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  1. Yep. And that didn't really come up til I tried to fit it all together. The interior and windows may have the interference? Mine still have a tiny gap but have to see from just the right angle. Hopefully anyone building will read this and be ready to deal with it. I did put a strip of plastic on the back of the lower doors on the chassis and a little CA on that. Then when I put the body on, I held it all in place as tight as I could to keep the gap minimal. It's nowhere near as bad as the photos above. The body was just put in place to show color.
  2. Just a quick update. The Santa Fe is complete. It is curing and as soon as I can add a little pooish to clean it up, it will be under glass. Came out pretty nice. I have things that bug me, but might not bother others. And a few things that I really like in the way they tooled the kit.
  3. Well, it is beautiful work you've done to make it look so weathered, which isn't "beautiful" in the traditonal sense. Please don't misunderstand, I have nothing but admiration for your work and skills. I may have failed to communicate that effectively.
  4. I have read your reviews of the various kits over the years and I know you know your stuff on Mach1s. And as you say, there are some cars that only purists will notice the differeces. My car is the 71 Dart. And then the other variations of the Dart/Demon/Duster/Valiant. But these Mach1s look like the Mach1 that was almost my first car - my only experience with them personally. Till my uncle told my mom what the Mach1 was. lol So I ended up with 73 GrandPrix with 400/4bb/duals (442?) It would do a one wheel peel burnout as long as you stayed in it. But that was the better choice? LOL
  5. Love these builds. And really love the Cougar since it was such a rarity in T/A
  6. Looks great to me. I know it has some issues, but my reference is my memory. So it's right on according to my memory. Love that color scheme.
  7. Beautiful! Ummm that doesn't seem quite right with all the weathering. Looks great and super real.
  8. If we didn't own one, I would likely pass this one by myself. But it's fun to replicate the car in the driveway.
  9. Just mocked up. It's too light, but will be ok inside. For me anyway. Needs to dry for several days now. I did my wheels to resemble color of the ones on the 1:1 in the driveway. The body will fit better when completed
  10. What interior color? I have a bunch of ours, if it's the espresso version.
  11. Paint is on. It can or a little light, but in the house lighting, I think it will look ok and not look black. I have a lot of light in my shop.
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