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  1. I need more info on this. Price, How to order, Etc. I have an old Johan Toro that's missing these parts. Please let me know and thanks for the info Your the best George!!!
  2. Me and my son Willysurvive will be there( First time) I am really excited to go. We will be getting there Fri evening, So whats the story with the flashlight sellers(Where will they be) I'd like to check them out. Also, I anyone meeting On Friday or Saturday night for dinner or cocktails? If so , Where? Looking forward to meeting some of you guys there.
  3. Thank you for your service Clay. Godspeed and be safe!
  4. Awesome job Walt. That black paint looks flawless. Wish I could paint like that. Fantastic build.
  5. Great looking wagon. Nice, Clean build. Fantastic job.
  6. I won this on Ebay a couple of months ago. It wasn't in too bad shape, Just needed a resto. After a week or so in CSC, The body came out pretty clean. Also, Someone cut holes in the hood for the "CUSTOM" velocity stacks, So I filled those in. Today I got an Email from Modelhaus that all of the replacement chrome has been shipped so I'm moving it back onto the bench I'm thinking, Metallic Mint Green with an Off White interior {Think, "My cousin Vinny"} It'll be an all stock build.I'll post progress pics as it happens.
  7. I think it looks great. I love the weathering on it. Reminds me of something that was put together for the show "Pinks". All go and not much show! Fantastic job.
  8. Great color choice and I really like the dog dish hubcaps. Keep up the good work.
  9. Great start Jody! Looks fantastic. Love the color.
  10. Great work. Looks awesome.
  11. Happy Birthday Tom! Hope you get all the model stuff you ever wanted. Enjoy your day. Ed
  12. Its been awhile since I posted anything cause its been awhile since i finished anything Finally finished this last week. Its the old AMT kit. Painted Testors DeJa blue and Wimbledon white. Matching blue and white interior. Cut out the wheel wells and added BMF, Flocking, And a Prestons pre wired distributor. Used the 396 from the Revell 66 Chevelle wagon but altered the kit headers and intake manifold to fit. Also used some parts box bucket seats and shifter and Detail master photoetched BelAir emblems. Thanks for looking and comments welcome, Ed
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