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  1. Thanks for that but it’s a bit too early to tell 🤣 The ‘65 has not been forgotten and will be finished. I think one more solid Sunday at the bench should have all of the changes sorted out and have it ready to start the paint process. Stay tuned… 😉
  2. Thanks! The “scoop” is not a separate piece. It was cut from the Mustang hood and will be grafted onto the Bronco after more trimming.
  3. Starting a thread for this might be a little premature but what the heck. Nearly a year ago I grabbed a Revell First Gen Baja Bronco, Foose FD100 and a ‘90 Mustang LX with a Hobby Lobby gift card I received for my birthday. After getting home and digging through all 3 kits for the first time I started having kit-bashing visions for the Bronco right away but it’s taken a while to get around to it. I figure there’s more than enough 4x4 Broncos out there so why not upset the purists. 🤣 The idea is to build a wicked little truck for the street with a strong drag race influence. Below is the initial mock up using the Weld Pro Star wheels, tires, slicks, wing and cowl hood bulge from the ‘90 Mustang kit. Power will come from the Roush 428 Big Block from the Foose FD100 with the simple belt drive from the Broncos stock small block (luckily the water pump and crank pulley center lines are the same) and I’ll cut all of the molded accessories from the timing cover. The radiator is from the Bronco with the electric fan from Revell’s 1948 Ford Convertible. Front suspension will be the IFS from Revell’s 1941 Willys Pro Street. Rear 9” axle, 4-link and coil-overs from the FD100. The axle will need to be narrowed some. From the ‘90 Mustang is the “aluminum” drag wing, cowl hood bulge (before it got cut out of the hood) and the Kirkey drag seats. That’s all for now. Just getting the main components figured out. Hoping to get started in the near future. Let me know your thoughts! 😎
  4. Thanks so much! It was great getting to meet you and get some of those killer louvered hoods. Your ‘32 RPU had my vote for the 1932 category. Best use of that body I’ve seen! Thanks so much, Tim! I’ll let you know if I come up with any more great ideas. Thanks so much, Roger! Modern hot rod? Stay tuned… Thank you! After seeing the level of quality you produce that means a lot! Thanks so much, Craig! Admittedly, not being able to share the project here was a bummer. In order to meet the deadline (and barely!) I had to side line my other projects which meant I had nothing to share for months. I definitely missed the interaction.
  5. I enjoyed following the project and absolutely love the final result. Despite your gripes with the kit you sure turned it into something bad ass. The Rat Roaster wheels and blower assembly look killer. I was a kid in the 80’s when the pro street trend emerged and now in my 40’s I feel a real nostalgia for a really well done one like this.
  6. @James2 I remember this model from years ago. Great to see it again. Still looks awesome!
  7. That occurred to me after the fact. Wish I would have thought to wipe the numbers off because the wheels definitely are not 15” anymore either! 🤣 Thank you! I really enjoyed the show. You guys put on a good one! It also helps that I live 10 minutes away. 😁 I also attended back in 2018 so I was happy to get back. Thank you, very kind of you to say!
  8. Definitely my favorite one of these Moebius 65’s I’ve seen built so far. The paint and workmanship are awesome but what I love the most is how you finished the wheels. They look killer!
  9. Finished back in August and as seen in the newest issue of Model Cars Magazine #216. 😎
  10. This is killer! Fantastic use of that old Dragmaster parts pack and the Algon injected blown Pontiac AMT parts pack motor looks perfect in it. Love it!!!
  11. Looks great dropped with the Olds caps and wide whites. Certainly a million times better than how it comes. Looks good in metallic green, too.
  12. @Speedpro Wow, the engine and chassis look fantastic! I especially like the chrome scallop on the valve cover. That’s a nice touch. KK @Kit Karson should be plenty happy with what you’ve done.
