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  1. Lee, be mindful of the leg room . Course , a Ford model A really wasn't known for legroom anyway
  2. Lee, jus a question here . Aurora and Revell both did XKE kits . Could one of them suffice ?
  3. Help,Need Resin Service Station Accessories

    Mike , it sounds like the old Scale Equipment LTD. co. I do all my own stuff anyway . Yes, that means tools , appliances , etc .....
  4. What made the Edsel fail ?

    Excellent POST !! You can see hints backing this in Lee Iaccoca's Autobiography , Iaccoca .
  5. 1913 Model T Speedster

    I'm seriously considering this kit because it's a unique piece and all my dioramas have cars that most modelers don't often do
  6. 56 Ford f100 engine?

    I'm a writer for the early Ford Club of America magazine , ( 1932-1953 ) first . Why you would want to put a Ford V-8 8-Ba into a 1956 is beyond me . Given the time , 1956, guys couldn't wait to get hold of a wrecked 292 or better , a 312 ! Look, the Ford had run it's course in a street driver . The Ford Flat head was and remains very troublesome as they haven't built a radiator large enough to cool one of those engines !!!!!! I actually run a THREE ROW School bus radiator in my 1953 Ford Panel delivery and I swear to ya , on a HOT day, my eyes are on TWO , YEAH TWO temperature gauges . OK , the 239 and the subsequent 279 292 312 had too small oil holes to deliver oil when MOST Needed ! Thats a relative EASY fix at ANY machine shop . Ford Flat heads near require the use of Hi Performance Aluminum heads as they at least could carry more water than the stockers . I have spent the last twenty years of my life working on the early V-8s and I still have all the special Ford dealer tools to work on them too . Would I put a Flat head in a newer Ford truck , NOPE !
  7. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    In addition , AMT's 2018 announcements have me yawning too !
  8. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    I'm someone who has been on both sides of the fence here . I started out working in a simple service station and I worked in a dealership once . I do believe though that Tire stores are the worst offenders currently . As a Woman , it's even worse now because Men seem to think Women will buy any lie spewed . Ha ! This one has had more broken fingernails than I care to remember about .
  9. What would YOU like to see as a model

    The now defunct PMC model company in New York actually DID make this as a promotional ! I bought one off a member here years back and I'm NOT letting go of it cause It WILL get used in an up coming diorama project
  10. Ford 200 cid 6 mid to late 60's

    Whew , AMT actually made the 200 in their 1963 Mercury Comet and Ford Falcon Styline kits . The box was unique as it had a cellophane panel they called a "Showcase " . Because the models were Curbsides , the engine was Chrome and made to fit a stand included in the kit . I THINK Ken Kitchen is reproducing this very same engine
  11. Confused

  12. The 3rd gen Econolines were the ONLY one's built with a real frame .....
  13. Steve , I promise ya , it's a very decent offering . I don't do much in resin as too many have been SCAM artists , or the product is simply unusable . In this case , Motor City was up front and the product was exactly what it was implied .....
  14. Hobby Heaven??? 🌅

    Tom now retails under the name Spotlight Hobbies ......