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  1. I know this is old, but I've started buying 'mint" models and I have an old AMT of this one in my stash unbuilt. Reallly liking the Mint things, but thinking I may BUILD my plastic kits of this one. Has anyone tried mixing the two? To get the correct AMT body with the details from the mint model? Just occurred to me that the AMT is 1/25 and DM is 1/24 - so that's probably a no go. There is a DM on ebay missing some trim, but the sloping body line is kinda offputting. And it's cheap. Which somethimes means more to me than whether I really want it or not. I really like the 58 and want to have a really nice one when complete. Wish I had the entire GM line in 1/24. Some of those were so far over the top... Oh well, guess I'll wait and build my plastic.
  2. Here's one I got thrown in with a Franklin Mint ebay purchase. $5. This took a couple hours and I am pleased witih it. Still sits too low and have some bad camber issues that I'm not going to fix. But much better. And only took a couple hours from start to finish.
  3. Sweet! I'm getting ready to post what I did to a $5 Maisto I just got. But this is really cool.
  4. They really did. I have been buying a bunch more when I can get them cheap and none of the others really compare. Franklin Mint isn't even close on the ones I have bought. I guess I'm in "starter" car range mostly. But have bought about 20 since this one and have [mostly] spent around $20 or less each. Got one bunch for $10 each plus shipping and everyone of them were complete. Fun new part of hobby.
  5. Buying too many....again

    I'm selling my 1/18s so I can display my built up 1/24,25s. Selling my Nascar 1/24s to buy "mint" cars. If you wait and look and make offers, you can usually get these for fairly cheap. Got a 60 impala franklin mint and a 48 Chrysler Town & Country for about $22 for both last week. Can't buy a single plastic kit for that. Both were complete and pretty clean. Week before, I bought 6 cars (1 was a parts car) from one seller for $50 plus shipping. All but the parts car were good. Did have to make a couple small repairs but easy enough using modeling skills we probably all have. I sold 17 NASCAR builtups last week, which freed up 17 display cases and made some extra cash for more new cars. It never stops..
  6. NICE! I bought a Franklin Mint '55 police car a while back - hey don't hate me - was like $12. I thought a BelAir would be kinda flashy but it's a nice enough model. I really like your Buick. And ya can't get one in plastic. I think if I were to make any suggestion, it would be to paint over the chrome bumpers with some black Detail It wash fluid. It really makes chrome look less toy like, imo. And if that worked on this build, it would go from nice to spectacular. I have not tried it on a diecast like this, but have used it on kit chrome and HotWheels chrome. Really helps give the chrome some depth
  7. I received my Hirohata. Opened it up, took it out, played with the features, made sure it was as represented. Put it back in box til September. It is my birthday present from my family. they all know and are contributing to pay for it. But OMG, what a fabulous, delicate model. LOTS of working features, up to and including the little wheels under bumper to keep the car from dragging the rear bumper off. The window frames are very delicate. Pretty amazing model. Working suspension.
  8. Tamiya Blog, The crisis of plastic model industry

    Interesting. As a comparison - Harley announced it is moving some production overseas. Part of this, according to CNN (never thought I'd ever say THAT), is that the American Harley market is aging to a point where the consumer is agining out. Buying their LAST bike, not their irst or second. Same with models - the main demographics is aging. Heck, I'm a young sprout in this hobby at 52. And even I am not as crazed about it now as I was back in the day. I've built MOST of the kits being reissued and don't have a lot of interest in so many of the reissues. I have only bought like 6 kits in the last 2 years. And haven't finished all of those. And still have a ton of things unbuilt. I am going back and buying the "mint" cars - Franklin and Danbury because they made the things I want now. And the prices - if you shop carefully, you can get them delivered for about same price as a new kit and paints to paint with. Can or will I ever be able to build a Tucker? Doubtful. 48 Chrysler? Doubtful. And young people are doing other things. Other than modeling or buying high end motorcycles. Or going to a bar to hear a live band. Or, or, or. So I don't see a rosy future for American cars model kits in the American market. WE'll see.
  9. Can anyone relate...

