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  1. Still wish they would reissue the custom Ranger p'cup that was released. A little careful sanding and a little bit of Chrome foil and I make one of these into a pretty good looking midi truck.
  2. I need to correct a couple of things I got wrong first the roof on the '34 Slammer modified kit DOESN'T have a chopped top,. BUT it is a three window coupe and it's an excellent top but to my knowledge I don't remember any of the AMT derivative manufacturers producing a three window coupe. And that Pinto modified is most likely the AMT body since every version after the release of the '71 sedan kit were all Runabouts but MPC did releases of both sedan and Runabouts, their '74 was a beautiful deluxe edition of a sedan with all the extra chrome and body side molding. But the latest release of a Pinto is a half breed of the '77-'78 runabout with the four cylinder, but it has the extra custom body panels from the AMT Pintera Runabout kit I believe was a '76 (I have a couple of untouched ones but the room they are hidden in hasn't been opened in about eight or ten years so I have to rely on my addled Memory. But the one I'm most curious about is the one time only issue of a Mustang II bodied Modified. If I hadn't had one I would have doubted its existence too, if it weren't for the interior tin panels that are still in the issues but don't fit any of the current releases and the only one even close is the Pinto but it will still have an extra rear panel that will only fit a body with a large rear window. I painted mine candy red over a gold base (same as my Pinto) but it came with just the number 6 even if it does look like the same font used in the Pinto's number 76. But I have a big ol' box of extra Mustang II bodies including a couple of the Gabriel Coupe with the wide body options that will make an excellent Speedway Modified that NASCAR experimented with for a short time. It was their answer to the claims about the coupe and coach bodies getting hard to find and someone's idea that the newer bodies looked too much like the North Eastern dirt modifieds.
  3. Any one out there have a set of the clear glass for the cab of one of the '93, Ford Ranger (or any of the Rangers in that body style) that they are willing to let go of? I thought they were in a cab I bought of Ebay, but if it was I've put them in one of those "special" hiding spots we seem to forget about as soon as we get a little sleep. Just let me know if you do, I'd really appreciate it, thanks. Del
  4. Yep!! You spotted it!. I thought it was one of those tinted plastic hood leading edge protectors when I first spotted it. But when he placed it next to chrome grille it was clear (see how I did thatπŸ˜‚) what it was meant for.
  5. It would be really great if some of the '60s - '70s 1/8 scale bikes like the Triumphs and the Trikes were trotted back out for us old fans
  6. Actually fresh gel coated parts right out of the molds are literally as smooth as glass (pun intended) and are super glossy, but they WOULD have a few extra mold separation lines to deal with.😎
  7. Isn't that the same kit that was released in the late '90s as a chrome parts pak kit from Revell?
  8. Looks like they have the lions share of the vintage Revell/Monogram kits, and if they keep to the prices posted they're cheaper than any of the other manufacturers. Must be because they aren't saving so much on having everything done in China.πŸ˜‰ Since they have the Nomad maybe they have the '56 Bel-Air sedan kit too, it might be hard to get everything to fit but it's the only Bel-Air sedan kit that was made it has a place in the market, not to mention it has a lot of good parts and pieces that can be used on other tri-five builds.
  9. Didn't the Lindberg 1/8th scale competition dragster coupe make it into production in the late '90s early 2000s as a front engined dragster with a Fiat Topolino. Coupe body. Unless it was originally meant to have a different body.
  10. I'm looking forward to this AND the Larson USA 1 hitting the shelves but I'm seriously considering taking the two four version of the small block in the '66 Nova Pro Street/Stock kit to make it a little closer to the 1:1 version of the Pro Stock version. Even though Grumpy played around with the big block destroked to fit in the 363 cubic inch limit simply because of the superior breathing capabilities and the factory aluminum heads. We had a local engine builder that put a few of these engines together using 348 Chevy crankshafts and he was building our engines for a limited super modified class but when the word got out what we had planned the rules committee instantly outlawed the use of aluminum heads, factory production or not.
  11. That is a correct Chevrolet grille, but it's for an earlier year. The fenders are '67-'68, Chevrolet. The fenders won't work on the later trucks, their grille has the trim that goes around the front edge of the fenders. I found out when I was working at the counter in a wrecking yard and we had a guy searching for a pair of the early fenders and sent out one of the yard guys and he said we had a 68 that someone had put a brand new set of fenders on and even gave me the inventory number for it and it was a '68 truck so I had him pull the fenders and we wrapped them and shipped them. A few days later the guy called and said that they were perfect BUT they were for a '72. The guy who we got the truck from had bought a complete front wrap for a '72 because the earlier fenders were hard to find and just as expensive as they were hard. The guy understood and I learned that I would never again ship anything without looking at it first.πŸ˜–πŸ˜Ž the fenders for the '69-'72 Chevy are the same, and for '68-'72 GMC.
  12. Didn't Monogram, produce a couple of big scale (1/10 I think) of some Pratt and Whitney aircraft engines? And Hawk made some fairly true to scale aircraft stuff, I think that they might have done one or two of those airplane powerplants too. Being an equal opportunity modeler I have a few airplane kits, it's true that most of them fly, and the majority of the plastic ones are racing planes it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit to see some of those other kits hit the shelves. And there are some of the old Williams Brothers kits being re-released there are a LOT of model builders that would kill to see some of the kits for engine parts and guns they made for the airplane group.
  13. Maybe somewhere in that pile of iron is the long unseen unobtanium 1/4 scale Dodge slant six engine.
  14. Now THOSE I'd buy! Plus probably a few thousand others out there.
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