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  1. Thanks again guys! Yeah, I used Rustoleum clear, which works really well and hardens fast! The Heirloom White spray is actually a satin color. I found that you must either spray immediately or wait the full 48 hours after spraying color to spray the clear. Otherwise, the color coat gets a bunch of tiny "cracks" in it.
  2. Revell 2019

    These? https://www.amazon.com/AMT-Goodyear-Polyglas-Tire-Parts/dp/B00B5DKYE8
  3. I had this one sitting around and decided to throw it together between commissioned projects. First, this is a really great kit! Except for body portions that I prepped, I pretty much just cut parts off sprue, painted them, and put them together. Except for the body not sliding down completely (you can see in some of the pics), everything went together perfectly. Also, Revell really captured the proportions well. The pictures do not do it just justice. As I was building it, I kept finding myself looking back at my work space to take in the cool body lines from different angles. This is build box stock except for the ignition wires. The paint is actually Rustoleum Heirloom White, which appears to be an excellent substitution for Wimbledon White. I have a street rod built using Testor`s Lacquer Wimbledon White which is very, very close in color to this, but slightly darker. The interior is also Rustoleum (Sand). I am not a truck guy, but I could easily see myself building a few more of these.
  4. Revell 2019

    Given that this is the third attempt at this subject for Revell, I really hope they nail it because I doubt we will get a fourth attempt. Looks good, and the box art is really nice! It is probably too much to ask to get staggered tire sizes from front to rear.
  5. Am I the only one having trouble finding one of these kits? I`ve been out of the loop, and out of the market, for a little while, and I am aware of the shakeup and delays at Revell, but I am seeing some people asking crazy prices already.
  6. May 2019 Round 2

    The big 55 kit got my attention! Anyone know if that builds up nicely?
  7. Revell 2019

    I'm not a sprint car guy, but that is pretty cool. I hope it comes with those wheels. They look slightly different than the ones in the old kits?
  8. Revell 2019

    I'm excited about the Aar. I know we were all suspecting it, but it's cool to see it is going to happen. I also like to see that the TA is back, and will have to get one of those. I really like the box art!!!! Is that sprint car coming? I might want to get one of those.
  9. Revell '69 Boss 302 Mustang

    Is this the color scheme you speak of? I really like this one:
  10. 2018 - Just a Trans Am

    Thanks for the very kind words everyone!
  11. 2018 - Just a Trans Am

    Thanks guys! 1/16. It has working head and tailights.
  12. 2018 - Just a Trans Am

    This is it for me. From an original Trophy Series MPC kit:
  13. I * think* this is the one I considered way back when and gave up on:
  14. Couldn`t agree more!! And I am kinda surprised by the responses here. I have been waiting for 30 years for a decent `69 kit. I could not get past that awful, horrendous front end on the Revell kit. And the AMT kit was awful all around, IMO. The corrections needed in this one are minor in comparison. And how often do I look into my built models in my display to look at the door arm rests? If I really need them, I will just scratch build them. $.02 contributed.