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  1. Model Train Show - offending the purists

    I was infected with model trains as a little kid. My Dad has a HUGE collection of immediate Post-War Lionel trains and accessories. When I was 12 (1992) I had gotten into N-Scale stuff and my Dad built me a neat 3 x 5' layout that was kind of a modified helix with a figure 8. It never got further than finished bench work and wiring but I ran the heck out of it for the first couple of years then it went into storage. A few Summer's ago I got inspired to get the layout out and get it functional again. I had to replace some damaged track, fix some snagged wires and give the rail heads a good cleaning. I didn't like my cheesy old Bachman locos and rolling stock with their ugly toy-like Rapido couplers so I went on an eBay spree one Sunday and bought a nice Atlas GP7 and a bunch of nice Micro Trains cars with realistic functional couplers and just higher overall quality. Then I decided I wanted to modify and expand the layout and bought a huge Atlas Code-80 track lot on eBay. After all that as I started planning my attack it really set in how expensive model railroading is, even little N-Scale. Between model cars and full scale hot rods there was no room (both physically and budgetary) for a 3rd hobby so I sold everything to a nice older guy for $700. He and his wife had sold their big house in Colorado and he had to tear down his huge basement HO layout and sold off everything. They were now in a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles so my little layout would fit perfect in a corner of his spare bedroom. He was having major train withdrawal so he was happy to get it. I'll probably regret it some day but I'm sure he'll take good care of it and I applied the money towards a 283 Chevy engine for my '32 Ford Pickup.
  2. UPDATE! Not quite finished with the construction faze but almost. The extra day off this weekend helped give me a few extra hours at the bench! On the left is the first version of the steering box and shaft in Revell's '32 series. In the middle is the version from the 5-Window kit which was modified to work with the optional Hemi engine. By combining the gear box of the early version with the shaft of the newer version and offset to the inner edge of the gear I was able to make the version on the right (tacked in the frame) that will clear the Olds engine starter motor and headers. I further modified the '32 series exhausts by making extensions to the Olds headers and I added the tapered rear sections from a Revell '40 street rod pipes so that they would transition into the chrome tips nicer, which are also from the Revell '40 kits. Did some more work on the Olds engine. Made a lower radiator hose and adapted a chrome fan from the Ed Roth Tweedy Pie. Also got the radiator cut down and test fit. Started working on the interior. Cut away the rear seat portion of the floor pan and will make a flat deck back there as soon as I go get some more .040" sheet. Fit the bomber seats from the Revell '30 Coupe and made some butt cushions from some cut down AMT '32 Victoria seats. Also mounted a shifter, fuel tank and battery box from the Revell Model A's. Cut down some Revell '50 F1 Pickup door panels and dashboard. Made a column bracket & column and a Bell steering wheel from Revell's Model A kits. Another full mock up. Comments welcome!
  3. Space Rod 32

    This is the best "space rod" I have seen yet! You have an incredible imagination and creativity. Not to mention, loads of talent!!!
  4. Back in 2010 (2 years after my return to model building) I built the chopped '32 Sedan pictured below. The chop and paint turned out really nice but there were things about it that I didn't like, like the lumpy Buick engine from the AMT '40 Coupe and the way over sized front hairpin rods. I also rushed it together to make an NNL show and the final quality suffered. Sometime later I partly disassembled it to try and fix the "rush job" but it never found its way back together. Eventually i cherry picked the body shell and few other parts then tossed the rest. Last weekend I was messing around and ended up doing an unplanned project of adapting the Halibrand style wheels from Revell's '30 Coupe to be "bolt-ons" for Revell's series of '32 Fords. When I finished the wheels I mocked them up on a Revell '32 frame and axles. To see what they'd look like with a body I grabbed the old Sedan and set it on the frame. Well, seeing the old Sedan body back up on a set of wheels got the juices flowing and another project was born! Here's where it's at as of now, a week later. I mounted the engine frome Revell's '50 Olds Custom. To it I adapted the chrome oil pan and chrome timing cover/water pump from the Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit, modified the timing cover/water pump to take the pulley/belt drive from the '50 Olds, mounted the heads and pinned the '50 Olds chrome headers to them and added pins to the '50 Olds chrome intake manifold to mount 3 Ed Roth Tweedy Pie carburetors. The body has been channeled over the frame 3/16" and the grill trimmed 3/16" to lower it down to match. The front axle mounting tabs were given the old Tim Boyd Trim to lower the front some more. The molded in gas tank was cut out of the back of the frame, the rear frame rails shortened to just under the back of the body, a chrome spreader bar fit, Revell '32 5-Window nerf bar bumpers slightly modified and fit and the tailpipes tucked up to just under the spreader bar with chrome tips added. Also, the previously mentioned Halibrand style wheels and tires from Revell's '30 Coupe. Plenty more to do. Comments welcome!
  5. Love it! Great color scheme and I dig the wheel and tire combo. Can't go wrong with a rodded flathead, either. There were 13 thousand and change closed cabs produced in '32. Happy to say one of them is in my garage.
  6. Anyone for 'T'?

