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  1. Maybe I will try to update from my computer... But my computer is older than my phone, so I wouldn't count on it.
  2. Ok, forget it... I can't upload photos from my phone to this web site anymore... It just doesn't work with my phone. It's not the website's fault, my phone is old and a piece of garbage. So you are just going to have to see it when you see it.
  3. So, once again, we are getting closer to the NNL East, and so it is time for me to try and get a model together before the show... Since this year's show is focused on 1959, I picked up a cheap model at the last show, hoping to finish it up before the next show... So here's what I'm starting with...
  4. Welcome! Yes, this is a great place to hang out... A lot of great people with a lot of great suggestions, but feel free to take them or leave them, we all have to figure out what works best for us! BTW, I tried to figure out how long it will take me to build all the models in my collection, at my current rate, and I would have to live to 160... :-) Not that I won't try...
  5. I had the same idea. I am a fan of the craft paints as well, and I have a couple of "yuk" greys I was thinking about:-) two-toning something. Maybe that 55 Chevy sitting on the shelf.
  6. By the way, just to clarify, the toothpick was only left in to let the glue dry, it's out now
  7. A whole lot of time and work has been put into what was supposed to be a quick and simple build (see first post). It has taken me about two years, on and off. But, despite it's problems, and there are many, I think, if I was to build a second one, right now, knowing what I know about building this one, twice, I think I could turn this into a decent model. Not one of the greatest ones out there, and definitely not one that a beginner would want to cut his teeth on, but, with some time, effort, and research into other's experience with it. I think it can be used as the basis for a decent model. Not by ME, of course!
  8. So, I'm willing to say that it is about 99% done. I guess I jinxed myself and will be working on it the night before the show...
  9. Here's what I meant about using a toothpick to hold up the frame...
  10. Update: I got almost everything finished up yesterday, still have a couple of little things that I would like to take a look at, but not tonight. As for the frame (bottom plate)... Yeah, it doesn't really fit well, especially when I decided to glue the back bumper/facia on last night. In order to get the bumper to fit, I had to use a toothpick to hold the frame up far enough, which makes the rear end sit a lot lower than I would have liked. If I had time, I would take it apart and cut the frame some. But, I do seem to remember that these cars tend to sit down low in the back... So, it's prototypical? Photos to follow
  11. Haven't had a problem, yet. I'm a little bit away from final assembly at this point. Had a little problem during the mock up, but I think if I get the interior further up into the body everything should fit OK.
  12. Quick mock-up just to see how everything is coming together. I still have a lot to get finished, but I am off tomorrow, so I am hoping to get most of it done. I don't want to jinx myself, but this may be the first model in,as many years where I am not still working on it the night before the NNL East.
  13. I have not mentioned until now that this model kind of holds a special place for me (which is why I am spending so much time trying to get it to look right). The first car I remember us having when I was growing up was a 1968 Ford Fairlane 500 station wagon, medium blue metallic with a blue interior and a 289 HiPo under the hood. That car took us from Maine to Florida, and I can remember Dad "dusting" a few cars that thought it was just a pokey station wagon!
  14. Unfortunately for every 3 steps I take forward, I seem to always take at least one step backwards. I masked off and painted the under hood area black the other day, and somehow I managed to get some black paint on my shiny paint job. I guess I should have painted the back first and masked that off and painted the body after, as I usually do. Oh well, live and learn. I managed to clean it up and get everything back to where I was before. I decided to mock everything up last night, and discovered that while the tires from the Joker Goon car fill out the wheel wells, they do it a little bit too much, in the rear they hit the fenders. So I dug through the parts box, and found a set that I think will work better. The tires on the left side of the photo are the ones that I originally had on the model. The ons on the right are the ones from the Joker Goon car. The one in the middle is the one I'm going with. They seem to be very similar in size to the originals, but the wheel backs I am using this time will push them out a little further (I hope!).
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