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  1. I am looking for center bolt valve covers like are used in the 1985-1992 Camaros and Firebirds. I believe the Revell Impala kit has some that are very close. I`ve also read the AMT Silverado kits also have them, though they look slightly different. Reference pic below. Thanks!
  2. Perfect. Thanks Matthijs. It looks like it could be 5 or 6 weeks for shipping. Has that been your experience?
  3. I am looking for Iroc Z decals in 1/24 scale. I want to avoid spending the $$ for any of the MPC kits, and I need them in Silver/Black which I don`t think has been done. Has anyone seen these available anywhere, or know of someone who would be willing to make them? Thanks.
  4. I am looking for any of the iterations of the Revell `85 Camaro. I mainly just need the body and the interior, but a whole kit would work as well. I have a bunch of stuff from the `80s (especially Corvettes) to trade.
  5. Very nice! And that green really looks like rallye green.
  6. I really hope they release the Turbo "Blackbird" version of this kit, or the trophy series one. They have some issues, but they build up decently with some work.
  7. Very nice! I like the turbo T/A`s. Is that the re-release of the MPC kit?
  8. Very nice! I didn`t think much could be done with those old MPC BFG`s, but they look really good on this! What kit are they from?
  9. I know I built one back in the daybut can`t remember... But those look like the wheels used on some 2nd gen Camaros.
  10. Very nice work! I had 2 `84s, an `85, and `86, and an `87 GTA. They didn`t have tremendous horsepower, but they certainly were fun, especially with the t-tops out!
  11. You guys get the tire decals. Wish those were in the USA kit. :-(
  12. That is so cool!! Thats it...from now on I am taking my pics on red carpet!
  13. This is just the regular ColorMaster Mambo Pink, not the Fusion. Be aware, it will craze the plastic and will not be gloss without clear coat. The Rustoleum clear coat rubs out very nicely, and dries in only a couple days even with 5 -7 coats. Here is what my can looks like:
  14. Nice! Sounds like a cool project. I would offer some of my wheels from these kits, but I am finding most of these old ones are only partially chromed, and its hard to find a good set in them. Do you have an in progress thread started yet?
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