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  1. I'm still with ya and hope you're healing well.
  2. randyc

    Car Haulers

    I love seeing other people's stuff and some of the ideas they have.
  3. Nice - I hope you get that one fixed up. Love your project ideas.
  4. Wow! In my world, those are just crazy. I really like the SP1 though. Other one looks like Corvette. Or Corvette looks like Ferrari? The SP1 is just something else I need to Googel. Add it to the list. My whole day ends up like a giant Google session some days. one thing leads to another. Same with Wiki. Cool new models. I've been into my neglected guitar hobby of late and haven't done much with models, except try to look in everyday. Guitars are a similar rabbit hole to models.
  5. Dang that Savoy is NICE! If they took the time with wheels like AW or JL does, this would be really first class. I've given up on finding ANYTHING local. And online ordering ends up with a big investment in a $1 car if you don't order a bunch to help with shipping. BUt that really does look nice.
  6. I can't wait to see what you guys do with this one. It just doesn't appeal to me. Yet.
  7. Again, beautiful work to improve this one.
  8. MAN! I was looking at your lead photo thinking WOW EXCELLENT model! Then realized that was the REAL car. Well I scrolled on down and must say you did a superb job of improving the model. Much nicer and betterer. Good job and thanks for sharing your improvements. Makes that car many times better.
  9. I detailed one of these for a friend. They have some funkiness going on for sure. Depends on the viewing angle as to what you see. But they do fill a gap for Novas if you look from a distance.
  10. Can't wait to see this one all foiled up. Or however you are going to do the trim. And hey - BOC on the shelf as well. You gotta be a good guy...
  11. Thanks y'all. I add to it when I find something new and interesting. the shop that inspired it was packed with "stuff". I still have a whole Fujimi Tools set that can go in there. Someday.
  12. I wouldn't clear those. They are very real like they are. Just my opinion. But they look GREAT!
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