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  1. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic The building of my mid engine steam punk hot rod   

    Very interesting, it's great to see something completely different and outside the box in a build.
  2. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic Fiberglass bodies   

    For doing smaller bodies as 1/25, you'd need to use what is called "surface tissue" cloth. I've used it in a few of my older castings and they too weren't horrendous. Even now in certain cases I still prefer the glass over polyurethane resin.

    Yes 95% of the Jarmar ones were only garbage bin standard and most of the ones I've had of his did have the cloth in them, just never enough as a strong sparrow fart would blow a hole in them, but alot can be achieved in the smaller scales with fibreglass when you get "your way of doing it" worked out. The basics are all the same, but everyone has different techniques as most times what works for one doesn't always work for another..
  3. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic A 1/25 plastic model kit of the Blue Mule by AMT?   

    And it's not even April 1st.
  4. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic Sleeper brand questions   

    It's your model and I'm gathering it's a fictious build in that it's not an exact replica of a 1:1 truck, so you build it the way you want and if the rivet counters don't like it, then they don't have to look at it or comment on it.
  5. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic 1963 ford n 600 stubnose   

    Posted 16 August 2012 - 09:11 PM
    the bumpers in the rtv now, the kit will be on the website early next week

    Any further information on when you'll be putting the kit up onto the website?
  6. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic 1958 Wide Track cabover   

    Looks like an FWD might have gotten mixed up in the mix too.
  7. Charlie-02 added a post in a topic 1963 ford n 600 stubnose   

    When can we get one and how much?
  8. Charlie-02 added a topic in General   

    Model Cars Magazine
    Is there a website or shop on this great planet of ours that I can go to to buy back issues of Model Cars Magazine? I'm missing some issues from 04,05,06&07. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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