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  1. randyc added a post in a topic 1951 mercury   

    Yes, if it's like the ones I have, not very good.  lots to do.  That's probably why mine are still in the original boxes.
  2. randyc added a post in a topic My Dads 1968 Dodge Dart New Progress 10-21-2016   

    I can't remember if my old Dart had insulation or not.  that's one of those things you never pay much attention to... lol.  Yours looks fine I guess?  lol.  I do think about painting in but never do.  Glad youre adding it in.
  3. randyc added a post in a topic Ferrari Rainbow kits; best accuracy?   

    I hope you have decided against it.  Someone tried to give me the revell (?) kit once.  turned it down.  Even I have some standards.  OMG those are awful.
  4. randyc added a post in a topic Revell Red Lines   

    I have a LOT of decal sheets with 3 stripe decals left because the first one was sucha a FAIL.
  5. randyc added a post in a topic “Chrome” edges around the “wheel well”.   

    What kind of compass will hold an Xacto blade?   The ones I have are part of a set that someone gave me many years ago and will only hold the metal pins and a pencil lead.  Not big enough to hold a blade.  that would be awesome to be able to do that.  Or am I not seeing it right in my mind?
  6. randyc added a post in a topic Duplicolor primers too hot for current-production kits?   

    I have used decanted paints for many years and that worked best.  But I got to say that being able to use a spray can is easier and quicker than the prep and cleanup required for proper airbrush use.  I will also be glad to get my airbrush set up running again to be able to paint other parts.   Nice to start a project being able to airbrush most everything and go back with detail brushes.  
    We'll all figure it out eventually.  
  7. randyc added a topic in General   

    Modge Podge clear acrylic
    Anyone ever tried Modge Podge clear gloss acrylic in a spray can?  Wife & I were going through her craft box last evening - we're recently married and I didn't know she had this other than her box of spray paint.  So I looked at it and sprayed some out to see how it smelled - hmmm....smells like spray paint.   And I looked at label.  Still good.  I had a hood with crazed paint and used it for a test.  Sprays nicely.  Lays down as good as any clear spray I've ever used.  Not a super slick shine, but glossed up the B5 (ish) blue base coat on my 70 Cuda.   It could probably be polished out more, but for now, I'm leaving it as is.  More like I think a car should look.  I havbe no need for show car shines.  Too much work for me.  Don;t flame me..lol
    But try it.  I used it over plastiKote blue with no apparent ill effects.  And no, I didn't take a picture before or after for comparison.  I didn't have my phone.  But I'll try to get a shot tonight of the body if it hasn't melted into a hopeless blob from some unknown chemical reaction... I haven't done any pics of this build because do we really need another Cuda build?  I'm not breaking any new ground on it and am a little miffed at Revell over this one.   Too many weird molding issues - Distributor, carbs, soft window frames, wheels are not well-defined, interior door handles are conCAVE instead of CONVEX etc.  Stuff that really shouldn't happen, especially when they have done Cudas and challengers before.
    At any rate - for the moment, Modge Podge gets a "recommended".  If it dries out hard and such, it will go highly recommended.
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  8. randyc added a post in a topic Revell Snaptite Enzo Rebuild   

    Looks good.  And unlike my full detail, this one is finished - TWICE!  LOL
  9. randyc added a post in a topic 1954 Hudson Hornet Street Gasser   

    Awesome.  If it were mine, the wheels woould be dulled down to look older.  but I get the chroome effect as well.  Beautiful.  Wish I had in 1:1
  10. randyc added a post in a topic Duplicolor primers too hot for current-production kits?   

    This is very interesting to me.  In the last couple years, I went through a separation and divorce, etc.  I lost access to my airbrush and haven't had time to set it up since getting resettled recently.  So I'm rattle-canning til I can get the airbrush workstation set back up.  I used to use Plastikote and had no worries, from the can or decanted.  But now I have been using the Rustoleum/Duplicolor stuff (I call it BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH) from WalMart or AutoZone.  Just can't get the results I used to,  I hate having to experiment to re-learn with the new materrials.  I don;t have the cash to buy 3 or 4 kits to waste the bodies.  
    The closest HL is almost an hour away.  The LHS is 30 minutes away and always a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shoot as to what they will actually have on any given day.  Only time I can get there is Saturday as well.  And that's my time to do Honey dos most weeks.  
    I would be very interested in Ace's rattle can techniques to help me get better can finishes.  When I spray wet out of a can, that is usually a bad outcome.  And it may be the primer I'm on now.  Eventually I will get my airbrush set back up and try Art's methods.  Most of which I'm close to but probably need to lower the pressure more from what I used to use.  Great thread on paints and techniques, folks.  Thanks.
  11. randyc added a post in a topic AMT '77 Pacer Wagon - a new loser out of box!   

    I will never build this one, Adam.  But I sure enjoyed the write up and wondered myself about the decals.  Nothing really threre to be offensive, but seems weird nevertheless.  I love the reviews. 
  12. randyc added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    Beautiful.  Realistic.  What more can you ask for?  Great work.  
  13. randyc added a post in a topic The Secret to Building a Better Model   

    I think I remember the T bird from the other magazine.  It may have been Larry that I originally read saying to treat each piece as it's own model.  And yes, I'm pretty much box stock now, and it especially applies I think. 
  14. randyc added a post in a topic “Chrome” edges around the “wheel well”.   

    A set of drafting dividers can be set up to scribe a line.  Like a compass but with two metal points.  The line could be scribed to make an 'edge" for paint or foil.  Or you could take a thin strip of plastic and glue it to the inner edge.  Sand it down to stick out ever so slightly and shape inside and out as necessary.   Cover with paint or foil.
  15. randyc added a post in a topic 1951 mercury   

    I think I may have a couple fo that basic casting.  Will try to remember to watch and see how it goes.