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  1. Eshaver added a post in a topic New format   

    I'm on a couple of sites that use this program . Yes, the re design took some getting used to . Of course too, Pro-Boards had a similar re design and I know that drove many away . Oh well, I need another coffee ..........
  2. Eshaver added a post in a topic First diorama   

    Clark, it's a wonderful beginning ! Now , take the project ahead by making your eye a camera . Yes, go study a fence, a metal roof very critically . You'll see quickly where you can add a few details to an already good diorama .
  3. Eshaver added a post in a topic With Revells "Off the Shelf" success of their '57 Fords can these be far behind ?   

    Any 1958 or 1959 is fine with me .................
  4. Eshaver added a post in a topic GREAT NEWS FROM GALAXIE LTD.   

    Any further word on the 1941's ?
  5. Eshaver added a post in a topic The old MPC / AMT 1928 Model A Ford, was it really that good ?   

    I built this kit way back in 1965 . I wish I still had it today as I have worked on several 1928 Model A's . My primary interests in automobiles wans after 1953 . I am a Freelancer for the Early Ford Club of America and Ford's Fours and V-8's were just magic to me
  6. Eshaver added a post in a topic Am I the only one that would like these in 1/25?   

    I'm with Lee here on the "Stock " option . I used to actually own a 1953 Mercury Monterey and a 52 would certainly look most welcome in a diorama setting . DeSotos have a following and if could do one stock , it's a sure bet .
  7. Eshaver added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F-250   

    Chuck, Ford dealers at least the ones I knew in the Houston area all did a lot of "In house " conversion work on trucks . This included rear bumpers with their dealership name engraved on them . I guess what I'm saying is , you have leeway here ..................
  8. Eshaver added a post in a topic Going in for surgery today...   

    Kerry, i'll send a healing prayer
  9. Eshaver added a post in a topic We need a '27 Tee Roadster in plastic.   

    Building one out od AMT's 1925 kit is VERY doable
  10. Eshaver added a post in a topic Applying Metalizer Aluminum Plate - Buffing variety   

    Aurfalien , I use quite a bit of Testors "Metalizer" products . In my experience , the "FINER" you take the plastic , the better finish you will have . In this particular case , I had HOURS of bodywork . This is a 1-24th scale model of the former Zep Diner that was in Hawthorne California . You need to take it to 1200, preferably 1600 . THEN an ONLY THEN can you apply Metalizer over primer .

  11. Eshaver added a post in a topic Dodge Deora   

    Lee, these are absolutely the best shots I have seen to date on this truck ! While I have NEVER been privileged to have seen the real deal, I have collected every shot , every remark and every story I could since the HORIBLY Inaccurate AMT kit debuted in the summer of 68. . While the Body was right , the interior is a mess . Even when this truck went out on the ISCA circuit , I knew of inaccuracies in the bed and the interior . Many thanks to this posting !
  12. Eshaver added a post in a topic Galaxie '48 Sedan Delivery   

    Nice work !
  13. Eshaver added a post in a topic AMT ERTL 1937 37 Chevrolet Chevy Cabriolet model car kit   

    Pictured is a 1932 . I just finished restoring and shipping a 1933 roadster . AMT also did the 1937 as a coupe and a cabriolet
  14. Eshaver added a post in a topic Even with all my battles with the ICM '13 Model T Runabout........   

    Art, isn't the 1911 Model what I have been looking at on FB ?
  15. Eshaver added a post in a topic Photos! Do YOUR model pictures look like real cars?   

    The former Zep diner , 515 West Flower Hawthorne California , circa 1937