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  1. Tom, how bout using 1/4 inch thick Plywood and lay a SUPER THIN coat of "Bondo, AKA Auto body Filler over the wood. You can re create cracks , seams , etc while it sets....Follow that with some Acrylic VERY Light Grey and some rubber marks brusspellinghed in ?
  2. I NEVER could get one of those "Turn tables to work right.....
  3. Since moving to Bend Oregon back last August , I've NOT seen any changes .
  4. Considering that the 1966 Nova isn;t a artist;s rendition and it does come , yes , Id buy one . Otherwise , Ill pass
  5. I'm envious as I now live in a Vintage 1977 Ford Econoline RV and I have no space to even open a box of model parts
  6. Kurt, I drove through your city several times this past summer ! I wish I had known ya . I would have bought ya lunch....
  7. I've now moved to Bend Oregon and it's been the BESTESTEST thing I could have done !!!! We've already experenced snow and in the Santiam pass , between Salem and Bend Oregon, we've already seen snow !!!!
  8. Thanks Rob, I'm in Salem actually quite often due to my work now ....
  9. Welp, I have moved to Bend Oregon and heck, there is even a LEGITIMATE Hobby shop here ! Now , whar's the model building activity ?????Pullllleeze DON'T make me drive to Portland ....
  10. Tomo, I just recently moved my design business from Richmond Virginia to Bend Oregon . I too suffer from Bi-polarism and it's NO FUN . Let me know in a P-M if I can be of aby assistence as I was once a suicide as a phone listener in a phone crisis Hot line center in the U S.
  11. That was a Corvair Spyder model. The Skirts would have been better off on something else
  12. Barry, I have mentioned this before . Here it is again ! To begin , the pumps SUPPOSEDLY are copies of Wayne 555's . They are a scale foot too tall. The detail is lacking in the dial face and the FISH BOWL lenses , for get them !!!!!This station here is completely scratch built using Foamcore . Generally , I usually build my own as I restore the real thing and I have access to the actual dispensers
  13. besides the Mobioues 1969 Ford Stepside , which is a 24o. there have been NONE besides Ken Kitchen's resin engines . The 240 is a 300 on the outside anyway
  14. Does anyone know how long this exhibit will be up ? I'm headed into the area and this might be of interest to readers of Still Runnin Magazine
  15. I saw this too , course I don't understand Computers either !
  16. Thank You so much Wayne . ! I know for awhile i'm going to busy taking in the scenery and hopefully get some fishing on too
  17. Well Jon , I guess you see why I have no use for the state . I used to live in Cave Junction after i got so fed up with the silliness of LA and LA county . The ONLY reason I didn't try to relocate in Portland is the cost of living .
  18. Thanks Jon . I used to live right in the middle of Hollywood years back . I have NO Desire what so ever to return to anywhere in California . My book editor is in San Rafiel and I 'm going to dread driving into San Francisco to deal with her on that level
  19. Hey folks , Art Forms design , well, my design firm has made the decision to relocate to Bend Oregon . My son will attend Oregon St college hopefully next year and I know that is a five hour stretch South of Portland . I'm wondering what , if any plastic model activity is going on , say Grants pass , Eugene , Salem or so on . I'm also going to need supplies as i have enough kits to keep several builders happy for years .
  20. Dave , I have my hands full as I'm finishing an autobiography , "Living Twice " . I co authored the book , "Community in Transition" back in 2014 and as a result , countless people I deal with on faceless book have BEGGED me to do my own story . Meanwhile , I have a friend on another Message board who I helped in doing her book, "The Sky Turned Green and the Grass Turned Blue by Diane Kelly . Now since NONE of this has a thing to do with Plastic modeling , I suggest you go to Amazon and actually read my revues to the Sky Turned Green and the Grass Turned Blue . I'm also getting ready to see my son graduate school and I'm still working on the Village Diorama . If that weren't enough , I'm also relocating later this year to Bend Oregon
  21. Ever since Chrysler got rights to the Jeep away from AMC , licensing rights got down right insane I think this is a major factor as to why we haven't seen any AMC model kits
  22. If I remember correctly , I waited four and a half months for some Brick looking card stock that was manufactured in Germany . I tried several vendors who handled the product and NO ONE had any . This was when I was building the Powell House , aka Crossroads coffee house
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