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  1. bobguar added a post in a topic Revell 2013 Car Kit Releases   

    All I can say is: awesome!!!! Revell rocks! Now where is RC 2 with new tooling?
  2. bobguar added a post in a topic Mura Bros. Willys Truck   

    Really nice build, I may have to go into my stash and build one!
  3. bobguar added a post in a topic A new AMT Parts Pack from Round 2 ?   

    Man this would be great...just do it!!! It's a no brainer.
  4. bobguar added a post in a topic CLUTCH PACK   

    Really nice, how can I get a set?
  5. bobguar added a post in a topic AMT '71 Charger R/T   

    Great! Hope they mold it in white and not one of those crappy colors.
  6. bobguar added a post in a topic '53 Hudson Hornet is coming....   

    Wow, sign me up...these kits look great and are going to be well done, they will sell like hotycakes and hopefully more to come!!! Moebius will be a real player with gfreat detail and quality...thanks Dave!
  7. bobguar added a post in a topic Check out the Revell 62 Impala   

    Len as always your commentary is great and appreciated. I think Revell has another winner and kudos for the straight Impala and the choices, hopefully the 66 Impala will too be a terrific kit too. I am looking forward to your updates but I wish the comments regarding faults are held back until the kit is actually in our hands. Great job
  8. bobguar added a post in a topic Landy Coronet Finished   


    Beautifully done! I always wanted to build this car but did not know where to get the decals. Can you tell me where you got the decals?