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  1. The true question is "why" it ended up in Norway. An economy car so underpowered that they had to add a V-8 to move it off the dealer lot. An "economy" car with a 1975 American V-8. Then again I understand they eat lutefisk up there. How bad is the fish that they have to soak it in lye to make it palatable? 🤣 Hey, we may have lost our minds here but not our sense of humor.
  2. Not Garlits but I do recall this one, I was eleven at the time. http://allamericanracers.com/gurney-for-president/ I even have a couple of decal sheets with that bumper sticker in 1/24.
  3. I had the Maverick and wish I had it again. Thanks, guys.
  4. Flashing through Ebay and I saw a box art offer for the old Johan Comet pro-stock. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-BOX-ART-PRINTERS-TEST-SHOTS-FOR-THE-NEW-BOX-JO-HAN-PRO-STOCK-COMET/401841980749?hash=item5d8fa6054d:g:srsAAOSwT8ZdTPUF Is that being re-released or is this something like a fan boy wish?
  5. Get back to us if you see that car out in the wild come, say, January or February.
  6. Now for some reason, I'm OK with the blue one. Excepting that its blue and has flames the main difference I see is that is has real, recognizable headlamps. Not like those ones in the red one that looked like some five year old attacked it with a pencil. Changes the whole front aspect.
  7. I admire the craftsmanship that went into it but to me it looks like an instant caricature of something.
  8. This afternoon on US 101 in Marin County north of SF there was this one, marked just this way and this color. (Well, maybe not this precise one but you get the idea.) Still in very good shape.
  9. I look at that photo and feel the same as when I look at dog rescue sites. "I could take that one in and give it a better home."
  10. Keeping in the realm of cars and modeling: Decals are/have been available. Comes in both Chevy and Ford varieties.
  11. Bone stock 1969 Chevelle 427 black vinyl over white. Sounded like it, too. Noticed it just as the light changed directing me onto the freeway and it stayed straight down the city street, thus no photos I've seen a raft of SS396's over the years but never a 427.
  12. If you time it right (as in check to see if they're open that day) the Mullin is a can't miss. Ventura isn't THAT far away plus you can drive down Pacific Coast Hwy and see all the beaches mentioned in Beach Boys songs. I've seen a bunch of the inventory (at the Peterson, of course) and they are just gorgeous. http://www.mullinautomotivemuseum.com/
  13. Don't know him but these guys might. http://www.randyayersmodeling.com/modelingforum/ Join up and post in the "Greyside" group. Nice build.
  14. The Junkman

    2020 Corvette

    Maybe "moderately well off man's Ferrari". If they've got one, I might try the "build your car" game once the traffic on the site goes down. Tried it for the latest NSX and stopped when I reached $190K. I have expensive tastes. Ooops, here it is. https://visualizer-east.chevrolet.com/ui?carline=corvette&modelyear=2020&brand=chevrolet&language=en&country=US&channel=b2c
  15. The Junkman

    2020 Corvette

    Past experience suggests that it will be a LONG time before you see it within sniffing distance of $60K. I recall the 2005 Mustang refresh and that a salesman was trying to push one on me that was only (!) $5k over sticker. For a V-6. Street price; probably $85k and up. Still.....
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