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  1. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 85 T/A   

    Very nice! I built one almost just like that one a while back. It could almost be it`s twin.
  2. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Correct shade of green Jimmy Means Turtle Wax rides   

    The green one above looks great!!
    Have you looked at Rustoleum Meadow Green? The color reminds me of the older Turtle Wax cans. Valspar Luscious Green also looks close to me, but maybe a little light. I have used both (Valspar and Rustoleum) on my Lowes Skinner and Wheaties Earnhardts cars with success.
  3. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Anyone into rc cars?   

    I do a little with RC. I have several Sandhornets (Sand Scorcher body with Hornet chassis) and a Midnight Pumpkin or two. One of them has a 4800KV brushless setup, and I was running it with a 3s lipo.  It pretty much just careened out of control until it hit something...not much steering.  
    Anyway, try this one:
    It`s a pretty busy forum, especially the for sale section. I also like the Tamiya forum:
    Hope this helps!
  4. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Stock car/NASCAR Revell wheels 1998 and up   

    Thanks All!
    Dodge, I am looking for ones like the pics above. They were in my Mike Skinner Lowes 1999 Monte Carlo kit, and I think they were in all the Monte Carlo kits with these style of headlamps:

    The wheels in the Earnhardt Jr Monte Carlo I built, which was a 2001 (I think) were slightly different. Notice the different headlight style:

    Unfortunately, all the ones on Ebay are of the older style ones that were in the Monogram kits and were chrome. The ones I need never came in chrome, AFAIK.
  5. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 2000 "Bud" Dale Earnhardt Jr Monte Carlo. Lots of pics!   

    Thanks everyone! 
    Lol yeah...and it only took me about 35 years.
  6. Hawk312 added a topic in NASCAR   

    2000 "Bud" Dale Earnhardt Jr Monte Carlo. Lots of pics!
    Revell kit, Slixx (body) decals and again the awesome Power Slide tire decals. LOTS of artistic liberties taken again.
    As you can see the decals gave me a little bit of trouble, not because they were brittle this time, but because they were large and covered alot of area and bends. If I am going to keep building these, I need to get some setting solution. 
    The kit itself went together very well this time, unlike the Lowes build. I used Duplicolor "Flash Red." I really like this color because it is a very deep "red" red...that is, it doesn`t seem to shift to Orange as much as other reds. But what do I know.
    Like an idiot, I put one front wheel on the back and vice versa. :idunno: 
    Let me know what you think.











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  7. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Why no kit plating chrome?   

    Has anyone found a consistent way to chrome resin cast parts?
  8. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave paint jobs!   

    Lots of great stuff here. I thought I already replied, but this is one of my favorites. I forget the underlying blue pearl color, but it was topped with 3 coats of red clear and lots of clear on top of that.
  9. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Stock car/NASCAR Revell wheels 1998 and up   

    Hi Dodge, 
    How much would you want for them?
  10. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 2000 Lowes #31 Monte Carlo (Mike Skinner)   

    Thanks everyone!
    Here are the paints I used:

  11. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 2000 Lowes #31 Monte Carlo (Mike Skinner)   

    Yeah, he drove the #3 truck (looked like Earnhardts car) for a while. I didn`t really follow that series so I couldn`t tell you much more. I always just liked this car and have been putting off building it for over a decade now. 
  12. Hawk312 added a topic in NASCAR   

    2000 Lowes #31 Monte Carlo (Mike Skinner)
    Revell Harvick kit with Slixx (body) and Powerslide (tires) decals. *LOTS* of "artistic liberties" taken, so it isn`t totally accurate. I basically took my favorite details from all the Lowes Monte`s as well some of the newer cars, and applied them here. 
    First, some of you may have seen my other thread looking for the correct "blue." I tried a bunch, Rustoleum Deep Blue and Navy Blue, Krylon Navy Blue, etc. but none matched. After talking to Lowes support, I found that Valspar "Royal Blue" was actually the *EXACT* color for this car. And it`s $3.99 for the big spray can to boot! 
    Sooo, this was actually painted with Valspar Royal Blue enamel, Rustoleum Marigold Yellow enamel, and Rustoleum 2x clear enamel over all of it.  I am still surprised it actually worked. To top it off, it rubbed out incredibly well. 
    Now, this project fought me to the end. When I first sprayed the yellow, it looked as though someone threw sand on the wet paint. I actually sanded it off with 220 and started over. The decals were extremely brittle. The red and yellow stripes on both sides tore at several places. The drivers side rear "Lowes" decal is actually several pieces. And of course, you can see the rough edges and the crack on the hood. The decals for the rear lights were a lost cause, so I freakin painted them on. And finally, after it was all assembled, I found that the chassis was somewhat warped, enough to make the stance very unbelievable. I actually sliced off all the wheel mounts and mounted the wheel hubs with CA glue directly to the spindles. 
    The color is hard to capture. It is just a small shade darker in real life. Sorry for the picture quality. These are straight from my cell phone. 













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  13. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Earnhardt "Wheaties" Monte Carlo   

    Thanks guys! Yeah, the Rustoleum Engine Orange is going to be my go to color now when I need Orange spray. I was surprised at how well it rubbed out. 
  14. Hawk312 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Earnhardt "Wheaties" Monte Carlo
    A couple disclaimers first. In my 35+ years of building, I have built 2 stock cars from memory. One was the Mountain Dew Regal kit back when it was still new on the shelves (like `83 or 84`ish). The second was the Rick Mast Remington Thunderbird back in the late 90`s. So, I don`t have much experience building these. The other disclaimer is that I built this the way I like it from some of the reference pictures I had, so some details may not be accurate. But hey, it`s my model.
    Anyway, pretty much box stock with Power Slide decals. The decals are very opaque! The paint is Rustoleum Chevy Orange Engine Enamel if you can believe it, from the can. I *really* like this color and this paint. It went on very nice, and is very "orange." My Tamiya orange is going in the trash after using this.  
     No clear coat this time.
    Sorry for the picture quality. These were just taken with my phone.
    Let me know what you think.







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