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  1. Bumping for any updates. I am seeing May as the release date some places, others as far away as December.
  2. I wonder if the big 1/8 Firebird Trans Am kit will be released in the US eventually.
  3. Goodbye savings. Great to see the ‘85 back and *finally* we have a ‘80-‘81 Camaro! Nice to see the ‘32 roadster too. I also like the retro looking box art.
  4. The GTA and Iroc build up nice, but several issues to be aware of along with what 1972 mentioned above. The Iroc comes with Camarillo front seats and firebird back seats molded into the interior pan. The tires on both kits have the lettering molded in upside down. The Firebird rear bumper is pre- ‘85, as in 85 they made the vertical part of the bumper smooth/flat. The dials on the dash of the GTA and also the door panels are 86 and older. And IIRC, I had to switch the accessories on the fan belt from one side to the other. That said, I loved both kits, and the finished model looks good. The box art had excellent reference photos.
  5. Wait!!! So this year, not only does the ‘67 vette coupe come back, then the 1/8 Trans am (!!!!!), and now the 1/16 GTA and possibly the 1/16 Iroc??!! And the ‘81 Z28 with all those color options??! I gotta let the wife no now.... no savings left for our account in 2022! This going to be knock out year for Revell. If the world doesn’t blow up first.
  6. Just posting some inspiration. Also, where are you guys seeing this available for pre-order, and do we have any on shipping costs?
  7. Have any of you had trouble with storing your kits in really hot weather? Here in SC, it is pretty much 90-105 with high humidity every day from late April to early November. We are moving to a new place where it seems the only place for my kit collection is either an uninsulated work shed or garage. They wouldn’t be in sunlight or anything, but I expect it to get hot. I have kits from late 70’s to current. I know some tires can melt and cause problems if they are touching plastic. Anyone have any real issues when doing this?
  8. Does anyone have an idea what it will cost for shipping to the US for the big 1/8 kit?
  9. Thanks Casey! I think I may have found it here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10866084 Looks like the picture you posted above. I wonder what shipping will be to the states? I can`t wait! I am actually still kind of shocked they are doing it. I have been hoping for this for probably close to 20 years.
  10. Nice! Where are you seeing this Casey?
  11. Looks great! I really like that interior. Very convincing!
  12. Looking great! Looks like we will have twins (almost) when you are done.
  13. Thats what I am planning, using the 68 kit engine.
  14. Has anyone from the state bought from these guys? I am just wondering what shipping times/costs are like.
  15. Nice! The big 1:8 Trans Am is available for pre-order! Price is about $170, which isn`t too bad. Definitely much better than what you will pay for a NIB one right now. I cant wait for this one. Hopefully it isn`t in the shiny brown plastic (brittle plastic) though.
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