    Looks like it could be on the floor of any early 60's Autorama show! Reminds me of the Tweedy Pie in its original flathead powered configuration before Roth got a hold of it. I really, really like it! Especially how the quick change center pokes out of the body!!!
  7. Flat Head finned head ?

    I have several sets of the MCG heads, too, but they are HUGE! They don't even fit 1:24 flatheads correctly. For example, the finned heads from the 1:24 '40 Pickup kit are the same size footprint as any of the Revell 1:25 finned flatheads. I can't bring myself to use them on anything. MCG also offers several dual carburetor flathead intakes and they actually fit pretty good and they are very nicely done.
  8. 1932 Ford 5-Window 60's Hot Rod

    Thanks! (Shh, don't point out the invisible steering linkage...)
  9. 1932 Ford 5-Window 60's Hot Rod

    Thanks a bunch. I'm not into cartoon-like proportions either. I wouldn't have been opposed to a mild chop but that would have been counter productive to the whole "simple" idea.
  10. 1932 Ford 5-Window 60's Hot Rod

    Thank you! I've been wanting to put a '48 dash in a hot rod for a while and I'm really happy with the look.
  11. 1932 Ford 5-Window 60's Hot Rod

    Very nice of you to say. Thank you so much!!!
  12. 1941 Willys Pro Street

    Very cool! That's a great looking color for this kit. The two-tone interior looks nice, too.
  13. AMT 32 Ford Tudor

    That's a great looking AMT Tudor! I like the right side the best with blackwalls and deep rear wheels. That side looks TOUGH!
  14. *TRADE COMPLETED, NO LONGER AVAILABLE* My first time trading but I assure you guys, I'm honest! I have (2) engines available from AMT's 1932 Phantom Vicky street rod kits. They are complete except for the chrome exhaust headers. I'm also including the engine section from the instructions because there's quite a bit of parts involved. I buy these kits to raid for hot rod parts (the headers being one) and the modern engine's aren't really my style. They represent a '96-'98 Mustang Cobra 305HP 4.6L aluminum DOHC engine and 5-speed manual trans. Very cool engines that would be great for all kinds of projects! In exchange I am looking for Ford Flathead hot rod engines from several of Revell's Ford hot rod kits: 1937 Pickup 2in1 with the custom 1938 grill and hood, 1948 Custom Coupe with the chopped top and customizing parts or the most recent issue 1950 F-1 Pickup with the bright yellow truck on the box. I'll be happy to send mine first and pay that postage. Once you receive you can send your engine and you pay that postage. I'm located in Southern California, city of La Verne.
  15. 1932 Ford 5-Window 60's Hot Rod

    This was a project that I threw together in about 2 months which is fast for me! The idea was to build a cool Hot Rod with easy kit-bashing and minimal custom fabrication since most of my projects tend to be heavy on the modifications and take forever. Something I could finish quickly to feel like I accomplished something. I started with the Revell '32 5-Window Coupe and kit-bashed it (mostly) with parts from the other kits in Revell's '32 Ford series for easy interchangeability. The idea was to built an early 60's Hot Rod to terrorize the streets with. I've never built a model with flame decals before so I figured this was an appropriate way to try some. I also Channeled the body over the frame. - Stacy David "Rat Roaster" '32 Roadster complete chassis and Chevy small block engine. Gas tank removed from rear of frame, frame tails shortened and flat floor panel added. - Revell Parts Pak 283 Chevy dual intake, chrome starter, chrome fuel pump. AMT Ala Kart chrome generator. Revell '32 5-Window carburetors and air filters. Revell '57 Chevy exhaust manifolds with custom made extension pipes to tie into Rat Roaster mufflers and tailpipes. Revell '29 Roadster radiator and cut down radiator hoses. Detail Master wired distributor. - Rat Roaster headlights, grill and shell. AMT '32 Phantom Vicky firewall with Revell '48 Ford master cylinders for brakes/clutch. - Rat Roaster upholstery panels and seats. AMT '25 Double T chrome roll bar. Revell '48 Ford cut-down dashboard with Ed Roth Tweedy Pie steering wheel. - Revell Orange Crate '32 Sedan wheels and tires. - Testors Icy Blue one coat paint with 5-Window kit decals and Tamiya clear coat. Tamiya Pearl White interior and Tamiya Chrome Yellow on engine. Comments, good or bad are welcomed!