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  1. You did a fantastic job with this one, Keith. The turbine is really a great focal point. Even though it is fictitious, it's still convincing. The whole model turned out very cool.
  2. Wow. That looks Soooo right!
  3. My pet peeve is also bumpy foiling. I also not a fan of lots and lots of photo etch fo photo etch sake. I remember one super detailed model that had the PE seatbelt bracket neatly anchored to what would be an aluminum wheel tub. I am guilty of at least two things: 1) The parted hair plug wires. And yes I believed I was using a reordered cap. I stole and HEI cap from an 80s Camaro to sell it. 2) I have always claimed I built my first model at...4. Don't throw things just yet. After reading all the skeptical posts, I wondered if I had exaggerated that story over the years. So I just called my 80 year old mom, who is still of sound mind. I asked her how old was I when I build my first model. She paused then said "Four." "It was a pretty simple one. As they got more complicated, your older brother had to help you with the instructions. After a while he told you you would have to do it yourself, so you learned to read so you could build models." I've heard that story before, but she never put an age to it. I do have some memory of that first model. I found it at the bottom of a toy box at my great grandma's house. It was a Black Widow that one of my uncles had discarded. The major parts were there but had come off. I played with it until I figured out how it went together. When my parents picked me up, they got a tube of glue and put me at the kitchen table with a lot of newspaper. There was also what I know now to be a Long John, but I could not figure it out because the heads on the side of the body did not make sense. Anyhow, one of the heads from the Black Widow floated around my parts box for decades. I remember it was was pretty warped from all the glue I used. So that's my story. I can see how it is possible that the family may have moved the age back a bit over the years, but I'm not going argue with my 80 year old Mom. Scott
  4. Wow, Gregg! I'm impressed at your fortitude. I'll have to pick up a copy as my local hobby shop or book store. Well done, my friend. Scott
  5. I've really enjoyed following this build. You are doing a great job with it.
  6. One of my projects I actually got finished this summer was to organize my kits in some sort of categorized fashion. I have added only a couple more since these pictures. I am beginning to think about selling off to fund a long languishing 1:1 Sprite project. Showrods Showrods and drag Drag race and closed course Race and street rod 1 Race and street rod 2 Street machines and unboxed rebuilders Oddballs 1 Oddballs 2 Overflow The back 40. Older build-ups, unfinished projects, and purchased build-ups.
  7. I cut my modeling teeth mostly on showrods and drag race cars. I tend to really go for anything outrageous that I have not seen a likeness of before. Creativity and execution really count. Below is a link to some of my favorites. There are other great models out there by master craftsman that I have not captured. They tend to be in the drag section or big boys. Here are the ones I captured https://public.fotki.com/Scottcolmer/top_20_or_more_crea/ Of my own models, I would say this benchwarmer is the one I think of the most. I love the idea if cutting wind resistance by narrowing the body and using the existing body styling for other things such as intakes. Scott
  8. This guy is usually a vender at SoCal swap meets. If I had the money to blow, I would by the Chrysler cross ram just to hand on the wall. So cool.
  9. Passed this in Pomona on the way back from the swap meet.
  10. Went to the Pomona Swap meet today. First time I have been there in several years. It was amazing. I managed to find a couple models too I've wanted on of these since they were released way back when. This one was missing the the instructions and decals. No problem. This was one of three Balsa planes I have never seen before by the same manufacture. They were all from 1944. With a finished wing span of over 6ft. I had to have this B17 since the price was good. Kids back then must have been master craftsmen because there is only wood, and a piece of acetate to work with. The instructions are very detailed. But for the radial engine cylinders it says to "carve a piece of scrap plastic and wrap it with thread. You are expected to thermoform your own canopies too. I'll hold on to it for a while. I got this for a buck to annoy my wife. She is not a cat fan. I am.
  11. What an incredible piece of work through and through. I've followed this thread from the beginning. It is so cool to see this one in finished form. Well done!
  12. Sorry if I came across as harsh, Bill. I can see how my message could be read that way. To add to your point, when we were thinking about moving, we looked at a house with a Sun Run solar deal. They would have wanted us to assume the contract. That was a deal killer for us. Scott
  13. Where to start..... I have lived in California all my life. My wife sold solar panels for Sun Run in 2009 when she could not get a job as using her new teaching credential because of the 2008 recession. She went door to door and have nothing but respect for her for doing that. Sun Run is a company that works on the premises that you cannot afford panels, so you pay your bill at a set rate through though Sun Run. They put the panels up for free. It works for some people. When we were ready for solar panels, WE did our research by checking our power bills - pool and liberal use of the AC AND planning for a Chevy bolt electric car. Guess what..... We BOUGHT solar panels with a loan and at an annual rate we SAVED money over our annual usage. When we added the electric car and saved even MORE money. Our gasoline bill went from 300.00 a month for a truck to 40 dollars a month for the Bolt as the main driver. And guess what added value to the house? The solar panels. Here's the moral... Check your expenses and make a decision. Don't let some youtube ding dong (wonder who backs that guy) or a Pay-us-instead-of-buying tell you what''s what. Do your research, and think long term. Oh- We have been making extra payments on the panels with the savings. When they are paid off we are free and clear we will me looking at hundreds in savings a month. Scott
  14. I am weeping for that boattail riv that got hooked up with the wrong type of customizer. Sad end to my favorite American design. Poor girl.
  15. When I was building, I had some episode every time I put something together. I went from this to this, with one slip from hand to floor. It took a bit, but I fixed it. Hosted on Fotki Even the small assemblies can take a hit This... went to to this when the rotary blade grabbed the assembly and flung it into the back board of my bench I rebuilt it Andy Kelleog from SAE once said to me, "If you can do it once; you can do it again."
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