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  1. horsepower added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Great minds must think alike, I had the same thoughts when I saw it.😂
  2. horsepower added a post in a topic '74 Vega Bruce Larson USA-1_FYI Reissue Update   

    they did build some 350 cars, when I had my body shop, in '79, a young woman came in with her V-8 Monza, that had a 350 and a Saginaw 4 speed, she was extremely upset with the local dealership because they had been trying to buy it back claiming Chevrolet was recalling the ones that were built with a 350 and a manual transmission. When she refused to "sell" it back she said that they would no longer due any service on it since it would be a liability problem for them to work on a car that had been recalled. 
    I never actually got to see any of the paperwork she said she had, but I did see and drive the car when I was doing some paint work on it and can tell you that with the little 13 inch bias ply tires and the manual transmission it was a real smoke machine in just about any gear at any time, I can see why GM wouldn't want to many of the cars in the unsuspecting, and unqualified hands of the general public.
  3. horsepower added a post in a topic AMT 1929 Ford A Roadster "Mod Rod"   

    It used to sit in a display case at Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair CA. I read a description of it in I think that other magazines contest issue, and if my fading memory is correct it used the front of the extra body (the Ala Kart) from the later release kit, and the rear of the '27 tub from the touring T release, and a composite of the touring top and the Ala Kart top.
  4. horsepower added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    It looks like two different 2016 Camaro kits, and I'd like more information about the '68 Z-28 that's on the stand.
  5. horsepower added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    I owned Pinto's from September of '72 when I bought a 7 month old repo from the dealer for $1,680, try doing that today, that was the quickest four cylinder in our area, with a Geraghty dyno tune kit Sanderson headers, a 2 1/2" exhaust with a turbo muffler, and an adjustment to the stock timing pulley on the cam it surprised a lot of V-8's in the area, I built one 302 Runabout, that was fun to drive, and was a sleeper with the only giveaway being the two exhaust pipes coming out the right side of the back, but the most fun one was a '74 that we pulled the V-6 from my '74 Mustang II and put it into the Pinto that was 1,000 lbs. lighter, oh yeah, I forgot to say that it was built by a local engine builder, and was almost 400 horsepower, and was the only engine I ever had that would pull past 7,500 rpm in 4th gear and was still gaining speed when my testosterone levels started running low, and I started running out of straight and clear freeway too.
  6. horsepower added a post in a topic Heller 2016   

    That Talbot F-1 looks promising, and the two Renault rally looking kits are kind of interesting.
  7. horsepower added a post in a topic Accurate Minatures Corvette Grandsport   

    I'd always wanted one of these but just couldn't justify the price they were going for, but was lucky enough to be in our local plastic pusher's shop when the Revell kit came in and finally got one for less than $25 including tax. Now all I need is to get motivated enough to build it before I start robbing it for parts.
  8. horsepower added a post in a topic Moebius 65 Plymouth Satellite - Update 01/25/2016   

    Looking good, but make sure you haven't just finished off a pot of coffee before starting that foil work, there's some that looks a bit finicky.
  9. horsepower added a post in a topic You'd better believe it: Pocher 1/8th 300SL Gullwing   

    I can see a lot of "go fund me" accounts popping up on Facebook as soon as everyone sees it.
  10. horsepower added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    I'd stand in a line for a couple of these, and I can't even stand right now, but by the time they hit the shelves I should be mobile again.(I hope)
  11. horsepower added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    That's probably why I don't remember it, it's not a very memorable kit and definitely doesn't look much like a '69 Camaro. Revell already has a release under the Fast and Furious promotion, it's one of their tuner series kits just reboxed I don't even think they changed the decals. 
    Thanks for reminding me of this release, this getting old thing is really getting old😉
  12. horsepower added a post in a topic First look - Production version Moebius 65 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan   

    Hmmm, possibly a serious race car is in the future, I see a set of Hemi valve covers in there.
  13. horsepower added a post in a topic Pictures from 2016 Hope it don't snow show   

    Some really great builds there, really appreciate the work on the farm diorama, and the B-17 was a nice touch, I wish there had been some more pictures of a couple of the cars, the Merc' woody with the Chrysler Hemi would have been nice to see some of the engine work, and the large stuff could have used a little more coverage. But thanks for the nice photos, and to the people who brought out their work so you could show it to us.
  14. horsepower added a post in a topic Auto ID #191 Finished   

    If it was purple I'd have an idea where to start, BUT it's not clear on whether it has one or more horns.
  15. horsepower added a post in a topic Revell 2nd QTR 2016   

    I can remember a lot of different Fast and Furious stuff from AMT, but not a Yenko, or Baldwin 427 '69 Camaro, and since it has the Fast and Furious logo just in front of the picture of the kit, that was my guess.