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  1. Check your Hobby Lobby!

    No clearance items here in Hilton Head/ Bluffton SC.
  2. Daytona

    Do any recent kits include the parts to build the accurate stock car version of the Superbird?
  3. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  4. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  5. Thanks again everyone! My next challenge is the big '73 TA kit...should be interesting.
  6. Thanks guys! This is the 1/16 kit. Basically the same as the kit just released by Round 2, but with the turbo parts. I can`t find the kit anywhere now. It was funny, when I received the kit, it had the original Allied Hobbies sticker on it from 1987. I think the price was $26.99. That was alot of $$ back then even for a 1/16 kit.
  7. Built from the rare `81 Turbo Trans Am kit from 1986. It is hard to believe, but all the original light bulbs work! Lots of little modifications made to this one...quite a few "corrections." The details are typical MPC of that area (rough in some spots) and I am not a fan of working doors, so I glued them shut. The rear tail lights from the kit were completely wrong anyway, so I decided to get creative. The Year One wheels were 3 printed from my own drawings. The tires were cast from a modified RC car tire. Lots of details added to the engine, which was a little sparse, but still complex with the turbo set up. As you can imagine, the big bird was fun to to get just perfect. Let me know what you think.
  8. PhotoBucket's Back?

    Very nice to have the pics back. That was very frustrating. I had decided a while back that I would not use Photobucket again, as long as I could help it. But if they are under a new management team that is trying to make things right...
  9. Can I see your 1/12 Monogram '67 Corvette builds?

    Oh, I`ve built a couple over the years. Let me know if you need more "inspiration."
  10. MPC 1/16 '79 Pontiac Firebird

    Thanks for posting these! I have to get at least one of this kit. I really like the decal options, and am really impressed to see we have real Trans Am lettering not spaced out all over the sheet. The only thing I wish they would have included would be the turbo parts from the Trophy Series version...and maybe the lights. But this is great, none the less.
  11. So I am making a two piece mold to cast tires. I placed the tire in modeling clay and created the bottom mold. I then I removed the clay and created the top mold. But I guess I didn`t use enough mold release or something, and now the top part and bottom part of the mold are stuck together in spots it appears. Is there a way to break these parts apart nicely without cutting? I was debating using the freezer method that breaks apart glued styrene, but thought I would see if anyone here has any thoughts. Thanks.
  12. 98 Firebird "Blackbird"

    That looks great! Is that really Testors spray enamel black from the can? Or did you shoot it through an airbrush?
  13. 2017 - 1/12 Corvette and 1/16 Camaro Iroc

    Thanks guys.