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  1. Is your phone tracking you ?

    I'm OK with my phone tracking where I go. I also get it when I order something on line (usually Amazon) and then the adds start popping up on our computers and phones. What is really weird is when we TALK about something (not asking echo to put it on the shopping list) and THAT starts popping up. It may be a coincidence, but it has happened more than once. Smart TV? Echo? Kinda creepy.
  2. WW III, the war on plastic.

    We just got back from a visit to the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. The small bits of plastic floating around the ocean are SINGLE USE items likes straws and water bottle. They do break up and they get ingested by sea creatures who see them as food. Some, birds will send them out with with their regurgitated pellets. Baby birds it sometimes kills. I found a pellet on the beach with lots of plastic in it. I also found lots of litter on the same beach and on some secluded hiking trails. I packed out what I could carry. Did I drop it there? Can I change the world, No, but I can do my part. The trash was created one person at a time, It can - eventually - be clean up that way too. My 2 cents. Scott
  3. Nice paintwork, Bernard. Nice and clean and a good color combination. Well done! Scott
  4. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    That is just so amazing! Such tight detail in 1/25. Wow! I hope to see this one in person someday.
  5. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I've been taking shots at this Supervan for a few years. I finally landed one. It's a clean, complete build that is not a glue bomb. Very restorable. Just need decals.
  6. Vintage 1946 Monogram streamliner kit

    Freudian typo. I'm a teacher ; )
  7. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I've been looking at the Lost in Space robot for a while. Pure nostalgia. One finally came up cheap on e-bay. When it arrived, I was surprised at how small it was. Notice the dime on the box. It's just about 1/25 scale, so I can be worked into a modeling project. It's on the shelf waiting for a burst of creativity.
  8. Porsche Junior

    Great subject, incredible job on the weathering. Looks like a well used survivor.
  9. Vintage 1946 Monogram streamliner kit

    According to the instructions it is. Put it on a teacher and let it go!
  10. Per request here are the contents of a 1946 Monogram streamliner. Enjoy.
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just picked this up on e-bay. It's a good companion to the Monojet car I got a few years back. They are vintage 1946, but they do not seem to command a big price - under 20.00.
  12. Some talk on car movies.

    Thanks for brining up King of the Mountain! I loved that movie!
  13. Some talk on car movies.

    Speed Racer, the movie. Not as good as the cartoon series if you ask me.
  14. You can have over 100 models in your house and people may think you are a bit obsessive, but not insane.
  15. iso info on life cereal cars

    I had these from the 70s. Sold them on eBay. I also remember a magazine article about someone detailing a grand prix car they got as a cereal premium.