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  1. That's just fantastic, really nice build...
  2. This is just too cool...You did an amazing job!
  3. Love that! What paint is that?
  4. Very creative, beautiful!
  5. This looks very nice, really dig that body style...I build the old 50's-60's-70's junk so I am totally in awe you guys that build the modern stuff...MUCH more difficult, or so it appears to me.
  6. ℗ Wow, that is an ambitious project! Looks great so far...Legendary modeler Guy Beaudette did an amazing replica of this car that I think may have been featured on a cover of the now-defunct Car Modeler magazine. Is it just me or does the perspective of that last shot make it look like that Moon tank is the size of a beer keg?
  7. Gorgeous! Changing the front wheels is a small thing, but I think it ads immeasurably to your build... What is the source of those Halibrands?
  8. Always know i'm in for a treat when I click on a thread featuring one of your builds and this is no exception...beautiful! If you don't mind my asking, how did you develop such a passion for American cars?
  9. Amazing work, can't even imagine how much time you got in it...worth every second!
  10. Wow, great build of really unique car...This must have been a very tough build to pull off, major props...
  11. Fantastic! Great idea, execution, and photography.
  12. What a great build...Is this an old annual?
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