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  1. randyc added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T   

    I gotta give you a hard time, after all the work you do... you know those chunky center caps on your wheels are incorrect, right???  LOL.  Those wheels look amazing - the work to make them deep dish...
    I love following your builds.  I have to live through you guys cause I just don't seem to be able to get anything built recently.   
  2. randyc added a post in a topic 32 Ford "Vicky"   

    Looking great!  Seeing these builds reminds me that straight out of the box is a good way to build.  Love it.  And your original comment about the molds being in good shape - they would have been for this release since it came out in the late 70s?  
    Looking noce.  Keep going.

  3. randyc added a post in a topic '67 Shelby GT350 Custom (8 Apr *Under Glass*)   

    Absolutely beautiful!  But...Maybe I'm out of touch, but aren't the directional treads on the tires supposed to go in the opposite direction?  
  4. randyc added a post in a topic AMT's Horizon TC3- Loser from the past, out of box!   

    I get the email updates, so I read your review befoire I got here.  Learned a lot more about the Omni family.  I didn't realize these started so early.  Thanks for the 'loser" designations.   We need more "malaise era" cars in model form...  And great to read about kits I had and didn't have when I was younger.
  5. randyc added a post in a topic Dome Zero   

    I have that one built as well.  not a very popular kit in the US apparently?  Yours is certainly nicer than mine turned out.  
  6. randyc added a post in a topic FM3 Panther Pink 70 Challenger   

    Was working on the annual Pinewood car with my 9 y/o son.  Asked what color he wanted to paint it.  Panther Pink was what he told me.   Awesome!  to me anyway.  I hope his buddies don't berate him too much.  I offered other colors, but he insisted.  So he painted it.   
    Anyway, NICE Challenger.
  7. randyc added a post in a topic New On-Line Tutorial - Hot Rod Hints Chapter #1   

    Yours are always my favorite articles, be it here or in the mags.   Don't stop.
  8. randyc added a post in a topic Halibrand Wheel Project   

    AmericanRacingMiniatures.com comes back as "currently unavailable"... Is it gone?  This si a fairly new thread so thought they would still be there?  Or is my browser not working correctly?  It doesn't look like the normal "unavailable" message.
  9. randyc added a post in a topic Has anyone here used Model Master Glitter spray paint?   

    One of the RC paint makers has some glitter that is small and can be added to your airbrush paint if you use an airbrush.  Worked for me on a Manx body.  Can't remember which brand but I got it at a Hobbytown as well.
  10. randyc added a post in a topic What's the best way to attach small gauge wire (upholstery piping) to painted seats?   

    Drill a hole if possible at the ends to anchor it.  I used CA on one I did.  Came out ok.  But I'm a bit shaky at times, so it did have to be touched up.
  11. randyc added a topic in Wanted!   

    1981 280 zx "Iron Cross" wheel
    DOes anyone know if these wheels were ever put in a kit?  I'm working on a 280zx for a fellow and these are what was on his car.   Any suggestions on reproducing?  They aren't very complicated shapes.

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  12. randyc added a post in a topic Question about AMT Color Me Gone 64 Dodge   

    Are the new ones a different plastic?  I painted the original one, threw it in the dehydrator and a few hours later it was a royal mess.  The body softened up and distorted terribly.  Same with petty belvedere.   And yes I did eventually learn.  just be careful if you use a dehydrator for paint drying... I have the CMG, the Ramchargers, the Petty bevedere, all built up and a 330 still in the box.  This holds no new appeal to me.  But I did think they built up well and looked good finished.  
  13. randyc added a post in a topic MPC '71 Dodge Demon re release   

    I have looked at those as well.  Thanks
  14. randyc added a post in a topic MPC '71 Dodge Demon re release   

    You are correct.  I used to talk to Kenny right often at bandit.  We were both sign/graphics guys.   I guess I should clarify - I would like a factory made kit.  I can't justify $40 for a body.   My budget doesn't allow for that.  I wouldn't pay for $40 for a kit either.  I'm about to drop out of hte hobby now because I juat don't get the value anymore.  I don;t know WHY kit prices are so high.  Can't be that much plastic.  Most of the work is done in China now.  Licensing?  IDK.  But that is a whole other subject.  I still wish I had a plastic kit of a 71 Dart for $20 - $25.  Thanks for reminding me abou thte Bandit Resins though.  I have been on his site looking at those a lot.  Just can't pull the trigger.
  15. randyc added a post in a topic MPC '71 Dodge Demon re release   

    All I want is a 71 Dart body... not too different from the 68... new nose and tail and hood.  heck leave the interior old... Just give me the body... My 71 had at least 3 different sets of seats while I owned it, last coming from a 75 dart 4 dr.  I just need the body, please....    Mine wasn't "day 2" - it was "year 12"... LOL