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  1. I remember every one of those models. I like 'em all. Glad to see you back.
  2. Excellent work, Tim! You definately hit the 60s vibe. Fun model.
  3. That animation stand is awesome! I've never seen that. There was a plastic vet from MPC that had some of the same features. I bid on it but the buyer pulled the item.
  4. Wow! That is VERY nice. Lots of good detail, yet super clean. The word "sinister" comes to mind.
  5. I'll be using this one! Excellent solution.
  6. Hey Paul, We were just talking about that. It ran in MCM. They used Alumilite (sp?) I can't recall the issues. It was a while back. There are lots of YouTube on it. I picked up a system that is very easy to use. It's called Smooth On. I use it to cast small parts. Scott
  7. One of my favorite kits! You did a great job with it!
  8. Excellent work as always! I really enjoyed watching this one come together.
  9. That's the first I've ever seen of an ACME Willys. I've heard the ACME instructions are pretty minimal. The response was that they wanted the modeler to put his own spin on it. Yours looks great! Very clean and has the "look." Nice work.
  10. I've been to that lighthouse! Great Day in Ohio. My favorite was the Sharshank prison. Oh- back to cars... That Chevy needs yellow and black paint and you are very close to a Bad Man.
  11. File this under Oops and Dummer. I had stripped some small parts and it was time to rinse them off. As I do, I put the stopper in the sink and rinsed them and hit them with an old tooth brush then set each one on a napkin to try when they were finished. All done! I pulled the stopper and started picking up the parts when the alternator (a little smaller than a pencil eraser) flew right at the sink and literally swirled around the drain like a basketball and then dropped in before I could get to it. Arg! The the thought process...which is harder finding a new alternator or pulling the PVC trap. Trap it is. I unscrewed it and dumped it in the stopped up sink and retrieved my part. The part was carefully set aside with the rest, far from the ravenous sink. Good choice. The trap was a bit smelly. I thought "I should rise this out while I have it out." So I did. Bad Choice. Big mess! Scott
  12. Great to see you back, John! Looking forward to watching you complete this one.
  13. Finally got a chance to get caught up on this one. Great stuff with every shot! Looking forward to Mark's return.
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