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  1. The Fox platform T-Bird actually never had the roller cam H.O. engine. They did come with a low performance 5.0 V8 with the Mustang style fuel injection.
  2. Thank you, guys! Started final assembly New Years Day. Got about half way through it and decided to quit for the day while I was ahead. The Y-Block is coming together, chassis completely together except for the front wheels. Body has been waxed and the top insert / running boards are painted.
  3. Just the other day I was watching an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage featuring the Yellowbird and Ruf himself. Always thought it was one of the best looking Porsche’s ever. I’m so looking forward to watching you work your magic! Do you have a source for the classic Speedline wheels? One of my all-time favorite Euro performance wheels.
  4. Been chipping away at this one. It's now in paint, clear and has been polished out. Couldn't resist a mock up. Color is Testors one coat lacquer Bronze over Duplicolor gray sandable primer with Tamiya clear, all from rattle cans. Polished with Adams paint correcting polish on a microfiber cloth. Closing in on being able to final assemble.
  5. This is freakin rad!!! I can’t recall ever seeing anyone kit bash those old show rod kits in such a way. Everything just looks right, including the custom wheels.
  6. This is freakin' RAD! The one thing I especially like is that it's maroon, not black. What are the wheels?
  7. Awesome fleet of Roth cars! They all look very well built so you should be proud. All I've ever done with these kits is cannibalize them for hot rod projects, haha!!
  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone. This truck is now finished and over On The Shelf. Head on over there to see more!
  9. Finished up my '53 F100 from over on the workbench section. This model was a couple of firsts for me. It is the first 1950's vehicle I've ever built and the first curbside model. I had a lot of fun and am quite pleased with how it turned out. Some of the modifications include adding louvers to the hood, moving the front wheel openings forward 4.5 scale inches, smoothing and opening the grill, deleting the bumper and molding in the front pan, molded in rear rolled pan and 1948 Ford taillights. Wheels are from the most recent AMT 1936 Ford kit with their parts pack double stripe tires. The tuck & roll interior set comes from my friend Ed at Drag City Casting and, to me, is the icing on the cake for this truck. Color is Testors one coat Root Beer with Tamiya Racing White and Maroon. Decals all come from the most recent AMT 1934 Ford Pickup. All comments or criticisms are welcome!
  10. Glad to see you share this one over here, Roger, it's one of my favorites from your bench. I think you nailed it from every angle!
  11. Is Pegasus Hobbies in California on the list?
  12. Yesterday I got the Drag City Casting seat and interior panels finish painted. Tamiya sprays: Maroon, Racing White and Flat Clear. And last night I had some time to myself so i polished all of the body pieces using Adam's Paint Correcting Polish and a micro fiber cloth. I still need to wax everything.
  13. What makes you think that? Tim Boyd has stated before with first hand knowledge that it was always Revell’s intention to reissue these kits with the engines swapped around. That’s why they both come with 20 radiator hoses each. Haha I actually feel the more natural looking aesthetic arrangement is with the Chevy in the roadster and the Buick in the coupe. I think the Halibrand style wheels look more at home on the roadster, too. As a strictly scale hot rod builder I plan do buy these up this time around. They are treasure troves of kit bashing parts!
  14. Work continues on the F100. I screwed up when I painted the running boards/floor piece in that I should have continued the white up the sides into the cab. Had a total brain fart there and did it black. Didn't like it as soon as I saw it mocked up so into the stripper. With the paint removed I realized this would be a good opportunity to address the exhaust. I wanted chrome side pipes and found a set I like in AMT's most recent '36 Ford Coupe/Roadster retro-deluxe issue. I installed pins that fit into holes on the under sides of the boards where the 4 tabs are and drilled out the ends then painted flat black up in there. I also added some exhaust pipes that disappear up into the frame since that area where they hook up to the side pipes will be partly visible. On to some finish work. I assembled the wheels, sanded the tire treads and gave the wheels a thin black wash. I assembled the headlight rings and lenses to the grill. I'm so happy with how this turned out by doing the separate chrome rings! And I did some detail painting of the dashboard and steering column along with some decals to go with the bed cover. All for now.
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