    Yup. Been there. Right now, I just dread cranking up to paint bodies. Airbrushing or even can paints. It's really the airbrush part because I try to do the interior base color with airbrush. Just not what I want to do right now. Lost my inspiration last winter when it turned cold. It hasn't returned yet and it can get quite warm in my building where I work. I have detailed some hot wheels and fixed a couple of cars that were losing parts, but that's about it right now. Nothing new coming out that I want to spend money on. The Bronco is nice, but waiting to see what all versions come out. And even then, it doesn't fit in what I've been building collecting lately. Have been here in the past. It will likely pass or I'll sell it off as I am currently trying to sell a lot of diescasts and builtups. To buy more different cars. Replacing all 1/18s with smaller scale versions, whether they be 1/64 up to 1/24. And he diecast folks are doing or have done things the plastics haven't done. 57 Buick? Olds? Pontiac? Chrysler? TUCKER? I don't need any more plastic kits of camaros, mustangs, corvettes, 32 Fords. And even Firebirds - I have at least 15 different Firebirds and I'm not even that big a fan - they just seem to accrue. So yeah, I'm feeling a slump too. In particular and in general. I do still pass through here everyday though to see what's happening and loook for more inspiration and to admire the builds. Someday, something will click and I'll be back at it.
  10. I also bought the purple/pink(?) 50 Merc custom for $20. It hasn't arrived yet either and is going to need a spotlight and windshield when it gets here. I'm figuring when I can buy these on the cheap, they are about same as I would have invested in a plastic kit without all the time investment. The time can be used to build something I already have or detail up something or restore something. And the diecast market gives us a chance to have things that the plastic manufacturers haven't given us. My wife loves the diecast "mint" cars because she can openthe doors and such. And she doesn't feel like they are as fragile. We're working on that part. lol Plus I have built about all the reissues we get now at some point and have no intest in doing most of them again. So I am still collecting toy cars as hard as I can.
  11. Finding stuff you forgot

    Those of you who know exactly what you have are very sick individuals.. And you are missing out on a LOT of fun of rediscovering things. I have things of all scales from Micro Machines up to the 1/12 motorcycles and the Tamiya 1/12 Porsche 935 turbo. And when they were packed by my ex, she did not pack in any sort of organized manner - she did pack carefully, but there may be 1/64, 1/43, 1/24-5, and 1/18 all in one box. And slot car stuff too. I've got to get rid of a lot of it - just not enough room in my life. Selling on ebay slowly, but need to step it up soon if I have any hope of getting rid of it all before I leave this coil. Thanks for the replies - great reading.
  12. Finding stuff you forgot

    Was looking for my builtup of 41 Lincoln yesterday. I have moved twice since some of this stuff was packed. Some was packed by my ex to give to me during our divorce. So I found several "new" goodies and LOTS of builtups I had forgotten. Mostly NASCAR, but I'll put those on eBay I guess. But also occurred to me that whenever I want a new toy car, I should go down to my boxes and find one. LOL. Much cheaper that way. Anyone else find "new" stuff when you're looking for something else? Builtups can bring back some fun memories, especially. Kits and diecasts have their own rewards as well.
  13. Well, I got one. Yayyyy. Now becomes the most expensive model in my collection. When it gets here. Also dug out my Dad's 3 Franklin Mint cars, 49 Buick, 1910 Cadillac, and 1913 Rolls. the Buick is the one that excited me. He was a haevy smoker, so had to dismantle and CLEAN it. OMG, poor cars. And his cleaning service was no friend to any of the three. They should be shot! lol. But I'll use what I know and have to make parts or replace things like door handles and hood ornament on the Buick. the others I'll have to wait and see what I can find.
  14. I blame Tim Boyd...

    I got the book last week and am happily going through and remembering a LOT of kits from my youth. And I always look forward to his articles. I have built every kit on the OPs list except the 69 GTO. And they are pretty much all "must haves", even if you don't build American cars.