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  1. Thank you Bill for the quick responce, Ill check out my local craft store and get me some of it too try and yes, I agree it does look more too scale !
  2. Bill thank you for posting your builds here again. I always enjoy seeing your work. you had mentioned earlier somthing about embosing powder for you carpeting? what exactly is embosing powder? and where can it be found? does it come in colors or do you paint it? from the looks of it its alot better looking than flocking. Your Olds build is looking great so far im looking forward too seeing more. thanks again Bud Ellis Kustoms
  3. Thanks John for stickin with it, amazing build keep doing what you do!
  4. Hey Dave wish I could of talked too ya more today. Thanks for sayin hey ,congrats on your wins. Your paint jobs always just blow me away. I picked up a couple of goodies myself. Heartland is always a good show for finding goodies from the venders and seeing old friends I hope too have somthing done in time for next years event... Bud Ellis Kustoms
  5. Hello All , Im buiding a 1/25 scale 1970 Ls6 Chevelle SS. It will be Black with White SS strips on the hood and trunk. I fear that the black will bleed thru after the decals are put on? I can paint on the strips but the fine stripe around the outside edges will be difficult too do. should I double decal the stripes? or can sombody make me some good quality white SS strips that will cover the black with out bleed thru? any help and suggestion will be very apprecaitive thanks for your time.... Bud Ellis Kustoms
  6. Nice conversion on your caprice roof line any chance of us seeing a resin version of this available somtime soon? keep up the great work Ron.. Bud Ellis Kustoms
  7. I say Real the windshield is tinted not many model builders do that lol
  8. Sorry for not using spell check. ill use it from now on Bud ellis Kustoms
  9. harry P is correct basecoats are used first especially with kandy colors . Gold , Silver, copper all give a kandy color a differant hue when used for base coats The kandy color is transperant and you will see the tinted basecoats underneeth Most all full size paints are now acryilic or ureathein when using any especialially automotive paint its very important too use a resperator cuz the paint fumes will cryslize your lungs and thats not good, The pluse side of using these type paints is fast drying time some as early as 20 minuets befor apling top coats try that with enamels hahahah good luck with your painting endeavers Bud Ellis Kustoms
  10. Here is a pic of a real knight ryder replica engian pic , found it under " knight ryder replica search" Hope this helps ? Bud Ellis Kustoms Ps Larger overflow tank goes on passenger side and the smaller tank for washer fluid goes on the drivers side....
  11. Well Gang a huge dezine change her I know some may not like it but I think It give the whole truck a classier look tires will get pinner white walls all around and I still haft too dezine that grill stay tuned more pics too come Bud Ellis Kustoms
  12. I voted model,,,, its not a car you see very often I know pocher offerd it iTs very hard too say from the pic and the angle it was takin the long wrinkles in the floor covering that its setting on look like fake carpet too me just a guess ? Bud Ellis Kustoms
  13. here are a few progress pics Ive made the factory belt lines out of evergreen half round cut too fit then sanded flat Im gettin there a little at a time still dezing the front grill more pics too come stay tuned ! Bud Ellis kustoms
  14. Thank you all for the comments I have a long way too go on this one Im refining the body work now and im gonna dezine a new grill and headlight treatment for the front end and Im a long way from paint stage finnal color will represent the Name of the Truck there will be alot of mock up stages before I paint so there will be no suprizes later when it comes time too build it Sand prime test fit sand prime test fit again Ill post pics along the way stay tuned its gonna be a fun ride! Bud Ellis Kustoms
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