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  1. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Yep Bill, made offshore. While I was waiting for a response from the cabinet manufacture I did an internet search and quickly found the motor with the worm gear....only $7.00!
    Wait for it......
    Minimum order - 100 pcs. Geez.
  2. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    We are making some changes to our house. This could be about unreliable contractors, but it is not. When we moved in we bought a pretty expensive solid cherry TV lift from touchstone. We decided to sell ti foe almost 1/5 of what we paid for it. $500. I raised it up, took a picture, and when I went to lower it down it stopped before it got all the way down. It beeped a few times, then nothing. 
    I unplugged it and plugged it back in and got a green light and a whirring sound. Nothing moved. 
    I called Touchstone and guess what... the company that manufactured the lift mechanism is out of business and they do not have parts. I can buy a new series mechanism for 450.00. Ouch. 
    With nothing to lose I tore apart the old mechanism. It's amazing how they can get those screw heads to tight with such soft metal. After I drilled out 5 of the screw heads I found the impeller shaft on the lower actuator (a big slot car motor) had snapped. I am wondering how long ago it broke because it seems to be operating pretty slow for a while. 
    So I sent a picture of the broken shaft in the hopes I might get lucky. Then I'll have something for what pleased me.
    Wish me luck.
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  3. Scott Colmer added a topic in General   

    Treasure Hunt
    When we moved to the new house I lost the storage space I had in the garage of my old house. So my models were all packed up into Florist boxes and stashed away for 6 years. If I bought something, it pretty much went in a box. 
    Well.... We are making some changes to the house and two large bookcases are headed out. I go them for the garage and got to unpack about 2/3 of my kits. What a blast. Getting old means you also forget everything you have. I found a Galloping Ghost II I thought had traded away and custom decals I had for a bunch of other projects. How fun to look in those boxes and find forgotten treasure. 
    It was the real life version of the occasional dream I have of stumbling on a hidden model collection.
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  4. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    I seem to start out thinking I am going to go for a simple, low detail build then end up throwing a bunch of detail at it. I just like the challenge and the way it looks.
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  5. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Dieselpunk Alternate Reality Turbine Hybrid II, sneak peek   

    The lines are right. This is gaining to be nice!
  6. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic the problem with dogs...   

    That's a good one, Tom. I remember showing my kids how to build a model and the panic that set in when my oldest CA'd his fingers together. But that's another thread.
  7. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic the problem with dogs...   

    Yep. Been there too a long time ago. It was an out of production USA 1 Vega kit kit turned pro street that was a few pieces away from being finished. When I think about it now, I probably could have fixed it if happened now. It was chewed on the front corner but not destroyed. Instead it got gutted for parts.
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    Then there was the time my girlfriend's cat sprayed my collection.  Eww. 
  8. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Revell's old "Dream Car Turbine" engine; What IS it ??   

    Ahhh ... Thanks to brining a source into it, Bill B. I wondered. 
    Please be sure to post your project, Ace. I'll be looking for it. 
    That was a fun search.
    By the way, my turbine search led me to some interesting stuff including someone's instagram of the Indy museum. Some really cool stuff there. Did you know that Carrol Shelby had a couple Turbine Indy cars lined up to race but pulled them when rumors started going around that they had secret adjustable intake areas. He packed up and left before the techs could get to him. Good story. Neat cars. They look a lot like the STP side engine turbines.
  9. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Revell's old "Dream Car Turbine" engine; What IS it ??   

    No problem Bill. I will watch to see what you find out. It is such an intricate an detailed design, it has to be modeled form somewhere. I wonder if there are any Revell OGs that might know.
    I dug around my photos and found a pic of the engine before it was put in the car.
    The air filter I added may be in the wrong place. That square flange on the right may be an intake. I also omitted the line the runs between the two disks on the left. 
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    Best regards,
  10. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Revell's old "Dream Car Turbine" engine; What IS it ??   

    Hey Bill,
    Here are a couple pics of one I put together. It was a challenge to see how it assembled. The instructions are not great.
    I looked on line and could not find much as far a wiring and detail so I used the instructions and online shots of other turbines to fake it. I really just wanted to go for interest. The good news is no one will know if it is right. Oh - It's a pretty big engine once it is finished. I was surprised.
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    Hosted on Fotki
    I did a little looking too. The Rover looks close. Perhaps this blogger can help you:

    Good luck. I'll look for your post.
  11. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Gas prices... how low will they go?   

    The way I understand it is that the fracking oil we have been pulling out of the tar sands and shale is increasing the world supply, thus driving the price down. The downside is that that oil is expensive to extract. So the middle east increases output and supply to keep cost per barrel down thus making it less of a profitable or non profitable deal to extract sands and she oil in the US. Hence the increase in oil jobs unemployment in the US.
    It's a stand off of sorts.
    My question is, are the model manufactures benefiting from the reduced material costs?
  12. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Barry Setzer 1/16 "Monocoque" Dragster: On the Workbench 12/6/15   

    Just as beautiful as the original! Lil John would be proud.
  13. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    I quit too when I met my wife 10 years ago. It was hard. The urge hangs around, but gets weaker. Taking a few slow deep breaths helps.
    Hang in there. It's a good decision.
  14. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Instant Karma's Gonna Get You...   

    We recorded it the end of the Broncos game because we had things to do. I mistakenly went on Yahoo news, so the headline gave it away. My wife set down to watch it. About 10 minutes in, Grandma comes down stairs and says, "Why you watch'n this, the Broncos won." I was cracking up. We love Grandma. I'm always rooting for Peyton so it was good either way.
  15. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Rise of the Machines...WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER !!!   

    I've seen the interviews with Hawkings about the dangers of AI weapons. He throws alien attack in there too. Pretty interesting. 
    I would add invisibility cloaking to that list. Yes, it would be cool, but I still can't think of one peaceful application for invisibility.