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  1. 1/2 off local hobby shop

    You've got a local hobby shop. You lucky bum.
  2. Walmart movie cars, long version

    Didn't you see "Skyfall"?
  3. Buying Belkits in the USA

    You can also go here: http://www.mshobbies.com/belkits-wrc/ No connection with the seller but I've bought from him a number of times. Mark's a good guy.
  4. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Why Revell decided to do a 1992-1997 CV when the 1998 to 2011 models STILL are on the road will always escape me. Lindberg had a fine model of the older style but the later one which was in production for 13 years-nothing but diecast.
  5. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Cobra, just saying Cobra. Modern moldings 289, FIA, USRRC, secretary special with wires and white walls. Cobra Daytona too.
  6. Spielwarenmesse N├╝rnberg 2019

    A link to a list of announced releases. Its a bit wonky-works one time but not the next. Not a great deal new on the car front. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2019/Nuernberg_2019.html
  7. eBay: contest for record highest asking price

    Yeah, they're expensive. But you only have to sell one..... Just speculation but I'd bet some of those are mis-typing upon entry. Also what is it called when a bunch of people look at the same thing without buying it and the system interprets it as desire-thereby jacking up the price each time its looked at. Dynamic pricing isn't it but close. You see that alot in searching used books.
  8. Some talk on car movies.

    What they did to Chargers on Dukes of Hazard must have left you curled up in a ball on the floor.
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I got several of those back a few years ago. It looks like a good base for the 1965 early season cars (Daytona, Sebring). By May (Reims) the cars had changed and by Lemans they were almost completely different. Replace the wheels with Halibrands, look critically at the engine/transaxle and there's a good shelf model. Can't speak to fit and finish. Pictures from that era are vital.
  10. Retro Ford GT at 2019 Daytona 24

    Related: has the racing version of the Revell Ford GT hit these shores anywhere?
  11. Message to FCA: Don't Mess With My Challenger!

    Hybrid tech has come a long way and isn't much of a sacrifice in performance, as proven by the various high end hybrid cars on the road. I think we're at about the same place, aircraft enginewise, as we were at the end of WWII. The epitome of piston engine development but soon to be supplanted by jets. If we ever reach the point of getting the same range on a charge as a tank of gas and followed by an equivalent time to refuel/recharge only then will the IC engine be in danger. I live in a rural/small town area. 65 miles to the next city of any real size. The idea of spending an hour to drive there followed by 4-5 hours of recharge time so that I can go home is, and will remain, a non-starter with me.
  12. Oww....

    Did anyone look under the billboard? Good news is that it looks as if it was mainly a framework that held the banner. Metal-on-metal crime. I'm surprised this didn't get more publicity at the time.
  13. How Many CAR Scenes Filmed in the LA River?

    I spent my first 10 years within earshot of LAX. I recall that if it rained for 3 days in a row they closed the local schools. You have to recall that primarily the LA Basin is just that: a bowl. Water comes in and there aren't a lot of places for it to go. Never had an urge to return or even to visit. Except for the Peterson Museum...
  14. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    Case in point: Fisher Models. I've got a FEW of the ones he carried but never pulled the trigger on the Cunningham, Chaparral 2F, long tailed Ferrari 512. There appears to have been a successful crowdfund to help Paul Fisher carry on but who knows at this point.
  15. How Many CAR Scenes Filmed in the LA River?

    In a previous life I provided traffic control for numerous movies/commercials. Very common for logos to be covered, even to the extent of covering "Ford" and "Dodge" logos on hubcaps.