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  1. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    Hosted on Fotki
  2. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    Hubba Hubba = Linda Darnell. Nothing like a IP address. Go figure. (pun!)
  3. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    I think Hubba Hubba is Jane Russel.
  4. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    Actually, neither person killed by the train was on the phone. I should have made that clear.  
    But I do agree with Harry, people need to get OFF the phone. My wife got a nice lecture from me after I saved her from being backed over by and SUV in the Target parking lot. I was pretty pissed off at her. Drives me nuts.
    I'll try to explain the train situation better.
    The young man hit by the train was watching the train on the far set of tracks. That train was going right to left. When the last car went by, the person was still looking that that car, to the LEFT, -  away - from the train coming from the RIGHT in the near tracks. He steps out and get hit. The trains in Riverside travel at about 60mph through crossings. I think. It is not slow for sure.
    The reason my friend did not know he recorded the accident is because his eyes were looking at the train, but the wide angle camera was picking up the actions on the perimeter. In fact, when he showed me the footage, I missed it too. He had to go frame by frame so I could see what happened.   All he knew was the trained stopped in front of the tracks so he turned his bike around and went down the road where there was an overpass. The train stayed stopped for at least 4 hours following the accident. 
    FYI  - He gave the footage to the train company and the police. Its not on you tube.
  5. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Crossing the tracks   

    I get your point, Harry. And the person would have been smart to stand behind the bars for the cars. He was in front of them off to the side. But...since we have bars for the cars, why not pedestrians? 
    And  re: apps.  When the girl was hit everyone said she must be texting, including me. It was the same thing - she did not hear the second train coming for the first one. 
  6. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic billygooche decals   

    I recently tried to contact them through their e-bay address and got no response.
  7. Scott Colmer added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Crossing the tracks
    So here's the story. ..
    A friend of ours rides a motorcycle. He runs a GoPro camera while he rides. Last week his wife was watching the news and saw that someone got hit by a train. She said that was about the time her was on his way home using the same street. So he checked his footage. There it was.
    This couple was waiting for the train on the far track to pass. The guy must have been in a hurry. His head is still turned looking at the end of the far train as it passes by and he steps out in front of the oncoming near train. The girlfriend looks astonished. There is one shot of the guy about 4 feet in the air at a 90 degree angle to the train. His head looks to be in contact with the face of the train. He did not live. He was a recent high school graduate and a good kid. My friends son went to school with him.
    I guess the noise from the first train masks the sound of the oncoming train. This is the second time this has happen in about a year. The time before was a young girl walking home home from school. 
    Maybe it's time for a pedestrian crossing bar.
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  8. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic More Efficient Solar Cells from Same Material   

    They tried that in California too, but got shut down.
    We have a solar system. It was a good investment for us since we plan on keeping this home. Power bill went from 200.00 average to 1.69. The payment for the cells is still cheaper than the old bill and in less than a decade, we will own them. 
  9. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Today's Hot wheels   

    Just what everyone else said. The ones that were worth the most survived from 40 years ago. There are lots of new ones out there and people hoarding them. 
    Here is an interesting co-subject. I found a bag of cereal premiums (toys) I stashed in 1978. There were close to 50 toys in there. I had many duplicates because I ate only 5-6 types of cereal. 
    I was able to track down the origin and a price on every one. By e-bay listed prices, they were worth close to $500.00. I sold them as a lot except for one Nancy Drew short story which I sold separately. I made close to $90.00 after shipping. 
    Now here's the interesting part. Yes, a few people save those toys. Lots more save them now. What people did not save back then was the box. The boxes that those toys were in now go for a couple hundred when they are flattened out and preserved. The price of nostalgia is always amazing. I should know because most of the models I bought as an adult replaced what I had as a kid. 
    I still have my old hot wheels from the 70s because my Grandma gave them back to me years ago. They are pretty beat up, but fun to look at and remember when I played with them.
  10. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Coyote!!   

    Cat hoarders. One of the most disturbing episodes of Hoarders I saw was a lady who hoarded cats. 
  11. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Coyote!!   

    I've lost three cats in two different suburbs in SoCal. I don't have cats anymore because of that.
    One morning, I saw one jump a 5ft chain link fence in my back yard like it was nothing. It walked down the entire length of my driveway and out the front. A good pellet gun is a good idea, if I had time to run and get it.
    I get that we are encroaching, but I still miss my cats.
  12. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What does adding "Just sayin..." to the end of a statement add to the statement.   

    Our family just had a great discussion on this very subject.
    I think people treat "I'm jus' sayn' like a conversation al mulligan, so they can get away with saying things that are inappropriate or unkind. I'm sus' sayn' - so you can't call me on being cruel.
  13. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic I say old boy   

    I had to look that one up as well.
    It's called a Brütsch Mopetta"
    Only 14 made. 6 survive.
    One sold for 66K
    Very cool.
    Here is what the handle is for.
    Hosted on Fotki
    There are some pics of a wrecked one that are pretty neat too.
  14. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    II like the motor home too! If I remember right some of the NNL west gang converted one for the ProLux theme several years ago. It was really cool.
  15. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Coll pic, Agent G. I like that back up clip on your desk. Guess you never know when you will need it.