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  1. Great catch on the Spirit of America! What scale is it?
  2. Ken, I really like this idea as well. I'll be watching. (Kurt, I did see you blue version. Very well done.)
  3. Dann, You have been doing an amazing job packing in the extra detail on this kit. I've enjoyed every post detailing a new solution for increased accuracy. Can't wait to see the finished product. Scott
  4. I want to add detail to a transmission I just received. TIA for your help.
  5. This was a fun chore to cross off my to-do list. I had piled up a bunch of Car and model magazines in an old book case and it was time to sort them out. Here are the Model Cars going all the way back through the Plastic Fanatic when Roy then Gregg was the editor. It was really a great trip to browse them before I put them in order. What fantastic memories of some amazing builders. Some still are at it and some seem to have disappeared into the ether. What they left behind still is a treat to see. The one constant through every magazine -Tim Boyd. I even have an old 60s magazine with his Charger funny car as a contest winner. Wow.
  6. Ralph and Scott, thanks for the tips. The Shapeways Allison just arrived. It is a great piece. I might add a little detail. I found a great example here on the forum I can reference. Scott
  7. All I can say is "Wow!" What a collection of stunners. So many amazing models in one year.
  8. I also like that you built a Moon Cube. It looks great! Ira would be proud. The Haulin' Hearse is another winner.
  9. Nice collection. I really like that Henry J. It looks like you made a lot of mods to it.
  10. I'm going to dollar tree tomorrow,. Follow up; No models there. Bummer.
  11. I'll be watching this one Bernard. I started one a long time ago. It was very brittle. I'm sure this will have your usual excellent look and stance. Scott
  12. Got some mail today. The truck rims and tires are for a revived project I am back on. I widened to kit tires myself. I thought they came out pretty good until a friend was checking out the project and and "Yeah, I can see where you widened them right there." as he pointed to the seam. So these are an improvement. Hopefully, they will seat better than the modified kit items. This is another Monogram late 4os era balsa kit. I have three of the five now. (There are 4 cars and a boat) I'm looking for the other two- the Aquajet boat and the Terrajet land speed car. This Midjet is mint in the box. There is a mint Aquajet boat out there, but I have to see where things land after Christmas. I'll have to wait for the Terrajet to show up.
  13. I found my old thread from 2018 and brought it back in the hopes that I can maintain momentum. I did find a transmission that looks pretty close. It is an Allison from shape ways. I also crorrected the ribs on the T/F blower Louie is using. Here is the real thing Here are the parts. The blower is on the left. Up next will be the headers. Scott
  14. Wow great models! You guys really take me back to when I had those glowing heads in my room. I'll be watching for more as well.
  15. Hello, After a few years of not building anything, I finally got back to my workbench. First up is finishing the custom truck project. I need help identifying the transmission. I have a few obscure pics. I would appreciate help from anyone who can direct me to a picture that I can use to build one or where i can find already built. Here is where I am now with the project overall These are the pic I have of the real transmission Thanks for ant help with what type of trans that is. I am pretty sure it is an automatic, Scott
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