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  1. Paul Fisher made a resin kit of that until he got burnt out in the Camp Fire of 2018. I've seen one in the "flesh" at the Blackhawk Auto Museum and on the back of a flatbed tow truck (undoubtedly the same one) on an interstate nearby Blackhawk. That would be a worthy endeavor with extremely limited sales potential, unfortunately. I thought I read a couple of days back that 3 B.A.T.'s were going on the auction block soon. http://fishermodels.indiemade.com/product/alfa-romeo-bat-5-124?tid=2
  2. That will be my next purchase then, a complete and accurate replica.
  3. So, does the rust get included in the molding or can rust decals suffice? How about the requisite fallen/missing body parts. 😎🙂
  4. Proper 68-69 Mercury Cyclone (let's add a Spoiler too. I've got Fred Cady sheet for the Gurney and Yarborough specials) While on the subject 70-71 Cyclone with gunsight grill An F150 kit from sometime later than 1997. Come ON! Its the most purchased vehicle in the US going back forever and one snapkit of a 5 year old Raptor is the best they can do? Late model Ram pickup Later model Civics and Accords Modern F250/350 with differing cab options. A dually would be awesome
  5. Going out of the country: pretty much the entire Italeri Ferrari line. California Spyder, 250 SWB, 275 GTB and 275 Spyder N.A.R.T., Daytona and specifically the Daytona competition kit. Ferraris are always popular and these kits, while not perfect, come closer to accurate replicas. I'm thinking specifically the 250 SWB vs the Esci version.
  6. The Gunze Cobra Daytona Coupe Hi Tech multi media kit. Better than that, more than one. But I've not seen one for sale for several years.
  7. Let me add: to decide on something, begin to build, and then carry it until conclusion. One. Single. Kit. I've done item one so many times and item two several times.
  8. Foton Big General or: how to say "Raptor" in Chinese. Actually "Raptor Lite"-its about the size of a Ranger but go with me on this. https://www.unsealed4x4.com.au/chinas-big-general-on-the-offensive-with-raptor-copy/
  9. Undoubtedly a replica but one I'd love to have in my garage. VDO gauges and all.
  10. Broken record time: how about at least a freshening if not a replacement for the long-in-tooth AMT Cobra kit? It actually is a 260 Cobra and dates from 1963(?). So many options (USRRC, FIA, "secretary's car" with white walls and spokes-don't get mad at the thought, it was marketed as such though they probably implied "rich guy's girlfriend"). They've had licensing from like-forever. There are Ford 289 molds throughout their inventory including the 1967 Shelby GT-350. Plus a multi-generational customer base. So easy for me to spend their money.
  11. The matched/mis-matched wheels are a nice touch, too. That hood leaves me unmoved though.
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