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  1. What a rad idea. Very unique with the passenger car front clip. Great work so far!
  2. Thanks, again, for all the feedback, everyone! UPDATE! A small update, but one none the less. Now that the grill is in primer I wanted to show how I handled the headlights. I end up sanding down where the lenses go a bit and then opened up the reflector areas to take the chrome rings from Revell's 1949 Custom Mercury. This way I can paint the grill and easily have chromed headlight rings without any annoying masking. I also got the "chassis" and inner wheel rings finished in flat black. Everything else is in primer, wet sanded and basically ready for paint but I've yet to make it to the local hobby shop to pick up the main color. I do have the accent color on hand so I'm going to paint those pieces in the meantime.
  3. Thanks, again, for all of the feedback, everyone! UPDATE! At the urging of multiple people across multiple platforms of social media I went ahead and deepened the rear wheels. As it turns out, the chromed inner rear wheel rings from Revell's Beatnik Bandit show rod were a perfect fit right into the Radir wheels I'm using. All I had to do was trim out the step inside the tire so the wheel could push in further. I'm glad for all the feedback, it was definitely the right thing to do!
  4. I very well may deepen the rear wheels but I’ll keep their diameter. I like the staggered look of 15” front and 16” rear.
  5. Revell 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe. The body is a direct fit to it.
  6. UPDATE! A little more work done today. I got the rear frame horn covers trimmed and fit and made some more aggressive looking exhaust tips. To the engine I added some curved Moon style breathers to the valve covers and also center drilled the carbs to take the air filters from the optional Hemi in this 5-Window kit. And a few more mock ups to wrap up the weekend!
  7. UPDATE! Did some more work today. Lots of fiddly stuff like drilling and pinning various parts for future assembly. A few things that were worth photographing are I made an add-on plate with bolt detail for the transmission to sit on and exhaust pipe extensions from the Y-Block manifolds to the kit exhausts. The Y-Block transmission has that funky, LONG tail shaft which requires a much shorter drive shaft. I used the kit u-joints and a piece of Evergreen 1/8" tubing to make a new one.
  8. I just love this. Absolutely my new favorite drag car from your collection!!!
  9. I just received the first two chopped '32 5-Window bodies out of the mold by Drag City Casting and couldn't wait to get started on one! For more information on these bodies follow the link below: So far my focus has been getting the engine fit to the frame, picking out the rolling stock and setting the stance. The engine is the dual 4-barrel Y-Block from Revell's 1957 Ford Custom with the valve covers from AMT's 1957 Ford. The firewall required some creative trimming to clear the exhaust manifolds but they are one of the Y-Block's distinctive features so I didn't want to change them. The Radir wheels are from Revell's 1964 Ford Thunderbolt Fairlane with Revell's little Pirelli front tires and the rears are the fat BFG's from their '32 Roadster Hiboy. The axles were modified to get the stance DOWN LOW. I've also bobbed the rear fender tails 6 scale inches. More to come!
  10. UPDATE! I thought I should bring this one back to the top and let anyone know who's interested that this body is in the hands of my friend Ed at Drag City Casting and on-deck to mold. I imagine it should be available sometime in September 2019 (next month!).
  11. This roadster is awesome! The floor and interior details are killer. I love the seat and can't wait to see the finished dashboard! You also got a ton of mileage out of that lumpy old engine. Just goes to show what some neatly applied detail painting and a few added things will get you. Can't wait to see this finished!!!
  12. You done good, Roger, you done real good!!! I love everything you changed but in particular the windshield/top and the deepened rear wheels. I love the color scheme, I'm definitely gonna get me some of that dull red for a future interior of my own. The whole thing looks awesome with fenders, too! If it were full-scale I could definitely see this car on the cover of Street Rodder!
  13. Thanks so much for your compliments, Craig, they mean a lot. This is the first body master I've created and all I kept thinking until I saw the end result was "I hope it's good enough!" I didn't want to waste Ed's time and expensive materials. Thankfully, I don't think it could have turned out better. Now my fingers are crossed that the chopped Fordor conversion body turns out this nice!
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