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  1. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    We just rewatched the last two episodes. Did anyone note the eyes opening on John Snow's wolf sword?
  2. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    Hey Mr Snake,
    We are also wondering about the chains AND how they got them around the dragon's neck because walkers "Can't swim".
    Remember Stark Uncle who came to Bran's rescue?.... Why couldn't he go on the other side of the wall... because of the magic in the wall that kept him there, yet the crew of seven were able to take a "living" walker on the other side of the wall to show Cercie. Sup' wit dat?
  3. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic My son went off to college today   

    Our last son living at home is on his way this weekend. The wife is struggling. I will miss him  sooo much, but I know he is headed for a greatest time of his life. 
  4. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I was in Davis CA last weekend and a Giant Chevy powered Radio Flyer drove by. It had a giant handle and every thing. Could not get my phone out in time.
    Oops - this is in the wrong section. Mod, please delete or move. Thanks
  5. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic How does your family deal?   

    My first wife not so much. We will leave it at that. After that, I made sure I was sure of what I liked in life and did not worry about other people's opinions. 
    My second wife is on board 100%. She never complained about the time I spent working on models. I have a garage full of unbuilt models that she is totally fine with. I'e built models with all three of my sons. They would do the work while I guided them.
    The best part was for my birthday a few years back she took me to the GSL. She was in the room looking at the models and talking to people. We had a great time.
    This year she took me the the NHRA drags in Ohio. Another really good time. 
    One thing we did this year was allow each other a play fund for what ever we wanted. Just like when I was 10 years old, I blew mine (and then some) on E-bay pretty fast. I had no idea how much I spent until it was time for some accounting. I ate some humble pie. Now I'm playing catch up to build up my fund. It's a bummer when I see a good deal on e-bay and have to let it go, but it is a balance between family, house, and fun.
    Oh, she picked out one of my models that she wants me to build in real life.... if we ever get the money.
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  6. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I spotted these in Mansfield OH while doing the Shawshank trail tour. (The prison is really fun to see.)
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    This was around the corner from the other cars. The front looks pretty neat.
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    The back needs more work
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  7. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic 32 Ford A/SR   

    It always amazes me how precise your work is. Thanks for the update!
  8. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I picked up a couple things recently. The Stude is mostly for the Mr. Speed decals and the body. I want to recreate the rear engine funny car version. I actually had one, but let myself get talked into selling it. Jerry Amaral got it and made an awesome bullet nose version of the rear engine Stude as part of a drag team. I wish I had pictures because it is one of my favorites. 
    The Beretta decals are because I always liked the box art of the original issue of the pro street Beretta, but the kits have pretty much disappeared. I'll get a reissue and use the old decals.
    The last pic is a reminder of days gone bye bye.
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    1.30 marked down from 2.00. Just enough allowance money to make it.
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  9. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Skippers critter and simple simon   

    Those are really good for 11. I've been checking out all your stuff. It's great. A real trip down memory lane. All of them excellent and very clean builds.
    I still have my Thames panel from when I was a kid, but it been through a few versions. The rest of the missing childhood kits got replaced from e-bay like you and John. Although now, with the amount of reissues, I am waiting on some of the more pricey ones.
  10. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytonas Coupe Tour De France 1964   

    Simply amazing. I followed the build on this. The finished product is incredible.
  11. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Chopped Deuce ,Revell 1976   

    Looks great so far. I built this one as a kid.
    I'll be watching.
  12. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Anyone else experiencing a delay when clicking on a post etc?   

    I'm getting the same thing.
  13. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Visible Centaur   

    Wild. That's taking kit bashing to a new level. I'll be watching.
  14. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose Indy Car   

    Wow. The finished product looks great! I really enjoyed following this one.