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  1. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic deleted   

    In the grand scheme of life...
    Who Cares?
    What difference does it make in or to any ones life what name or "buzz word" Revell decides to stick on a model kit box. I feel bad for people who waste their time worrying about BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH like this.
  2. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Monogam Untouchables   

    Gotta agree with you! Here's a hot rod based on the '30 Coupe. Not much left of the original kit but I used the body and modified the frame. I also attached the roof section ahead of time like others have suggested and added .040" half-round styrene around the joint to cover it up. It's the only way to get good results with the body. I didn't cut out the package shelf but kind of wish I would have. I notched the back of the seat, though, so the seat covers most of it up.
    Hosted on Fotki
    Hosted on Fotki
    Hosted on Fotki
  3. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic 32 Ford Tudor Sedan   

    Beautiful near-out-of-the-box Deuce Sedan! Love the color and the special touches like the dual quad setup with back to back Edelbrock style air cleaners. Clean work on the top choppin', too!
    Isn't it awesome how the stepped chop method saves the roof insert detail and saves the step of stretching the roof? Where'd you learn of the method? Not too long back I did a '32 Sedan and posted a step-by-step write up on another forum. 
  4. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Another Revell 1990 Mustang LX   

    Very nicely done and very representative of what's going on with real Fox Mustang's these days. What a difference that resin body makes! 
    I remember back in the late 90's when people started doing mod-motor swaps into these cars and it was really big deal. Now it's so common that people don't really do a double take. In about 2003 a good friend of mine bought an '89 Coupe that had a complete '98 Cobra drive train (engine, trans, rear axle, brakes, wheels) swapped into it. It was kind of a hack-job and we had to straighten everything out and make it presentable. What was interesting is how much harder that stock Cobra drive train ran in the Fox Mustang shell vs. an actual '98 Cobra.  
  5. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Isn't it about time we got a new '34 For kit ?   

    I grew up around '33/'34 Ford's and as far as I know, the front fenders are interchangeable. The inner fender panels that fill the gap between them and the top of the frame are '33/'34 specific, but I can't remember if it's simply in the stamping detail or the actual fit of the part.

    The '33 Sedan street rod and '34 Sedan stocker came first in the 80's. Everything about the shape of all of the "sheet metal" is horrible. In fact, it just plain sucks. Especially for me because I'm intimately familiar with these Sedans because my Dad has owned an incredibly nice original '34 for 20 years now. I would love to build a basic model of it but the shape of the kit is so bad I just can't bring myself to.

    The '34 5-Window "sheet metal" is, like you said, a vast improvement in every way. Not perfect, but tons better than the Sedan attempt. The shape of the grille is improved over the "34" Sedan, too. I don't understand, at all, why they decided to make the rear window opening on the coupe a separate part, through. There's no advantage to it and it's certainly not the case on a real one. Just makes extra work for the builder.

    The biggest issue with the 5-Window, for me, is that the hood is too long. Which is weird, because the shape of the front fenders look right. I'm willing to bet that this was done to accommodate the optional small block Chevy engine because in reality, there's absolutely no way you can fit one with a giant HEI distributor without modifying the firewall and even with the smaller late 50's and early 60's distributor there still has to be a bit of a relief in the very center of the firewall for clearance. Since the firewall is a separate part in these kits it's pretty ridiculous that they couldn't include an additional modified firewall for the Chevy engine. Then again, if the Chevy engine were shoved back (so the hood length was correct) then there probably would be interference issues between it's 4-speed trans and frames center "X".
  6. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    I would go so far as to guarantee there won't be anything different about the Speedwagon from previous issues. Maybe we'll get lucky and they will include it in their "Basic Builder" series and will be under $20. If that happens it will at least be a reasonably priced parts donor for a street rod project.
  7. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Isn't it about time we got a new '34 For kit ?   

    There's a good reason for this. The shape of the fenders in the 5-Window are significantly different from the Sedan versions. The 5-Window fenders are much more accurate in shape and size. The Sedan fenders are terrible.
  8. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic The Orange Crate - '32 Ford Sedan   

    Looks fantastic!

    Not an easy kit to work with by any means with all of that fiddly chrome.
  9. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    Street Rodder Magazine did a full coverage of the build of the full scale Speed Wagon over many issues and several years. This car is a 1 of 1 and was Dan Fink's personal project. He didn't do a production run. It was then sold and Dan started his next project, a very well done '32 3-Window Coupe. The coupe project was also fully covered in Street Rodder and partially sponsored by Ford Motorsport / SVO (name changed to Ford Racing in 2000) and featured one of their crate engines with their then-new GT40X aluminum cylinder heads.
  10. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Revells next release from the Model A Roadster tool - a 30/31 Coupe   

    I knew I forgot one...

  11. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Revells next release from the Model A Roadster tool - a 30/31 Coupe   

    - If you take issue with the shape of the firewall, type "1"

    - If you take issue with the shape of the roof opening, type "2"

    - If you take issue with the fact that a small block Chevy is included, type "3"

    - If you take no issue with the kit and are just grateful that Revell is releasing anything, type "4"

    - If you take your hobby way too seriously, type "5"

    - If you think you could have done it way better, type "6"

    - If you feel you've reached this thread in error, please click the "back" icon on your browser....

  12. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Return of the Speedwagon   

    Yeah, umm...

    Having seen the full scale car in person many times, I guarantee you that the body is made of wood.

    Here's a few pictures that I took at a hot rod show:

    Hosted on Fotki

    Hosted on Fotki

    Hosted on Fotki

  13. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Revells next release from the Model A Roadster tool - a 30/31 Coupe   

    Overall this kit (should it be released for consumption) looks awesome and I will absolutely buy multiples for the chassis parts alone. I can live with the too-tall blower, I'd more likely use the 3-2 intake option anyway. I can live with the shape of the top insert and honestly I think the shape looks better than the correct alternative.

    The shape and fit of the firewall absolutely sucks. Being very familiar with full size 30/31 Model A's my eyes went straight to it the instant I saw the photos. If I end up using this coupe body for a project (and I'm sure I will at some point) I'll be grafting an old-tool Revell firewall to it.

    Here's some things I like about this kit.

    - The body is 1 piece with correct molding around the base of the roof section (unlike older Monogram version)

    - What appear to be early style Halibrand wheels

    - The same awesome looking I-beam front end from the up coming roadster kit

    - Vintage small block Chevy speed parts like the Cal Custom valve covers and 3-2 intake setup

    - Nice looking over the frame small block headers - Finally!

    - Inclusion of '32 grill (which I think the up coming roadster should have offered)
  14. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic What's "Traditional" ?   


    I have no problem with the word traditional and I know exactly what it means - to me. Beyond that I have no desire to try and convince the rest of the world that my definition is definitive.

    Actually, I highlighted something in your quoted reply above, Bill, that is absolutely nails on a chalkboard to me.

    The label "Car-Guy"

    What does that even mean?

    I hate that label because it implies that if I like one type of car that I like every type of car, which isn't remotely the case. There are several specific types of vehicles that I truly like and the rest is whatever. Car-Guy is how my Mom and Wife describe me to their friends and then when I meet they're friends I get stuck in conversations about their 1978 Oldsmobile or NASCAR. But hey, I'm a Car-Guy!
  15. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Stagecoach   

    This puts a big smile on my face!

    Killer idea and very nicely executed.