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  1. 1965 Lincoln Continental Navigator

    Looks awesome, Chuck!
  2. We here headed to dinner and ended up next to a new Charger RT. The driver, a older guy like me, was having a little fun, so I decided to keep up with him. We both had some launching fun for the next three lights. Not too much speed, just get getting the as quick as possible. Our EV car held it's own quite well. Wifey enjoyed the fun too.
  3. 1/24 aircraft engines

    Did someone say twin aircraft engine VW bus? Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  4. 1/24 aircraft engines

    I forgot about the Miss Budweiser. The box says it is a Rolls Royce engine. Hosted on Fotki
  5. 1/24 aircraft engines

    If you can ever get your hands on the Stroker McGurk version of the MPC Phone Booth, it has a pretty cool version of an older Aircraft V8 with an up draft carburetor. I had one, but let it go. Here is a shot of the real thing. Hosted on Fotki
  6. Altereds, before the AWB cars

    Best link in years. So many ideas. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Hi Scott. Long have I been a fan of you builds. I noticed on your Fotki site when I was on there (I no longer am) and was one of your friends on that site that you built a nice Flameout AMT kit. I got a reissue a couple years back which has a cool little cardboard display base and a neat small cardboard replica of the box which I glue gunned together. I also have the kit box in great shape.  If you would like these items I will ship them to you gratis. If interested please email me at mcsoulsby@hahnlaw.com  I also wondered if you would consider a separate trade or sale of one of you older stalled projects.  I thought it could not hurt to ask.  If you email can you title the email “Model car question reply”. Reason being it is my wife’s work email and this way she will bring it to my attention.  Thanks Scott and happy building brother.  -Mark Soulsby 

  8. FXI Trucking Hot Rod Peterbuilt.

    It been over 2 years?! Wow. Well, I have been working on this. I want to finish it. Here we have the engine I am replicating. You can just see to T/F blower on top. My biggest problem was the valve covers and heads. I could not fin them in 1:25 scale. I had to make my own, which took a good deal of work. To save time I also decided to try my hand a resin casting. The masters are pretty good. I could not get the upper/lower case lettering in the pic, so I grafted in all upper case from a donor set. The raised letters are a little lighter than I would like, but that is the best I could do. Casting was a learning experience. My first resin cast was goopy. I learned I should not have sprayed the silicone mold with silicone spray. They do not like each other. I made a second valve cover mold and things are looking better. Here is the 1:1 Hosted on Fotki Here are the molds with a fresh pour starting to solidify, masters, some castings, some of those chrome plates and breather vents on the right waiting for alclad. Hosted on Fotki Next is getting the blower up to snuff. I shaved the ribs and I am making new ones with the correct count and spacing. The technique is to lightly CA glue a block of sheet and shape the whole thing. Then I use debonder to separate them. It worked 1/2 the time. One side did not debond, so I had to shape them one at a time. Hosted on Fotki Until next time.
  9. What did you get today?

    This is model related. As a kid, I built a model based on a a drawing in CARtoons. I gave it to a friend after college who kept the good parts. Now, of course, I wish I still had it. So I get to thinking about that model and how I would like to build it again. Then I start looking for the article. It took a while and a lot of CARtoons searches until I saw a cover that looked familiar. One showed up one e-bay, (very lucky) and I picked it up. Inside was the article and the drawing I replicated. The one I built was the Sleepers club car. I used the AMT 34 ford P/U Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  10. I just peeked in a Revell Hot Wheels IMSA Camaro and found the slicks were starting to melt into the hood. That's circa 1992. It repairable, but not good.
  11. ALA-KART - NNL West Giveaway

    Hey Curt. Not this year. I'm deep in lesson plans. Too bad, I had a good time talking to you and the crew last year.
  12. ALA-KART - NNL West Giveaway

    Nice work, Curt. That should seem a few extra tickets.
  13. I was fine with Open Water. AKA - I did not hate it. One of the worst I have seen last year...Lost City of Z. The lead is NOT a good actor. There is an interesting stranded movie out there called Frozen. Made in 2010. I saw it one weekend and was talking about it at work and one of the guys said that same situation happened to him and his friends. They got out but his back was jacked up from the fall. You can figure out where they got stranded.
  14. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    I've got a few, even if they are oldies. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki And one on the bench. Hosted on Fotki
  15. Pro Touring chassis donor?

    A nascar chassis could be a good start too.