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  1. I believe I've read that "Dukes of Hazzard" nuked so many Chargers that by the end they were using AMC Matadors. Couldn't prove it by me, never seen an episode.
  2. When I see this stuff I remember something Viggo said: "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will...."
  3. Yeah, yeah sure. But could you leave it unattended in a Walmart parking lot? Unless you're one of THOSE guys and park across 4 parking stalls. Might be up for a good "keying" though.
  4. Emma Peel, in a cat suit, with a GT40. Does a day start any better than that? I don't think so. My 13 year old self agrees.
  5. 😅 I'm reminded of the (original) Avengers TV show (the one with Mrs Peel-my first crush) episode where some nefarious vehicle was whisking bad guys around and all anyone saw was a moving blinding light. It was a mirror covered car. How that was supposed to work in cloudy England I never questioned. But then again it had Mrs Peel.
  6. https://jalopnik.com/rolls-royce-will-sell-you-a-1-8-scale-cullinan-toy-for-1843687688 Yes, I stole the last part of the title.
  7. Not true! Its not on fire. And there's nobody diving for cover.
  8. Also commonly known a "rail", "digger", and "slingshot". I remember the last most commonly when growing up. ABC's "Wide World of Sports" was the major conduit of info.
  9. It most closely resembles the early 1965 season cars (Daytona, Sebring) if that matters to you. By the Lemans practice week and especially the Lemans race way too many things had changed. Recall that racing cars were/are constantly changing. Find a car that you like at a time period that you like and go to town. Or paint it Candy Apple red with Manga girls all over it. Its all good.
  10. Can confirm. I drove them "professionally" in the 80's and 90's (a certain state-wide law enforcement organization) and almost every one broke its seatback. Not good when you're the best part of an hour away from the station. Wrap up the spare tire in a yellow "body blanket", muscle it behind the driver seat to prop it into position and limp on in.
  11. No connection to real life experience. Just going along with the reputation.
  12. I've rarely seen spot lamps on commercial tractor (the truck part)/trailer combinations. I'm talking of cab mounted spot lamps controlled and aimed by the driver. Now, on the other hand, commercial trucks have to make deliveries in all kinds of weather (it has to go through!) and many have foglamps or auxiliary driving lights mainly mounted to the front end/bumper. Another consideration is that, while a first world country, many trucks have to traverse narrow secondary roads and some have lights mounted so that the driver can see where the edge of the roadway is located. Legally, at least in California, only two sets (a total of 4) of forward facing lights are allowed to be on at the same time. High beam lights are considered to meet that 4 lamp limit. So the truck can have one set of low beams lamps and one set of auxiliary lamps in use. Plus there are often lamps mounted to the rear of the cab to keep track of what's happening to the trailer but they have to be carefully aimed so that they don't blind drivers overtaking from the rear. I'd never heard the term SAR before so I had to look it up. "The term SAR was derived from the American Kenworth item listing: Short [Bonnet], Australian, Right hand drive." We don't come upon Kenworth SAR's in the wilds of California. https://www.pressreader.com/australia/big-rigs/20160812/281728383905672
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