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  1. Eshaver added a post in a topic AMT Pontiac Catalina 2+2 question.   

    I built my own off that POS kit . Of course that means sectioning the body at the trunk and moving it forward about an eigth of an inch . The chassis has to be sliced an diced ahear of the rear axle . A M T was a TOTAL embarrasment as Racing Champions . I have seen GREED before , but these guys capitalized even on that notion ! 
  2. Eshaver added a post in a topic 72 Chrysler New Yorker   

    If I hadn't seen the progress , I wouldn't have believed it ! 
  3. Eshaver added a topic in General   

  4. Eshaver added a post in a topic small dio for Ford Falcon 64   

    As everyone else has mentioned , you're weathering techniques take this piece over the top ! 
  5. Eshaver added a post in a topic Do HO scale dioramas count?   

    I love the weathering on the buildings !
  6. Eshaver added a post in a topic Route 66   

    Get up with me if you decide to do another "Maye West " Fry pump. I have restored the real ones and I have the measurements do one in scale  
  7. Eshaver added a post in a topic Deora - Reissue versus Original kit?   

    Too bad A M T NEVER did the interior of this trend setting truck with a correct interior . I would have to really give it thought as to buying this as the MRSP is probably close to 30.00 an tax
  8. Eshaver added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC '82 Dodge Van   

    When I was still manufacturing Van accessories , seems all the Dodge guys ran either PVT chrome plastic grilles or Stull Tube grilles . No one short of a Window van ever ran OEM stuff..............
  9. Eshaver added a post in a topic How about skill level 4?   

    It would scare off enough Retail buyers enough to have a negative number on a company's Bottom Line . Kits are already pushing a US Grant . To me , that is scary. I got into this back in 1960 and even 1.39 was a stretch on my meager lawn jobs .
    Now with a Skill 3, we can already assume some difficult assembly and fitment issues ............................
  10. Eshaver added a post in a topic New format   

    I'm on a couple of sites that use this program . Yes, the re design took some getting used to . Of course too, Pro-Boards had a similar re design and I know that drove many away . Oh well, I need another coffee ..........
  11. Eshaver added a post in a topic First diorama   

    Clark, it's a wonderful beginning ! Now , take the project ahead by making your eye a camera . Yes, go study a fence, a metal roof very critically . You'll see quickly where you can add a few details to an already good diorama .
  12. Eshaver added a post in a topic With Revells "Off the Shelf" success of their '57 Fords can these be far behind ?   

    Any 1958 or 1959 is fine with me .................
  13. Eshaver added a post in a topic GREAT NEWS FROM GALAXIE LTD.   

    Any further word on the 1941's ?
  14. Eshaver added a post in a topic The old MPC / AMT 1928 Model A Ford, was it really that good ?   

    I built this kit way back in 1965 . I wish I still had it today as I have worked on several 1928 Model A's . My primary interests in automobiles wans after 1953 . I am a Freelancer for the Early Ford Club of America and Ford's Fours and V-8's were just magic to me
  15. Eshaver added a post in a topic Am I the only one that would like these in 1/25?   

    I'm with Lee here on the "Stock " option . I used to actually own a 1953 Mercury Monterey and a 52 would certainly look most welcome in a diorama setting . DeSotos have a following and if could do one stock , it's a sure bet .