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  1. New 1/24 goodie.

    VERY NICE! Like Snake, I have a JL green one. It's nice enough. I also have the HW Mercury Custom in purple with flames. And you are correct - they should have done MORE Legends cars. SO very nice.
  2. What diecast did you get today?

    Aw now you've gone and done it. I'll have to get some pictures of my most recent things. Last week was the DM 41 Cadillac, 55 Ford in purple/white, 31 Ford delivery Budweiser truck, and 31 Ford roadster. Soo I'm laying low right now. Not sure what will be next. Nice pieces btw. Agreed on the windows - why? I bought a nice Jouef 1/18 GT40 in Gulf colors many years ago and it was missing hte side windows. Had to fab up a set. Cobra is cool as well. Hard to beat those Wix Cobras. Why are they not still doing this stuff????
  3. Unusual Cobra 427

    Interesting find for certain.
  4. Joyride Replicas T.V. Stars Toys

    Wow. not sure I could touch them other than to keep them as they are. They were loved, for sure.
  5. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    I read this from the blog notification I got. I replied and then wasn't logged in correctly or something and it was lost forever. So.... I liked this kit when it was an annual. Of course, I bought LOTS of annuals during that era. the 3 in 1 concept was so cool. And nothing was ever stock. Stock wheels went to the box of unwanted parts. And Metal axle were the bestest. Build it and play with it. Then after it got old, rebuild it would parts from other kits. And I did like the real car - I was 9 in 1975. What did I know? A friend of mine had a real one that was a street stock local racer. He bought it in the 90s and it was still VERY competitive. It was built in the 80s specifically for the track ( Bowman Gray in Winston-salem NC) by an old timer racing family. I bought the previous reiisue with the thought of hogging out hte wheel openings, roll cage, putting a set of the wide treaded race car tires on it and painting it like his. Haven't gotten to it and probably won't. I was also thinking of turning it into a slot car body to race against the Falcon slot car body I have. From the Modified Stocker series. That would have been epic in my mind. And BTW, the Falcons that were built for Bowman gray in the 60s are still running and competive occasionally. Thanks for another great retrospective, Adam.
  6. Liking it - keep it coming.
  7. Wix 65 Cobra 427

    LOL. There ya go. I'll mention that...
  8. Wix 65 Cobra 427

    If I didn't have a wife, that's how my house would look! As it is, I get these shelves at ceiling and a few other places in the house. I haae all scales so they are a bit of everywhere, except kitchen and master bath. Wife says no cars in those two. But we do have cars in the hall bath and family room bath. LOL. When we moved in in 2016, I had mostly 1/18 up there, but I've been selling those and making room for more 1/24/25s. And I've been selling my 1/24 builtups from the past 30 years to make room for new builds and diecasts. My ex had 6 boxes with 32 each in them. So I sell a car, keep the case. Put a die cast in the case. At one point, we had about 45 cars on a two level coffee table we have. Have to put loose nice cars up when the grandbaby comes though. Ok, back to Cobras. and my Cobras are in a case on coffee table in front of wife,becasue those are "hers".
  9. Yep, I'm not sure where, but I learned it somewhere too. removing tampos, that is. And oh that GT40 is gonna look good.
  10. Wix 65 Cobra 427

    Silver one, for comparison. This is supposed to be a Shelby color according to the box. Supposedly 1 of 3264 or something like that. I got way lucky on this one. A few cents under $30 to my door. There are a couple under $50 on the bay now. But mostly seem higher and I haven't seen them til recently. There is a white race version apparently as well. Search "wix Cobra"- that will show a lot of blue ones and the occasional silver and others. I must say I do NOT uderstand collectors that leave things unopened and undisplayed. I know you may not have room for everything, but still.... How can you buy a hundred diecast cars and leave them in a box in a closet? Of course, I have bought things that haven't gotten built or displayed because I didn't have time to build or a place for a particular place. I'm selling down now to try to get to a place where I can have most everything out to see. And at least rotate cars in and out to display.
  11. Cool Mako. The one I saw didn't have the bubble top. Nice! And I think the GT40 was released like that in honor of 40th anniversary of the LM win? Or 40th anniv. of the car? Thos are nice, I gotta say. I could never build one for what these cost usually.
  12. New Project

    Cool. And you have the book. Online - this site used to be a GREAT source. Not working on my end today - hope it's not gone. https://www.racingicons.com/gs/ VRM decals if you want to do an alternate version or want some extra details. I'm sure you know about all that. Nice workspace.
  13. Man, those look good! Thanks for bringing them here for us to see.