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  1. Has anyone seen the Charger anywhere yet? Really liking that one, and I see HPI guys already have their hands on one.
  2. Just curious...what kind of subjects would you like to see? I am still hopeful to someday see a Firehawk in 1/25 scale, or some of the new Challenger models.
  3. Ugg. Hate to be a Debbie Downer but those sidewalls on the kit tires look really tall to my eyes, compared to the box art and other pictures I`ve seen of the 1:1 car. What do you guys think? The rest of it looks incredible. I`ll definitely get at least one of these.
  4. I`ll be getting one too. Not too many options if you want to build an `81 Z28. I can get real tires from another kit in the stash.
  5. WHEN? Also, I hope the wheels and tires look like that (correct proportions). Remember the truck tires on the Revell Challenger...
  6. Anyone know where the ‘85 Camaro and the 1/16 Firebird GTA kits are?
  7. Any word on this one? Will it be out soon enough for Christmas?
  8. I am hoping this one, or one that allows a factory stock build. Some of the kits in the 78-81 timeline have some horrendous body packages IMO...
  9. 🤯🤯🤯 Ok then. This is a must have! Hopefully it makes it out by Christmas.
  10. Yep! This was a great kit: Also, I really like the 80` Revell funny cars and dragsters, but all of them come with undersized tires that scale out to 30" (should be 36").
  11. Does anyone know if we will get multiple color scheme options with the decals?
  12. Looking forward to this one. Very interesting that the builder of the promo car above didn`t address the notorious rocker panel divots. For those unfamiliar with the kit, it has lots of moving parts. The doors open, the t-tops come out, the hatch opens, the headlights open, and it has poseable steering. For me, I build them with everything glued shut.
  13. There are a few sellers on EBay now willing to ship to the states for a reasonable amount. 👍😎
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