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  1. Just like the fact that the 1:1 had a four link rear suspension but the kit still has the same long ladder bars the other '32s had. But I guess if you to get ambitious you could use the nine inch Ford and the four link from the Foose pick-up. That motor will work great for putting a Ford engine in a Ford car. I'm even using one as a dirt late model engine and another for a 360 Ford powered Sprint car.
  2. Those are '55-'56 265 exhaust manifolds the '57 was the first of the center dump rams horn manifolds. At least the 1:1 '56 I owned and the '57 my friend had were that way.
  3. The original Rat Roaster kit has a dropped I-beam, I was hoping it would carry over but if they don't do it the new Model A roadster and coupe both have a dropped I-beam that fits the other '32 chassis too.
  4. I was thinking that the T-body might be the one used in the original street rod/drag altered body that was issued as a Parts Pack way back when, same for that chassis it looks a lot like the original Parts Pack street rod chassis from the good old days since it appears that the body doesn't have the opening passenger door like the Tweedy Pie bodies were.
  5. This Buick is the same one used in the Ivo Showboat four engine dragster kit, at the time the new Model A roadster kit came out and was panned for the wrong exhaust spacing it was said that the original parts packs and the Ivo car were the only source for correct heads on a detailed block.
  6. Wasn't the W series engine released in the mid '60s parts packs? I've been wanting the street rod chassis they show, but I was hoping they were going to release the Bantam Body too.
  7. I was hoping they would include the Sprint Car style headers and the dropped I beam axle. That bigger blower is ok but I'd sure like the BDS one for some other street cars.
  8. Are they going to reissue the old triple model optioned '56 Chevrolet sedan kit?
  9. Looking really nice, the only thing I think I would have done differently was use the front fender wheel openings, with the way the body is shaped it would have taken a straight cut in front of the opening and another at the rear. What do you have planned for the interior? I am using an interior from one of the Boyds kits for the bucket and modifying the door panels to fit together with the stock ones for a different really custom appearance. I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning on a '55 or '56 car dash and maybe the seat from the AMT '62 Pontiac Custom version (front or back which ever one fits the sectioned body best) but if that isn't feasible I have a lot of fancy bucket seats and with a little plastic sheet even a full length center console ala Corvette style can be built with saw marks to simulate where the different lids would be and there are a couple of custom dash inserts with gauges that would work great in the front part of a console and would be different, especially if I put some dark tinted clear plastic in the gauges on the dash to look like a digital dash with the lights and ignition off. Keep the good job it's going to be a real head turner when it's done.
  10. I worked for a construction company after I closed my body shop and he had all Ford pickups starting in 1978, except for his wifes personal truck and one that had been his family vehicle, those were both '72's. The one that had been his family vehicle was involved in an argument with a deer early one morning and when we repaired it I changed it into a '78 clone by swapping out the grille and various bolt on pieces that were simple bolt on things and after painting it in the company colors he was so happy with it that we did the same thing to his wife's truck, except there was only a couple of small parts that needed painting since it was already the right color scheme. (He had ordered all the '78's in that color scheme because he really liked the looks of it) I guess what I'm curious about is couldn't the same thing be done with the Moebius kits since the two trucks we did the "remodel" on were both '72's.
  11. This pink is pretty close to the one Ford had in '56, I seem to remember it being Circus Pink or something like that. A high school kid in our town had a '56 Crown Vic with the tinted Plexiglas roof and it was this pink and a pure white. As was the trend then it had the name "Pink Angel" on the lower panel of the front fenders just in front of the doors, it was accompanying a small figure of a "Tinker Bell" looking figure dressed in pink with feathered wings.The
  12. Got a good start on it and it looks like it's gonna be a great build. But maybe you weren't paying close attention when you stuck the tires on but I think you have the front and rear ones switched, the fronts are a little smaller in diameter and width than the rears.
  13. Use clay you harden by baking pressed into the kit windshield from the rear and you can use it for a mold to pull thermal plastic over it or in a vacu-form of some kind and you should have a windshield that is the right size and the thinner plastic will look a lot more true to scale.
  14. Love it! I remember my cousin built an original way back in '63 and it reminds me a lot of that build but he put whitewalls on the stock A tires and put the speed equipment on the little four banger. I got a lot of ideas from yours but I'm going with a set of later style exhaust manifolds that are rear dumps and the rear axle from the double dragster kit and a dropped axle from the Revell Rat Roaster '32 Ford roadster and the complete engine from the Tweedy Pie six carbs and all.I like your colors but I just have to go a little more show, so a base of Tamiya Red Metallic with a transparent red mid coat and a couple of good coats of Wet Look clear and the wire wheels and triple white sidewall tires far from the AMT Buick Riviera.
  15. That part you're asking about is the TFI module, the letters FRI stand for Thin Film Ignition. On vehicles with conventional distributors it mounts on the side of the distributor body.
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