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  1. Yes, very nice! Much better than I was expecting given the box art. Is this a repackaged Monogram kit?
  2. Anyone see any of the December releases on the shelves yet? Getting anxious for the Petty car and the USA-1.
  3. Yes, the USA-1! And with a couple decal options. I am feeling nostalgic. And I think I am going to grab one of those Petty 1/16 cars!
  4. Thanks Luc!! Great news. I can`t wait to see it.
  5. Guys.... Somewhere I thought I saw round2 re-releasing the 1/25 USA-1 monster truck, based on the Coca Cola monster truck kit, but can`t find it. Has anyone else seen this?
  6. I don`t have many "In Progress" threads, as it takes everything in me just to have time to build, much less post. I did make the wheels and tires for this. For the wheels, I drew them up on my computer, then uploaded them to shapeways for a master. Then, after some cleanup, I made a mold and cast them in resin and sent them off to chrome. I am hoping to build a couple more with those wheels. Here are more pics of the Trans Am though: I`ve built a bunch of the 1/12 Camaro and Corvette kits over the past couple decades. I can post some links to them if that is what you are looking for. Here is one of my favorites:
  7. I am trying to do a parts inventory, combining two of these kits which are incomplete. Want to make sure I have all the parts to build a whole one. Does anyone have instructions for this kit they would be willing to scan? Thanks!
  8. The Round1 1/16 Firebird kit is nice, but does take a little work, especially in the rear. Here is mine which is actually the turbo kit with my wheels, but it is based off the same kit: The Revell 1/16 GTA and Iroc kits build well, with some inaccuracies though. Here is the Iroc kit: The 1/12 Camaro and Corvette kits also come out excellent with some work: The 1/8 Corvette and Camaro kits also build well: And I agree with others....the 1/12 Revell Shelby GT kit is awful!!!
  9. Is that it for all of 2021?
  10. Just wondering what you guys are using for drill bits. I am having some very bad experiences with bits either snapping with first use, or just not "cutting" into the plastic and taking forever to drill, for example, plug wire holes. I have tried a couple of those blue rectangular containers with the clear slider from Ebay, which seem to vary from set to set, and the metal tin sets as well. The best I have had so far was the X-acto set in the circular container with clear top, but they are a little expensive. Thanks~
  11. Great work!! I wish they would re-release that kit!
  12. That has always been my frustration with the 70 Camaro kit....the headlight buckets are totally unconvincing. So this has improved with this kit? Anyone have pictures with the headlights in yet?
  13. Thanks Mark! Are they all the "good" kit? The headlight buckets in the second one looks different than Tim Boyd's pic of the full bumper kit. Thanks.
  14. Does anyone know if this kit is based off the kits below? I have the second one, but I am not sure if it is the "good" kit. The red one looks like the "bad" kit.
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