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  1. randyc added a post in a topic Mickey Thompson's Challenger One. Still alive, Feb. 8   

    I'm just amazed at the workmanship. My box stock build is stalled at the moment. Work, life, paint time, etc. I'm to the point I want to get the body fitting together as closely as yours. Yours is looking great! Keep at it - can't wait to see the finished car.

  2. randyc added a post in a topic Stock (!) 1949 Mercury, AMT   

    Very nice! I too, did one in that color a couple years ago. the revell kit makes custom so easy that it seemed a shame to not have a stock one to go with it.

  3. randyc added a post in a topic the cars from cars   

    My youngest son was very much into Cars movies when the Hudson race car came out. It was Doc Hudson to him and he likes to "help" me build, so we put the Hudson together as the race car, but had to paint it blue and make it look like Doc Hudson. I also have a Superbird on the bench and of course, he calls it "Mr Na King". But often asks if I'm still planning to paint it green. Yes. But it will always be Mr Na King to him. Who cares if it's accurate or not, as long as we're having fun, right?

  4. randyc added a post in a topic Mickey Thompson's Challenger One. Still alive, Feb. 8   

    I'm watching this build - I am trying to build the box version. Made a small error that resulted in having to reconstruct center section of one side of frame...oops. Good luck as you continue - can't wait to see more of it.

  5. randyc added a post in a topic AMT `68 Roadrunner   

    My gosh I am still working on the reissues of that kit. Right now, my son & I are working on a 69 GTX conv. But the grille looks like the RR. Can't find a GTX grille in all the parts boxes (!). But I have at least 3 more variations I have picked up over the years. The stock coronet, a couple super bee P/Ses I found for $4 each at Kmart and a couple more. Plus all the parts boxes from them. I used the PS chassis under a little Red Truck, a 59 Desot Adventurer, a 68 Dart (unfinished) and more. that kit is/was the standard to replace almost any mopar chassis from that era. I probably won;t be buying any more though.

    AMT used that chassis under one of the Dodge Daytona reissues on the box art. But the kit inside was still the old one piece deal. I think I set one aside to use under a 70 Charger kit, too. Great kit.

  6. randyc added a post in a topic 1950 Ford Custom Convertible   

    Here's one I did last year.

    Hard to beat that kit for kustom stuff. Some of the parts on mine came from the 49 Ford, tires are from the 57 Chrysler, flippers from the 50 ford p/up (?). PE window cranks and door handles, leopard print decals on seats. Kinda pimpy and over the top, but aren't Kustoms supposed to be?