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  1. stillnotpc added a post in a topic PERIOD HOT-ROD REFERENCE 1930-1949   

    What? No billet.
  2. stillnotpc added a post in a topic Tyrrell 002 - Cevert's '72 German GP ride   

    Great job. Now maybe I will screw up enough courage to build mine. You are right about the EBBRO kits, they do look really good.
  3. stillnotpc added a post in a topic Ivo's Showboat, Thompson's Challenger 1 why not The Summers Brother's Goldenrod ?   

    Is that trike a record holder?
  4. stillnotpc added a post in a topic Two hobbies, two demographics. A view from the middle   

    If you want to see the future of modeling, just go to model train show. It is attended mostly by men in their late 60's and up. That's what they grew up with. Those of us in the mid 50 to 60 age range grew up with plastic models. Yes, modeling will probably only continue to become more of a niche hobby. Just look at the volume of each subject model produced. In the 60's one single model sold a million units. Now it is more like tens of thousands at the very best, most are much lower. As for as younger generations interest is concerned, the average age of teens getting their drivers license is steadily going up. More and more they see cars only as appliances. A lot of the interest by younger people is in foreign cars. That's what they grew up with. Times have always changed and they will continue to do so long after all of us are gone. We are lucky to have as much being offered as we currently have. If their was really enough interest for newer subjects, the most likely be produced.
  5. stillnotpc added a post in a topic Red Plastic Is Made By The Devil   

    I have had good luck with a base coat of silver; either the Testors one coat or Tamiya.
  6. stillnotpc added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Fisher Model
    Does anyone know what has happened to Paul at Fisher Models. I placed an order on 3/25 and hadn't heard anything so I tried to contact him by Email and it came back as undeliverable. I double checked the address and it was correct as given on his website. This is very unlike my past experiences with him. He has always been very responsive and casts some superior products. He hasn't charged me for the order so I am not upset, just wondering and hoping that he is still in business.
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  7. stillnotpc added a post in a topic GM on the critical list   

    Toyota has done away with their Tundra line in Indiana to make way for more fuel effecient vehicles. This is probably one of the biggest differences between the transplants and the Big 3; the willingness and ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. By the way, no fulltime Toyota employees (all nonunion) were laid off while the line was retooled.