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  1. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    Thanks! After WWII, column shifters were a very popular conversion. 

  2. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails   

    Thanks, Brother! 
    Next, I think I'm gonna take a break from the heavy projects and do another Revell '32. Actually, a rebuild of a chopped sedan I did years ago that I was never happy with. I broke it apart and pulled new parts today. 

  3. Dennis Lacy added a topic in Under Glass   

    Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails
    This is the newer Revell '29 Roadster kit with a whole bunch of modifications to make it a period-correct late 40's hot rod. 
    Kit '32 frame option with Revell '40 Ford center "X" and rear cross member added.
    Revell '40 Ford dropped front axle, spring, tierod and brake plates. '29 Kit split wishbones. Modified Revell '40 Ford steering box to side steer with scratch-bashed linkage. Ed Roth Tweedy Pie T shocks.
    Revell '48 Ford rear axle and brake plates. Ed Roth Tweedy Pie T shocks.
    Revell '37 Pickup/Panel Truck wheels and hubcaps. Ed Roth Beatnik Bandit front tires, '29 Kit rear tires.
    Revell '40 Ford flathead, Edelbrock heads, Beehive bypass oil filter and voltage regulator. Revell '48 Ford belt drive, fan, generator, distributor, headers and modified exhaust pipes. AMT '34 5-Window Coupe dual intake manifold. Ed Roth Tweedy Pie T carburetors.
    Revell '32 Ford modified grill and radiator.
    Revell '29 Kit body, firewall, windshield, taillights and license holder. Modified AMT '29 Roadster headlights.
    Revell '29 Kit interior panels and seat. Modified '37 Pickup dashboard and steering wheel. Revell '40 Ford column/shifter. AMT '49 Ford fire extinguisher and seat belts.
    Tamiya "Light Earth" paint, Tamiya "Gloss Black" accents. Engine paint MAC's Auto Supply "Antique Engine Green". Interior painted with "Espreso" craft paint with semi-gloss clear for a vinyl look.
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  4. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Honda Accord, Muscle Car?   

    Now this is a Honda Civic the way I would build one, if I were into Honda Civic's. So tastefully done! It reminds me very much of a guy who was in my senior class back in '98. He and his older brother built a factory no-option a/c-delete (HX?) Civic hatch that was very tasteful and pretty quick. It had a worked-over 1.8 Integra engine n/a that was good for low - 12's on slicks (pretty good back then.) The exterior was completely stock, plain white with tinted windows, lowered just right with a camber-correction kit out back, Integra directional polished wheels and a modest 2.5" stainless exhaust tip. Speaking of exhaust, I don't know what it had but it was also the cleanest sounding, least obnoxious  Honda exhaust I'd ever heard.
    The only Civic I've ever liked.  
  5. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Milner dragster updated pics 5/2/17   

    Awesome project!
    To replicate the DOW-7 coating put on magnesium parts in the 60's I have found that Testor's Model Master "Jet Exhaust" does a pretty convincing job.
    I first prime the part with Duplicolor Gray Sandable Primer which is a dark gray. I then brush-on two coats of Jet Exhaust. I let it dry 24 hours then clear with Tamiya Semi-Gloss clear to give it a bit of sheen. 
    Here's an example on the wheels on this Dragmaster I finished last year.
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  6. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic '27 T Coupe   

    Still one of my favorites!

  7. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Sectioned or lowered 32 grill shell   

    Absolutely full-length, lowered to line up with the cowl. 
    Exhibit A: The infamous Tom Branch channeled '32 Roadster. 
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  8. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Hot Rod "A" Coupe UPDATED 3/19/17   

    Took a break from chassis work this week and focused on some hot rod body mods. 
    I want the car to look like it has a louvered aluminum roof insert panel so that meant adding louvers to the separate insert from the kit. I started with some louvered hood sides from Revell's '32 5-window, trimmed them down on every side, butted them together, cut a matching shape in the roof insert then glued the louvered piece into the hole.
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    The piece I installed wasn't as thick as the original roof insert so I laid in a piece made from .020" sheet. This worked out good because it acts as a backer for the hood halves that were butted together.
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    To go with the roof louvers I cut out the trunk lid then trimmed down the louvered lid from the same Revell '32 5-window to fit in the hole.
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    Then things got stupid. I was originally going to glue the louvered trunk lid in place and didn't have the slightest intention of make it functional and detailing the trunk. I got to thinking that I had never yet tried to hinge anything on a model and talked myself into trying. I had to learn as I went but took it slow and thought out what I was doing. It ended up all working out on the first try. I made the trunk jamb out of strips of .020", made an inner trunk lid skin also out of .020", made some blocks to hang the hinges from inside the body and bent up some hinges out of paper clips.
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    With the trunk now visible I had to build a cover over the hole that the frame rear cross member pokes through, I made the sides from .040" sheet and capped it with .020". I then laid down a sheet of .020" on the trunk floor to make it nice and smooth then added some raised locating tabs made from .040" sheet that fit exactly the inside shape of the kit provided gas tank and battery box to precisely locate them.
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    Here's the whole shebang mocked together with a toothpick prop rod.
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    Still plenty more to do!
    Comments welcome!

  9. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Late 40's Traditional '29 Ford Roadster on '32 Rails Update: 3/4/17   

    Thanks, guys! I really need to stop being lazy and glue the last couple of pieces on it. Haha

  10. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic 2 T.R.O.G. 4-banger roadsters T&A   

    Fantastic and double fantastic! Very authentic hop-ups that would fit the atmosphere of TROG perfectly. Similar real "A" Roadsters have been built but man, a "T" Roadster just like that needs to happen full scale. The color scheme is sweet!
    Knowing some people involved in the production in these events personally and hearing the inside scoop, Pismo will not happen again. Dealing with the bureaucracy in California is a nightmare. Something on the coast of Oregon or Washington are being looked into as a future possibility.  
  11. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Sinister Sedan   

    You know, you really should have chopped it...

  12. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic 37 Chevy Rad Rod - UPDATE 3/17   

    Usually later 30's cars don't lend themselves to being fender-less but this works pretty good!

  13. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Hot Rod "A" Coupe UPDATED 3/19/17   

    Oh, a little bit of this, a little bit of that... Nothing too shiny, that's for sure!

  14. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms + Rods belly tanker update: 3/17/17   

    R.R.R.'s Opus!

  15. Dennis Lacy added a post in a topic Fifties '27 T hot rod project   

    You're off to a great start with a good combination of parts.
    Those Flintstone bodies are a bit rough around the edges but with some cleanup they come out pretty decent.