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  1. I think that what looked like a gap in the original picture was actually a tricky reflection from the chrome trim.
  2. I think they are talking about the heights of the individual letters as in fonts, not the height off of the body for the individual letters.
  3. I'd like to see that wagon/SUV body style released too. (or instead😋)
  4. After seeing the Coral I'm thinking of going one of a couple of different ways to get a custom color that would be really close, but still different. Tamiya metallic orange with a transparent orange/amber mid coat and clear top coat or HOK sunset orange, with a clear top coat, and last but not the least favorite would be a Createx gold powder with transparent red as a carrier and a HOK Kandy Persimmon mid coat and a clear top coat.
  5. I hope this 4 door will cause some interest in some of the other modern 4 door cars. There are a couple I'd really like to see, like maybe a Kia Stinger GT, or their K-5. This would be even better if they are planning on issuing one of the SUV/Wagon style bodies too.
  6. I have a question about your photos, is the pink T-Bird in the Revell box a reissue of the old1/24th scale Monogram kit? If it is it'll save me some cash as I already have a couple with one waiting on deck as a replica of a full size one I saw years ago, all a blue coarse metallic, the Shotgun 429 from the Poison Pinto kit (it has smooth chrome valve covers and a C-6 trans it gets narrowed painted to match the body bumpers with the only chrome being the windshield frame, and oddly enough red interior.
  7. The 1/25th scale Allison aircraft engine from AMT would make a killer engine in your speedboat, and the irony would be that the full size PT boats used TWO of them for power. I can remember in my teens going to a drag boat race on a local lake and one of them that really got my attention was a flatbottom that had an Allison in it for power. I don't think that they turned that monster much above 3,000 rpm's but with the torque it put out gearing to get some serious prop rpm wasn't a problem either. That thing did make some seriously different sounds than the high rpm V8's but it was wild watching it come practically completely clear of the water about mid course when the pilot got the nerve up to put the pedal all the way down.😮😛
  8. The one thing I forgot to tell is that we did find on the blown engine in my brothers boat was that the engine would be a little crisper off idle with a zero tendency to die if you backed off too quickly is when using just a single carb for a good idle and better off idle response make sure you use the REAR carb, (at least with the Edelbrock carbs) because the primaries on the back carb is are very close to the center of the blower and it makes for a better mixture from front to rear. As for not using a blower for a driveable Street car I can't tell you how many blowers I've seen with only a single rotor, a few with no rotors (think tunnel ram) better yet for driveability were the ones that I've seen (especially on show cars) the empty blower bolted to a flat plate on a carburetor manifold and a single carb that is what the engine actually runs on. Even though the last deal takes some innocent looking braided line with a throttle cable hidden inside it and sneakily getting it to tuck under the plate so it reaches inside to the carb.
  9. I'd be as happy as a pig in mud if they release the "California Sunshine" kit, I was running a body shop when they came out with the pieces for the full size version and had just worked out a deal with a local dealer to take the new trucks direct from the import docks (they were shipped minus the beds to avoid a big tariff on complete trucks) and doing the installation and paint for them only to have Datsun/Nissan change the body style for the new model year making the Sunshine conversions obsolete for new trucks.
  10. I'm sitting here staring at the MPC '75 Datsun pick up and was thinking it would probably be the one rereleased since I had bought it almost a year ago. But even with shipping I probably paid less than what MSRP will be on the new release, and that would be WITHOUT any shipping fees tacked on.
  11. And the engine is all that I would like to get from that kit. I would use it and the original 3in1 boat kit from AMT to build a Mercury powered outboard runabout.
  12. Wasn't that Victoria hardtop in the original '50 Ford Convertible kit only offered as a Chopped version that matched up with the chopped windshield that was for both the convertible and hardtop options? But since it's been 60 years since the one I had my memory could be wrong. I have looked at the tops from the Lindberg/AMT '53 Ford kit and the AMT '51 Bel-Air hardtop kit and I think I'm gonna use the Chevy kits top to replicate the chopped top in the original release of the '50 Ford Convertible, which unless my memory has again betrayed me was the only time it was offered in the kit.
  13. Don't know what I was thinking, it would have to have been some older employees AMT/ERTL to know what the history of those would have been.
  14. Didn't Round2s announcement of the release of the Raiders Coach answer all of the questions and suspicions about what the kit was/is going to be?
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