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  1. Plotters I used to have would do multiple passes from the machine or the software. Never exactly the same if the blade lifted between passes. And the drage and tracking was never perfect on a second pass.
  2. If the plotters would cut all the way through a thinner material, I would probably think in that direction and use two or more layers to laminate together. The inner layers could have large holes to allow better chance at registration, due to the impossibility of friction feed plotter to cut the exact same thing twice - I've read the specs and tolerances and that is complete bs. Been there, done that. To echo others, the artwork has to be a vector format - LINES not pixels, unless you the buileder are willing to pay for someone to digitize. That can get expensive really quickly I hope. I'm on the side of the artist on that. So much work on this it would have to be a costly labor of love. It woould be quite an undertaking.
  3. 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

    NICE! Wish I woulda done that one years ago.
  4. 49 merc Kustom

    NICE! I always love to see how folks interpret this kit.
  5. Plymouth Volaré redo

    The purple stuff is starting to work - the bubbles in the paint. Put it back in and check it every day or so. Knock off whatever paint has come loose - keep it soaking. Eventually the paint will fall off. May take a week. Nice project, btw. Keep the faith. lol
  6. Avoiding sticky paint lids

    I keep a pair of robo grips near the bench for that purpose. I try to NOT use paint out of lid and wipe the threads before capping. I use the plastic bags the trees come in for paint pallettes and dab some paint on there. But if it is shaken, you still have to clean up before sealing.
  7. '57 Chezoom

  8. 1/18 Lifted Ford

    That's cool. I have one of those (stock) from my dad's stuff. Not one of my favorites, but it was his.
  9. Exoto's 1/18 1954 D-Type Jaguar

    That is a beautiful model. Best ones I have are the Ertl Precision 57 Chrysler 300 and Tbird. Hwy 61s approach those. But nothing as nice as an Exoto.
  10. I have the forest green/cream version of the 79. Bought at a yard sale. Looks okay on shelf in my office from a distance. You can tell it's a late 70s Ford truck. That's about all I wanted from it and it was cheap. Would look much better with some detail and those tailgate letters are pretty horrid.
  11. 77 Cadillac Seville

    NICE! Love it!
  12. Can't have a Cobra . . .

    I just remembered - I also have a 1/18 Maisto Daytona. Not bad and even cheaper. Like $20. But I would like to build one myself. Would look good with my 3 Accurate Miniatures Gs vettes.
  13. Can't have a Cobra . . .

    Exoto made/makes a die cast too in 1/18 - very nice if you got the money... But prices aren't going higher, so that's good. https://www.ebay.com/i/222504648388?chn=ps&fl=a
  14. Monogram BADMAN

    This was one of my faves as a kid. As a kid, who couldn't love Tom Daniels' kits. Molded in color and wild hot rod stuff. Epic. So as the nostalgai sets in , i did build one as an adult and it was every bit of fun. No attempt to make it super realistic, just use best building skills I could. Then it got knocked off the shelf. I still have it bagged for rebuild.
  15. Can't have a Cobra . . .

    I have one of these. They sure look good on shelf even at 1/32. And with the Monogram Grand Sports, even better. My buddy & I had some epic battles with these. http://www.electricdreams.com/Shop/monogram-slot-cars-monogram-cobra-coupe-c-168_17_98.html?zenid=0f9c69af67d06f61fcc4ab7a33c1d567 Shame Monogram didn't see fit to enlarge it to fit on the Cobra chassis.