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  1. Thanks! This is still one of my favorite builds. Wish I could have kept it.
  2. Looking for a couple sets of wheels from this kit:
  3. The monster truck looks like the old 1/25 USA-1 kit with Coke markings. Anyone in the aftermarket make USA-1 decals.....
  4. Thanks for sharing these old catalog pics Casey! I am loving them!
  5. That's interesting that they have both the Camaro kits with two different front bumpers available at the same time. It would really be nice to see the older front end again. That 83 seems exceptionally rare.
  6. Very cool...very old school! Please tell me you used the white Testors brush! 😎
  7. Thanks for sharing Casey! I love looking at those old catalogs. Ahh, the memories... It would be nice to see that `85 kit reissued with IROC decals and wheels. Just saying. They would also need to change the front grill back to the old design on the `83 kit though.
  8. Thanks guys! It started out as the Revell 85 Camaro Z28 kit, with parts from the aftermarket and a few other kits.
  9. That`s really disappointing. The Irocs stood way out above the regular z/28 (and still do for collectors) in desirability here in the states. MPC already has an Iroc kit with the TPI setup. All they would really need to do is tool a set of accurate wheels and use the tires from the GTA kits. Revell, it would be a little more difficult, but they already do have the engine and tires (the GTA kit again), and would need to tweaks to the front fascia, the interior and of course, decals. They did it twice with the two big kits (1/8 and 1/16) converting the 82-84 Z/28 kits to Irocs, so I wish they would do the same for the 1/24 kit. I think it would sell much, much better than a re-hash of the plain `85 Camaro Z/28 we keep getting. Oh well....
  10. Thanks guys! I think we really need an accurate IROC kit in this scale that doesn't need to be modified right out of the box.
  11. Thanks Tommy! Actually, I use Duplicolor clear, but lots of it. 🙂 There is also a good bit of prep and finish work involved.
  12. Thanks everyone! The kit I started with is below:
  13. This one was built from the Revell `85 Z/28 kit. The decals are from Ray`s kits, and are OUTSTANDING! Obviously, a lot had to be done to get an accurate Iroc. The wheels are the Pegasus Irocs, which are much to large for the MPC kit. However, the tires that came with the Irocs are way to small, so the tires are actually from the Monogram `55 pickup. The rear tires (wide ones) had to be cut into two pieces and mated with a half from the front tires (narrow ones) to make all 4 tires the same width. The interior is mostly scratchbuilt, with the seat patterns from a promo. The door panels had to be scratch built. The console and transmission were converted to automatic. The front bumper inlet, where the front license plate is location, was opened up and the lights, license plate holder, etc, had to be scratchbuilt. Valve covers are from the Impala kit. The exhaust is from the turbo GTA kit. Lots of other odds and ends...
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