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  1. Beautiful! Your builds are always great and the history lesson makes it even better.
  2. I did a comparison of the FM and the M2 on here a while back. I don't remember anything about the rear sitting high, but it has been a while. The M2 is a pretty nice piece as well. especially when it can be had cheaply occasionally.
  3. 302 V8. 5 spd od stick, yes. Likely the Mazda sourced 5 spd. Used in later (88? +)F150s, a few light duty 250s, supercharged t birds and cougars, from what I've read. First is awfully low. Proabably a reasonable tire shredder in the cars. I've been easy on it so far. Installed by a reputable local garage with POs money. New clutch. Paint isn't burned. It is either spray bombs or the worst spray job ever. Hope to start cleaning on paint this evening. Pressure wash everything I can. Then see what we have for paint. Maybe steel wool it to make is smoothish and some sort of shine juice. I've spent a little chunk on it so far just to get the interior to where it doesn't feel like a crime scene (way too much dirt and DNA in there) and a few other doll up things. Ordered a set of shiny dog dishes today. I'm going to go for a "survivor" vibe for a while. then see if it feels worth doing any more to it. Should come around good enough to cruise in if the mood strikes.
  4. Last week wife & I were talking about a cheap truck to haul stuff. We were so tired of having to arrange to borrow a truck and dealing with all that. Cruising CL and found this in among all the $30K dealer trucks. It lives at our house now. Got it for a great price I think. PO has $5000 in reciepts of work done and we got it cheap because Covid. I've spent a bit in a week on parts to make it better and started restoring on things the PO hadn't gotten around to. Runs like a champ. Looks a bit rough. A 1:1 model project. No rivet counters allowed to look though. LOL.
  5. Hey, Looks even better over here finished.
  6. Dang fine models there
  7. Looks great! My same comment everytime? But still applies.
  8. LOL, I have tried to "Drive" the Hoonigan Mustang on Forza. Gave up - it's crazy. Nice model.
  9. I had one of those somewhere and can't find it, nor remember if I gave it to a relative. Looks great.
  10. Neat! Does any of the pole digging stuff move? Interesting piece for sure.
  11. Cool cars. Going through stored stuff is always an adventure.
  12. That really is looking great. Glad you're healing.
  13. Well feel free to keep adding. I love reviews, especially things I don't have.
  14. True. If you get it, please post up with some details. Would love to know more about these.
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