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  1. Ron W. added a post in a topic R.I.P. Scott VanSlooten   

    Scott was the founding starter for the "Meet & Greet" club. Our first meeting was with "Spooter" aka Paul Spolhof,and my self. We set up the ground rules. "No judging allowed of others builds",and "you must bring one,or more to display to each meeting if possible,even if it was under construction". Then the guys on their own started swapping parts,or donating parts they didn't need. We started only using a small table at the resturant...now it has gotten so big...the display table ended up being on the pool table in the resturant ! Scott was the one who would get the dates the guys chose,and he was the one who called the resturant,and set up the date with them. Scott,and his ife Sandy let us use their basement a lot. He would also help guys in their builds. He was into building "Pro-Street" builds. He challenged me to get out of my 50s "custom" builds,and do a "Pro-Street" build. I ended up doing a 60 Ford. It was hard for me not to put on fender skirts,and wide whites ! LOL! This shows what a big part of our club hewas.He will be missed.

  2. Ron W. added a post in a topic Road Course Mustang   

    I was sent them by someone. If I remember right the flairs came from a Toyota Supra. I couldn't believe how easy they fit.The rears was the only ones that needed any filing to fit the curve of the body. I had to open up the wheel openings,but it was because of the 50 series tires I used. You need good traction in the corners,right?
  3. Ron W. added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1965 Ford
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  4. Ron W. added a post in a topic By the lake   

  5. Ron W. added a topic in Real or Model? / Auto ID Quiz   

    By the lake
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  6. Ron W. added a post in a topic "Orange Sherbert"   

    No it not a kit.It was made from evergreen sheet. The only parts from a kit is the Big Block Chevy,and the Ala Kart fenders.This was my insperation. There is a resin kit made of this I've seen.
  7. Ron W. added a topic in Under Glass   

    Road Course Mustang
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  8. Ron W. added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Skyliner   

    The nicest 59 build I've ever seen. Nice work,and attention to detail !
  9. Ron W. added a topic in Under Glass   

    "Orange Sherbert"

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  10. Ron W. added a topic in Dioramas   

    need cheap seats,grill for diorama?
    I'm still working on my garage. I used a rear section from a Revell 55 Chevy,and a fromt seat,and the grill is a gas tank from the Revell 55 cut in half. The legs an grill are paper clp. Large size for legs,and small size for grill.

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  11. Ron W. added a topic in Under Glass   

    Chevy 4 cyl "A" Roadster
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  12. Ron W. added a topic in Under Glass   

    58 Chevy

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  13. Ron W. added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Any car modelers around Lansing Mich.?
    The west Michigan Meet & Greet guys are meeting this Saterday April 30 in Lake Odessa.12 til 5PM.
    here is the info Penny's Five Star Pizza
    1033 Fourth Ave.
    Lake Odessa, MI 48849
    I-96 to exit 64,then go south.There will be a show table to show your builds,under construction,already completed.

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  14. Ron W. added a post in a topic help   

    Here is my first attempt. I painted it yellow to start,the a light coat of black wash,the transparent orange.the more coats you add the darker it gets. I liked it this way so I left it as is. I can always add more transparent later. The sun sure brought out the yellow, it's not really this bright yellow. "Let's go Surfin'"!

  15. Ron W. added a post in a topic Making Door & Hood Hinges   

    Need hinges for coups roadsters. I tried this....R/C model airplane hinges from the wings. The plastic is of a differenr materal,so you'll have to use super glue,or slow drying CA.Do NOT get any on the hinge pin ! found that out the hard way. this is on my 36 Ford.

    Now a close-up. If you look close you can see the front of the hinge that I run it through a slot through the cowl,and glued it to the firewall. It's covered up by the hood.

    Worked well on this also. Better than those small ones in this kit.