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  1. Wow, nice work on the trans. The pedals and clutch linkage look really authentic! 👍🏻
  2. So glad to see you share these here, Tim! I just absolutely LOVE the turquoise Woody. I remember it well from the cover of SAE. It’s so right-on from every angle. Deleting the superfluous wood frame pieces gives it such a clean, updated look especially when compared to the stock body of the bronze one directly below. And the color, that color is so much 80’s goodness combined with the monochromatic headlights, grill, bumper and 3-piece hood. This model is a great counterpart to your pink ‘29 Pickup. 😎 PS: Thanks for the shout out to my Woody project! 😁
  3. There’s just something cool about 70’s cruising vans. Love the graphics on the top half and can’t wait to see them added to the bottom!
  4. Thanks! I don’t know how many are missing the bell housing but I think I have 3 kits but 7 of those engines. A guy on eBay was parting-out the most recent issue with the back-dated parts when it came out and I bought every motor cause you get 6 carbs per with those bitchin frog mouth scoops. I guess that means I ended up with 42 carbs! 🤣
  5. I’ve been waiting patiently for you to fill in the door window frames. The body looks so good now!
  6. Weathering looks good from here. I especially like the grunge on the engine. Looking forward to more!
  7. UPDATE! Didn’t have a full afternoon at the bench but did make some progress. I took the trans cross member out to clean it up and enlarge the exhaust pass-thru holes. Also decided to make a master cylinder bracket out of .020” sheet and mounted a Revell 1948 Ford master cylinder. Topped it off with some Grandt Line nuts. The trans cross member is now permanently installed in the frame. The front motor mount pads were trimmed down which allowed the engine to move forward another 1/16”. The radiator from the Woody is a perfect fit in the AMT ‘29 Roadster shell. Mocked up there is plenty of fan clearance. In the picture below the shell is actually leaning back a bit so the clearance will be better when it’s properly upright. Tucking the engine forward made enough room that it won’t be necessary for a fully recessed firewall like I was thinking it would need. After trying a few ideas I found that the optional firewall from the ‘29 Roadster was a perfect fit after shaving it smooth and relieving the bottom opening a bit more. The recess leaves just enough room for a distributor. The engine fits like a glove! That’s it for now. 😎
  8. Thanks so much, Bill. I couldn’t be happier with the stance or wheel / tire proportions. Thanks, Dan! It helps that I’ve also done the same combination in full scale for my truck. The parts are out there in scale if one knows where to look. I actually prefer the appearance of the adapter bell housing found in the AMT parts pack small block Chevy but it doesn’t have a starter provision. If it did it would be perfect. I have one of the ‘60 Corvette FI setups in the stash for future use but I prefer the finned plenum from the ‘57.
  9. Awesome project! Love the overhead conversion on the A engine. Nice work so far. It seems that a handful of us on this forum have been inspired by that ARDUN converted ‘banger over the years! I wish I would have made a timing cover with proper horizontal ribs like you did. I just used a Chevy cover (Slingster dragster) so the ribs are wonky.
  10. Looks great in pearl yellow and nice work on the wood grain! The wood is a challenge I’m gonna have to deal with on my own ‘29 Woody.
  11. That’s primer? Killer color! Nice stance, too. Did you lower it?
  12. I’m not a VW person but I really like early split and oval window Bugs. Stance, wheels and color all looks great! 😎
  13. UPDATE! Had an unexpected day off today thanks to a long power outage at and around my shop. ⛈ ☠️ Because of that I got a little unexpected bench time this afternoon! I wasn’t fully satisfied with the setup of the engine so I made some changes. The script valve covers were ditched for a pair of extremely popular Cal Custom finned covers. They are a perfect dimensional fit to these heads (the script covers were a little long) and I like how the fins match the finned top of the injector plenum. The air horn filter was ditched for the factory air filter housing. A chrome generator and a coil were tacked in place for a more complete look. Finally, the obnoxious parting lines on the headers were cleaned off and I did some shaping to make the tubes more rounded. The end result makes me super happy! With the engine refined I had to do another another mock up. To make the body look more complete the tailgate was taped into place and then the hood sides were cut away from the top and it was taped in place to see how the car looks with a hood top. I absolutely love it! The top clears the generator nicely and the air filter housing tucks nicely behind it. Now I think it’s really starting to come together!
  14. Now that would be cool! I’ve seen a few hot rods over the years with Rochester injectors. Two bothers I know that have a shop here in Southern California, Veazie Bros, finished a beautiful ‘34 3-Window last fall that had a 1963-1965 style injection on a real healthy 383 stroker small block.
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