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  1. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1/16 MPC '79 Pontiac Firebird   

    Please let it be this one, or the "Trophy Series" black one. Though, I am sure it will be the silver one.  I had the 1/25 version of the silver one, and it was awful! 
  2. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1/8 `85 Iroc Z Finished!   

    Thanks guys! I didn`t expect to see this one make it`s way back up to the first page after all these years.
  3. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

  4. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

    Thanks for the responses guys. I have seen some say that they prime their parts with a lacquer primer before sending them off to chrome. If that is the case, I would think that would cure any "pinhole" issues, no? 
  5. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

    Thanks High Octane. Do you happen to have any experience with them and resin parts?
  6. Hawk312 added a topic in General   

    Chrome platers and resin - revisited
    I know this has been discussed to some detail before, but I getting requests and need to get a reliable process and vendor.
    Anyone been able to get this down and have reliable consistent results? Who are you using as a plating vendor for your resin parts. Same question for the kind of resin you are using. 
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  7. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 92 firebird   

    Here is my take on it:

    It went together pretty well. I made no major adjustments on it. To back date it to a `87, the front and rear bumper as well as the rear spoiler will need to be changed. If you need the older style wheels, you can get them from the `85 Trans Am kit. I have been planning to do an older formula, but never got around to it.
  8. Hawk312 added a post in a topic My builds for 2016   

    Thanks everyone!
    Hope everyone else keeps posting their 2016 builds. I am loving those threads.
  9. Hawk312 added a post in a topic My builds for 2016   

    Thanks everyone!
    Actually, I clear coat before the decals. If the decals look dull/flat, sometimes I will brush Future over top of them, and sometimes I will apply a liquid wax. I have had really bad experiences clear coating over decals.
  10. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1997 Camaro SS   

    Very nice! Please post more pics. 
    Is that the AMT kit?
  11. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Class of 2016   

    X3! That`s about as perfect as they come. Your finishes are spectacular!
  12. Hawk312 added a topic in Under Glass   

    My builds for 2016
    Since the year is about to wrap up and I am seeing the year end threads again, I thought I would post mine. All Nascar this year for some reason. I may have a completion or two to add soon if I have time.

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  13. Hawk312 added a post in a topic more of my builds   

    Excellent work!
    I really like the Camaro. I don`t remember seeing a thread on it. Which kit is it? Can you tell us more about it?
  14. Hawk312 added a post in a topic WHAT BUGS YOU   

    1. Proportion issues, especially when it comes to tires and wheels. 
    2. Not a "design" issue, but there are some subjects I`d really like to see that seem to largely ignored, and have been for quite a while.Subjects from the 70`s and 80`s are few and far between. I mean, why can`t we have a convincing and very nicely detailed `70-`73 Camaro, or `71-`72 Chevelle? Or a whole host of mid 70`s - early 80`s Camaros and Trans Ams? Yes, the real 1:1 were pretty weak at the time, but the `79 Camaro outsold every other year Camaro. Same goes for the Trans am, which to my knowledge, had it`s best sale year in `79. I`d also like to see some Mustangs from that time period as well. And we still don`t have a Firehawk.
  15. Hawk312 added a post in a topic When modeling helps to restore a car!!!   

    Very nice, clean restoration. That engine looks flawless. Nice work on molding the part as well! 
    I had to do something similar, but much simpler that what you had to do on yours. While I was restoring my `85, I lost one of the fender moldings.   I took the one from the other side, made a mold, and cast the other one and even made a few spares.