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  1. That is the coolest pic I have seen in a long time.
  2. How Old Are You

    Hey Pete. I know your stuff well- great builds!. Been to a lot lot of SoCal Shows. As far a wine and building....stay away from the rotating blades. Got a nasty cut that way. Scott
  3. '95 Batmobile from the movie Batman Forever

    I think that took guts to build. My lease favorite too. Glammobile. You did a great job with it.
  4. Future of the hobby

    Here is my personal experience: I loved cars as a kid... Especially, hot rods. My dad took me to the Oakland Roadster Show and dirt track races. I found a partially disassembled Black Widow in a toy box at my great grandma's house and play with it until I figured out how it went together. My parents got me glue and a lot of news paper and I was off to the races. I think I was 4 or 5. I built by myself until I was in college and found the SAM club up in Sacramento. After I got married and had kids, I built models with all three of my sons. They enjoyed the time together, but none of them had an interest in cars, or model cars. The two boys who lived with me liked making stop motion animation movies. The other son preferred video games. So they never built much independently. Just the way it went in my house. Not sure what it says about the future of the hobby. I would like to see it continue, but I have a life time stash, so it it goes the way of scrimshaw, I'll be fine.
  5. How Old Are You

    Back at ya, Bruce
  6. How Old Are You

    I turn 56 tomorrow. Been building for 52ish years.
  7. Steampunk Frankenstein Lab Lamp

  8. Piranha Funny Car

    I noticed the side roll bar bracing thats in the kit is not on the photo you have. The 1:1 looks better to me.
  9. What Irked You Today?

    My wife and I work at the same school, so we comment together in the HOV lane. It drive me nuts to see how many people join us when they are driving by themselves. They are also frequently the tailgaters and texters too. So many SoCal drivers really suck.

    All but the last one, Rob. Barber Shop car is by Joe Ballion.

    I am pretty sure the Hard Hat Hauler was a Harry Bradley design. I'm also pretty sure none of the cars pictured above came from Barris.
  12. Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines

    Some years ago I was at a SoCal model show and someone had converted a 1/16th Micky Thompson Grand Am to a four engine car. Sorry no pics, but it certainly stayed with me.
  13. Revell Hot Rod Monster Machines

    Ivo bash idea using PartsPack fords. The Flying Brick. It's on the back burner. Way back. Bill's is awesome. I'll be trying his metal technique someday. Hosted on Fotki
  14. The Wicked Baron

    I agree with John. Using wings for A arms is brilliant.
  15. Come on.... TWD can do better than that.

    "RICK! You had ONE JOB!" LOL!!!! hmmm. maybe I'll take a look at the Santa Clarita Diet. Westworld!!!!!!!!