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  1. Revell

    I am sooo glad to see that `69 Mustang. I REALLY hope it makes it to daylight. And Mustangs are not my thing.
  2. Mid to Late 70s Firebird

    What GMCMAN52 said. Pretty cool concept. Never saw that on a `77/`78 car. BTW, if you are not sold on the `77/`78 front end completely, you could build a `79-`81 version of the car in almost any scale. Off the top of my head, we have good kits available to us in 1/8, 1/16, 1/20, 1/24, and 1/25.
  3. Bulk spark plug wires

    Am I the only one having trouble finding wire that will adhere to CA glue?
  4. hobby lobby

    THIS! My job took me to Chicago once. I ended up walking the streets of Chicago on a Friday night for about an hour looking for a pizza place in 10 degree weather. Was totally worth it though. Also, anyone in the US can have real Chicago pizza.....sorta: https://gio1.ultracartstore.com/2-Pizza-Pack.html I got this as a Christmas gift once. It comes in dry ice and half baked. You bake it the rest of the way. It was *very* close to what I had in Chicago. Still no models at my Hobby Lobby. :-( In fact, nothing on clearance models or paints.
  5. Bulk spark plug wires

    Hi Mademan Does CA glue hold this wire well?
  6. Bulk spark plug wires

    I would say that would be close for factory wires, and the 28AWG would be close for aftermarket wires. But I am not sure how you will glue them in place with silicone insulation?
  7. hobby lobby

    Wow. Thanks for the tip Snake! Cant go wrong for only $20. I`ll give it a try.
  8. hobby lobby

    Still nothing in Hilton Head...everything regular price. I was really hoping to come home with an airbrush. At that price, that would push me over the edge (been painting with sprays only for 35+ years).
  9. hobby lobby

    No clearance items here in Hilton Head/ Bluffton SC.
  10. Daytona

    Do any recent kits include the parts to build the accurate stock car version of the Superbird?
  11. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  12. Show Yer Drag Racers!

  13. Thanks again everyone! My next challenge is the big '73 TA kit...should be interesting.
  14. Thanks guys! This is the 1/16 kit. Basically the same as the kit just released by Round 2, but with the turbo parts. I can`t find the kit anywhere now. It was funny, when I received the kit, it had the original Allied Hobbies sticker on it from 1987. I think the price was $26.99. That was alot of $$ back then even for a 1/16 kit.