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  1. The Avenger kit is complete! It's time to bring From the Vault to an end as a regular column in MCM. Below are your final selections. All of these have a common theme: Repurposing. First up we have Carl Casper's Phone Booth. This is a reattempt from my childhood. Let's see if I can make the doors slide open. Next, we have the Elegant Farmer. If I remember right, this one was almost rereleased, but there was not enough interest. Maybe it's time to see what this is all about. And finally, Here is the Amazing Moon Mixer. Another reattempt from my childhood. What else can you do with an Apollo capsule? Think of the Jolly Roger in space.
  2. Excellent concept, Claude. You seem to have no end to your creativity. Outside of the box?.... There was a box? Also, great faux wood and texture on the top as well. Keep 'em coming! Scott
  3. The Peterbuilt will be back on the bench in June. It might be time subscribe to the magazine, Francis. My latest build is in there. The magazine really turned a corner. (shameless plug) I see you are in Canada, so getting an electronic version might be best for you. Canadian postal has been a problem for a lot of the Northern subscribers. Time to get this thread back to your killer truck! I'll be watching. Scott
  4. As a matter of fact it was. Definitely not on "cloak mode"
  5. When I went to my first NNL West I had a chance to talk to Mark Townsend about his models. One of the techniques he shared with me was bonding shapes (plastic fenders, etc.) by crosshatching the backside with a soldering iron. I used it once, on a custom 51 Chevy and it worked OK. I think its time to try again.
  6. I humbly disagree, Francis. I just finished a project that was a struggle. I learned a lot, but still... This is a master class in final assembly. The planning shows in the results. Thanks for sharing all your techniques. I'm taking notes. Scott
  7. Love those exhaust ports. Nice way to add interest to the belly pan.
  8. Amazing, Francis. I can really appreciate how care you are with assembling at those parts. Super clean. Not easy to make it all go together like that. Scott
  9. Mr. Humble, Did you post your build on the truckers page? I would like to check out your work. Scott Freeman Colmer
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