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  1. We can always use them for infield tires on a dirt track diorama😆😉
  2. Chevrolet Hugger Orange and Ford Poppy Red both use the same mix formulas and you can get Hugger Orange in Testors factory match lacquer spray paint.
  3. I like to pick up an occasional cheap diecast usually at Walmart (but I'm not in there much since ours isn't interested in adding plastic models, and have started locking EVERYTHING up in cases) I can sometimes pick up a useable set of wheels and fairly nice lettered or redline tires for less than Round2 wants for tires and I have never got any of these with off center lettering or sidewall markings.
  4. You can get Epoxy putty just about anywhere you can get automotive supplies, it's usually a stick shaped two part material sold for patching just about anything from gas tanks to boat hulls (there big thing here is it can even be applied underwater. I'll even bet if the backside of your piece is really smooth and you were to apply a liberal coating of wax or my old standby, liquid dish soap or heat some petroleum jelly until it's a liquid and dip your piece into it before applying your epoxy, or whatever you want to use, Cold Bond is thinner and easier to make it smooth out on the backside of your original paet. You would come up with an undersized positive for molding your usable part over and wouldn't have to worry about it being on the big side due to it being the thickness of the clear material oversize...BUT just an idea for you to think about.
  5. The MPC '74 Pinto was also a sedan as was their '76. But that one had the wrong grille making it a '75 in all actuality. The '74 had the deluxe body side moldings and trim, I am building a model of our first '71 using the early front and rear valance panels, the early interior tub, but the '74 body to get the body side moldings.
  6. The '75 was the last with the the vertical teeth in the grille, the '76 had a one year only hideous (imo) eggcrate design grille. The '77-'78 flexible front end pieces became popular with mini stock racers who would pop rivet or structural adhesive plastic plates over the headlight openings to give them an aerodynamic appearance and get a forgiving front end out of the deal.
  7. They also released a '74 sedan. Not a Runabout, the only other sedan released was the one year only 1971 Wonder Pony from AMT. The MPC release had the deluxe body side moldings and trim and the AMT kit was based on the no options base model.
  8. I built a 302 in a '72 Pinto and even though I had an 8" rear end for it NEVER swapped it in and never had a problem with the stock rear axle. And it was a lot of fun, the wife was driving it one day when some guy was pestering her on the freeway when he noticed the twin exhaust pipes and after a couple of his attempts she just floored it at about 65 mph and it kicked down to 2nd gear (C-4) and smoked both rear tires (BF Goodrich Comp T/A radial D-50x13s) the guy pulled in behind her and didn't bother her anymore. And it was just the last high compression 302, and a 4412 Holley two barrel carb. But it did bend both main leafs in the rear springs.
  9. OK, I was confusing the '69 & '70 kits. Must be the Oldtimers kicking in again😉
  10. But isn't the new Boss a 1/25th scale kit and the old Mach (or Mock😉) I kit a 1/24th scale?
  11. Yeah, but did you forget that THIS beauty is a product of the OLD Revell?
  12. Nice job on your build of Hershels (?) "Oly Express".
  13. Nope, the Sprint car is one that was driven by Joke Saldana. Has Saldana on the front of the top wing.
  14. For those who are looking for the suspension pieces you're unfortunately out of luck since most of it came from Don's mind at some very good emgineering. It was independent front AND rear suspension the front could be made with some good photos, and some of the front suspension pieces from the Buttera kits with the jag suspension, but the rear is way off from any kit parts and was years ahead of anything else in the hot rod world.it was fully independent but used a passenger car center section with a drop in third member, it may have used some second generation Corvette parts but I'm not sure about that. I do think it might have used the '55-'64 Chevrolet rear end for the center section and third member, BUT don't hold me to that it's been years since I've seen the article about the construction. I do know that when it was restored to running driveable condition a few years ago they flew in the original painter to duplicate his job on the original, and when it was sold at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction Gene (Winfield) was sitting in the passenger seat when it crossed the stage.you might even find paint formulas for the paint, I know that GM's Evening Orchid a '65 color used to be available for spray can from Testors but has been discontinued, it's really close but not the exact color. I seem to think it was a Ford or Studebaker color, but again I'm aging and my memory ain't as good as it used to be.
  15. You should do a search for the article where he shows how to build an aluminum track nose.
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