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  1. randyc added a post in a topic 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria.   

    I may be inspired to finish mine now.  Been stalled for a couple of years til I found direction.  Seeing yours and going through this replica stock phase I'm in, that may be just the ticket for the next one.  Beautiful work.  
  2. randyc added a post in a topic going to call it "Dadillac"   

    Thanks!  I've hit a "stock" phase right now.  Loving building the showroom stocks as much as possible.  I bet the Beechwood looks great.   
  3. randyc added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Dodge Daytona 440 Restoration   

    You are on a restoration before I finished mine.  not sure why mine stalled but it's been over 10 years and 3 moves and 2 wives I guess since I last worked oon it.  Wonder where it is?  It will turn up again...  lol   GReat work, as usual.
  4. randyc added a post in a topic Streetcar kits ?   

    Testors did one a bunch of years back.  not sure whose it was originally.  It was a San Fran car I think.  not streamlined.  
  5. randyc added a post in a topic Has anyone ever built one of these?   

    Ebay is such a rip.  I post 1/18 diecasts on there and lucky to get 2 or 3 bids for $20.  But some "SOLD" listings for same thing show $100+ sales.  WTH?  I know the stuff isn't "hot" anymore, but still...  you can post it for whatever BIN you want.... I'm sure they'd take that money if someone clicked it...  I would.
  6. randyc added a post in a topic Porsche 962c   

    Nice! I love these kits.  Loved watching the real ones run at the CamelGT races back in the 80s.   Living close to RJRs plant in NC, there was always someone with free tix to races at Charlotte.  The Marches, these, the Jag, oh my.  The Red Lobster car was my favorite paint.  I think it was a March.  
  7. randyc added a post in a topic Revell 76 Gran Torino Model Kit Review   

    Oh sweet.  Like my "Dadillac" was a tribute, I'll have to get one of these to represent moms 72.  Yes I know they are different, but what the heck, I can paint it same colors and enjoy it.  It was about same color as Dave Van's Elliot car.  That sickening light blue with blue metallic vinyl interior.  Mom's was a plain old - not a Gran Torino.  But did have the 351 Windsor.  It will look good with my Dadillac, my wife's 74 Maverick.  Bring on the mainstreamers.  Now we need some colonnades with wheel covers.  
  8. randyc added a post in a topic New Jaguar D-Type from Profil24   

    Wow!  Beautiful!
  9. randyc added a post in a topic Ratty supercharged Shelby GT-500   

  10. randyc added a post in a topic Big-Scale T/A Pace Car - OOB   

    One of the few kits I just completely gave up on as junk was the Lindberg 1/20 Ford Explorer.  I thought the Nissan and Toyota trucks were okay, the Stealth too.  Except the blocky sidewalls on the tires.  
  11. randyc added a post in a topic Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album   

    Here's a weird one I found this morning.  This is not the song I wanted, but listen to Black Hole Sun in that playlist.  It's fun, especially if you like all kinds of stuff.  This pretty much nails my tastes in one.  I can listen to the Soundgarden version and then this and like them both.  Or give me some blues.  
  12. randyc added a post in a topic IndyCals tire ring decals?   

    This is a way I did the redlines in the photo.  I'm pretty ham handed so someone with a more delicate touch could probably do better.  I chucked a dremel sander drum in my cordless drill - moto tool spins too fast.   Then slide the tire over that and get it all true.  Fix the drill some how so you can operate it and the marker part at same time.  Vise, wife, etc.  Sorta like a poverty/ghetto mod - spin the drill at a slowish speed and apply marker to sidewall.  In this case I used a grease pencil/china marker.  But you can use a paint brush, pen etc.  And if you really go all out and make a trie holding mandrel, it would be a lot easier to get them true.  Silver or gold sharpies might work but only apply lightly to get a thin line.  By same token, you can take an x acto and scrape the line back to a thinner line after you make a big line.  Takes a light touch, but worked for me.  

  13. randyc added a post in a topic 63 Corvette snapper   

    VEry nice.  the older I get, the more I enjoy a simple kit.  You can work on the details and make them very nice models.  And besides, how often do you turn them over or show the engine details?  Nice build!
  14. randyc added a post in a topic going to call it "Dadillac"   

    Thanks for all the compliments.  I appreciate it.  I've been inspired/motivated by Randy Bs builds to make mine look as nice as his.  His stuff is so clean and realistic.  
  15. randyc added a post in a topic going to call it "Dadillac"   

    The revell lowrider/custom Cadillac.   Stock suspension location.  I actually glued the front wheels in place to correct the wheelbase issue as it comes out of the box.