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  1. The Peterbuilt will be back on the bench in June. It might be time subscribe to the magazine, Francis. My latest build is in there. The magazine really turned a corner. (shameless plug) I see you are in Canada, so getting an electronic version might be best for you. Canadian postal has been a problem for a lot of the Northern subscribers. Time to get this thread back to your killer truck! I'll be watching. Scott
  2. When I went to my first NNL West I had a chance to talk to Mark Townsend about his models. One of the techniques he shared with me was bonding shapes (plastic fenders, etc.) by crosshatching the backside with a soldering iron. I used it once, on a custom 51 Chevy and it worked OK. I think its time to try again.
  3. I humbly disagree, Francis. I just finished a project that was a struggle. I learned a lot, but still... This is a master class in final assembly. The planning shows in the results. Thanks for sharing all your techniques. I'm taking notes. Scott
  4. Love those exhaust ports. Nice way to add interest to the belly pan.
  5. Amazing, Francis. I can really appreciate how care you are with assembling at those parts. Super clean. Not easy to make it all go together like that. Scott
  6. Mr. Humble, Did you post your build on the truckers page? I would like to check out your work. Scott Freeman Colmer
  7. This was actually 1980. The car was a local car that I bought, got running, and sold a couple years later. With me it had a ported 289 w/ a top loader and NOS. When I dropped in a set of 455 welded spline gears, things got really out of hand. With the new owner it got stolen and stripped.
  8. For those of you who followed along, almost 1 year ago I posted the first voting poll for an article feature in MCM called From the Vault. The idea was to give readers an idea of how some rare and vintage kits would build up. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS… I post a choice of three kits here on the forum. The members of the forum can vote on which kit they would like to see built. From there I would build the kit pretty close to box art, with minimal scratch building and detailing. A build-up article would be featured in Model Cars magazine. This gives people a chance to see what that rare/vintage kit actually builds into and learn about any challenges that may pop up along the way. When picking the models to offer up, I primarily tried to pick models that have not been reissued for at least 20 years, are unusual, are considered "rare" or desirable, or might make an interesting subject. I also tried to stay away from models that have been recently featured in the WIP section of the forum. (I wanted to offer a Mean Maverick but Fantom has one in the Drag Racing WIP section right now.) The quality of the kits offered ranges from mint, to resin, to clone, to glue bomb. The first subject selected by the forum was a Renwal Pierce Arrow. Some excellent suggestions by forum member kicked in my snowball-its and what was supposed to be a clean build discussing the pros and cons of the kit turned into an all out effort. A single issue build turned into a series that will be wrapping up in issue 214. Now, it time to pick the next subject. Please vote for one you would like to see a build-up in an article for Model Cars. Polling willl close on 5/10/22 - not 5/25. Magazine deadlines! IMC Avenger/Fiber Fab kit car – Back to the 70's with some kit car fun. Monogram Super Digger 1/12 – Push the button and watch this one run the ¼ mile! Monogram Uncertain T – Yep, that one!
  9. So I'm looking at the truck that was featured in MCM. Wow, just Wow! I go back to I can see who built it. " Ahh Cliff Read. No Wonder!" Great stuff, Cliff. I always admired all your street rods, but I had no idea you did the same with trucks. Amazing work!
  10. Awww MAN this is slick! I always come to this page hoping to see so cool LSR build, and you did not disappoint. What an excellent build. so much to look at and enjoy! Blown Ferrari, trick suspension, flip up driver's guard, all tucked into an upside down boat. Perfect! Thanks for posting this. I'm going to steal this one to add to my favorites album. Always the fan. Scott
  11. One more for ya'. This was built by my then 14 year old son at the second rat plastic thrash. He glued his fingers together a couple times along the way. Take a close look at the engine.
  12. Well a little older than as a kid. Some years back a group of guys from the Coffin Corner site got together a couple time to build a model (or more) in one day. All we used was CA glue, black primer and silver metalizer. We called the Rat Plastic Thrash. Good times.
  13. It's been a while since I commented on the thread, but I'm always checking. Just amazing. Every detail screams cool.
  14. Color! As always, excellent work, Mark!
  15. Super cool! I love the stance and the possible front wheels...and the rest of it too.
  16. Stunning! My favorite US car done right! Great color, great stance. Well done! How much are those resin bodies going for now?
  17. Well, this is cool! This is an excellent save and a great match to the box art. I think I saw this when I needed to figure out how to make the grill on the one I've been building.
  18. I was 14 and a friend and I were riding small CC motorcycles in the fields around my house. The trick was we had to ride on the street to get to the fields. I still remember the front of the cop car coming over the hill and we did what we always did. We ditched him - sort of. I went one way and my friend went another. I get to my house and threw my bright red windbreaker in the bushes in front of the house. (I'll never know why I did that.) I ran up to my room and within 15 minutes there was a knock on the door. My mom answered and called me down. The cop took me out on the street in front of the whole neighborhood and gave a ticket for unlicensed drive and evading arrest, while making fun of me for throwing the red marker in front of my house to make it easier to find me. My friend got his ticket before I got mine.
  19. A early 70s Chrysler New Yorker. When I turned 16 I got my license and all my friends piled in for a joy ride. Good times.
  20. Hey Stephen. Let me check with Dave for you. He may have missed your question. Scott
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