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  1. I really like those models! I dated a girl in high school who's mother had a new 1966 Galaxy 500 XL fastback, 390 Thunderbird engine and cruise-o-matic. Brings back nice memories!
  2. There is a photo in a 60's magazine, don't recall which one, which shows a truck made from this trailer. The rear of the trailer is the front of the truck. Maybe someone remembers. I'll search through my mags and see if I can find it, if one of you fine folk don't find it first.
  3. The kit slicks are also way too wide - should be 7 inchers. Speed City Resin makes some really nice M & H Racemaster 7" Cheater Slicks. The Lindberg '61 Impala Super Stock has the proper size Goodyear tire, and many of the mid-60's AMT Trophy Series kits had nice 7" Firestone slicks. There are probably other current kit sources available that I do not know.
  4. Couldn't agree with you more! This is my definitely my pick of the year also, followed by the 1962 Corvettes. The 'Cuda is a better kit, but not my favorite subject matter (however, that won't hinder my purchase and building of it).
  5. I like the brave color combination! Visually, it is like an intentional discord in a musical composition. A silver separation line will subdue the contrast a little, the orange will emphasize it.
  6. Appears the original style individual headers are still included. Very hard to model accurately scaled wire spokes in 1/25 plastic, but I will take these over those clear wheels any day. I have had a case pre-ordered since September.
  7. A kit I never dreamed Revell would retool. I am 12 again! Hooray! I'l take a case.
  8. Which planet are you from? This is almost too much for my pea brain to wrap around. Kool.
  9. I really dig stock-class cars. Kind of Everyman's racer. Nice build.
  10. Well, I would have like to seen alternate 3-speed and automatic transmissions. While we're at it, lower hp intakes, carbs, valve covers and exhaust. What about RPO 687 brake drums and scoops? And all of the decals to go with them? Doubt if any kit ever lives up to everybody's wants and desires. But how many times do we build straight out of the box? When it comes to Corvettes I am VERY prejudiced. I have always loved all things Corvette. My second model ever was an SMP 1959 that I bought at a neighborhood grocery store in 1960. I built dozens of Corvettes as a kid, and as an adult have owned several. I have waited anxiously for this model to come out. For me, the positive things about it vastly outweigh the negatives. Bought one last week at a premium price and ordered a case at a really decent price from GMS Customs that will not ship for another week or so. I want tops as much as anyone as I plan to build several classes of Drag and road race replicas. I believe the tops from the '58 and '59 will fit with a bit of massaging.
  11. I have a couple of third hands, a couple of hobby vices, and a Micromark magnetic gluing jig that are always in use.
  12. Yessir, truly inspirational.
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