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  1. Hey Chris, All those projects look awesome. It's great to see you still have the 40 on the list. It's good to see it mocked up. I like that helper too! Scott
  2. Thanks for the shout out, Paul. I can say that I applied all the suggestions that I got from you and the other forum members who commented on the thread. I can't go into too much detail because I don't want to give up the story for the issue, but I can say, this one has snowballed. (Its my weakness) I am just getting to paint. The scheme will be one suggested by a forum member. Here's a sneak peak shot that will probably not make it into MCM.
  3. OK, Bernard, you have my attention. I'm going to follow this one for sure. Streamliner...check, front mount blower. check, check. I'm in!
  4. It's been a long time since I commented, but I have been following. As always, amazing and inspirational. I originally opened the 100 badge pics on my phone, but I could not see it. I have to good to my big screen computer. WOW.
  5. I also thought the first pics were reference pics. Wow! Excellent work!
  6. I'm liking this thread. When I saw you were using the Revell turbine, I thought "He gonna find out how big that thing is." I built one up a while ago. It took up the back of a pickup bed. Something I learned about that engine is it's not based on anything real. Bob Paeth said the crew at Revell just kinda made up what they thought a turbine engine would look like. Keep going! I want to see how this turns out. Scott`
  7. Wow, Steve. Do you have inside access to MCM editorial? I compare the size of it to a 64 Impala in the article. Thats amazing!
  8. Hey Paul, LOTS of progress on the Pierce Arrow. Your's and other member's suggestions (along with some of my own tendencies) really determined the direction of the buildup . We will definitely be in issue 210 as promised. I had no idea you were such and Renwal/Exner fan. Your excellent post is timed well. And your collection is awesome. As far as sneak photos go, let me check with editorial. I like the idea! Scott
  9. Excellent thread, Paul. I am wondering how much massaging it took to get your Pierce Arrow to looks so nice. Chris - The Esquire magazine did not have the Pierce Arrow? I would love to see front and rear styling renderings. When I was reading Larry Greenberg's Atlantis interview in MCM issue 209 there was mention of the Renwal molds. Hmmmm. Scott
  10. I remember every one of those models. I like 'em all. Glad to see you back.
  11. Excellent work, Tim! You definately hit the 60s vibe. Fun model.
  12. That animation stand is awesome! I've never seen that. There was a plastic vet from MPC that had some of the same features. I bid on it but the buyer pulled the item.
  13. Wow! That is VERY nice. Lots of good detail, yet super clean. The word "sinister" comes to mind.
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