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  1. Robbo added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Range Rover Fire Rescue Unit
    This project has taken quite awhile to get all of the components to fit. Purchased a 1:14 scale model and stripped it right down to component parts. Drilling out the front and rear light assemblies to fit the appropriate LEDs, positioning switches and PCBs as well as fitting the LEDs into the light bar, were quite a challenge.

    I trust that you will find this of interest. More pictures to come as progress is now quite rapid.

    Cheers from Robbo

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  2. Robbo added a post in a topic Scania trucks in the US?   

    Scania is a very popular truck here in Down Under Australia. Here in South Australia, the Metropolitan Fire Service use them as an all purpose rescue pumper fire appliance. They look great.
  3. Robbo added a post in a topic Scale rc trucks i built over the years   

    I like it, great detail.

  4. Robbo added a post in a topic R/C Fire Rescue Truck   

    Thank you Matthew (MCM Ohana). I originally tried to post the direct link, however it would not display properly and would not work, even after several attempts, whereas the site address did, so I stuck with that. For some reason when using this forum, I can not 'cut and paste' any text etc. Tried again to edit with the same result.

    Cheers Robbo.
  5. Robbo added a post in a topic Worlds smallest airport   

    WOW!!! What a great display and show of modelling skils. Just shows what can be done when a number of bods get together. Must have cost a mint. Perhaps some ailines chipped in to sponser it>

    Cheers from Robbo.
  6. Robbo added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    R/C Fire Rescue Truck
    Finally completed after having to modify the rear suspension springs and motor control circuit, due to the overall final weight of the model. 1.64Kg (4.66Lb) Full details, pictures of the build and a video clip can be seen on my PhotoBucket site:


    Just browse the index to locate this project. Click on 'View All Albums', it's the last one.

    I trust that you will find this interesting.

    Cheers from Robbo.
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  7. Robbo added a post in a topic oshkosh t1500 ARFF fire rescue 1/12 model vs r/c   

    Hi Joe, that is just one great model and so well built. It's a credit to model building.

    Cheers from Robbo.
  8. Robbo added a post in a topic R/C Fire Rescue truck   

    Hi there Rodney. The chassis is from an R/C Kenworth truck, purchased just for the nitty gritty bits. e.g. the chassis and the radio control system. Currently I'm working on the electronics for the head/tail, emergency lights, siren, spot lights, back-up warning etc.

    Cheers from Robbo.
  9. Robbo added a topic in On The Workbench   

    R/C Fire Rescue truck
    Hi all, just a few pictures of the latest project, a R/C fire rescue truck just about ready for the paint job. The electronics design for the flashing lights, siren etc are well under way also. The roller shutter door at rear is to have narrow slats glued on to improve scale.

    Cheers from Robbo.

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  10. Robbo added a post in a topic Second Model - Revell Black Widow 57 Chev   

    Great work, very impressive. Keep practicing. I also have problems with adding striping etc.

    Cheers from Robbo, a fellow Aussie.
  11. Robbo added a post in a topic 80 Ford F250   

    I'm into building model ambulances, police and fire service vehicles. Your model of the Ford F-250 looks a great scratch build.

  12. Robbo added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell Cobra with a twist   

    Great paint job and realistic finish. Well done.

  13. Robbo added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford F-350 R/C Rescue Truck
    Well its been a while since I've posted to this forum. I am amazed at the diversity and expertise of the various contributors to this forum, especially their skills in making the model looking like the original with brilliant paint work. I must admit my paint work is not as good, but at 72 years of age, I don't think it is going to improve.
    I do not have air-brush equipment, but use spray can enamels and various art paint brushes for some jobs. I use genuine reflective self adhesive plastic sheeting offcuts for the livery.

    I purchased the F-350 as a radio control toy for Aust $37.50. It had red LEDs for head and tail lights, yellow turn indicator LEDs above each front wheel, a speaker in the rear deck ( which played tinny music) and was surrounded by four flashing colored LEDs. The head and tail LEDs also flashed when the vehicle was in motion. A tinny horn sound was also featured as well as the doors being remotely opened.

    I stripped the F-350 completely and diced the music/horn/flashing light circuit board and sorted out the 27mHz receiver channels to control the various functions in the rescue truck. Forward, reverse, left and right turn functions were kept as is.
    Additional holes were drilled in the front and rear head and tail light assemblies to accommodate small LEDs for turn indicators and stop lights.

    The link for web site of the model, with pictures; showing painting, construction, reflective plastic livery panels and two videos is:

    Pictures are best viewed as a slide show, to display the descriptive text.
    I trust that some of you will find this of interest.

    Cheers from Robbo

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  14. Robbo added a post in a topic Electronic Circuits For Models - Error apology.   

    orry, the link worked when I first posted. Redone, now OK.

    Cheers, Robbo.
  15. Robbo added a post in a topic Electronic Circuits For Models - Error apology.   

    Sorry, the link worked when I first posted. Redone, now OK.

    Cheers, Robbo.