets washed out with the plating so uncovering that detail and careful painting goes a long way.
  9. Thanks, Tim! I think the color combo should look pretty good, too. I was looking for something similar to the color the body is molded in.
  10. Looks like you're getting there on the hood sides. Not an easy way to go about it! Then again I don't know that there IS an easy way? I did a hood top very similar not too long back for a '32 5-Window. Next time I do a louvered hood top I'll be setting in individual rows as opposed to one big chunk because if you look close you can see the shape of the piece I grafted in.
  11. Freakin’ RAD! Killer details and perfect stance & proportions.
  12. Killer idea! One of the best versions of the Foose truck I’ve seen yet.
  13. Thanks, Man! I knew what I was doing, you just had to ride it out to the end to see it all come together, LOL!
  14. Thanks, Tim! Glad you like what I did with my spin on the truck. I had an absolute blast creating it (except for the ridiculous amount of masking it took to get 4 different color on various surfaces of the cab alone!) This truck project and quite a few others you did back in the day left a huge impression on me and all these years later I haven't forgotten them. Back then when I would read those articles or the show coverages and see all of the names (many that became staples for years) there was an element of disconnect as I couldn't imagine actually being able to interact with you or any of them. The Internet has a lot of negative aspects with it but certainly one big positive is being able to connect people all over the world with a common hobby passion on forums like this. This won't be the only model I build that takes direct inspiration from your old Column and also don't forget, there's still a Sister RPU sitting on deck!
  15. The McGee roadster is my absolute favorite ‘32 Roadster off all time. Will enjoy watching you build this tribute.
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