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  1. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    This qualifies as fast food. For many years I traveled annually to Segovia, Spain. It's a very old town (over 2000 years) that is also pretty small. Consequently, fast food was had on the patio outside a restaurant. This was one of my favorites. Sandwich mixto.
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  2. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic And so it starts on ebay   

    Ahhh, THAT Lincoln. Years ago a friend of mine bought one sight unseen. (No on line yet.) He open it up, assessed the quality of the casting, then smeared it with chia pet seeds. It grew pretty well for a while. Guess his assessment of "poo poo" was correct.
  3. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    So my son who lives in Spain is visiting. It is time to take him to the airport for his trip home. My wife somehow got the departure time as 7:15 when it was 6:20. No problem we planned to arrive at the airport almost 2 hours early. We get to the Iberia Airlines counter at 5:30. No one there. We go to other airline counters they all say the Iberia staff has gone to the gate. The information guy is completely useless. Turns out that the entire counter crew shut down the counter 1 hour before flight time and left. No one said they could call the gate. We ended up having to pay $120.00 to reschedule his ticket. 
    It will not be pretty when we take my son back to the Iberia ticket counter today.
    At least I got to spend another day with my son.
  4. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    I have a one-off fast food that is (was) really good.
    Up until about 1975 the was a place in Martinez, CA called Buds. All they served was an amazing breaded pork chop sandwich. When Bud was ready to retire, no one wanted the business so he shut it down.
    A few years back I did a search an found out that many years prior Bud had been to a place in Montana and had the amazing sandwich. After a bit of persuasion he talked the owner into giving him the recipe and Bud opened Buds in Martinez. If I ever go to Montana, I am finding that place. 
  5. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    We have Farmer Boys- Pretty good but expensive.
    Jack in the Box. Not bad.
    But my favorite is the Filet O fish from Mc Donalds. They are like fish candy. I once bet that I could eat 10 in one hour. There were three of us trying. We ordered 30 of them at the drive through. Yep, we got pulled to the waiting spot.
    The final results... I did the best with 7 and one half. I think I could have done it if I paced myself better because I finished the left over 2.5 sandwiches about an hour later. 
  6. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Summertime Chores That Keep Us From Modeling   

    Quote: 2. Landscaping. This is apparently the year we add trees and shrubbery to the backyard.
    A SHRUBREEEEE! Bring us a SHRUBREEEE!                 Little bit of The Grail there. Sorry. Had to do it.
    I got lots of house stuff to do too. Mount sinks. Build brick columns for the patio posts. Put in an irrigations system. Trim trees. Pick up doggy poo. The list is endless.
  7. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Got kind of hot today.   

    113 in Riverside. 
    Summer School got out at noon. During the school year the AC is controlled by the district. I found out at noon that how the teachers can turn it on in their class room during the summer. Felling pretty sticky.
  8. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Luxury in the future?   

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  9. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic "LaBra"   

    I would see what I could do with masking tape laid on fabric from an umbrella. You will need a good pattern first.
  10. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Automotive (and other) toys from our childhood   

    OK, I'll jump back in. 
    Do they even sell these anymore? They used to have one at my grade school. That will never happen again.
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    This was one of those gotta-have-it for Christmas when I was a kid. I found out many years later that my parents had to drive to a few different stores to find one. I still remember the original ad - "Hey, you knocked my block off!" I bought another one as an adult. 
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  11. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Thanks for the well wishes. 7th grade was my last choice for a grade level. I'll be teaching special ed kids. There is room for a little more creativity there because of Individual Education Programs. Yep....It won't be easy. I'm OK with that. I taught 1st graders for the first month of my subbing career. That was hard.
  12. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Just got my first job as a real teacher. It's official. I've been subbing for most of the year as I finished up my classes.
    I lucked out and get to teach as a paid intern instead of student teaching (working for free) for 4 months. 
    New journey ahead!
  13. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Strangest Thing On Your Workbench?   

    I accidentally hit him with the garden hose. The pieces I could find are back, but there is still a touch up to do.
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  14. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Novecentoundici Cinquino   

  15. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    Wow. Did I write that? That's one of my worst.