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  1. Lowering Revell Nascar kits?

    Two years ago they adopted new ride height rules and different suspension types, now as long as it doesn't drag the track (actually that's your business but it will definitely slow you down) they NOW use just enough spring to hold the car up off the ground, and bump stops that are basically rubber biscuits between the shock and the a arms they use shim packs to adjust ride heights enough to keep the front splitter from hitting the track in the corners. They do have minimum rear quarter panel heights so the spoilers aren't lowered so low they don't have any drag, after all it's a trade off between downforce and drag, but on the road courses and short tracks the downforce wins out every time.
  2. AMT 1950 Ford Showboat

    Close, BUT no cigar! BUT it COULD be a really nice reissue if they would just retool the chopped hardtop that WAS in the original release. I built my original if my mushy brain remembers correctly in 1963, and I DO remember that I used the chopped hardtop and that I painted it with the AMT candy blue lacquer over a silver base, but I wish I had used the gold because just to paint the top and get it the color I wanted it took one whole can of the blue. So since I was on a kids budget the car ended up a two tone with a dark blue roof and a light blue body. But I would REALLY like that top reissued. If they were able to do as much retooling as they did in the Gremlin reissue, then redoing one little top for this gem shouldn't be a problem at all.
  3. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    Thanks for the clarification, I did do some research after I posted (yeah I know that I did it dead backwards) and did see that the Ala-Kart used the "baby Hemi" 241c.i. engine and it is smaller BUT not as small as the new kit would lead us to believe. Maybe they were confused and someone provided one of the REALLY little Daimler Hemi's for them to measure. If that's the case then it's out of scale again, but this time it's a bit on the large size. (Would be nice to have one of the Daimler engines in scale to put in one of the Revell Midget kits)
  4. I was lucky enough to see this beautiful candy red car in person at the NHRA museum a few years back. The pictures don't do it justice, it's a beautiful piece of racing history.
  5. There was a lot of modified production class Chevy II's running at different strips around the country, add some wider slicks two fours on a crossram intake to the 327 and you had a pretty fast little race car.
  6. You're 100% correct, the early Chevy II's/Novas are so boring that the aftermarket people now produce a complete steel reproduction of the '66 '67 Nova hardtop for the 1:1 crowd. I don't know of any company producing repro parts of any kind for the truck guys. In fact I bet that the truck builders in the 1:1 world are probably outnumbered by around a 50 to 1 ratio. But me, I have a couple of truck builds in the works, after all I need something to pull my Sprint car and late model team trailers. See, even our beautiful show cars and race cars are hauled around by those unappreciated trucks.
  7. '26/'27 turtle deck T hot rod kits requested

    I haven't measured them but I do know that the 331 in the real Ala Kart IS smaller than the 354, and 392 Hemi's that some think was the hemi in the Ala Kart. That's why the 331 got the nickname of "the baby hemi". There is virtually nothing that fits the other hemi engines that will interchange with the 331 parts wise, except possibly the transmission's.
  8. 1925 dodge - Body mods begin

    You might get one of the AMT/MPC Connoisseur Classic 1932 Chevrolet roadsters, it has the same basic suspension but in a much closer to the proper scale than the big Chrysler and Plymouth roadsters.
  9. 1/25 AMT George Barris' Fireball 500

    Thanks to both of you for the news about the kit glass. It's been a couple of years since I've opened up the box, and I'd forgot what exactly WAS in the box.
  10. new for 2018

    I'd go for one of those! Since they built a new replica of the original used in the art work for the original kit, a new release of the original kit (with the up to date improvements) would only be right.
  11. new for 2018

    If your stash is anything like mine we could start building a kit every other day and couldn't get them all built in my lifetime.
  12. 1/25 AMT George Barris' Fireball 500

    I'm going to get one and using the body parts from the reissued early Hemi Under Glass kit to build a Barracuda. My only problem is what I'll do for that BIG ol' back glass., and I'd like to be able to put a little 273 in it instead of the engine this monster has in it.........guess I could just build it as a curbside and TELL people it has the 273 in it. 😂😉
  13. Round 2 October 2017 Product Spotlight

    The story I heard, even in Stock Car Racing magazine at the time wasn't that Lee Petty complained about it being a Ford truck, but was a MoPar factory rep that complained about the Ford truck. Maybe it was a Lee, but not a Petty, but when did Iacocca leave Ford for MoPar? Maybe it was an Iacocca instead of a Petty that shot it down. -😂😉
  14. Round 2 October 2017 Product Spotlight

    It's probably time for the Grant King Sprint Car to be released again, maybe it's one that's going to a dual kit with the Ford Hauler, or even the Pinto or Mustang II bodied modified kits, their wheelbase would fit the trucks built in wheel divits better than the sprint, and they'd look just about period perfect together. Especially if they had the Troyer decals with the Pinto again.