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  1. Thanks a bunch! This project took a hard turn away from its original direction of just sticking an engine in, lowered with some American 5-spokes. I’m really having a lot of fun with it. I find now as I’ve entered my 40’s that I’m feeling very nostalgic about the 80’s and early 90’s street rod trends that I remember so fondly back as a kid.
  2. I haven’t shown that yet because I ran out of the rod material I need and have been forgetting for months now to get more. I’ve even been to my LHS twice in recent times and had that nagging feeling that I was forgetting something! 🤣 But, yes, I will be making stub axles that engage with the kits wire axle holes (although in the front I need to drill a set of holes higher than the existing ones to get the stance I want.) The wheel backs are set up for this already which I’m pretty sure I showed. Once I get the rod size I need I will absolutely show how the wheels get mounted.
  3. UPDATE! Sorry that this project went stale for a while. I haven’t been able to work on models for a month which starts to feel like forever! All is good, just had different priorities for a bit. Anyway, I did finally get some model time yesterday and got started on modifying the stock interior to bring it into the early 90’s with the rest of the car. I started out by removing the entire center section of the dashboard by scribing around its shape on the backside until it was cut free. Did some clean up around the inside perimeter then trimmed a piece of .040” sheet to fit in the hole. Glued the heck out of it on the backside and on the front I will take care of the seam with filler. The dash will then be finished out with a photo etched gauge panel and stereo details. From there I carved out the molded in front bench seat. This leaves a huge hole that needs to be filled as well as some notches on the sides. I took care of both with some more .040” sheet. I needed to add in a section of driveline tunnel so I rummaged through my interior bin and found a Revell 1940 Ford floor that had a tunnel that was good match in size. From there I cut everything away until the tunnel patch was a nice fit and then glued it in place. I’m not concerned about removing material from the floor patch to actually expose the tunnel underneath as with the flat “curbside” chassis pan the tunnel does nothing functional. That’s as far as I got yesterday but it’s a good start. Here’s a look with the dash and bucket seats in place to get an idea of where this is headed. The seats are from Revell’s 1932 “Speedwagon” Woody. They are a classic 90’s aftermarket street rod seat design. I’m not concerned with the floor patch not being textured as I think I’m going to try my hand at using flocking or embossing powder. I will, of course, be filling and blending all the seams. I haven’t come up with a definitive plan for the rear seat yet but I’m leaning towards deleting it and building a subwoofer enclosure in its place? We’ll see. I’m also going to be addressing detailing the door panels and other areas so there’s plenty more to come.
  4. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!
  5. @Kit Karson Nice to see that fancy new paint booth getting broken in! @alan barton Chassis is looking good. Cool to see those Enkei directional wheels getting put to use.
  6. That’s one way to make a first-gen SHO look tuff! Looks killer , Roger!
  7. Tuff looking Mustang! Especially with every inch of the under hood filled with 427 Cammer.
  8. Bitchin! I love the AMT Double Dragster kit and this is a great looking box art build of the twin engine rail. Looks dead-on!
  9. Great group of Double Dragster builds! I especially like the T Roadster. I did one of those years ago and screwed up because I didn’t move the engine back so there’s a huge gap between it and the firewall. I have a couple more so one of these days I’ll do a redemption build.
  10. Nice, clean out of the box roadster.
  11. Turned out really cool, Tom! Love the low-down stance and the wires with spinners. Also dig the ‘37 style taillights.
  12. Chassis looks great! Nice color choices!
  13. Thanks, man! I followed your wagon with interest and the finished model looks great. Watching you convinced me to make an air dam for mine and so glad I did.
  14. Thanks for documenting the build up of this new kit, Tim. We rarely get such an in depth look at a kit way prior to its release. I will definitely be buying a couple when they become available and can see a couple areas where I feel I can improve upon the model with some simple kit bashing and extra detailing parts.
  15. Thanks, Steve! I’m very happy with the new look with the air dam. A lot of people probably don’t like these wheels on their own but I’ve surprised myself a few times now by chrome stripping and paint detailing certain wheel sets.
  16. I remember most of these models from years ago on this forum. All killer models in their own way! Love that ‘55 Convertible with Corvette windshield and interior integrated, especially with the quad seats. I also remember that a few other members here really had it out for you and really thought the way you ended up being treated by them just sucked.
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