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  1. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Old MPC Knight Rider kit   

    I still have my KITT from the original release, and it doesn't have the badges on the side or the pillar. So either MPC (or Ertl) did a mix & match for a later issue, or someone else did and resealed the kit (does happen ... such as me picking up a Revell dragster kit and finding a sheet of Tamiya BMW decals inside it).
  2. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic 1/16 Lindberg BULLHORN T   

    I picked up one of these kits at the LHS over the weekend (Hub Hobby, in Little Canada MN). Molded in white plastic this time, the chrome looks good. Tires are two-piece soft vinyl, so not planning on using them. It does remind me of a half-size Big T when going through the pieces and seeing how it goes together. Looks like it should be a lot of fun to customize too with other parts.
  3. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic 15th Annual NNL North, May 19, 2013   

    Bumping this up, as the show is a week from today.
  4. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Tip for twin cities modelers   

    Its sort of like an NNL ... no trophies or anything like that ... last year the Richfield store gave out gift cards to the winners, and the year before Little Canada awarded model kits. They don't run the show for very long, it might be from 11am to 1pm. The Little Canada store used the hallway that connects the store to the mall, so they set up tables to run alongside the windows. A couple people stay in that area to keep an eye on things, because it does get a lot of traffic.
  5. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Tip for twin cities modelers   

    Hub in Little Canada has a few of the Revell '50s Olds back on the shelf, but not very many, when I was there Saturday. Also tied in with their annual October 20% Off Sale, the LC store is holding a model contest / show on the 27th (Hub also has a photo contest on Facebook that ends today for entries, and I think their FB page is run by someone at the Richfield store ). This is the third year for the model show, which alternates between the 2 stores.
  6. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Revell "Orange Crate" '32 Ford Sedan Hot Rod   

    First time I built this was in the early 70s, and the next time a couple of years ago ... its never been an easy build, and it sure left an impression on me when I was a kid!

    I took my time for this build, and went for the drag look, before it hit the show circuit and everything was chromed, using the cover story from "Hot Rod" magazine for reference. The frame has some really bad seam lines, so had to dechrome that and paint with Alcald (and then I handled the frame so much the Alclad wore off in a couple of spots, so had to redo those areas).

    The build pictured here is the one that has the resin hood, which was warped and had to be reshaped. I wish Revell had taken the time to retool a styrene hood years ago, but I don't know why they went the resin route for it.

  7. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Montana Gold   

    I used a lacquer thinner after decanting it, and would add a little more thinner and then stir until the consistency looked right. Even then, I was surprised at how well this paint covered ... one of the easiest body painting jobs I've done with an airbrush.
  8. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Montana Gold   

    I used the Montana Gold Linden Green for this Fujimi Ford GT40. I had to special order this color from Dick Blick and found the paint is about $2 cheaper online than in the stores (although shipping charges will take away that advantage), as the Blick Stores carry a small selection of the colors (at least the two stores around me). This stuff IS thick ... it reminded me of foam when I did some test spraying ... so decanting the paint for use in an airbrush is definitely recommended.

    The paint covers quite nicely, I thought.
  9. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Questions about these two AMT kits   

    Wasn't the '27 Touring car released with Laurel & Hardy? I've got the '25 T with L&H, but there was a touring car release at the same time.
  10. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Photo album for 2010 NNL North show in Bloomington, MN now online   

    Yep, they're by Jim Johnson but no, unfortunately, they're not for sale ... he made all those to do multiple various buildups of a body style he really likes.
  11. gwangi-boy added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Photo album for 2010 NNL North show in Bloomington, MN now online
    Another fun show in Bloomington, the 2nd year at the Knights of Columbus location (and hopefully the home of the NNL North for years to come) ... plenty of vendors, Round 2 had sent over some publicity material, lots of models on the table, and even food served for us hungry ones who didn't want to leave the building. Enjoy the photos!

    NNL North 2010 model show
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  12. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Monogram Circus Wagon   

    Heard it was because Mattel owns the name -- one of their Hot Wheels cars is called the Dragon Wagon (and looks nothing like the Tom Daniel design). When Praying Mantis released a Johnny Lightning version of the DW a few years ago, it was called the Draggin' Dragon.

    At least that didn't happen with the Street Fighter reissue -- the side of the box says the Street Fighter name is trademarked and used by permission from Georgia Marketing & Promotions!
  13. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Mongoose Duster AA/FC   

    Very nice! Slixx has decal sheets for some of McEwen's cars, and the Coca-Cola decal is on those ... it took me a while to realize the same thing after I got the Revell twin set that the C-C decals were missing (plus I think the Monogram originals had tinted windows, if I remember right).
  14. gwangi-boy added a post in a topic Paddy Wagon Show Rod question   

    I remember hearing that Stevens Int had looked into reissuing the kit a few years ago, but they found out the tooling wasn't complete. Part of this kit did end up in MPC's C-Cab "Outcast" showrod, which can be used to help restore an old gluebomb of the Casper car (although unfortunately some of those parts were the brass plated ones in the Casper car -- and in the Outcast, they're bare plastic).

    And FWIW, AMT had their Paddy Wagon, a dual kit where you could build a complete Model T if you wanted (their Paddy Wagon was also known as the Cop-Out -- no relation to Monogram's kit of the same name, of course!)
  15. gwangi-boy added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Pics from the Plastic on the Prairie model contest
    ... partnered with the Spud Valley train & toy show. The models begin on page 5 of the album ... lots of photos of old & new toys, especiall of tractors and trains. The show was held in Fargo, ND.

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