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  1. Not much but I did get a really neat decal sheet for the Chaparral 2D from Starfighter Decals. https://www.starfighter-decals.com/2406-texas-roadrunners-2d-24062.html It will go well with my two Monogram kits and the Fujimi one (which I believe is a repop from the Modeler's kit.
  2. With Angelina Jolie riding shotgun after they've left the restaurant from "Seinfeld". 🤣
  3. I was just going to say that, it normalizes Bangle styling. Just an opinion but BMW, by trying to be every thing to everybody, seems to have lost its way. Last one I had any extensive contact with was a rental 3 Series Hybrid in Toronto a couple of years ago. It was just...numb.
  4. Downtown Santa Rosa, CA saw this almost-on-the-market BMW i7 luxobarge. Its as big and imposing as it looks in the photos. Had a couple of placards in front and rear windows that implied it was still under a sales embargo until 11/22. Strange that with that Gawd Awful hog nose grill, they found it necessary to cover all the badging and logos with black tape. Items that are embossed and thus showed right through the tape. Have I told you how much I despise the recent BMW trend of hog nose grills? Like with the intensity of a 1000 Suns. May the fleas of a hundred camels infest the armpits of whoever approved that. $123,000 for what I wanted at the build your car link at BMW.com. Could easily bumped it over $160k. Also noted there was more comfort items available for rear seat passengers than the driver. CEO/CFO bias?
  5. In the broadest view, I don't see this as much different than a resto-mod. How many '55 Chevys came stock with a 572ci twin turbocharged flame thrower engine along with IRS, 4 wheel disc brakes and a Quadrophonic Blaupunkt? ("Christ, you don't need a quadrophonic Blaupunkt! What you need is a curveball!") Not as bad as most and makes more sense than a lot.
  6. I'm aware of one put out by Paul Fisher. Unfortunately he appears to have terminated his business due to being burnt out in the 2018 Camp Fire. Having seen one in the "metal" at the Blackhawk Collection I can vouch it is as sinuous and appealing as you would think. https://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/alfa-romeo-bat-5-124?tid=2
  7. Anything with Ferrari and Lusso (and Barchetta for that matter) in its name.
  8. Pish-posh: an "entry level" Ferrari. (It is gorgeous, though.)
  9. I was utterly convinced it was a real car, until I saw the hand behind it. Some people are assemblers, some people are artists.
  10. And the Adam 12 series: 67 and 68 Plymouth Belvedere, 71 Plymouth Satellite, various years AMC Matadors, 70 Mercury Montego. And those are just the "hero" cars. Add Sgt Mac putting around in a Plymouth Belvedere station wagon.... Granted there's no market for these past the odd resin body, though I wouldn't mind hocking a body part for a 70-71 2 dr Montego/Cyclone.
  11. I am reminded of the chaos when the Raptor was new and video after video appeared of the "Baja Wannbe" types taking them out to ORV parks, jumping the stock unreinforced trucks off of moguls and promptly bending them in the middle. I'm assuming these are properly modified.
  12. Really (REALLY!) dating myself but seeing the title I thought of the Car and Driver article comparing the Ferrari GTO and the Pontiac GTO. Yes, I am that many years old.
  13. I know next to nothing about the variations of Lambo Countach but I saw the near twin to this one cross in front of me at the beginning of a freeway on ramp (always see them when its too late to get a decent photo) in Windsor CA on Wednesday. What caught my eye was the slope nose and more protrusions (spoilers, lumps, vents) if possible.
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