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  1. Great Projekt! I finished my Revell Grand Tourismo Kit Car with the Corvair Engine this weekend...a horrible Kit but looks nice...
  2. This last picture is so amazing...its iconic...i love it so much...and i saved it for my desktop 😉
  3. Man i wish these kits could tell us their storys of life...really cool!
  4. Super clean! Awesome work!
  5. Awesome! I love it! The box art is fantastic and your model is a great example of the good old times...love it...
  6. Amazing! I´ve never seen one build cool like that! Great job!
  7. Great work and building idea´s! Very nice...keep going!
  8. Very cool..i want to build this too...i will follow this...great work so far...
  9. Very cool! Great color choice...
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