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  1. Hawk312 added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Nice work so far! 
    To answer a couple of your questions, you can see the stock ride height on my GT 500 below. No adjustments were made to the ride height. To my eyes, the kit appears to be maybe an inch to high. But that is just my eyes. For the wheels, I used Testors Gunmetal Metallizer, which was a bit darker than your pics, which is what I was going for. I would think maybe Stainless Steel would be closer?

  2. Hawk312 added a post in a topic rattle can dilema   

    I usually get about 2 cans of color per car (and we are talking 1/12 here) and I usually try to use an entire can of clear per car. 
    I have used Testor`s custom lacquer though, and somehow managed to get 1 can of Fathom Green Metallic to cover my Green 1/12 Camaro, and one can of the Huggar Orange to cover the orange one:


  3. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Jimmie Johnson/Dale Jr. Chevy SS   

    Wow. For a snap kit with only minor modifications, they sure look nice! Nice added touches! Just wondering, why not use the kit wheels/tires/backs?
  4. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Mythbuster--Red "Bleed"   

    Wow. Talk about a thread I wasn`t expecting to see today.  I was looking for the LOL or something...
    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but I always took red bleed-through to be a real thing. Many of you know how many of the 1/12 `67 Corvette kits I have built (molded in red), and have had countless blue or white stripes ending up being pink or purple after clear coat. I have tried high build primers, sealers, even black or blue after primer to try to stop this to no avail. I was finally able to get it to stop by using several coats of silver after primer. I talked about this a little in the "Big Scale Beauty" issue.
    Unless I am misunderstanding, or someone has found a cure in the Walmart primers? 
    Below is the back of a hood from one of the vette`s. Several coats of Duplicolor primer/sealer, followed by 4-5 coats of Duplicolor white (not sure of the exact code). I then tape of all but the top edge and sprayed Rustoleum clear. As you can see, compared to the surrounding cardboard surface that I used for mounting which has remained white, the white has turned a pinkish color on the actual plastic part. You can also see that the cardboard was previously red! And you can see where the clear has been sprayed, the color is even darker pink:

    But maybe I am completely misunderstanding this thread. Help me understand guys.
  5. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Stock car/NASCAR Revell wheels 1998 and up   

    Here are the wheels I am looking for. They were in the late 90`s and up Revell or Revell/Monogram kits. They are different than the old style in the Monogram kits. These are from a Dale Earnhardt Jr AC Delco Monte Carlo kit.

  6. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Anyone seen this blue color in a spray   

    Thanks old-n-drt for the offer.
    WWell, here it is. After talking to someone else at Lowe's, I was able to find out that this is the exact color that was used on this car:
    My heart sunk a little when I opened the cap and saw that someone else had sprayed a little to test, and the color appeared to be a lighter blue or even perrywinkle color on the nozzle. But I sprayed a little on a sample swatch and it looks perfect!!
  7. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Anyone seen this blue color in a spray   

    Thanks for all the responses guys! 
    So, I talked to Lowes just to see what they would say. I was really surprised when they responded with Plasti-dip Burple spray. I wasn`t expecting that. I asked her again if she is sure that that is the official "Lowes" blue and she said yes. Hmm. So I asked her if they have it in an enamel or lacquer since Plasti-dip isn`t going to work for me. She said Rustoleum Universal Caution Blue. I can`t find a single reference for this color, so I am not sure if I trust this. I may try again tomorrow to see if I get someone else,
    On another note, I just happened to be in Walmart for something else last night, and stopped by the paint section. Someone decided to take all the rustoleum blue colors and spray splotches all over the shelf.  Gotta love Walmart!   Anyway, "Deep Blue" is very close and a very nice color, but appears to be just a little too bright. 
  8. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Anyone seen this blue color in a spray   

    Thanks guys. And stupid me was at Lowes last night, and didn`t even think to ask anyone about what sprays they use! 

    I tried Rustoleum Navy Blue after I saw this:

    Unfortunately, my results are not that bright. It looks much darker, almost black, and much less "blue." Kinda a little more gray and a little less Cobalt than the above picture.
    Then I saw a pic of Krylon`s Navy Blue fusion, and that I would give that a try:

    This time it was lighter, but again, nothing like the above picture. More grayish and less "blue." 
    Both colors were a little disappointing. They both were kind of drab and dull. It`s almost as if those who took the pictures above turned the saturation up to 11.
    So anyway, I am a little leary of experimenting. I have been looking at Duplicolor`s Ford Engine Dark Blue or Rustolem`s Deep Blue, but I worried of another wasted trip. Do you have anything in your stash that you think is close to either of the above pictures?
  9. Hawk312 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Anyone seen this blue color in a spray
    I`m building the Lowes Monte Carlo, and am having a difficult time finding the correct shade of blue. Anyone have any recommendations on the blue color to use for this? I also want to avoid Testor`s enamels if possible. This is a solid blue, not metallic/pearl/candy.

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  10. Hawk312 added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    VERY nice!!! Please, please start a completed thread with more pictures! Welcome to the forum!
  11. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome   

    Sadly, that`s what I`ve been hearing everywhere.  
  12. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome   

    Did they happen to say if they do resin casted parts? I have found that resin gives most platers a very hard time. Thanks.
  13. Hawk312 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Stock car/NASCAR Revell wheels 1998 and up
    I am looking for Revell wheels, the newer NASCAR style. I am trying to finish my Lowes Mike Skinner Monte Carlo, but the wheels that came with the kit have sink marks on all of them.
    If someone has a set of the black ones from the new fusion kits, I would be ecstatic. Also if anyone has some cheap Monte kits they want to unload....
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  14. Hawk312 added a post in a topic Kustom Khrome   

    Subscribing to this, as I am looking for someone to chrome some resin parts.