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  1. Fujimi Ferrari Daytona Spider

    Arghhhhh. Yes it is glued together. I had the hood and headlights taped down to keep them from flopping about while I put the body in for the last time. Tamiya tape. Shoulda stuck it to my shirt first. I'll have more next week when I can downsize the files easier on a PC.
  2. Fujimi Garage and Tools

    I've got this and Academy(?) Service Station kit. If I ever get to them, should be an awesome setup for a garage. If I ever get there. this is cool so far.
  3. I gave up on both of these long ago and recently bought diecast "mint" cars. But, they don't begin to compare with the fabulous work shown here. WoW!
  4. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    Didn't think of it as a mid life crisis, but joined a band as drummer with similarly aged guys. Made the attached art into my bass drum head. When that band quit, I took the nbame off and left the S/S decal in the middle. Flamed the shells. Kept playing with my blues band project, which leads to... The kid on guitar in other photo was my 10 yr old son (at the time). Started taking him to jam sessions when he was 7, so he had been playing for a while when we did this. All the locals knew his name and always called me "Kelsey's Dad". The boy is in his first year at UNC School of the Arts and has been playing piano for real money since he was 15. His classmates always got a kick out of his stories from playing in bars during the 7 - 15 years. I'm "retired" now... from that part of my life anyway. Too much work to load in and out as the drummer. If ever again, I'll just be the singer. LOL
  5. Kids today...

    My kids not either, They tried. But my youngest will build a 300 pc lego project. Very similar except the models we build end up looking more or less like a real car and not one built from blocks. But the Legos at least keep him occupied. And he plays with his toy cars and diecasts some. Keeps them all displayed neatly at my house. Not so much at his mother's - whole other dynamic there. he also helps me work on real stuff - oil changes, lawn mower, etc. Other son is a musician and knows a LOT about that. Wants to learn to change his oil though. Daughter had to teach her boyfriend how to check and change oil. there is that. but they help me when my phone does something screwy. So I guess it's the balance of nature.
  6. Fujimi Ferrari Daytona Spider

    I'm going to try to make that mirror work, but it looks very fragile. Debating on building it OUR of the car, or put the stem in and try to attach the face to that in the car.
  7. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Wow! You were able to smooth out the headlight covers! I'm working on the box stock build for a friend. I actually just got tired of sanding on this body, trying to get it smooth. Guess I'll go back and smooth some more. Not even attempting more than that on this build. And you are right - the roof is thin at the top. Knife goes through while just scribing it. But the sides are thick and terribly wavy. A LOT of work to clean these bodies up. But I'll be watching this one.
  8. Car Model History part deux

    That's exactly the one. For some reason that is one of the few covers I can remember. And that build made some sort of indelible impression on me. Go figure. I bought the kit with a similar build in mind. Just the ideas. And I have used the windshield post idea more than a few times. I thought when I mentioned that you might have been the builder but didn't want to credit it incorrectly. It's so 80s. But that's when I got back into modeling and real cars and styling really heavily. It is perfect 80s. If you ever decide you don't have room for it.... There will be some of us who remember THIS and other builds like it as the historical cars like the others in these two threads. At that age where the earlier magazines and columns were before our time. Thanks, Tim. Great to be able to talk to you and others from the various columns on forums like these now.
  9. Off road bikes.

    Those are very sweet! My son & I built a BMW 1200 R/GS (i think that's the name) several years ago. Was easy and we could do it together. Other than that, modeling never "took" for him. Silly boy would rather play music and learn piano and stuff like that. Of course, he's paying his bills with being a musician, so I probably shouldn't complain. Nice bikes. What brand are they? Bikes are fun to build if you have any interest in motorcycles.
  10. Car Model History part deux

    Nice! I wouldn't even have an idea where to look on ebay for things like this. Did the sellers know what they were selling? Where is that blue 40 roadster pick up that someone did inthe other magazine in the 80s? I'd love to have that one for some reason... don't judge me... lol
  11. A Idea for NASCAR

    Well, you made my post for me. Some of the global sports car series seem way more "STOCK CAR" than the mess that is current NASCAR. And a lot of thise guys are like the old NASCAR guys, trailerinig to the races on weekends, working a day job during the week. Racing for love of racing on a budget. I went to VIR a few times and LOVED the whole experience. Even with the Daytona Prototypes, there was rock star access to the paddock. Couldn't get on pit road during the race, but walking up to the cars and garages to take photos was excellent. Now make a retro series, run it through some other sanctioning body. Something tied in with other forms of vintage racing.
  12. Fujimi Ferrari Daytona Spider

    Thanks! Nice build too. I like your prop rods. I hope I can get my taillights to look as good as yours.
  13. Jouef Ferrari GTO64

    Strange how each body is different yet capture enough details to let you know what they are supposed to replicate.