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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos. Looks like a treasure trove of extra bits for the parts box. G.
  2. What's that? Rubber Burnin'? Good luck catchin' this one! G.
  3. Excellent work! I especially like the tank. G.
  4. What a great model! Very impressive. You leave me no choice, I will have to try and replicate some of your great modelling ideas. Can't wait to see her finished. Gary.
  5. A six-pack x2. Now that's impressive. Gary.
  6. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing her finished. Gary
  7. What an interesting project you have chosen. Your photos alone provide almost 100% of the info required to build an accurate representation of an historically significant hot rod. Do you want to build your model of this roadster as it appeared at Bonneville (photo #1) or how it appeared on the street (photo #3)? I believe the tires & wheels in the Bonneville photo are the same diameter however the rear tire & wheel may be slightly wider. Even thought the Bonneville photo is B&W it indicates the interior upholstery and wishbones are a lighter colour or at least a different colour than the body. Due to the colour Hot Rod mag cover photo the wheels for the street version are red and therefore they may also be red for the Bonneville version. At first I thought the wishbones were red as well but they are a lot lighter in colour than the wheels in the Bonneville photo. The wishbones may be chrome plated as the front axle appears to be in the third photo. The upholstery appears to be vey light in colour, perhaps an off-white. What are the chances the headlight buckets are black? I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress. Gary.
  8. She's a beauty! Your craftsmanship is second to none. Gary.
  9. I'm speechless, so in the words of Lucinda Williams. "2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten" Gary.
  10. What a great model you have built Jon. I love everything about it - from the colour to the mighty 409. You have inspired me to once again continue working on my '37. Gary.
  11. I would like to wish everyone Health & Happiness in the New Year. Cheers. Gary.
  12. To the best of my knowledge, Dave Burket, the "Model King" is not a manufacturer of plastic model kits. He is a broker who negotiates with manufactures like AMT, Revell etc. to release or re-release limited production runs of mostly out of production kits. As modelers we have access to kits that would not have been available without Mr. Burket's efforts. I have several Model King/AMT AWB race car kits including the "Wild Child". All of these kits come with highly unique box Art-Work and/or in the case of the "Wild Child", photos of the 1:1 car in it's current beautifully restored condition. It is clearly indicated on the box side the following: "Model will need to be modified to be built as pictured." This notification is printed on the outside carton of all "Model King" kits I have. However, as the body, interior & chassis are molded with an AWB a reasonably accurate representation of the "Wild Child" could be built without modifying any of the kit parts and using only what comes in the box. In my opinion the box art & especially the decals is what really sets these kits apart. I find the hardest part of trying to represent a particular race car is the decals required and these kits come with all necessary decals. As for the cost, these are limited production re-releases of out of production kits & not surprisingly this can add somewhat to the cost. Thanks to Joe Germann & Motorhead Extraordinaire for keeping an important part of drag racing history alive and providing photos to modelers who would like to go crazy with this kit & super detail it. Cheers. Gary.
  13. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I received the "new" 352 Pacemaker for Xmas. The tires are indeed Goodyear & unlike some kit tires these look the part. My kit has a few problems and I'm hoping Round2 will replace some parts for me. I'll let you know how that works out. The instructions give part #'s but there are no part #'s on the sprues. Most parts have moderate to heavy flash & and there is, as usual, no decal placement guide. The frame rails (#105 & #106) are warped & the oil pan (#25) has a prominent sink mark on the bottom. I may be able to repair these if Round2 won't replace them. What I won't be able to repair is the left front spring (#70? or #71?) as it is warped beyond repair. Also the windshield has a sink mark in the passengers line of sight. All of this was noted on cursory inspection, hopefully I won't find anything else. Cheers. Gary.
  14. You sure are putting the SUPER in Superliner! Looking forward to seeing more. Gary.
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