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  1. Revell

    Heh heh heh ......
  2. Virginia Shootout

    Rex, I will ONLY state publicly that it's I P M S .
  3. I've followed this story since the beginning because I have longggggg wanted to do my own line of Vintage service station pieces . Years back , I went to Oil company heads and pump companies trying to show them my idea . You're doing a Full size family sedan is filling a void in many a model builders collection . I know I'll be eyeing one as I work through a list of diorama projects that could certainly use a early 1980's piece .
  4. Virginia Shootout

    Never again ....
  5. Why not include a picture ?

    The MPC Transporter has always been a very curious piece , well to me at least . I remember the Pontiac OHC well and as for it's Base line configuration , well , it was so -so in traffic . One HAD to buy the upscale Sprint option to get any REAL performance out of it . I remember a member here taking the Oldsmobile 455 Toronado powerplant and really doing a "NUMBER" on the body . I saw where the model hit the floor and thus , we will never see how this piece came out . Meanwhile , with some SLIGHT modifications , this FANTASY piece could really result in a Show stopping display too !!!!!
  6. Revell 1980 Bronco engine

    Pat , that was a popular engine choice in that car . I was buying and selling such cars to make into Taxi cabs in Ft Worth during that time
  7. Revell 1980 Bronco engine

    You're referring to a 351-M or modified block . These TURKEY motors were put in F-350 trucks , Station wagons , even Broncos . Yes, they are NOT at all the same as the 351 Cleveland or 351 standard .....
  8. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    Ask around . If I tellls ya sumthin , ya can cash it at any bank
  9. Locking Threads

    Yep, course there are many here who NO use bein in the position I have seen them in too ....
  10. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    Steve , if ya make it to the Virginia , N Carolina border , look me up as I owes ya a lunch for this one !
  11. Lindberg '79 Caddy - Jo-Han mold or clone?

    Indeed , it did Michael !
  12. What Are You Building Today?

    After over 2,000.00 in materials , a year and a half of work, I'm finally putting the final touches on a 1894 Queen Anne Victorian that was built as a residence , became a Parrish House for an Episcopal church and now houses an apartment for a church elder and offices along with the former Coffee house being turned over as an NA meeting place . Among some celebrities , Bruce Springsteen , Robin Thompson , Elizabeth Cotton , Richard Leigh, and Barry Fitzjerald who played this place sometime between 1967- and 1975. I've been connected with the maintenance , Board of Directors and served as Emcee once .
  13. 1/25 AMT '77 Ford Cruising Van

    First , I'll second Alan's idea . Second , I was an accessory manufacturer in Houston when this van was new and people were always dropping by my place with new ideas of parts they wanted . A good many ideas really DID make into production too ! I liked being innovative because Houston was sort of it's own market for vans . One could spot an East coast van as they would an LA van . One more thing Cruisin van people . Ford NEVER offered that van with the slide side door .

    This is why ya won't see me on EVIL bay and KRACK list
  15. Ford Straight 6

    Jeff, that Ford was a 240, NOT a 250 . The 250 was an earlier block that was discontinued after 1965. The 240 was enlarged using a longer stroke crank since emissions were really killing the engine . Meanwhile , I have a member on one of my Face Book groups who is re popping the Moebius 240 block : https://www.facebook.com/groups/2062648677347786/