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  1. The Junkman added a post in a topic Mustang Retro ?   

    If it weren't for cheese, how would J.C. Whitney exist?  I'm staying stock and minimalist.  Mainly for visibility reasons.

  2. The Junkman added a post in a topic In 1973, who could have guessed that,   

    In 1970 I saw my first Boss 302 in Grabber Blue,   my first of anything in that color.  Who would have thought that 43 yrs later I'd again be able to get a 5.0 liter Mustang in Grabber Blue with more horse power and twice the gas mileage.  I'm glad I lived that long.
  3. The Junkman added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Well, if we are going out of the country:
    I second the BMW 2002 tii
    BMW Bavaria or 3.0 CS
    Citroen SM
    Aston Martin DB5 with obvious movie tie-in (the stock Doyusha kit is bumping $100)
    Find/rescue/remold any of the early '60s Ferrari road cars please    275GTB, 250GT Lusso (oh, the Lusso)
  4. The Junkman added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Gakk!  I was so focused in my prior post I completely forgot:
    1967/68 Mustang coupe/convertible.  Yet another hole in any collection.  Revell has the underpinnings, just add a coupe body.  Easy Peasey.
  5. The Junkman added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    1: 289 Cobra  (such a hole in the pantheon of great cars.  Could be done all the way from they used to call a "secretary's car" (white wall tires with wire spoke wheels) to full on FIA competition, each one with just a judicious parts swap.  Wheels, wind screens, and dress up parts, or not, and a slightly different body for the "cut back" doors and you're there.  Its beyond me as to why there isn't a modern kit of this important car.  When did the AMT kit come out: 1962 or 63?
    2: 67-68 Cougar
    3: 1970-71 Montego
    4: 250 SWB Ferrari
  6. The Junkman added a post in a topic Best of the GT40 Kits?   

    I've got a couple in the stash.  AFAIK, the body (with minor mods and a bit of fender widening) is only accurate for a few races in early 1965 (Daytona, Sebring, Nurburgring).  The wheels OTOH need to be swapped out for Halibrands, one of the first changes Carol Shelby made when he was given the job by Ford.
  7. The Junkman added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Ford GT SnapTite   

    I saw one at the NNL West a couple of weekends ago.  Even for a snapper, it looks very nice and well designed.  Re the 1-to-1: how different are the body panels between the race and street versions?  Probably just enough to make a straight build impracticable, I'd guess.
  8. The Junkman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Went to NNL West yesterday.  Couldn't find a C-6R Corvette kit or any interesting resin bodies BUT I'm OK with what I did get. A Revell '98 Saleen Mustang kit to use with the resin Saleen coupe body I have had for a while.  It has a short-shot tire but with a bit of strategic placement it should be useful. ($5).  Photo-etch sheet for the Tamiya Turbo Capri (impulse purchase). Aoshima Mclaren F1-GTR that I've seen for $60 and up ($40).  And for once I won a door prize.  Unopened Monogram 94-95 Nascar Thunderbird.  The decals are uninteresting but the parts may be useful for other kits.  And the price was right.
  9. The Junkman added a post in a topic AMT '66 Mustang New Release   

    What could you swap out for chassis/interior while using the body.  67 AMT Mustang?  Too wide?
  10. The Junkman added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    Now this is one I'd like to build. 

    I actually saw this race (1981 Sears Point IMSA GTU winner).  Wayne Baker beat Walt Bohren in an RX-7 in one of those "hammer and tong" races. Also watched Klaus Ludwig in the Ford Mustang Turbo punt Brian Redman in a Lola T-600 in the last turn of the last lap.  What's the chance for some aftermarket decals for the 914?
  11. The Junkman added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    318ci, max speed (downhill, down wind-hurricane force that is, gas pedal buried)=75 mph.  There was a Twin-sonic light bar too but it didn't slow the t**d down at all.  When you have the aerodynamic qualities of a barn door, you really can't be effected by a light bar.

    Borderline insubordination after being ordered by a sgt to take it for the shift.  Having said that, I'd be OK with a model of this POS as I could then stomp it flat.  Holy Cow, the 70's sucked as far as cars went.
  12. The Junkman added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Could this be a basis for a Dodge M880 pickup?
  13. The Junkman added a post in a topic > MPC 1980 Road Runner   

    During 1979 in my first year on the CHP the state bought 12 of these pieces of **** on an experimental basis (along with 12 Camaros and 12 Fairmonts).

    We drove these in heavy LA freeway traffic after being threatened with insubordination by the Sgt if we didn't.  The downhill in a hurricane/balls to the walls/end of a flat road/never to exceed on pain of death speed was 75mph.  Couldn't reach speed fast enough to safely enter traffic on the freeway.  At least they didn't rust in LA.  (Every one of the Camaros went down with spun bearings, the Fairmonts completely ran out of breath at 96mph.  1979 was the absolute nadir of automobile development.
  14. The Junkman added a post in a topic Next release of Revell '70 Cuda; any update information?   

    Well, that's your problem right there: its well known the #1 overlooked best seller would be the 289 and FIA Cobra done with modern moldings.   Now, back our regularly scheduled programming.
  15. The Junkman added a post in a topic Stripping Revell pre-painted body   

    Thank you