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  1. Eshaver added a post in a topic Anyone remember the P M C company   

    The biggest difference is a 52 will have a one piece windshield . The tops used 1949 to 52 are the same too

    Todd, on another note , I probably could benifit from a giant Yardsale / estate sale myself . All but one of my children are grown and NONE enjoy my love of antique cars ...
  2. Eshaver added a post in a topic Anyone remember the P M C company   

    What a find ! I had no idea PMC ever did the 52 Chevrolet
  3. Eshaver added a post in a topic Service station Jeep   

    I own two vintage service station groups on Face Book . I've also collected hundreds of photos over the years , some with Jeeps . Your work is very remissness ant of such a light sevixce vehicle and extremely well done !
  4. Eshaver added a post in a topic Resin Gas Pumps   

    I do pumps myself and never really got excited about pumps after about 1959. I did a couple of Tokiem Explorer dispensers and a pair of the Specialty ROUND  pumps one time years back for George 53 . I just can't seem to justify doing a resin mold for gasoline pumps . Everyone seems to want speed parts and car bodies .
  5. Eshaver added a post in a topic Revell History   

    Greg , Art and I converse back and forth on Faceless Book all the time . I've filled in a few blanks for him on occasion and having him on the phone is a delight .  I'm too busy trying to republish my first book, actually , a Text book on the history of retail gasoline
  6. Eshaver added a post in a topic Revell History   

    Probably ANYTHING you might wish to know about A M T , or SOME S M P for that matter is going to be Art Anderson .
  7. Eshaver added a post in a topic Nicest 4 banger; your thoughts.   

    I'm partial to Revell's 1930 Model A Woody- Rick up . It dosen't take a lot of detail to really spark this old kit to life ...
  8. Eshaver added a post in a topic Charlie Larkin your email has been hacked.   

    Charlie is on Facebook and he's in my diorama group . Do ya'all want me to message him ?
  9. Eshaver added a post in a topic Your Rarest Built Kit.   

    I guess this AMT 1960 Ford truck . This came to me unpainted , partly assembled by way of George 53 several years ago .

  10. Eshaver added a post in a topic Scale model of the Week   

    I remember buying one of these when it was a Jo-han annual . There too, I was a fan of both the 1965 Oldsmobile and the 1970 El Dorado. I wanted one of these cars in 1-1 to drive . The closest I got was a 1969 Oldsmobile delta 88 Convertible . None the less , these cars were GREAT drivers and so was the kit in the detail for it's day . My biggest regret was the glue we had in 1970 .......
  11. Eshaver added a post in a topic auto wrecker groundyard   

    This diorama employs what a WELL DONE diorama has ! You're attention to detail and the realism take it over the top .
  12. Eshaver added a topic in Dioramas   

    Traveling to Richmond Va this holiday season ?
    The lewis Ginter Botanical gardens miniatures show opens this Friday 11-25 at 9AM . Also within blocks are a late 40's Esso and an Amoco . Both stations are near original . I'll be on hand 11-25 to welcome guests in the library where you can see replicas of former service stations I have created over the years .

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  13. Eshaver added a post in a topic AMT Bonus Kits   

    The Bikes and the Kart get my vote as a re issue too !
  14. Eshaver added a post in a topic What's the most copies of one model car kit bought for u guys?   

    I guess that would have been AMT's 1925 Ford Model T kit . I've done several scratch built bodies off this kit and I could continue onward just as various custom cab builders did in the day with the real ones .