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  1. Recommended Handle for #11 blades

    Just a little off base here - I do have a couple Olfa retractables. I call them a "slidey" knife. I have the stainless body. they are awesome! For what you use them for. Much better than plastic. Like Mark, I have a LOT of old blades and new blades from being in graphics/sign industry for 30+ years. I usually poke a hole in a plastic pop bottle and put old blades in the slot. I have never filled a bottle, so not sure what to do with them when I do get it full. Probably be my heirs' responsibility. LOL.
  2. 40 years!

    My uncle built models and I would go visit and "play" with them. He would get so mad because Grandma would let me. And I usually broke them. So my first kit was a 74 or 5 corvette MPC annual. No paint, just a tube of glue. So much glue used that the parts would be soft. I'm glad it is no longer with me. Over the years, my story goes like so many others. Still fooling with "toy cars" whether they be plastic models or Diecasts. 1/64 up to 1/12. And I actually have a few micromachines and a set of Monogram Exacts 1/87 HO models. those were very nice other than they all had the same wheels. I have no idea where they are now. they are all stored in an HO scale building - I was going to buld a dealership dio. They will likely turn up someday as I go thru my stash of 30+ years.
  3. Hallmark Honda CB750

    Very nice! If I were still into motorcycles, I'd be on that for sure. I finally gave it up after 20 years. But still appreciate the old skool bike like this. The new stuff doesn't do a thing for me.
  4. Nice! And agreed about price and time.
  5. I got to see these run one year at Virginia International. Sweet. And I love the atmosphere there and in the class at the time. Did not have to have a paddock pass or anything like that. And if the teams did not have the rope up at the door, they were welcoming to spectators. They took time to talk and allow photos and such. And the cars were pretty cool, all things considered. I used to love the GT prototypes back in the day and these are an extension of that. But, seems like the engines were more limited and things were done to keep costs reasonable to build the fields. During the race, fans could stand on the back side of the pits (fence to keep you off track - lol) and see the teams doing their jobs. It was a great day. VIR allowed you to go wherever you wanted to basically. You couldn't access pit road during the race, but that was about it. You could wander the entire facility to watch the race from wherever you wanted to. And cruise the paddock area to be up close to the cars. Like touching close. Don't know if they still do that or not, but they did on that day and the other races I went to a few years back. Excellent model. A good model always brings back some sort of memory, right?
  6. Got this one last week. Missing wipers, but I have a set. I foiled the trim. Painted backs of lights white - thanks Snake - looks good from some angles, but not all. Wish I would have taken the taillights out when I had it apart and made some silver trim around the base of the lights. Saw a photo of real one that showed that. Thought I'd be able to foil but too small and tight to get foil to stick. . Hood required some work to get it to sit down properly. Radiator had to be filed a lot on corners - follow the exiting angle and regrooved across the top. Cap sanded thinner as well. Then, to get the back to sit down snug to cowl, remvoed hood hinge plate and put an .020 spacer between hood hinge and cowl to make it sit down lower when closed. I think it's still hitting the brace on teh driver's side a little. But the hood was very high when received. But I'm pretty happy with this one. $22 delivered
  7. Thanks Chris - good to know.
  8. Recommended Handle for #11 blades

    oh my gosh. Never thought about it. I've used these knives for over 30 years now at work. So long as it holds the blade securely, I've never thought about it other than I seem to have mostly grpipsters at this point. Always used those because of the square deal on them that kept them from rolliing into the floor and breaking the tip off. I think I have enough of them in toolboxes to last the rest of my life.
  9. Got one otw. Friend of mine who sell models on FB is offering them for $38 plus shipping. I'm not sure if I can give his name here or not - Wes's model car corner on FB. We plug other vendors so maybe I won't get in trouble - mods can let me know if I crossed the line. He used to have a brick and mortar, now works online.
  10. 2006 Ford Mustang GT

    Looks good - thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks for video AND photos. Like others, I prefer photos to video. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the review. It answers a lot of questions for me. Good review.
  13. Thanks. I got my local guy checking as well.