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  1. Not so much a model as a sign of the times. I'll keep an open mind. So far, nothing that catches my interest.
  2. These arrived a while ago. Love those showrods. Sad goodbye to an old friend. Looking forward to the reanimation of MCM.
  3. Here's the finished product from my Favorites File. Great model by a great guy.
  4. Progress is slow. I'm back teaching and the garage is HOT. I finally got both sides of the under chassis exhaust done. I used Plastic tube because it is more flexible. I put solid core solder inside to hold the bends. The bends were made over an exact handle so the radius would be consistent. I pinned the bend pieces and straights so they could slip fit together and be adjustable as I worked out the pattern. There are no mufflers because that's the way Louie wants it. I am now building what has not been done on the real truck. Next is mounting the bed so I can finalize the placement of the exhaust system.
  5. I used to love those SSPs. I had the smash up derby set. I was checking them on eBay...a little out of my price range now.
  6. I've had them for years. Went to see the doc about them a few years back. He was like "Yep."
  7. We leftys are still waiting for the mother ship to pick us up.
  8. Jantrix- Great list! I got a few good laughs out of that one. What about Ant the Master mechanic? And which one has the crew from Gotham Garage featuring a mechanic who is also a pin up model. Fun show with constantly trading up to a cooler build, but I don't always like their cars. I've always liked Ian. It seemed that in the first season he did more "bragging" than he did later on. He must be somewhere in SoCal 'cause he goes to the Pomona Swap meet. Watching him chop a Henry J completely solo was a real treat.
  9. I have this kit too. I've always thought the subject was great. I did wonder about the assembly of it. Thanks for the heads up. You did an outstanding job with yours.
  10. Well that certainly has the right look! Well done.
  11. Well done Marty! The stance and overall look are perfect!
  12. Hey Mr. Snake. I really enjoy the BOYD thread. I actually have a project underway so I can't commit to restarting an old one. Hopefully, I can jump in later this year. Scott
  13. Hey Sam - Give it a try. I look forward to seeing someone finish one. If you wait long enough, we can have build off.
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