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  1. horsepower added a post in a topic 2006 Cadillac STS   

    the kits don't look quite like this it's based on Die cast molds and has big diameter wheels, and Lambo style front doors. They're Revell/Monogram kits and the series includes the Chrysler 300C, and the Dodge Magnum SRT-8 wagon. Unfortunately they're not available at this time unless you find them on the shelves of a local hobby shop. The only kit left in production is two different versions of the Dodge Charger SRT-8.
  2. horsepower added a post in a topic 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS   

    C'mon, tell the truth. You've evidently perfected both a way to time travel AND an operational shrink ray, and your traveling back to the past shrinking new cars and bringing them to our time to pass them off as scale models.😉😂
  3. horsepower added a post in a topic 32 Ford Black & Flamed   

    the ones on the blown 392 we had in our blown alcohol flat bottom were the other way with the long side to the bottom, but they were M/T valve covers that may have been the difference.
  4. horsepower added a post in a topic '33 Chrysler phaeton   

    On the television show Chasing Classic Cars Wayne sold a '32 Chrysler roadster that was a two tone red, and the two Testors reds would be a very close match with the body being the bright red and the fenders and body reveals being the dark (almost burgundy) red.
    I built a '32 Ford coupe years ago as a color suggestion for a customer I had in my body shop (we were restoring his 1930 Packard Town Car) and I was wanting to do it in a Maroon body with black fenders and the Testors Dark Red spray enamel was a perfect match for the maroon I wanted to use. Unfortunately for me he decided on a dark charcoal for the body and black fenders.
  5. horsepower added a post in a topic NEW REVELL '30 COUPE: Serious channel job, first mockup   

    the blower out of the original AMT '57 Chevy (last released in the Boyd Coddington series) has the perfect supercharger for you, it's a pretty good rendition of the old ScOTT blowers that were so popular with early Hot Rodders.
  6. horsepower added a post in a topic Revell 1959 Impala - Black   

    I have two of these to build, a black/red combo like yours but with a 283 powerglide for a cousin who's husband had one when they were married, and a white/red 348 tri-power four speed one for an uncle who had one that was a match to this combination. Only thing I haven't got yet is a set of '57 Plymouth hubcaps to match the ones he had.
    I hope mine turn out somewhere near as nice as yours is.
  7. horsepower added a post in a topic Smallest small block Ford   

    Try adding a little blue to that engine, I hear it works wonders with attaining the normal wanted size😉😂
  8. horsepower added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    You're welcome, and thank you. I wasn't trying to be a smart a** just thought you didn't know "the rest of the story" and let you know I did know what the hatchbacks were called, just thought he might have confused Runabout with Spirit, or one of the other packages that were offered on the Runabout body style.
  9. horsepower added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I think you came in in the middle of the discussion and possibly misunderstood what I was saying, a previous poster said that someone associated with him had a "Sportabout".and it was suggested he was probably thinking "Runabout", but since their had been several previous mentions of the sedan, and Runabout body styles I suggested that maybe he was thinking of the "Spirit" trim package that was offered on 1972 Pinto Runabout' along with Mustang's and I believe Ranchero's but I could be wrong about them, but I do know that it was offered on the Pinto's and Mustang's.
    But he has since corrected his "Freudian slip" he actually meant Runabout, having owned about eight or ten Pinto's from the early small window Runabout, a very good early sedan, and a few Runabout's both small and large bumpers, one that had a 302 V-8, and another with a 400 horsepower V-6 that ran and handled circles around the V-8 one. Plus a couple of wagons in both bumper sizes, I'm quite aware of the Pinto styles and options. But thanks for attempting to help out.
  10. horsepower added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    Could be thinking of the 1972 "Spirit" trim package, white wide blue stripes and a narrow red one on each side of the blue ones, white interior w/blue inserts and red piping. Actually had one of these that ended up with a 302 in it.
  11. horsepower added a post in a topic 32 Ford Black & Flamed   

    Looks really good, but as an FYI on your next early Hemi, your valve covers are on upside down, the longer flat goes on the exhaust side of the head.
  12. horsepower added a post in a topic Aerosedan progress...... 7/25   

    it's part of the emergency brake assembly and holds tension on the cables
  13. horsepower added a post in a topic '32 Sedan   

    there's what is supposed to be a Pratt&Whitney Wasp engine in the current reissue of the Gee Bee racing plane from the 30s but it scales out about 1/26th -1/28th scale. And there's a 1/24 scale Japanese Rufe that has a radial engine that's very close to a Pratt and Whitney twin row radial, close enough that most restorers use the Pratt and Whitney instead of the Japanese engine, but it's kinda hard to find those engines since most of the remaining planes were destroyed as part of the surrender demands.
  14. horsepower added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    Maybe they (AMT) can find the mold pieces to do Don Tonottis King T Ford Roadster. That car was probably ten years before it's time when it won the AMBR and the restoration that was done on it could still be a contender. 
    I got a wild hair about building something close to it using the Buterra T Kit's chassis and the AMT '25 T for the bucket and the fenders from the Revell '26 Sedan so they'd fit the chassis better. But got the chassis built and it got preempted by another project (a lot of my builds seem to have that problem lately) someday I will get back on it.
  15. horsepower added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    The Foose '56 Ford pickup IS a totally new tool. It just can't be built stock. You have to be careful about what you ask for, as an old minister once told me you have to be careful and exact about what you pray for, this was just after a member of the congregation told a story about praying for more work for their transmission shop because it was slow, it worked, the next week they had three return jobs due to faulty parts.