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  1. Tom, how bout using 1/4 inch thick Plywood and lay a SUPER THIN coat of "Bondo, AKA Auto body Filler over the wood. You can re create cracks , seams , etc while it sets....Follow that with some Acrylic VERY Light Grey and some rubber marks  brusspellinghed in ?

  2. On 12/5/2019 at 7:13 PM, STYRENE-SURFER said:

    Yah, did some really terrific dioramas .

    The women I know are mostly of the end result and functionality mind set.

    I do have a sister who asks me how I am doing on my latest projects, though I do think she 

    thinks Im weird to spend so long on a thing that does nothing but sit there and has no purpose

    she can fathom. ? 

    Kurt, I drove through your city several times this past summer ! I wish I had known ya . I would have bought ya lunch....


  3. On 6/10/2019 at 10:19 PM, Nitrobarry said:

    I actually bought this awhile back and since it`s in 1/24th scale, the pumps seem (at least to me) way to large. Now granted, I may have forgotten how tall these things actually were, but they are just to big to my old eyes. Soooo, I have a buddy who has a early 60`s pump that I will measure  and scale down to 1/25th to see if my assumptions are correct. I`ll post my results for the rest of you all. Thanks for all the comments.

    Barry, I have mentioned this before . Here it is again ! To begin , the pumps SUPPOSEDLY are copies of Wayne 555's . They are a scale foot too tall. The detail is lacking in the dial face and the FISH BOWL lenses , for get them !!!!!This station here is completely scratch built using Foamcore . Generally , I usually build my own as I restore the real thing and I have access to the actual dispensers




  4. 2 hours ago, BigTallDad said:

    Thanks for your hard work; after 40+ years in the IT sector, I can sympathize with you.

    I'm seeing what appears to be an error message (circled in red)...is this a cause for concern? Obviously I can post images...


    I saw this too , course I don't understand Computers either !

  5. 6 hours ago, 1320wayne said:

    What Jon stated is true about the clubs south of Portland. The Lane Auto Modelers group is a great bunch of guys. The best model scene out there is Portland and it's only roughly 2 hours from Eugene/Springfield area or about the same time span from Bend.

    Thank You so much Wayne . ! I know for awhile i'm going to busy taking in the scenery and hopefully get some fishing on too 

  6. Hey folks , Art Forms design , well, my design firm has made the decision to relocate to Bend Oregon . My son will attend Oregon St college hopefully next year and I know that is a five hour stretch South of Portland . I'm wondering what , if any plastic model activity is going on , say Grants pass , Eugene , Salem or so on . I'm also going to need supplies as i have enough kits to keep several builders happy for years .

  7. Dave , I have my hands full as I'm finishing an autobiography , "Living Twice " . I co authored the book , "Community in Transition" back in 2014 and as a result , countless people I deal with on faceless book have BEGGED me to do my own story . Meanwhile , I have a friend on another Message board who I helped in doing her book, "The Sky Turned Green and the Grass Turned Blue by Diane Kelly . Now since NONE of this has a thing to do with Plastic modeling , I suggest you go to Amazon and actually read my revues to the Sky Turned Green and the Grass Turned Blue . I'm also getting ready to see my son graduate school and I'm still working on the Village Diorama . If that weren't enough , I'm also relocating later this year to Bend Oregon

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