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  1. Don't know what I was thinking, it would have to have been some older employees AMT/ERTL to know what the history of those would have been.
  2. Didn't Round2s announcement of the release of the Raiders Coach answer all of the questions and suspicions about what the kit was/is going to be?
  3. Me too! Then when I was done I'd kinda like trying to make model of the Stagecoach.😛😎
  4. If you're talking about the '57 Nomad, Moebius has nothing to do with it it's Atlantis that's announced they are going to rerelease it among a ton (or two) kits that they purchased the tooling and rights from Revell.
  5. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the bottom of the door being tucked inside the body at the bottom of the door could it?😆😉
  6. Now THIS is something I would really like to see. Now to fire up the hardliners, I remember seeing an asphalt oval short track Open Competition '67-8 Mustang fastback that after all the aero tricks resembled this enough that it looked like it was used for the race car. But I would have to build at least one in an OOB style.
  7. Got my question answered. Thanks for your help.
  8. If you're looking for a set of headers from the Monogram "Spirit of '57" kit you can quit now. Mainly since that kit was/is a rerelease from MPC/Round2.😉 But seriously now, there's a guy on Ebay that does 3D printing that among numerous other things produces a lot of different headers and his small block fenderwell exit headers are dead on perfect, (at least for the Cyclone one's I'm copying) he's "3dscaleparts" I'm not sure if he has a big block set but it doesn't hurt to check, who knows maybe you'll find something else that you just can't do without.
  9. Great! If I don't get right back to you give me a day or two because I don't get on here every day.
  10. The little 91 ci engine didn't have a transmission just used an in and out box in almost every instance, but at least one of them had a transmission and competed on a road course against the sporty car types and if I remember correctly it even beat them at their own game. This is the big engine and as used in the Indy cars used a two speed gearbox AND a clutch with first gear being used to get rolling and second gear was a direct one to one drive. I'd like one with just the adapter plate as I want to build a track roadster version of a 1:1 car I saw at a car show, it was a very over engineered street roadster and had a small spool quick change behind a C-4 automatic transmission and an open driveshaft. It really impressed me!😳😛
  11. I have a set if you don't get the ones above, and I'm easy to work with too.😎
  12. I have seen one of these sedan deliveries listed on Ebay a while back but haven't been able to find one recently and I could use one to make a replica of a 1:1 version I was supposed to do for a friend when I still was in the body and paint business. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks in advance for the replies, Del.
  13. That one even looks like it has the '55-'57 adaptor bellhousing that was in the Chevrolet pickups for those years. I don't know if anyone can remember but the panel delivery wagons for those years were allowed to use that transmission in stock classes by NHRA since they were considered to be "commercial" vehicles even though they were never offered as an option in the wagon body style deliveries.
  14. Any idea if they managed to get the '56 Chevy sedan from that same tri-five series?
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