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  1. I dare say that when finished this model will be more epic than your Saltster…
  2. I admit, I wasn’t feeling the new tall cowl type hood so I didn’t comment but now with it extended back to the windshield I think it looks really cool. That’s what it needed. Can’t wait to see this car in color!
  3. Too bad about the interference but the blower sure looks good in there! Also, not gonna hide the fact that I’m happy you’re sticking with these wheels. 😁
  4. Agreed, those do look more appropriate.
  5. Unfortunately, no. It’s definitely not forgotten about and progress will be made. A few weeks ago a staffer from MCM contacted me and asked me to do a build-up feature for a future issue of the magazine so I have to focus on that project to meet their deadline.
  6. I love those rear Halibrand’s from Drag City. Stance looks perfect, too!
  7. I love your vintage drag builds, JC. Looking forward to following along! I watched the Dennis Collins episode. Very cool history on that car.
  8. Turned out really nice, Craig. I really like the extra chop, 2x6 small block, back-dated banjo rear and especially the color scheme. The Racing White and Champagne are perfect together!👌🏻
  9. That’s about as bad ass as a T Coupe can get. Looks totally WICKED! I love everything about it!
  10. Absolutely stunning work @Speedpro . @Kit Karson gave me a sneak peek over the weekend and when I saw the pics my jaw dropped. Not just because of the high quality of the paint but also because of the color. I can’t wait to see the truck come together!
  11. Nice update. I’m taking notes because I’m thinking at some point of doing the same pro street kitbash with the ‘64 SS body. I like the new rear tires but bummed you’re ditching the wheels. Your super charger parts were mailed this morning. 😎
  12. Looking good! I love those white/red stripe slicks! So glad they included them in the parts pack. PS: I feel just the opposite. I like the kit pie crust slicks but don’t care for the rear wheel design. 🤷‍♂️ The front wheels and tires, however, are fabulous!
  13. I’ve gone back and looked at the picture of the updated black model multiple times now. It’s incredible what a difference a handful of changes can make. It actually makes me want to build one box stock! I’ll be getting a pile of these kits for sure.
  14. This is a VAST improvement over the original kit! I like Stacy David but his roadster is an identity crisis. I’ll be buying a pile of these.
  15. Phil, man-o-man, that’s BITCHIN’! While you may not have been able to pull off the flames and pinstripes exactly the McMullen Roadster is still the first thing that comes to mind. Anyone who knows that iconic car will think the same. And, accurate or not it’s still a killer hot rod! 😍
  16. My longest running project so far has been 5 years and now I don’t feel bad at all! 🤣 Nice workmanship throughout and I dig the black with French Blue accents. The mish-mash of parts has a very 70’s vibe to me. Like a 60’s built Fad T that got rebuilt with the wheels and other small parts updated.
  17. This is freaking rad! What an awesome combo. Love what you did with the hauler, the ‘66 Nova Pro Street wheels and tires and the blown small block. Perfect!
  18. The Rat Roaster wheels look killer! Definitely use those! I love that Weiand blower setup, too. I used one in my ‘63 Nova Wagon. I may have one to spare. I’ll have a look and let you know.
  19. This is gonna be rad! I followed your fixes in the review thread which look really good. I don’t know these cars well enough to even notice those issues. I really like that you also fit the “aluminum” firewall and side panels from the ‘66 kit. Anxious to see what wheels you go with. I’m hoping they are something 90’s like Weld Draglite’s or Centerline Convo Pro’s. Hey, I’ve got a pile of the Revell A Roadster kits. If you’d like a complete SBC supercharger (or entire engine for the matter) say the word and I’ll put parts in the mail.
  20. After seeing what happened with your build with cup holders no thanks!
  21. Oh man, that turned out WICKED! Love everything about it.
  22. My first model kit was an AMT ‘63 Corvette so I always enjoy seeing them. Love what you did with yours!
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