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  1. Interior looks great. Hard to see in most pics but the backs of the seats are black as well.
  2. I've seen a few threads pop up in the past, but haven't seen anything discussed lately, unless I've missed them. Is anybody working on anything? I haven't done anything in 1/25 but I did print some wheels for a cheap 1/16 rc rock crawler.
  3. Beautiful paint. How much was a bottle of the MCW Lacquer? How well does it cover?
  4. I think it was the 1935 Duesenberg SSJ released 6/87 https://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/list_reviews/xq/ASP/id.401/qx/reviewpix.htm
  5. looks just like the car Richard Dreyfuss drove in American Graffiti.
  6. It looks like a Canadian built 42-47 Mercury 1 1/2 ton truck.
  7. Yeah the body is in great shape, the only thing wrong with it is somebody sanded the door handles off and had glued some from another kit on it.
  8. I found it at an estate sale for $1.00
  9. Wow would not have guessed that. Was it ever reissued? Guess I'll probably never find a hood for it.
  10. Picked this one up a while back but lost it in some boxes of parts. Anyone know what issue it is?
  11. That's actually a hard top interior, the convertible used different material and would be red and silver.
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