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  1. Nice to see some more progress. Engine looks really good!
  2. This is looking awesome! It’s also a great study in how some of us go about complicating a very simple kit. 🤣
  3. Not any time soon. Plenty more to do! Started spraying the 3-tone interior today. 😎
  4. Thanks! I chose bright red because the wheels came from the ZZ Top Eliminator Coupe kit. Thought it would be a nice nod to the source. 😉
  5. Can’t wait to watch the belly pan come together. I remember our friend RRR made one years ago for a T Roadster and he used pieces from the Revell Kurtis Midget’s because they have louvers on the vertical areas.
  6. I already told you this but that interior is RAD! I’ve used those panels and seats before in a ‘32 5W but it never occurred to me to splice two pairs together to make longer doors for a coupe. I just left them as-is. Wish I would have thought of this!
  7. UPDATE! This week I was able to get all of the black trim painted. Now I’m going to let all of the red parts sit for a few weeks then they will get a polish and wax. Here is the car mocked up and for the first time on its axles so this is the actual stance. It looked neat lower but the oil pan is just clear of dragging on the ground as it is. I would say that the final stance is more realistic for a driver. I made use of the upper axle holes at the front and the lower axle holes in the rear that are provided.
  8. KK is one of the finest “plastic surgeons” you’ll find. 😎
  9. The design of the body is excellent. It flows nicely and looks every bit the part of 60’s made show rod. Great color choice, too!
  10. So Atlantis makes the effort to refurbish tooling so they can release these kits after having not been seen in almost 60 years, kits that Revell NEVER would have brought back leaving the only previous option to step up at HUNDREDS of dollars a piece and some of you are gonna complain about the company’s logo? Unfreaking believable…
  11. I know I already told you this but that is so awesome. (My actual reaction is against the rules, LOL!) Truly some great people in this hobby. The mock up with the properly proportioned Revell body looks killer. Especially with the slicks and forward rake. It also looks way better with the chrome-reverse wheels instead of those fugly ones the kit came with.
  12. I don’t think you can ever have too many Model A Coupe hot rods. Love the way you reworked the roof insert into the stock shape and that now it has texture to it. Definitely a detail that will make this one stand out in a crowd. Too bad the Mustang floor pan didn’t work out but that’s still a great looking driveline tunnel to graft into a new floor.
  13. Nice work squeezing the frame! Instead of stretching the frame, shove the engine under the cowl. 😁
  14. Early mock up might be my favorite part of any project. Holding up a dozen different wheel & tire combos, hunting through bins and kits for just the right parts. Leaving it set up and checking it out as I randomly pass by the bench. Good stuff!
  15. Thanks! To be fair the interior started out extremely simple and then I happened to it! 🤣
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