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  1. I followed the WIP and i must say it came out absolutly perfekt! Exactly my kind of style i love...great job!
  2. I found this kit after a couple of years in a box. The original box, Wheels, Seats and Decals have been missing and the Windshield was broken. So what to do? I´m not a big fan of van´s but i don´t like to throw things away... It was a quick build. Paint is Volkswagen green with Tamiya clear. Seats, Wheels and some stuff from my parts box. Suspension raised up, opened Sunroof and round rear windows. Decals made by my own. Hope you like, have a good time and build something 😉 Cheers!
  3. Awesome! I love it...so hot...
  4. This is so cool! Great work!
  5. Very cool Falcons and Rancheros here... My Ranchero build about 20 years ago...Custom Front and Rear, Testors flat white and blue... Cheers!
  6. This thing will come out great...i love the old customstyle...great work so far
  7. Sounds great..i allways had the plan to do this in the future...i will follow this..hope you have fun!
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