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  1. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1978 Chevy Corvette L-82 Coupe (Doyusha 1/12) WIP (Back on the bench!)   

    I`ll be watching this thread. I agree with you on the proportions. Alot of weirdness with the kit engine. I was debating back-dating this kit to a `68 or `69 if I ever get time to build again.
    If you have need during your build, I have an assembled one of these if you want me to snap some pics from different angles.
  2. Hawk312 added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    Yeah, I would love to see this, It seems this is overdue as they have already re-released the `57 since the last release of the Corvette kit, and I believe we have seen the Camaro twice in that time. I`m also waiting to see if we will ever see the `79 or `80 Trans am or the `78 or `81 Corvettes in 1/8 scale. We`ve seen the Iroc and a host of other 1/8 kits in recent years. I am still seeing the `79 kit go for over $300 every now and then. 
    I know we don`t want to see yet another Camaro, but I think a Revell version of the `70 Camaro is long overdue.
  3. Hawk312 added a post in a topic hydrochroming has reached model builders on   

    Does it work on resin with consistent results?
  4. Hawk312 added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    Very nice work in this thread. Lots of eye candy.
    Mine is always changing, but for now, It is the Barret Jackson L-88 car that I built from the 1/12 scale kit. 

  5. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Firebird 25th anniversary   

    Love this one! Great work!
  6. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1987 Camaro IROC-Z from a promo COMPLETE!   

    PM sent.
  7. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1987 Camaro IROC-Z from a promo COMPLETE!   

    Very nice! What promo is this? Where did you get those wheels?
    Chief Joseph is great to work with! You will see some of his custom work on one of my builds coming soon. 
  8. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Revell C7 Corvette Snap kit   

     Second that!
  9. Hawk312 added a post in a topic A Car Everyone Can Hate Equally   

    So.....this is what you get when you throw a Mustang, a Corvette, and a Firebird in a blender? And put it on "chop?"
  10. Hawk312 added a post in a topic clear sprays...tamiya or testors wet look...whats the best...   

    THIS! I touched a little on this in the Big Scale Beauty article. I had a tough time getting the white and blue stripes to not turn pink or purple on my 1/12 `67 Corvettes.

    And, I usually use Duplicolor clear, and sometimes testors lacquer clears. Tamiya goes on nice, but I have had problems in the past with their clear burning through the colors on edges.
  11. Hawk312 added a post in a topic PAINT QUESTION   

    For those who care, the reverse is also true. You can use model paints on RC/Lexan as well.
    This one was painted using Duplicolor, Tamiya, and Testors lacquers from memory:

    And this one was painted using all Duplicolor:

  12. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Shelby Cobra 427 Kit?   

    Second that! Proportions are excellent, IMO, and between the kit offerings, we have some nice part and decal options.
    Revell kit:

    Compared to the AMT 1/16 kit, which is decent, but looks toyish compared to the Revell kit:

  13. Hawk312 added a post in a topic What is YOUR favorite Monogram '55 Chevy kit ?   

    This one!!!!

    I have built two of these so far, along with the `56, and want to build more when I get the time. They build up real nice. If I had to choose from the list above, I would have picked 3. But IMO, the accuracy of the above kit eclipses that one. I really like them with the Torq Thrusts from the `56 kit:

  14. Hawk312 added a post in a topic custom cars of today...   

    I was wondering if this was going to come up. I have been thinking about this same thing. I used to be into RC`s in the late 80s/early90s. I just recently started buying older cars and installing new internals. I have Grasshoppers and Hornets that have a brushless/lipo setup that, if my numbers are correct, should reach a speed of 73mph theoretically. Of course they never reach that because they end up crashing into something or flying out of control first. Anyway, the electronics were surprisingly cheap to do this, very inexpensive. To go half as fast, we probably would have spent double the $$ back in the day. It just makes me wonder how much farther electrics in automotive applications have come in the past 5 -10 years. I am betting far further than our perceptions.
  15. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1/12 `69 Camaro Z/28 Cross-Ram...Black   

    Thanks guys. i started posting my finished 1:12 builds in the completed section, fyi. I don`t think I posted the recent L-88 and tri-power in the Big Boyz section, FYI. Oh, and I am pretty excited for you guys to see what I have been working this year, but you will have to wait til close to the end of the year.