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  1. Looks good. As you said, it's a shame it is not accurate under the skin. My real 81 doesn't have a serpentine belt either. I'm thinking this may be a glued hood build. Maybe photo reduce my mismatched dash panels (black weave around the instruments, wood grain at radio). Plus I need AC vents. Lots to think about doing.
  2. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Actually put knife top plastic the other night. Spent some time cleaning parts, cutting spare off, scribing cowl and fender lines. Started looking at Bronco body to see where it will have to be cut.
  3. Yep, I remember this one. Some folks gave you a hard time over the wide whites and red wheels. I love em. BUT I also decided not to go with that combination on mine from those photos. BUt that is a spectacular truck. I'm on 3 of the bullnose FB pages and Gary's garagemahal site. And just an update - found my old duallie for the front 2wd suspension. And a fellow member has offered to trade kits so I can have a Bronco body. Woo Hoo. Not a forgotten project but still gathering parts.
  4. That dash is what makes the difference in a replicas and models. This is a replica. At least in my world.
  5. Wow! Thanks folks! It is as close as I could get to my wife's. I intentionally went a little light on the paint because indoors paint looks darker than outside. I made several trips to the car to get details as close as I could. Fun to build stuff like that.
  6. Love the bike models. Those are always fun to build. The 57 Mint car is pretty nice. I've flipped several of them. They are pretty easy to sell if you can find dirty ones to clean up for cheap. And they are a good looking model to hold onto. Jag is nice model as well, just not my thing. I've flipped one before. Not a lotta value to them unless you have all the stuffings.
  7. THat's cool! Are you building you real truck? I've seen that truck on FB or Gary's Garagemahal or somewhere.
  8. Pick up a GOOD dehydrator. I was gifted a cheap one that runs at 165 degrees and non adjustable. Way too hot - when I use it, I leave the lid off or adjust the lid to keep the temps down. And never leave the plastic in there unwatched. I used to have one that I'd throw the plastic in and let it go unsupervised for days. I wore it out. New one, no way. Spoons ok, if you trust that the plastic is same enough as kit - good for color testing - I don't trust them for compatibility. I've mixed brands and used cheap paint for years. And yes you are taking a chance there, for sure. Do so at your own risk. Also I've bought a new can of something I've used for years and the mfr might change the formulation, which throws your paint job out the window anyway. And the kits I referred to in the purple pond? One did not strip and other took a long dang time to get all the parts clean. I built the one that paint wouldn't strip as a barn find Morgan and the other I haven't been back around to and it's been well over a year. Nice finish Dave.
  9. Wow! Thanks from a year later. Wish I could find a hyundai Kona to match my real one.
  10. I'm going to move forward with this Revell blob. We'll see what comes out. I'll keep searching ebay, but not much hope. I am not going to spend big money on this project when the real truck needs parts. It's just a big model project to me. Then I get to drive the big one too.
  11. I know that one is out there, but it would be a search and wait and cost might be more than I can justify.
  12. Those are slightly different. They represent the 14" wheels and the trim rings go almost up to the cap. I did look at them. Thanks for mentioning them. Was going to use them if nothing else available, but the MAD resins mentioned above are even closer to mine. Now if I could find a proper bedside...
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