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  1. another replica rendering! chopped and dropped!

    rendering and model mock up
  2. working on my truck..and want a model of it..(lets see which gets done first..lol) this is the truck before after
  3. Chevy 454SS from paper to plastic

    thanx guys!!!!
  4. Chevy 454SS from paper to plastic

    thanx for the compliments everyone!! heres some random build pics of it!
  5. Chevy 454SS from paper to plastic

    it is also up for trade or sale! PM me offers!
  6. Cadillac Truck....well almost.

    this is what i started with cut the b pillar and drew the new door line i cut the c pillar first..and cut out s few scale inches..and the a pillar..had to spread the c pillars out a bit to get them to fit right..then use zap a gap..i braced it from behind..u also have to cut the roof in the middle and add a strip of plastic..if u have any more ?'s abt this ask..chopping a top wasnt the easiest thing i have done..it was my first time but it came out well..
  7. Cadillac Truck....well almost.

    i think i have one in here..its 99 silverado gone loco..and it was the first kit before this one..it was just the stock 99 silverado kit..but its basically the same thing..and i may have some pics of the chop..i chopped the top..got rid of the b pillar..and made the doors longer..let me get some pics and things together and i'll post em up.
  8. Cadillac Truck....well almost.

    heres mine..it wuld have astually been easier to cut the front of the escalade and truck..at the mold line..so the hood would fit.. any ?'s jjust ask.
  9. West Texas ??

    lol..srry! sure cant!
  10. West Texas ??

  11. My 454SS paper to plastic

    thanx homie!
  12. My 454SS paper to plastic

    thanx. these grills tho...it just kills the truck i think..
  13. My 454SS paper to plastic

  14. My 454SS paper to plastic

    got first color on the 454SS forgot..another sratch build tank and compressor :biggrin: