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  1. degruch added a post in a topic Resin Studebakers   

    Hi Jerry...I'm still keen on a '64 or '65 Cruiser, any chance?

  2. degruch added a post in a topic Just got these today...   

    Very nice Jerry...I want one! You're getting closer to that '65 Cruiser I'm after!!!

  3. degruch added a post in a topic CARBON COPY RESIN   

    Superb kit Ariel...I've been trying to buy an old Doyusha kit to do the same thing myself, but now I can rest easy. I'll get one off you, after that Cortina kit! Just a question, would you sell the hubcaps separately? They look very similar to an Australian Fairlane, for which I'm scratchcbuilding a kit at the mo. If so, can you please let me know the cost? Also, how much to post the Datsun kit to Australia?

    Well done again.

  4. degruch added a post in a topic ARE THE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE?   

    Oh, please put me down for one if you do, curbside, complete or not!
  5. degruch added a post in a topic ARE THE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE?   

    Apparently this mould is out of action for a while...sob.

    I've been after a Mk1 Cortina for a while, so fingers crossed Andy at Model Cars (Andyx by any chance?) gets it going again soon.

    Would love to find out what's happened to ScaleKraft Guido's moulds...he had some great stuff, but closed up about 2 months before I found out about his models. I could definately have blown my budget with him!
  6. degruch added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1960 Ford Falcon Hubcaps 1/25
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently completing a promo rebuild of a 1960 Falcon, but do not have authentic looking hubcaps - would any of you know where I can get some 1/25 scale hubcaps like those attached?

    Modelhaus has standard 'dog dish' caps, but they do not have the ribbed detail (a must have) or Ford text in centre (ideal, but not as important to me). The Franklin Mint 1960 Ford Falcon 2-door has exactly what I want, but I'm not up for spending $100+ just for the hubcaps Any advice would be great.

    Also, anyone know where I can find a similar vintage 1/25 scale Mercury Comet model?

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