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  1. Eshaver added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    Gee Steve , if MCM gets to Northern Virginia , that means in 10 years , It will make Richmond !!!!!! Wheeeee , it's so kwell living in the Lan dat Time forgot ....
  2. Eshaver added a post in a topic Help identifying this wrecker   

    Century offered a similar unit . I used to be a subcontractor to the company in Ft Worth in the 1980's
  3. Eshaver added a post in a topic For those who buy and sell on the net. What's the best way to ship?   

    My "Preferred " method is US post office Flat rate boxes when ever its a DOMESTIC job ......
  4. Eshaver added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    I build movie props , exhibits for two state historical societies as well as do Freelance writing for a couple of "Collector magazines . In fact , I'm an "invitee " to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Festival of lights and Miniatures show this year opening MID November . The Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens show is in Richmond Virginia . The estate is best found off the Boulevard exit , Exit 78 off I-95 .

  5. Eshaver added a post in a topic Hobby Town   

    Here in Richmond Virginia where I call de Lan dat time forgot , we have Hobbytown , two of them. They're owned by the same former structural engineer. . I have little I can say nice about this company in every place I have had the misfortune to have been in . We lost our last "Real Hobby store back in 2008 " ..........
  6. Eshaver added a post in a topic 'nuff said...   

    I bet most of ya won't know this , but in  Los Angles , we're sometimes referred to as "Rat Bags " This is on account of the HORRIBLE rodent problem in Early Los Angles . Bounty's were placed on bringing in dead rats once .
  7. Eshaver added a post in a topic ACME Southern Nationals Nov. 12th, 2016   

    Someone needs to get closer to Virginia because the IPMS shows and I don't play well . Yes, I know Tidewater Modelers will have a show hopefully in October and hopefully , my ole piece of truck can do this .....
  8. Eshaver added a post in a topic AMTERTL 1994 car trailer   

    I have duplicated this trailer as a scratchbuilt model several times in the history of my being here . If it ever cools down , I'll go over to my storage and send you plans as to how to do this using Evergreen , Plastruct and some wood. I wanted a wood deck .
  9. Eshaver added a post in a topic Losing My Sight------Update.......some improvement!   

    Bill, as usual I'm late to the party so to speak . This is the first I have seen of your ailment and all I can do from my end is send healing prayers to you ......
  10. Eshaver added a post in a topic What's YOUR opinion on "Theme" contests?   

    I remember one "Theme was "Box Art models . I tell ya , the old A M T 1940 Ford sedan was such a delight as it brought back vivid memories of my own youth ........
  11. Eshaver added a post in a topic Joe's Garage Diorama   

    Many of your interior details are simply stunning ........
  12. Eshaver added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    Yes, I have a couple of kits I got very reasonable and won't build . One is the AMT /RC-2 Chrysler 300 . I also have a couple of AMT kits that were made for the Monster figure crowd . No , I'm NOT trading selling them either , PLEASE DON'T ask ..........
  13. Eshaver added a post in a topic 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS   

    Your photography work is unsurpassed !!!!!
  14. Eshaver added a post in a topic 58 Ford cyberdiorama   

    Fine job young man !!!!!
  15. Eshaver added a post in a topic 61 Cadillac   

    Excellent work there Doug !