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  1. With a little ingenuity and some clay and a drop or two of casting resin one could pick up that Motormax Hellcat and with the clay make a one time mold and VOILA!! Instant Hellcat resin emblems for your own personal use.
  2. And most of us didn't even know that he drank.πŸ˜‰πŸ€— hopefully the rehab helpsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰
  3. I doubt if most people making the claims and laughing about exploding Pintos really know the truth about the two most famous instances, in the first where an elderly woman lost her life that Pinto was hit from the rear by a full size vehicle that was travelling fast enough that the force of the impact completely obliterated the rear of the car up to the middle of the doors and the front windshield posts were pushed beyond vertical and were actually slanting forward the impact. Sadly there was no way to say if she died from the fire major injuries from the force of the impact. The second one was a young teenage girl had stopped at a self-service gas station and filled her Pinto to the top. Shortly after pulling out on the main road she realized her mistake and made a U-turn on the main road in front of the gas station and stopped to get her cap. At this point a full size Dodge van travelling at approximately 45 mph struck the stopped Pinto dead (yeah I know, poor choice of words) in the rear crushing the rear of the and resulting in the spraying of ten gallons of gasoline being sprayed over both the interior and exterior of the vehicles, unfortunately the force of being hit at a dead stop by something that weighed almost three times as much as the Pinto the body had been deformed enough to prevent any chance of extracting any passengers. I seriously doubt if ANY vehicle from that time period had been subjected to the same impact forces that they wouldn't have suffered a fire also. In fact has anyone ever pulled floor mat out of trunk/hatch hatch of a '64 -1/2 through a '73 Ford Mustang and looked at the floor of the trunk? Yep. That IS the top of the gas tank and even worse is that it bolts in all around the edge of the trunk, this forces the tank to actually be forced into the roll of being a structural part of the rear uni-body frame. A few years ago a young nursing student in our community stopped at a red light on her way home and while sitting there a car being driven by repeat drunk driver struck her at around 55 mph mph never made an attempt to stop or swerve. The people who lived in the house on the corner said that they felt the impact and heard AND saw the explosion through their closed drapes. That was just one of many instances of the Mustangs being involved in fiery crashes, and for all the bad press that the Pinto got about its design I guess they didn't realize that from 1974 through 1978 the Ford Mustang II shared the same design of the chassis with the Pinto, the only difference being a piece of 1/4" plastic sheet that was formed to go between the rear axle and the fuel tank that was supposed to stop the chances of the tank being punctured by a rear end collision.
  4. What's a little curious is Ford had almost the same exact color and Testors still has it in the factory match colors (at least our Hobby Lobby still has it on the shelf and hasn't put it in the discontinued sales yet). It's Fords "True Violet, a and it is hard to tell if it's blue or purple in the light.
  5. Claude, HOK has Passion Purple, and Pavo Purple as pearl base coats but unless they have discontinued it fairly recent they also have a "Burple"metallic pearl, that color was used to paint the Maxwell House Thunderbird that was driven in NASCAR competition by Sterlin Marlin. The old color book I have still has it shown, but it is from 1998.
  6. That swamp cooler wouldn't last long in the real world, the reason you see them on the other side is that the passenger doesn't have to roll down the window if they are stopped by the police, and it would get raked off by oncoming traffic, I've even had the trailer towing mirrors hit by oncoming traffic and that's bad enough but can you imagine how much damage that big ol' tin can could do if an oncoming delivery truck caught it with a side mirror. And don't worry the driver gets plenty of the cool air, and if he wants more just re-aim the air duct fins.😁
  7. Burple is a totally different color, the HOK burple is a pearl base this is what HOK was selling as Harlequin color changing, I have used the purple to orange and I think this might be sold as Cyan to Purple which is a blue to purple color changing paint like the old Dupont Chromalusion.
  8. Have you looked at the custom seats from the Round2 '62 Pontiac, they are done in a nice button tuft in the old style diamond pattern and would be a perfect match for a retro, or semi retro coupe.
  9. The '64Ford was returned to annual standards and reissued unless my feeble brain has been taking in to many paint fumes again.
  10. Must be another case of a Chevy in a Ford that makes look off, HAS to be a small block chevy because the distributor is on the rear of the engine where no late model Ford has one located.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  11. We can always use them for infield tires on a dirt track dioramaπŸ˜†πŸ˜‰
  12. Chevrolet Hugger Orange and Ford Poppy Red both use the same mix formulas and you can get Hugger Orange in Testors factory match lacquer spray paint.
  13. I like to pick up an occasional cheap diecast usually at Walmart (but I'm not in there much since ours isn't interested in adding plastic models, and have started locking EVERYTHING up in cases) I can sometimes pick up a useable set of wheels and fairly nice lettered or redline tires for less than Round2 wants for tires and I have never got any of these with off center lettering or sidewall markings.
  14. You can get Epoxy putty just about anywhere you can get automotive supplies, it's usually a stick shaped two part material sold for patching just about anything from gas tanks to boat hulls (there big thing here is it can even be applied underwater. I'll even bet if the backside of your piece is really smooth and you were to apply a liberal coating of wax or my old standby, liquid dish soap or heat some petroleum jelly until it's a liquid and dip your piece into it before applying your epoxy, or whatever you want to use, Cold Bond is thinner and easier to make it smooth out on the backside of your original paet. You would come up with an undersized positive for molding your usable part over and wouldn't have to worry about it being on the big side due to it being the thickness of the clear material oversize...BUT just an idea for you to think about.
  15. The MPC '74 Pinto was also a sedan as was their '76. But that one had the wrong grille making it a '75 in all actuality. The '74 had the deluxe body side moldings and trim, I am building a model of our first '71 using the early front and rear valance panels, the early interior tub, but the '74 body to get the body side moldings.
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