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  1. Yep - NOTOX - black tube with yellow letters, smelled good, safe, unusable.
  2. I agree. Thanks for posting the vacuform tutorial. Well done. Still watching. Scott
  3. About 15 years ago I lived near a hot wheels clearance center - and I was single. I checked it out a couple time a month and picked up some pretty cool stuff. They had some large die cast stuff at cheap prices - like 20.00 or less. This is one of my favorites of the large ones. I still have a lot of my original HotWheels from 69. I would have to dig them out and take pics.
  4. I'm wondering why the front door is on the second floor.
  5. So many awesome elements to this build. Great execution and styling. I really enjoyed following along.
  6. That looks great! I've always wondered about those. Still not ready to step up.
  7. Ditto. Love those salt shakers. I'll be watching, Pete.
  8. I used to race a little RX3. That's a cool video. I really like the variable Venturis.
  9. I like it! Very well done my good man.
  10. Oh my GOD, that is amazing. Always happy about the updates. Sooo close now.
  11. I bought a couple boxes of parts for a decent price. It was really fun to do a bit of styrene archaeology. I knew there were a couple good things in there. At least two of them were from my past, so there was value there. So here are the boxes. First look box 1 First look box 2 Decals and bits and pieces Lots of tires. Part of a Zinger and parts from the bed buggy. The cool headlights were not there. Poop. The Vette was nearly complete, but I'm not sure of the scale. Also included. Some small figures (mini men?) sanding stick, 1/64 camper, and part of a master link. (missing link?) Here's the money shot. Firebug with most fo the important parts, 1/20 T altered from when I was a kid. T for Two from that same time period, and parts of a Lil' Mixer, some dune buggy I don't know and parts from the Serpent kit.
  12. Sooooo... On the cool sound front, would it be wrong to set up fake side pipes that are really speakers and get some sort of digital engine sound hooked up to a rheostat so it runs in sync with the throttle? Trickery, but fun. And tunable. Oh- and I have been told that you can set up an e-car with a manual transmission.
  13. Thanks for the info, Ace. I caught most of those on amazon. I also have an engineer friend who used to work at a conversion shop. I figure I have two years before I can start. Right now, I have a body and fiberglass hood waiting in a shed. I've been pro E-car ever since we got out Bolt. So fast. A friend of ours almost talked me out of e-power because of the missing sound. We tooled around you tube listening to some bridgeport rotary engines. They sound awesome. Maybe I can fake the sound and keep the e-power. Range is the only issues then. Here is the current body waiting for me. Hood not shown. Here is the rotary powered version from high school before a failed rebuild. After this pic, I added flares and an air dam. After a wreck that evaporated the fiberglass hood, I started a full chassis rebuild. I got this far and stalled. My dad said to get it out of his shop. I gave it away. Bye bye.
  14. This is cool. I would like to do something similar with a Sprite. I wish they would show the battery and motor installation.
  15. Wow! The finished product came out great! I like the unpainted aluminum body and laced front wheels best, but it is a winner through and through. This was a great build to follow. Congrats on a job well done!
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