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  1. The Little Drag - A Monogram "Never Was"

    Absolutely beautiful!
  2. Thanks for putting this together, Tim! I like all of them but especially the blue one with black wire wheels. That car is Race Of Gentleman perfect down to every detail. I especially live the header pipes, Edmund's air "filters" and the inclusion of the stock side aprons for that "I just stripped it down to race" look. Second favorite is the other blue one with the Caddy engine and straw colored wire wheels. The '34 truck grill looks so right on it. Not an easy thing to pull off! I'd love one just like it in full scale out in the garage.
  3. 1931 Ford Model A Rat Rod

    So Chuck, on a model like this do you bother to set up a complete rear axle and suspension or is it in the vein of a curbside where only things that show get addressed?
  4. 1931 Ford Model A Rat Rod

    You make some of the best rat rods and beaters! One detail I especially like is the wire mesh in the windows.
  5. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Looks awesome, Brother! Just a timeless hot rod. Love the color scheme and the small block Ford. Those old school SVO valve covers are so sweet! Those Satco front tires are worlds better than the Dunlop low-rider tires that come with those wheels.
  6. '33 Willys sedan delivery

    Name it "STUBBY". Reminds of those severely shortened VW buses.
  7. Share the Love?

    I've had multiple models at the same show selected to be photographed and then later show up in the same contest coverage article in MCM. It was the first model show (non-comp NNL) that I had ever participated in. Photographer had no idea who I was, nor did anyone else. I don't think it's anything more than he walked around the tables and put a card next to what caught his eye. I was flattered that he thought enough of any of my models to photograph them. That being said, does favoritism and the "buddy system" happen? Definitely! That's life.
  8. Just a quick run at Monograms "Early Iron Series "

    Weren't the '39 Chevy Coupe and Sedan Delivery in the series, too?
  9. Old MPC / AMT '28 Model A todor Sedan Rumored to come back

    I've seen that before, love it! Here's as far as I got on my project but at least I started doing something with one of these...
  10. Old MPC / AMT '28 Model A todor Sedan Rumored to come back

    For as excited as people get over this kit why doesn't it get built more often? Too sacred? I bought a mint complete one a few years back for about $70 then promptly whipped out the razor saw and chopped the top 4 scale inches. It's only plastic... Now, if it actually came to pass that the Sedan body was produced again and (most logically included as a bonus option in the Woody / RPU kit) I'd definitely grab a couple for hot rod projects.
  11. New Revell '32 Ford 5-window coupe

    And who knows if German's know how to use a measuring tape?! Or is it tape measure? It's just all so confusing...

    It was also just completely restored for comedian / vantriliquist Jeff Dunham who has an impressive collection.
  13. R.I.P.

    I wonder if there is a clinical name for a tape-measure fetish???
  14. New Forum Rules

    Maybe the forum needs a "Safe Section" where sensitive people can go get virtual hugs just in case they accidentally encounter one of those words before a moderator can erase them?
  15. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    I don't think you guys are giving enough credit for interest in American cars & trucks. There is a thriving segment of interest, particularly vintage vehicles, in Germany, France, UK and the Scandanavian counties. On a weekly basis vintage cars located in the US are being sold to these countries and going on a big boat ride. Japan is another huge buyer right now. These people are hungry for American culture and are well aware of what's going on here in the States. In a lot of ways, they are doing it better and more hardcore than we are.