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  1. Ferrari Daytona Spyder

    Good luck with the warp. Maybe a bath in hot water too and you can twist it back a little before attaching?
  2. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    Edmunds.com is one I have used extensively in the past. In my history VW and Audi aren't especially reliable. I have such negative history with them, that I would not ever consider another. But that's me. Good luck!
  3. door lines

    What if you rescribed the lines to remove the black wash? If the detail is soft to begin with, more defined door lines wouldn't hurt. After reading and looking at photos of other builds, I am scribing door lines on every build now. Go gentle so as not to destroy your paint. Then wash them in again with a different color or black Detailer fluid. Just a suggestion.
  4. Model A Jalopy

  5. 68 Corvette

    THat may be a new high water mark for this kit. Beautiful! Those Fireball tires look so good! Way better than kit tires. And what did you do to the Mags to get them to look more real than kit parts? So nice in every aspect. Interior and dash are soooo goood.
  6. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    So who will be first to post a review of the NEW one??? And will I need to build it?
  7. Ferrari Daytona Spyder

    Looking good!
  8. Good luck making the boot. I am miserable at things like that. Moreso now as I get older. I just wanna build and detail them. Very little scratchbuilding.
  9. Found this red conv showing the soft boot. https://premierauctiongroup.com/vehicles/2424/1958-cadillac-series-62-convertible
  10. hmmmmmm, even better. Maybe. I usually end up making a mess with MCG parts. Or launching them into another dimension. To be found 6 years from now. But I am working on doing better with tiny stuff. I got my guy that I build for looking into the car for me. But that makes it where I could possibl repaint. How hard did it look to remove all the trim and get down to just the body for a respray? Standard stuff? Screws and hot joints? I also thought about just painting the roof with stainless and leaving it. But I'd really like it better in different color. Thanks for letting me know. Would the hard cover from your bonneville fit on the Caddy? Looks like it would be too long from rear of seats to trunk line. 58 chev convertible? One of hte other 55 - 58 GM diecasts, plastics? I may have a Trumpeter 60 Bonneville boot. I used a 59 Chev top on my Bonneville. And I have seen some resin boots on ebay. Looking good so far
  11. Yeah, ok, gotta have one! It doesn't have Caddy scripts on hood and trunk? In the ebay photos, looks like it has the Caddy scripts. Just thinking of how hard it would be to repaint in some other color - Lake Placid Blue to match my Strat? Something 50s "poly"...
  12. PICS-New 1/24 model.

    I like this one other than the paint. Can't wait to see the mods!
  13. AMT 50 Chevy pick up question

    Man I was awesome when I had those wheels on my truck. I won't say when or where, but let's just go with the assumption that Southeast US was a little behind. No mullet though. LOL
  14. Monogram 1953 Bel Air

    Nothing too exciting here. Just an easier build for me while I'm working on the Lotus for a friend. The Esprit is kinda intense. This should be an easy build of a generation of BelAir/Chevy I don't have enough of. Probably a metallic green with a cream top - not sure on the wheels yet. Maybe the lowered suspension and wide whites? If it will fit. Just opened the box yesterday. Maybe a few Custom touches. Very mild. These photos may not show but the panel lines and trim is all soft as molded. The panel lines are barely there - mostly a guide. Can't imagine painting it this way. So I'm cleaning up the gaps and mold lines and trim edges. I have a couple hours in this so far and haven't progressed beyond the trunklid. Just saying there is alot of cleanup and sharpening to be done. I think this will pay big dividends at the far end of the build. I can't see that far yet. I barely have an idea what color this thing will be. But my goal is to look at least as good as a "mint" diecast. In the phtos, the passenger side is the one with the most work. The driver's side door has had a couple passes with scribing tools (Xacto with a broken tip mostly). Nice square groove. Same blade on past 4 builds. I use dental picks, regular Xacto tip, and a triangular file for the panel lines. Same for hte chrome trim. Mark Gustavson recommended scribing the edges of trim years ago and he's really right - it does help sharpen the edges.
  15. Monogram Lotus Esprit Turbo US version

    Short and quick. Engine details. As nice as the front of the engine is with all the belts and pulleys, it all gets hidden when installed. Only issue I encountered with engine is that the cam cover with oil cap is shown incorrectly in my instructions. Instructions show the cap going to the front. Photos of real show it at back and the cap has to go to back for the gear mounting pin to be at front for the cam drive belt. Might be a good idea to use a slower setting adhesive than I did - one is crooked. I painted all the red parts red and then went back with detail paints. And will hit the aluminum ribs again so they look better. Lots of mold lines on these parts to be cleaned. Have fun - they keep showing up after paint as well. Also the vacuum pump part is a little vague. No pin as shown in instructions. Starter can be painted most any way you want - no consistent photos on the net. But it's more than just black. I was going to wire the plugs, but the gap between the covers is so small it won't be seen. I only dull coated the chrome parts. It will give a little contrast to the painted parts. Next up will be installing the rear wheels and I think the chassis will be mostly done. Then to body and interior which I have done very little with so far. I have done the seats and dash gluing and sanding. That's covered better in Dann Tier's post.