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  1. v8packard added a post in a topic Packard Street Rod   

    I really have a hard time understanding how someone that has the skills and patience necessary to build a model such as this can display such poor taste and judgement all in the same subject. The fact that others have responded so enthusiastically to your efforts makes me question the validity of their own efforts.

    I can go along with the fact that people will have different tastes and preferences. I can even hold in high regard the craftsmanship displayed in the build of a car I do not like. But this model suffers in so many areas, such as poor proportions, ridiculous colors (like something on a clown car), a drivetrain that is as interesting as watching paint dry, and wheels that have all the appeal of a root canal.

    In your post you state that you love classics. If that is the case, can you elaborate on your choice of a subject and your thought process on the mods you have made? Other than the car being unusual, what motivates you to build such a model? Not only were the real cars the absolute state-of-the-art in technology, they were also highly functional and set the styling standard by which others were judged. In no way have you approached ANY of these particular areas in a manner that could be considered an enhancement.

    Seeing a post with Packard in the title was very encouraging. Looking at the post went beyond disappointment. I have not looked at many of the custom builds on this forum, and after seeing this I know why...