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  1. Testors brush paint

    THe BBs I have are aluminum, according to the tube, I think. I guess that's why the spray cans usually have a glass bead in them? I keep my acrylics in the house during the winter, since my workspace is in my outside storage building. The enamles stay down there and haven't lost an unopened bottle yet. I do try to clean the lid and bottle lip before closing and generally try to "palette" my paint and not use straight from bottle. Has nothing to do with the OP, but while we're talking paint... I don't have a local source for Tamiya and have so much on hand, I don't have to buy much. Can usually plan a trip to Hobby Lobby or the LHS (30 miles) when I need paint. And I use a lot of touch up paints from auto parts stores for bodies. I do have a a pint can of enamel flat black (rustoleum?) that works pretty good and will last a looong time. I try to airbrush a big batch of flat/satin black when I am working. that is the most commonly used color in my building.
  2. Testors brush paint

    I have found that the acrylics paint as good or better than the enamels anymore. Especially the flat black. thin and covers pretty well. Shake your paints! Put a BB in it.
  3. MPC Indianapolis Hall of Fame Set

    I had that set. I finished the roadster I think. Or very close. I run across them in my stuff once in a while. Unfortunately, the instructions are MIA and I know I'll never get around to them.
  4. 1985 Cutlass Supreme Non 442

    Nice! Been waiting for folks to start building the mainstreamer Cutlass.
  5. Paint shaker

    Not being able to find my small clamp and having a new reciprocating saw, I went "ghetto mod" and have been using an old roll of 2" masking tape to tape the bottles and cans to the blade of the saw. And a light touch! Yes I know the safety patrol will be rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. But it works for me. From little square testors bottles up to the big Krylon sized cans. Have to make sure the can/bottle doesn't hit the foot on the inward part of the stroke. Well shaken paint is a new luxury to me.
  6. Benny Parsons

    Nice! Are you related to Shannon Wolfe from around your area?
  7. A few police cars

    Nice to see your work again. I used to always look forward to your writings in the magazines.
  8. AMT 53 Corvette 1/15 update

    Thanks. Looking forward to seeing more of yours. If I were to build it now, would probably be fairly stock.
  9. AMT 53 Corvette 1/15 update

    Here's one I did a few years ago. Great kit for any number of ways to build.
  10. Wow, just got back to this one. I am assuming you are referring to Carolina Place in Pineville. That's where my (ex) wife managed the jewelry store. I'm not sure I remember the DC shop. I sure would have went there, even though I wasn't so into DC at the time. I am still building kits I bought back then. I usually hit the big one in Rock Hill when we were in that area. 95 or 96 maybe? They may have been after that. I was the LHS in Mt Airy, NC in 2000 ish - 2003 ish. And the economy here tanked with the textile mills moving offshore so my customer base dried up. Can't eat toy cars. Spectra was the supplier for Rose's chains when I was using them. That was kinda cool. I had same access, even though Rose's got better pricing.
  11. I still have a couple of redlines from my childhood, but do not collect themm as they are too expensive. I have started sollecting nice, realistic 1/64 cars more seriously lately. been selling off 1/18 diecasts to reclaim the room they take. I still love building a plastic kit, but it takes a lot of space too and is in the outbuilding, which is cold in the winter. There are some good resto vids on youtube. I still get excited by "toy cars", as most of us here do. I say "toy cars" becasue that's how most folks see them. You say 1/64 and they go blank. Say HotWheels and everyone knows what size you are referring to.
  12. The mainlines such as the one pictured will still remove with nail polish remover. I removed a big graphic from a Buick GNX recently with regular old nail poish remover. If it is a high diollar car, the graphics will not remove easily as they are under the clear. Star Wars A100 van is the example I wanted to clean up. There are lots of vids on Youtube. One guy cleaned out some markers of various sizes and refilled them with the acetone for better control. YMMV of course. But I would jump right on that blue Dodge pictured with the acetone and not be too worried about the underlying paint.
  13. Hum3d - Large Source of 3D Modelled Autos

    Wow. Neat stuff that I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do with. I want my kits in a box ready to assemble. BUT, I would love to have these cars in my Forza M7 game. LOL. 75 Buick LeSabre? Oh yeah. That would be cool to have in plastic or game.
  14. Round 2 January 2018 Product Spotlight

    I have a Ford GT 1/18 diecast in Gulf colors. So other than that, only the 1/64s are slightly interesting to me. How many times can I build that Mopar kit? I have a partially finished GTX convertible that my son & I started. That will probably be the last of those that I finish. I already have several built going back to the original issue. Unless I do the stock 70 Coronet? I have one in the stash, but no great urgency to do it. Thanks for posting the video. I do like seeing them to give me an idea if I need to be looking for something.
  15. '80 Volare

    Love it! If this were the round headlight version, I'd be all over it. But oddly, the square headlights just do nothing for me. But I do like what you are doing on this one.