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  1. Couple new photos. The body is mated with the interior for the last time and I'll just have to deal with whatever fit issues pop up next. The engine is great. The interior is nice as well. After this will come glass photos. Those require some edge sanding and paint scraping to get a good fit.
  2. randyc


    Yes the wheels in the Morgan are beautiful. Someone should be making those available.
  3. I'm just seeing this. Here's a car that was at the GAA auction this year. MAybe a little more inspiration to keep plugging away! Can't wait to see this one done!
  4. randyc


    The OP MG is looking great too. Keep it coming.
  5. randyc


    I have this kit under my desk at work. Waiting to take it home so I don't put aside other active builds to start it. Looks good. inspiring for my build.
  6. Oh yeah, let's hear it for the FUN FACTOR! I don't do any super detailing anymore. I try not to scratchbuild anymore - those are the places where my projects would bog down. However, I will search the internet for photos of the details on interiors and engines to try to get the colors correct. And whatever details were molded in. I use BMF, Chrome paint, Molotow, sharpie for chrome details. Depends on the particular part. All "chrome" is not equal. And much of it doesn't look like what BMF turns out like. Polished stainless window trim can often be sharpie and look just as good. IF you look at my 55 Chrysler on the diecast page, look at the rear 3/4 shot. In this, there is Molotow, BMF, chrome kit parts, and the factory silver tampo. Look at the rear window frame - silver tampo. Can you really tell the difference in it and the BMF adjacent to it? I basically got tired of foiling and just stopped. I did want the side trim foiled and it did make a difference, but not as much as I hoped - trim was cast pretty heavy and paint thickness and such. The head light rings are a combination of molotow and kit chrome from where I sanded out the sprue marks. That's good stuff for touchups. You guys are my toughest critics. my family won't notice. But I try to build everything to look as REAL as possible - that's my goal now. And it is as fun as it's ever been.
  7. I bought the Testors metal 69 Charger and Daytona on ebay. Supposedly was both complete. Wasn't. The pictures were hard to tell and the price wasn't bad for ONE much less two kits. We agreed to a partial refund. It was missing an entire engine and windows for the Charger. The engine was no big deal unless you wanted the hemi. Still had 2 440s. As a seller I hate to put a sealed kit up but I also hate to open it on the off chance the buyer wants the SEALED kit. I don't have many sealed kits though. And I try to post my kits as honestly as possible. If I say "appears complete", it really does as far as I can tell. But some sellers honestly have no idea - they may or may not even have a working knowledge of model kits. So I figure it's on me to figure it out. I try to photograph everything to not hide it. I hate dealing with refunds or exchanges so I want it to be right when it is posted so I don't have to deal with it later.
  8. I have a burgundy notchback and a silver Aerocoupe built up. And they look like the real versions, so it was a good kit I thought. Have a couple more in parts stages. Kinda like real ones in a junkyard, LOL Wish there was Grand Prix kit from this era. Then I'd have the whole set, MCSS, Buick GN, Olds HO, and a Grand Prix. But the Pontiac didn't really have a performance model other than their 2+2 aero car did they? I built a bright red MCSS at some point - why Chevy never offered that in a bright red is beyond me - it was spectacular.
  9. ok, WOW! Glad I didn't try that. I don't like that at all on this car.
  10. I'll have to get a 66 someday. I built plastic kits of each uncle's car as I remember them and gave them to them. So I collect those in a smaller scale although I did get a Welly 65 Impala in 1/24 (1/27?) last year. It's small for 1/24. Cool display idea. I have 8 loose 1/64s on my PC and the HW Advan hauler with the wagon in front of my monitor. Under stand for other monitor are 8 more and the BRE Datsun Hauler set. one shelf on bookshelf behind me has a dozen or so 1/64s, 1/24 First Gear 69 Camaro conv, Franklin 42 Chrysler, Welly 79 Ford truck, Motormax 74 Vega, First gear Studebaker Speedway truck. Oh and another shelf with more stuff. And that's just the work stuff. Oh yeah, 3 M2s under my LEG lamp from Christmas Story on my desk too. LOL. Mostly repeats and lesser value/interest things at work so as not to be too interesting to folks passing by. I would send pics but the dust is too embarrassing to post.
  11. My dentist had a 3000 in 1:1 for a while and that was a truly beauitiful car. Would love to find a replica of that.
  12. Yours is very nice as well. Love the colors. Strangely, I couldn't find a blue one on the internet that seemed to match up with the box art. And I really wanted to use this root beer on a full car. Seemed like these could be about any color. Guy I'm building for says top down - he's big into roadsters and convertibles. So I'll probably see if I can pu the top together as a drop on item if he wants to use it.
  13. Don''t be jealous. As I have said on many of these builds, they are mostly for someone else. guy pays me in models and cash to build for him. I like the building process better than the displaying part, so we both win. This one may have to stay at my house for a while though. It's a really nice looking car and has been a pleasure to build. The "client"/buddy has bought me a Moebius 56 Chrysler so I'll have wheels for my 55 C300 in the Diecast section. That's a benefit of our deal. He has sent me some really nice Mint cars as well. And our collections don't overlap very much so we're not competing for the same cars. He sent me a box the other day with 2 Tamiya (morgan 4/4 and lotus 7), 1 Hasegawa (Lancia Stratos Stradale), Testors Posche 944 Conv., and a Revell BMW Z-1 Roadster to be built when I get to them. In addition to the 6 others at home still in line. Of these, all but the BMW I would love to have built for me, but they just never fit my collection and were always kinda pricey. So I get to build and enjoy for a while, then turn them over to him. No rush from him and he understands my process and timing.
  14. Thanks. The paint is not as good as photos show. HAs some orange peel. But I'm building for a guy that doesn't mind and I hate polishing paint. So I'll likely leave it. I suspect the metal plate is the transmission. I will paint it a dark metallic next time I am working on the car.
  15. I got 3 new AWs last night. The 76 Buick Estate Wagon, gold 67 Eldo, blue 63 Dodge. I forget to post those here. They had a 66 Impala in black, but I don't want a black one - i like yours. Is that the 65 or 66? I have a red 65. I have uncles that had 65 and 66s back in the day. The 65 was an SS car and he parked it at edge of woods and it rusted into a heap. Dang it. Good haul you got.
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