  13. This model will look familiar to those of you who have the newest Model Cars Magazine #216. Back in April I was asked if I would contribute a build for an upcoming issue focused on hot rods. I never imagined this would actually happen and it was an honor to be asked. I obviously agreed and spent the next 4 months constructing the 1932 Ford you see here. The only direction given was “build a hot rod, whatever you want.” With the pressure on for my big magazine debut I wanted to build something really bad ass looking and I believe I accomplished that goal. The only negative aspect of the project was that I couldn’t share it here until the issue came out. I do plan to do a retroactive WIP thread because there was only so much space in the magazine and there’s a lot more details and pictures of the build that I can share. I also need to add that the icing on the cake of this experience is being featured alongside Tim Boyd @tim boyd, the single biggest influence over the years in my scale hot rodding journey. It was his old monthly column in Street Rodder Magazine, Modelers Corner and his many articles in SAE and MCM that inspired me the better part of 30 years. Special thanks to @TimKustom for asking me to contribute a model to the magazine and my friends @Kit Karson and @Rocking Rodney Rat for their initial and continuous encouragement throughout this project. - Revell 1932 3-Window base kit - Drag City Casting chopped resin body (which I created the master body for). - Kit frame modified with tubular center cross members from AMT ‘32 Phantom Vicky. - Kit front axle and suspension with spring trimmed to lower as much as possible. Modified shocks and mounts from Revell ‘29 Roadster. Revell ‘40/‘48 Ford brake plates and Revell ‘29 Roadster finned brake drums. - Quick change center from Atlantis Mooneyes dragster with kit axle tubes grafted on. Trailing arms and front mount fit from Revell ‘40 Fords. Kit coil overs. Revell ‘40/‘48 Ford brake plates and Revell ‘29 Roadster finned brake drums. - Ford 427 SOHC kit bashed from multiple sources. Foose FD100 block and oil pan with oil pan sectioned for ground clearance. Revell ‘64 Thunderbolt bell housing, 4spd trans, intake, carbs, air filter (side inlets filled), water pump and belt drive. AMT ‘33 Willys heads, cam covers and front cover. Parts By Parks wired distributor, Model Car Garage wire dividers, Detail Master fuel line and line nuts. - Revell ‘41 Willys Gasser headers shortened with collector caps added. Exhaust made from cut up and reworked large diameter pipes and mufflers from Revell Stacy David ‘32 Rat Roaster with S&S Specialties machined tips. - Polar Lights funny car front wheels and tires. Rear wheels are fronts from AMT ‘32 Phantom Vicky made deep with barrels cut from slot mag wheels in Monogram ‘30 Phaeton and grafted on. Knock-off wing nuts from Revell ‘32 HiBoy Roadster. AMT parts pack M&H slicks. Finished in flat black with Model Master Jet Exhaust centers and Tamiya Silver Leaf wing nuts. - Kit door panels smoothed off and painted to look like aluminum. Separate handles from Revell ‘37 Pickup. Center from Kit dash removed and replaced with dash center and gauges from Revell Stacy David ‘32 Rat Roaster. Revell ‘32 5-Window seat. Revell ‘29 Roadster Bell Auto steering wheel on tube column. Blue tinted clear sheet for window glass. - Rear fender tails bobbed 6 scale inches. Original gas tank deleted. Frame horns shortened and tucked under back edge of body with new spreader bar. Hood top smoothed off. AMT ‘32 Phantom Vicky firewall with Revell ‘48 Ford master cylinders and Revell ‘41 Willys Pro Street dual oil filters. - Body finished in Tamiya gray primer with their Light Gun Metal for accents. Interior in Tamiya Dull Red and Light Gun Metal. This model also had its public debut last weekend at the Spirit Of Speed VII model contest/show/swap held at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California. Their special them class was celebrating 90 years of 1932 vehicles (open to all makes, not just Ford) and the judging was “peoples choice” voted on by all of the entrants with a field of about 50 high quality models. To my absolute shock my name was called for 1st place!
  14. Gotta keep reminding myself to come check this category of the forum… 😬 This is going to be the most epic ‘29 Roadster model ever built. We in the audience couldn’t have imagined where this project was headed. (You probably couldn’t have either 🤣)
  15. Good Lord, man. This is absolutely KILLER! The best custom F1 pickup I’ve seen in scale or full size. It’s perfect from every angle! 🤤
  16. I’ll have to echo others that the bare steel effect you achieved is absolutely killer. I also like the other details you added like license plate collages inside, the grill and top inserts.
  17. Love where this one is headed. Sure to be another awesome ‘32 from your workbench!
  18. I saw your model at the NHRA Museum show yesterday. Looked great in person! I especially like the blown Caddy, custom interior and pleated top and running boards.
  19. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason this weekend and talking to him at length. Great guy who is downright passionate about scale hot rods. I picked up 2 of everything from him and I’m looking forward to putting these parts to use. They’re very nicely made and you all need to get in on this while they’re available because we never know how long these products will be around. No one else offers louvred hoods for the Revell ‘32 series!
  20. Awesome subject. Mark Skippers Collins Roadster recreation is impeccable! Very much looking forward to watch your inspired-by Cabriolet come together. 😎
  21. Thanks! Yeah, you guys in Vegas probably get it a little worse but I know first hand it can get balls freezing cold 🥶 in the winter nights there too as I once celebrated New Years Eve on the strip back in ‘05. I didn’t want to bother with a jacket hotel club hopping and man did I regret it standing out there waiting for midnight! I was thoroughly inebriated and that didn’t even help 🤣
  22. Guess I’m quite a bit late to the party. Some friend I am! 🤦‍♂️ Absolutely nailed it. It’s everything a Fad T should be! Perfect proportions and what makes it (for me) is the top and windshield struts. The headers and tall air filters are right-on, too. Love it!!!
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