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  1. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic 74 Cougar dragster,,,, not what you'd think!!!   

    Very KOOL! A classic basher's theme with a unique twist. I like it!
  2. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Young American, Cosmic Charger, Galloping Ghost II   

    Thanks for the clarification, Jesse. I agree - The correct decals would be great.
    Wish we could get both the Ghosts!
  3. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Don Granata`s KNUCKLEHEAD DRAG BIKE : On the Work Bench 9/30/15   

    Wow, John!
    One from my past.
    Your work, as always, it amazing. The details are fantastic. That visible magneto is killer. 
  4. Scott Colmer added a topic in General   

    Young American, Cosmic Charger, Galloping Ghost II
    For those Carl Casper dragster fans, it's been a great year. We got the Young American and the Cosmic Charger (with correct engine!) 
    So how about the hat trick? Can we get the Galloping Ghost II? If I remember correctly, it's basis is the reissued Ramchargers/Jaw Breaker/Hemisphere dragster. It might be just a matter of opening up a few parts to the mold. 
    John G - Is it possible?
    If anyone wants to let John Greczula know that they would also like to see the return of the Galloping Ghost II, they can send him an e-mail at 
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  5. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    I did a search on Carl Casper and came up with a show promotions site bearing his name. I sent out a request to forward and e-mail to Mr. Casper asking for pics of the CC engine or even information. So for nothing yet, but it only been a day.
  6. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    I am pretty sure I responded to a thread like this, but here goes anyway...
    Commercial print for almost 30 years. Started with an ad agency out of college as an intern. No pay, but they promoted the Miss English leather contest at the Sacramento Autorama. I had to prep the contestants before they walked on stage. Then, the Sac Bee, then a print shop, a display advertising shop, finally the same commercial print company for 24 years now. The company name changed at least 4 times. Started as a stripper, then moved to customer service.  Been there for the last 20 years. We run accounts while they are in the printing process. One account took me all over the US. So that was fun.
    In less than a year I should be in my second career as a teacher for mild to moderate special needs elementary school kids. 
  7. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Lots of talk about rivets from another area in modeling, interesting.   

    I have never built and airplane kit, but this one is inspiring!
  8. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    I would love to have that set up. I could recreate my Grabber Maverick from my youth - but finish it the way I wanted to. Mine had a read spoiler too. 
  9. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Bugeye Sprite   

    Great build, Dave. You did an outstanding job. 
    That was my first car. Mine had a wankle. Lots of fun till I crashed it. I have another shell on its side in a shed waiting for time and money.
  10. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Just an offer   

    Thanks for your time with this Gary. The pic will help. I also have another streamliner project with a front mount Olds. So its a win-win for me.  Looking at the parts in the CC kit, they look a lot like the blower parts from the Galloping Ghost show car Casper did. The brochure in the box says that Casper helped with the addition of the new parts in the kit. Makes me wonder if he used the same blower parts in the CC and GG. If only I could find out of they were chrome in the CC, I would be set.  
    Thanks again for your efforts.Very much appreciated!
  11. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Just an offer   

    Hi Gary,
    Would you happen to have and engine shot of Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger? With the re-release of the kit with the correct front mount blower, that picture would be great for detailing.
  12. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    I broke down and got one through Amazon prime. First model I purchased in years. Too good to miss.
    The parts looks great. The front mount blower looks a lot like the unit from the Galloping Ghost. Does anyone have a shot of the actual CC engine?
  13. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic Pie Wagon   

    I agree with everyone else. It looks great lowered. Good choice!
    The tires are Revell items. They came in the Rodfather and Mustang Funny car kits from the late 70's.
  14. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The line leading to the toilet in an upstairs hall bathroom let go in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Water flooded into the bathroom for hours before it woke me up at 3:30. The carpet was already wet on our outside of the bedroom door. I got the water shut off but the damage was substantial. The hall carpet (5 years old) was soaked. The water leaked through to the garage. Part of my bench got flooded. A lot of model magazines got soaked including some prized ones with pictures of my models.
    The garage ceiling was so wet that I poked a screwdriver through the sheet rock to let the accumulated water pour out like a drain. We used every towel in the house to soak the water out of the carpet and it was still wet. We ran a fan on the floor all night. The next morning we bought a shop vac to suck up as much as we could. I was still wet and it started to smell. We called a flood repair place. They came in like the calvary. Three cars. They used a stick device to find how far the the water actually spread. Two bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Walls, Garage ceiling, Even some cabinets got wet.
    We called our insurance company and they said to start the repairs. In one hour all the carpet was up. They are coming back to pack up some of our stuff. It's a huge mess right now. 
  15. Scott Colmer added a post in a topic YOUR thoughts on Poison Pinto, Rat Vega and The Vega Mini-Van.   

    That is exactly what I did. Built them both as a kid and then bought them both as an adult. The TD kits were my favorites. All you needed was a tube of glue and some bottle paints. It was good to go in one day.
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