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  1. I bought of the Polar Lights kits over 10 years ago and paid $12 for it at a Longs Drug store and thought it was overpriced but I really wanted it, it came with wire wheel looking wheels and mid size whitewalls it's been waiting for me to get the mood for a fancy cruiser aka the Tony Stewart one.
  2. I wish they had carried it over into the newest Boss 302 kit. I have some cool ideas for a '60s - '70s dirt track modified. They ran a modified class here that was basically the same as the Super Modifieds but were limited to 302 c.i. flat tappet cam and a single four barrel carb and run gasoline only also the body had to be of steel construction. No Fibreglass allowed..
  3. These were actually offered by Chevrolet dealers up through the 1939.model year, there is a small door directly under the bed and the spare tire is located there in the same location as the coupe except the coupes lacked the little door.
  4. Now you need to have a build off for a AA truck with a trailer and flatbed so everything can make it to the show in REAL style.🤗😉
  5. Thanks, but being in Northern California we don't have any Ollies stores here I can still get one from Hobby Lobby at a 40% off every other week, but I miss their old online coupons because they worked on anything that wasn't already marked down.
  6. I was going through my "toss it in there, it'll be super safe" box for resin stuff that seems to always somewhere else when I look for a part and to my surprise came up with one of the rare (?) Autolite/Weber inline four barrel carbs and intake that I picked up from someone I have forgotten about,. I think it would be a perfect oddity intake set up. The thing I was thinking of was putting two together but then it would just look like a normal Weber set up and I still have a set or two from the original ITC(?) Cougar concept car.
  7. Is that tonneau cover on the bed the one from the Monogram custom S-10 kit?
  8. The cool thing about that original sedan body is it doesn't take much to make it look a Chevrolet body for an older oval track racer.
  9. I wish someone would produce the parts to get make the Bonneville Salt racing version with all the streaming stuff added (and removed) that would be perfect for the 429 "Shotgun" with two fours and it would probably fit under the factory hood without a added hood bubble for it.
  10. The AMT '57 hardtop has an excellent Y block and speed equipment too and the factory three speed and I need to dig one of mine out but I seem to think it might have an overdrive solenoid on it too. Another source for a Y block would be the original Revell '56 Ford pickup it's a stock only but does have the funky front crossover pipe that the Y block engines were noted for.
  11. Might be better for everyone in the long run if all tools that could be get returned to the USA. Cut down on redos in and shipping times and costs for kits and test runs. With rising fuel costs bumping up shipping costs how much are the manufacturers saving by having China produce kits any longer?
  12. There is also a Dodge (Chrysler) Kit car Challenger that a "young newbie" tested and managed to find a wall but no real serious damage resulted. And it might be one of the few tests that were done on a dirt track.
  13. Just my preference but I'd much rather see some of the Indy roadsters released, I think that they would have a lot of interest and there are a lot that could be done with just a minor swap in a parts tree and different decals. There are also some that can be called or considered oddities like the Smokey Yunick "pod" car and the Jim Hurtibise "Mongoose" the last front engined Offy Roadster to qualify for the 500.
  14. It's the "Early Modified" series of kits and these are a little different than most you're going to find, it's an early I believe it might have been a Wieand and they have the carb twisted slightly on the top of the runners and the theory was that it equalized the runner lengths to the different intake valves.
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