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  1. James , I say go for it . This coming from someone who has dealt with "Movie " cars . This much I will share . Usually the "Real deal " is a LOT rougher car than what you see on camera . I too well remember the Grease car . That car was ROUGH !!!!!!!
  2. A lil more progress at the Village diorama I'm plugging away on ..... I'm finally becoming satisfied with the front . By the way , my son did the "Art work" to re create the green shaded transom window work
  3. Gama Goat

    Looks right to me ....
  4. Over The Creek.

    Coming right along ! I do hope you will add some sort of a guard rail along the side
  5. Yes , the Turret leans as it's just stuck in place currently . It will be fixed as soon as I complete the front .
  6. I'm finally making all the corrections on the lower front .
  7. I won't touch a project if I don't have appreciation for it . I did commercial work for several other state historical societies over the years . This building will actually be a part of a larger exhibit at Richmond Virginia's Valentine History center
  8. new roof fitted

    Very nicely done piece !
  9. My vendor is feverishly working with me as I have placed a large wood order on her . Lo an behold , I'm able to get real close on the fence posts on the second floor fence railing and 100% on the moldings on the st floor , whoopie ! Would ya'all believe this is a full bag of "Half scale shingles ?
  10. Bruce , this restaurant was where Bruce Springsteen , Robin Thompson and I used to sit and have beers and subs together at . Yes, he moved to Richmond from New Jersey and formed a band known as Child . I had a part time job writing commercials and on the side , i built P A cabinets . The actual building we knew as the Village ceased being the Village in 1995. The booths moved across the street and the building was more or less vacant and the former leesor's children actually bought the building , thus saving it from the Pac man claws of Virginia Commonwealth university which has put in place another BODACIOUS GAUDY structure across the street known as housing . This building along with two other buildings VCU has already turned into dust will be saved , but in 1-24th scale . These models will go to the Valentine History center on the Medical campus of Virginia Commonwealth hopefully for a 2020 exhibit opening . it is my objective to showcase Richmond Virginia's 900- 1000 blocks of Richmond Va in 1968 ...
  11. Carl, I just got a delivery of half scale shingles this afternoon ! In addition , there is a small fence that adorns the second floor . I'll get going on these two projects this evening and hopefully have some fresh photos to share by Sunday afternoon
  12. AMT & SMP Styline Kits

    Here is my "Lone " survivor , a 1961 Ford Ranchero that survived the Hurricane / Flood we had in Richmond Va back in 1972 .
  13. Dealing with old building permits can be a chore , especially when additions were added and no one has the complete sets of drawings . I'm dill on the top second floor of the building trying to re create the molding on the Turret roof here .
  14. Chornobyl Speed Shop diorama

    Points given for uniqueness .....
  15. David , I agree . Generally speaking , the outside walls were usually three and four courses thick. The wood in these building was usually made using Band saws and as such , a 2 X 4 was indeed , 2inches by 4 inches Years back , I did a lot of maintenance in this building overhauling worn out refrigeration in the basement . I was surprised when I discovered the remnants of Ice cream making machinery still in place . it seems Steve Dikos who took over the business from Paul had no interest in making ice cream . Steve's specialty was Greek food . In the succeeding years , his wife Stella has become a city wide chief in her own right Her son in law , Nick Stavros who bought Joe 's Inn in Richmond Virginia . This place too quickly became an icon . I'm proud to be doing my part to try and preserve this small portion of RVA history because the current administration of Virginia seems to be on a raze and build tangent . They have come in , wiped out countless turn of the century buildings and replaced them with Dryvitt wall attached to metal stud monstrosities without any character at all . The fact that the Dikos children were able to wrench the former restaurant away from the developers who wanted to tear down this building to me are nothing short of miracle workers !