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  1. You're under the gun if you want to get done for Christmas. Really need to take car apart first. But, then, I'd mask off the stripes and sand or scuff the black paint. Wipe it down, check tape to make sure it's still stuck down and has sharp edges. Spray it with a duplicolor or krylon or rustoleum primer. Let it dry an hour or so. Then blue over that. That's the hurried version - take an uninterrupted afternoon maybe. Use a silver sharpie to go over the chrome trim around the windows. oh yeah, When you take it apart, put everything you remove in a container of some sort - from an old butter container up to a compartmented tray, depending on your level of OCD. You want to keep EVERYTHING together for the reassembly. Take your time and try not to break anything yuo;re removing from the body, i/e/ wipers, mirrors, bumpers. Keep track of any screws you remove. And as Snake said, you might see if someone on here might take it on. Good luck
  2. Well, I bought a new 4 pack of Duro last night and it was $1.88 for the four tubes on a card. Not much difference than the permatex pricing. That's only a penny or two unless I'm missing something. Either way, the tubes are working best for me. And I end up with tubes spread out amoung the house and building so the wife has access for her stuff too.
  3. That's like an "essential" Mint car. Every collection should (and does?) have one. I have the FM and DM versions. Both were pretty inexpensive. And yes this one seems VERY susceptible to paint rash. I've seen some really bad ones out there. At this point, there are very few "perfect" paint cars. Box kept cars are no better than displayed cars. Apparently waxing seems to be the best preventative for the rash, from what I've read. But anyone selling a car as "perfect paint" might be telling a story. But I have sold one that was dang close if not perfect. I could not find a single spot of rash. 68 Vette I think. The Orange FM car. Gramps or Snake may have bought it - can't remember. Or someone else completely. Good find on the Chrysler.
  4. Possibly. I'm no expert on much other than 71 Darts. Unless something is waaaay off.
  5. PM sent. And yes I was wondering about the dash when I got it out last night and really looked at it. This is one of those that I might really like to have, but it's black. And I'm not industrious enough to blow it apart and repaint and decal. I have the blue CP and the orage/red DM 442 in Todd's stuff. I like the blue one better of the two. It *might* be a keeper. But I also have hte plastic builtup Pace car that I like a lot and fills that part of my collection. Who doesn't want Linda Vaughn in their back seat?
  6. Nice. I have a dedicated table to airbrush/spray and really need to build something to vent the fumes outside. I have an old range hood that I am thinking of using. It might or might not work.
  7. Oh yeah, it's a bank, too. Coin slot in trunk, which makes the trunk shallow, but is that really a big deal? Still a nice replica.
  8. Check this one out. Super details. Opening hood, doors, trunk, gas cap, head light covers, and radio antenna. Working suspension. Wired engine. Other than maybe adding some argent to the wheels, not sure this one needs anything. And it is properly proportioned, unlike that Jada lump of metal. Only error I see is the fender has a Hemi fender tag and the engine is a 440 6 pack. I'll probably sell this one off though. Black cars aren't my favorite.
  9. I have a set of "classic cars" or something from Matchbox in 1/43. Nice enough cars. Not sure where I found the ad to order them from. Not even sure what all the cars were or where they are in my collection now. There was a 67 Mustang, 57 Chevy, 56 T bird, 50 something Vette, and a couple more i can't even remember.
  10. Dang those new Vettes look really nice. Seems like I am ending up with a Corvette section; may have to find one of these for my own someday.
  11. Thanks for posting these up. This is the SECOND time I've sold that Porsche. Todd had a few cars I sold him. And I really hate to sell the Jags. I want one, just not sure where it fits in my collection. I've had this one and a coupe, both ended up with Gramps. Thanks Gramps.
  12. Oh yeah. I have several nice pieces that were $10 - $20. I rarely ever pay over $50 for a car. I know there is little chance of getting money back. There are a few exceptions out there. I sold a 68 SS396 convertible for my buddy that went for almost $200. But that is exceedingly rare and for the rarest cars. I am working through selling his collection now for his widow.
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