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  1. We watched Beast on Netflix. Feel free to skip it. Implausible behavior/choices and bad acting. I lost three movie choices for choosing that one.
  2. Hey Jesse, Thanks for the call out on the Vault-Avenger. I really appreciate the support. There are a couple issues at play here in regards to posting pics. The Vault articles are written to provide unique content for the magazine and entice forum member to give a subscription a try. So I would ask you to consider a subscription. The price is good and the quality and content are outstanding. I am a big fan of the magazine feel good about promoting MCM. Here is a link. Check it out. https://www.modelcarsmag.com With that said, the editorial team has had this discussion before. The rule of thumb is that we wait until the issue with a featured car has been followed by the next issue before we start sharing photos in forums. So when issue 217 hits the mailboxes, I'll post pics of the Avengers. Thanks for asking. Makes me feel good that there is interest! Best regards, Scott Colmer
  3. Great car, Gary! As always, the paint is spectacular. Love the flip front and engine set back.
  4. That is a nice piece of work! Good on you for putting it together. It looks great and I enjoyed seeing this rare piece built.
  5. Here is a link to my last auction. I think you can use it to follow more of my auctions. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325415820296 Here is how I try to do my best to present my auctions: I try to show or describe all defects or missing parts. I pack the inside of the kit and around the kit in a shipping box. If the model is a reissue, I'll say so. If you ask for combined shipping, please do not pay before I have the chance to get the combined cost. If you do not like something about your kit, feel free to ask me about it. I may be able to find a part or figure out another solution. (I do not appreciate accusations.) I check my eBay messages at the end of each day. I will probably not accept anything but auction bids. So far all the offers have been well below the final bid price. I list 4-5 kits a week. The end goal is to collect money to finally build my Bug Eye Sprite that has been sitting for 15 years. This is as far as I got before I gave away the first version away back in the 90s. This is where the next version is now. I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this.
  6. Excellent detail and design on this one. How did you do the Siamesed intake stacks?
  7. Excellent work, Dan. I really enjoyed watching this one come together.
  8. Welcome, Ken. Feel free to post pictures of some of those original builds. They always bring back memories. Recent stuff too!
  9. Wow. I have always enjoyed this model, Tim. I have an OLD magazine where it was pictured in contest coverage. What I did not know was that it was part of a set. It is so cool to see them all together. What a great ensemble. Each piece is amazing on its own. The trailer stands out to me. What a great idea! And you built it all in high school. Yikes. Did you know and talk with any other model builders at that time? Thanks for posting the whole story. Scott
  10. I think I sold 20ish so far. I usually post 4 a week. I'm not in a big hurry. I'm going with the high dollar stuff first before it gets reissued.
  11. It most certainly can be my fault. As far as I can tell, I tried to put a decimal in there and it dropped the decimal. 4.6 became 46. I will be checking my listing before posting. The Uncertain T went for below what I paid for it. At least the auctions with the error are done. 500 more kits to go. Live and learn.
  12. 216! Whoop! I agree. That feature car is amazing. Might be a 3D work in there.
  13. Excellent rendition of a stunning car. I really enjoyed the story behind you recreation of it. Kudos on including the original engine too.
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