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  1. Gentlemen, First let me explain - I was heavily into plastic for many years, and I finally got out of it, and sold off my collection, and got into Model Railroading. I have been a lurker for some time, especially when I get the nack to build something that I dont have to worry about keeping on track. I have been picking up some kits here and there, but the new Moebius Service Truck really got my attention. Now to build a Railroad Work truck. I picked up a kit, and started to tinker with it today. It is designed great, part fit is great, the body looks excellent, fantastic set of instructions... But.... The tooling, is really not all that fantastic in some areas. I mean, the gates on some of these parts remind me of some kits from the 1960's and 1970's. They are huge! And for something so new, there should be NO flash on anything. Whereas, quite a bit of this kit, has a decent amount of flash. The other thing - The work bed. Two issues. One - The Diamond plate texture is so out of scale its not even funny. No big deal. Easy fix. But the other, is the hinges on the bed side. 4/6 of them are perfect, but two of the others, and one is substantially worse then the other, is REALLY askew, and very noticeable. I am very well familiar with modern EDM tooling, and how its done, this is how most model railroad pieces are made now, and the results are amazing. But, this thing looks like it was tooled by hand, in the 1970s. I must say, for my first Moebius kit, I am a bit disappointed. Surely in 2019, there can be a better way to gate a steering wheel to a sprue.. Note the right most hinge.
  2. Does anyone happen to recognize who made this set? I imagine its about 10 years old (or better). I would really like to find this exact set again. Any leads appreciated!
  3. Way cool build. Here it is pretty much as built, before Ed Jones ran it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/7552532@N07/2997308687/in/photostream/
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