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  1. What makes you think that? Tim Boyd has stated before with first hand knowledge that it was always Revell’s intention to reissue these kits with the engines swapped around. That’s why they both come with 20 radiator hoses each. Haha I actually feel the more natural looking aesthetic arrangement is with the Chevy in the roadster and the Buick in the coupe. I think the Halibrand style wheels look more at home on the roadster, too. As a strictly scale hot rod builder I plan do buy these up this time around. They are treasure troves of kit bashing parts!
  2. Work continues on the F100. I screwed up when I painted the running boards/floor piece in that I should have continued the white up the sides into the cab. Had a total brain fart there and did it black. Didn't like it as soon as I saw it mocked up so into the stripper. With the paint removed I realized this would be a good opportunity to address the exhaust. I wanted chrome side pipes and found a set I like in AMT's most recent '36 Ford Coupe/Roadster retro-deluxe issue. I installed pins that fit into holes on the under sides of the boards where the 4 tabs are and drilled out the ends then painted flat black up in there. I also added some exhaust pipes that disappear up into the frame since that area where they hook up to the side pipes will be partly visible. On to some finish work. I assembled the wheels, sanded the tire treads and gave the wheels a thin black wash. I assembled the headlight rings and lenses to the grill. I'm so happy with how this turned out by doing the separate chrome rings! And I did some detail painting of the dashboard and steering column along with some decals to go with the bed cover. All for now.
  3. Well, I did put clear on top of the paint so... Root Beer with a splash of Vodka? In fact, Stoli's Vanilla with A&W Cream Soda is absolutely delicious!
  4. Off to a killer start, brother! Proportions are perfect. If you're looking for a really low profile flathead intake to fit under the hood the 3-carb piece from the Revell-Ogram '40 Pickup is as good as it gets.
  5. Last little bit of fab work involved pinning all of the handles and arm rests that come with the Drag City Casting interior kit. Since the handles are too small to drill deep enough to insert pins in from the back i went ahead and drilled all the way through and made the pin heads part of the handles. I looked up pictures of full scale trucks for placement. I finally made a hobby shop trip to get the paint supplies needed to break this project out of primer jail. Main color is Testors one-coat Root Beer with Tamiya clear and Tamiya Racing White for the accent color. I'll wait a week and then polish it out and wax it for a deep shine. Here's a real loose mock up in terrible lighting just to show the color scheme. Also, I love this caricature decal from AMT's recently released '34 Pickup retro-deluxe where the decal sheet was restored to the original 1960's release. Problem is that it's pretty big and hard to fit on smaller 30's vehicles but then I got to thinking that in the 50's and 60's a lot of guys named their rods and customs, especially for car shows, and there was plenty of room on the big bed cover.
  6. I really love what you did making the stylized bed out of the panel body. It’s modern looking and fits in nicely with the contemporary look while still in keeping with the F100 styling. Not easy to accomplish both at the same time! I also dig the old school 5.0 Mustang fuel injection as I’ve had several of those cars over the years. 😎
  7. Dennis Lacy

    The Kookie Kar

    It's not a V6, it's a 331 Cadillac V8. They had a shared center exhaust port and therefor only 3 outlets.
  8. Talent with a huge splash of luck! 🤣 In all seriousness, thank you! That means a lot coming from you. 😎
  9. Bringing this thread back up because I'm happy to report that resin duplicates of this 1932 Fordor Sedan conversion are now on-line and available to order from Ed at Drag City Casting. For more info check out the thread that I made in the aftermarket forum. As a reward for my efforts creating the master body I received the first two production bodies out of the mold a couple of weeks ago. I am going to keep the first one simple with some basic kit-bashing and relatively minor modifications for the sake of being able to see one of these finished. So far (using Revell's '32 Sedan as a donor) I have modified the suspension to sit a couple of scale inches lower, widened the rear axle a half inch and replaced the kits disc brakes with early Ford drum plates from Revell's '40 and '48 Ford kits. The front wheels are also Revell '48 Ford set into slightly modified Modelhaus T120 tires. The rear tires are Monogram '41 Lincoln with modified Revell-based wheels that I mastered and Ed at Drag City also currently sells. (He casts the tires, too, as long as you don't mind painting them black.) The engine is the Sedan kits optional flathead but I will be replacing the Edelbrock equipment with the Navarro pieces from Revell's '48 Custom Coupe. The stock looking firewall is also from Drag City. (You guys should definitely check them out!)
  10. I live in Southern California. What is this 'Winter' thing you speak of?
  11. Building models is an outlet for my creativity. Building models is a positive distraction that brings balance to my life. Building models and then sharing them on various social media (like this forum) has brought me friendships and connections with people abroad that I otherwise would have never had. Building models makes me happy. 😎
  12. When I commented on your project I considered mentioning this body but didn’t want to hijack your thread. I say you should grab one to do fenderless which will look way better with a chopped top anyway. 😎
  13. Another brand new offering for all you scale hot rod builders from Ed at Drag City Casting. This time is a 1932 Ford Fordor (4-Door) Sedan conversion for Revell's 1932 Ford Sedan kit. I created the master body and in addition to the extensive work to transform a 2-door sedan into a 4-door, this one also features a scale 3" chopped top! A matching chopped windshield frame is included and the roof still retains its fabric insert detail. The body retails for $25 + postage. Ed is one of the most talented resin caster currently in the business and the quality of these pieces is exceptional! He is also as honest to do business with as they come. You will not be disappointed! Ed does not have a formal website but can be contacted directly at: lowcab36@epix.net He also has a business page on Facebook under "Drag City Casting" Ed has many other hot rod and early drag racing products available which can be seen at his Fotki photo hosting pages: https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/member_dealer_directory/drag-city-casting-/?fbclid=IwAR14Rew2C2SlmfslGl89N4217mlzFxB9E4b1hwVJXFk7Em6HXGlMFe63zQ0
  14. Thanks, B! You should definitely get an order in while the mold is still working. As for the louvered hood top, stay tuned!!!
  15. Thanks for your endorsement, Tim! So glad you’re pleased with it. And yes, that is indeed a hopped up Y-block peeking out from under the hood. There’s a full build thread for this project in the WIP section.
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