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  1. Feel free to comment and photos here - I think it's relevant to this discussion - I looked into those also.
  2. Those Vettes are nice enough. And odd that they sell as cheap as they do. And the HW are as nice as any I've seen of late. I think I have the 917 in a Gulf scheme. Maybe. I kinda gave up on HW a couple years ago - just not enough realistic models on the pegs to be worth the searching. And the pegs here are always missing the good stuff. Same with Matchbox - they have good models but not available on pegs around here. And not worth the cost on ebay.
  3. Keep pushing. I built this one years ago. Very mild.
  4. Oh yeah, I've done that as well. THere are a few teeth left that are in reasonable shape, but if I need to cut something major, mine are pretty worn out. For less than $15 I can have a new one, so I figure it's time.
  5. I think we have that, Oreillys, advance. And they are each in a cluster on one side of town. Other side has Auto zone and advance. Small town. I haven't been IN the NAPA store in years. I don;t think any of them are doing much in diecast? Oreillys has an M2 57 Chevy, but not sure if the others are even bothering to have diecasts now., Are they?
  6. That's always my first thought. My wife looks at ladies' stuff all the time. I tell her to look for reviews or on Amazon. That's why I was posting here. I couldn't see how they were doing the scam there and the engine model DOES look interesting.
  7. Aha! I see how they are getting you now. And the only other photos are the little lego looking thing?
  8. I found it is more fun to finish than to fret the details
  9. My wife said to do it, but I just know it is a scam of some sort.
  10. This pops up on my FB feed. https://samekelp.com/products/4-cylinder-full-metal-car-engine-assembly-kit-model-toys-for-adults Looks great! Looks awesome! Price: $23.99! Looks like a scam! Elsewhere on the net, it is $400 or more. But looks fun. Anyone built it?
  11. Looks good! I had an 84 Power Ram with slant 6. Yeah it was a slow pig. Especially with 33s on it. BUT... it would go [however slowly] whereever it would fit! I never felt like I could make a kit work. Good job!
  12. That's one I woulda bought for sure. I tried to modify a street body. Before internet. Photos were scarce for me. But I was trying. I still run across it occasionally. Would love to hear that story.,
  13. Man, back then they used whatever was on hand. Unless they had a "deal" and lots of extras on hand.
  14. Looks good. I built one way back when with Fred Cady decals. Testors white with testors clear, so it turned "testors yellow" over time. It's taking me a few a tries to get used to the Pledge stuff, but seems like a workable clear. I have been brushing it on with a wide soft brush. Works pretty well and I don't have to clean my airbrush with a separate cleaning process. I'm not good with acrylics of any sort in the airbrush yet.
  15. Glad you finished. If you ever saw these cars up close when they were current, they were far from perfect, especially the short track cars. Not even as close as the kit. Wavy body work, wonky paint, etc. Looks great to me.
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