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  1. 33/36 Ford Coupe

    You really have an eye for design. Great look and execution.
  2. For D Day- what is was really like. PICs

    Great story, Johnny.
  3. For D Day- what is was really like. PICs

    Thanks for the correction Snake.
  4. Time for summer cleaning

    It gets a bit over 100 in the summer here. They were in a metal shed before I moved them into the garage. I've not had any problem with plastic warping. The kit boxes that are facing the west sun have faded from the times the garage door is left open. Oh- And the rats got to a few of them in the shed. Before that I had a termite attack when they were in the garage of another house. The little buggers went through the back of a cabinet and ate part of the boxes and decals. That was a bummer because I spent a good amount on the Hasegawa circuit board graphics Mercedes race car - of course they ate those decals. Figgers. Then there is the usual tire burn. I don't know if the heat makes that worse.
  5. A few years back my wife's grandfather, Kemo was in a veteran's home. He served in Vietnam and got three purple hearts and two bronze stars among other decorations. He was pretty much a bad A@@. One day Cliff was sitting at Kemo's table. Cliff was 90. We started talking and it turned out he was a B-17 tail gunner who flew over Normandy on D-day. The next time I was there I had some pictures he had taken from the plane. Some were during combat. What did he say about it? It was the most terrifying thing he had ever experienced. The plane was constantly getting shot up with flack and bullets. At one point the pilot radioed back to him and told him to go to the middle of the plane to patch up the belly gunner who had been shot. The bay doors were open at the time. He insisted he was not brave, because he really did not feel he had a choice to do any of the things he did. He said he would not wish combat on anyone. All those puffs of smoke are flack. In formation Dropping a payload The crew. I do not know which one is cliff. He was tall and slim at 90. I think he is the one sitting on the left. He passed away a couple years after I met him. He will always be missed.
  6. Time for summer cleaning

    School is out and plan on making my summer count this year. The list of projects is long, but it includes finishing some model projects as well. It will be the first time I got some serious bench time in a couple years! First up -clean out the sheds and the garage and sell there stuff I accumulated but don't use. Here is shed #1 - in an after shot. I was a rat play pen. Gross! The Sprite is on hold for a couple years. This is the stuff I am selling - My grandfathers word working tools and ..a bench top metal lathe. 700.00. Any So. Cal takers? Next up the garage. My bench is way in the back. I found the diecasts in a box. The rats had made a nest of it. So I unwrapped them so they could find another home. I also found a box of old trophies that the rats had invaded too. I saved what I could. Luckily a couple trophies that really mean a lot to me were spared. - My first BMX trophy from 1976 was one. We were on vacation in Lake Tahoe. It was a very local track. that raced every week. The first week, I got second or third. I found out they only gave only first place trophies. I thought about that all week. It paid off.
  7. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    What an awesome story. I got a laugh out of that one. I think that good samaritan got lucky.
  8. Lola T-70 Mk III

    Hey Mark, I'll be watching to see what you do with this one. Should be excellent. Here is a link to some Lola pics I took in Fontana several years ago. https://public.fotki.com/Scottcolmer/reference-pics/lola/ Scott
  9. 1928 Ford Sedan 60's Style Altered UPDATED 2/10/19

    Cool. Now come the fun part. Let's see it go together.
  10. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

  11. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Here's one to "drink in." And don't forget the much discussed Uncertain T
  12. Techno Bubble 41 Willys Bonneville car

    I've been really enjoying all your posts. This is by far, my favorite. I really like the mono shock front end.
  13. Roadster Door Hinges ?

    I have not done this yet, but I remember and article where the person used brass strips folded over. The then line up the top and bottom hinges with a pin or rod all the way through both so the door would swing properly.
  14. I'm glad I found this one. A great reproduction of one of my favorite hot rods. Well done, John!
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I like unusual models. This one caught my eye. Since the bids were very low, I took a shot. The bids might have been low because the shipping was almost 20.00. When the box arrived, I understood why. This is a big kit. The idea is that you can assemble different body panels to make several variations on a car. I played with it a bit. Aside from the "calculator" to help decide combinations there were no instructions. It is basically large pin and tab system, but you have to figure out the order. The parts don't really want to stay together. Update: A search on youtube turned up a video on a complete kit with instructions. One rainy day I'll pull it out an build a couple really big cars.