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  1. You should do a search for the article where he shows how to build an aluminum track nose.
  2. Especially when they have broken and hazardous pieces like that one? that thing is a personal injury lawsuit just waiting to happen! In fact I'm surprised that a young new lawyer doesn't have a table set up next to it, or at the least have it plastered with his business cards.??
  3. I bought a box of Mustang II stuff a few years ago at an NNL West show because it had one of the rare '74 bodies in it and I dug it out last year to see what all was in the box and to my surprise it had two of the Monroe Mustang II bodies in the box with the hatches being the only missing yellow molded part, but I can rob them from a couple of other kits I have laying around. I was doing my happy dance! ?
  4. Wasn't the AMT Monza reissue the one with the funky looking Vega type nose?
  5. The pump portion should have a inlet that bends down and hits the bottom of the hull just behind the engine, it actually has the drive shaft for the pump impeller going into it and have almost a square shape where it hits the hull. The other side of it is a grate with fore and aft grille bar shapes that keep large junk from getting into the pump, that sticks down just about an inch from the surface of the hull. Hope this helps, you can Google a search for Jacuzzi, and Berkeley and should get pictures or diagrams that would really help you out.
  6. Don't know why I did it, probably because I didn't find anything else in the model category but I picked up the AMT Batmobile with the included skinny Bat dude for the cockpit at a flea market last weekend. Don't know what I'm going to do with it, but it's mine now and for $6 I think it was a fair deal.
  7. I too was confused by the box art. But decided it was because the ORIGINAL release of this kit WAS the '64, and when the '65 came out AMT just modified the body to a '65 and with that the '64 was a dead subject. But personally I would prefer the '64 and the bench seat version since very few SS options were sold to fleet operators like construction companies. Except for the few that the BIG boss got for himself. I remember an under classmate who drove a '65 and it was the SS with the 350 horsepower 327, four speed and posi-trac. She was a tiny little thing that didn't even stand five feet tall and weighed less than 80 pounds but was quite a sight with her long red hair and looking through the steering wheel instead of over it. She did get pulled over quite a few times by officers who just knew that they had caught some pre teen out joyriding in daddy's car. And she was pretty good at stirring that shift lever when she felt the need to embarrass some upper classman that needed humbling.
  8. I misunderstood you. I got that you were saying the Foose kits were underwritten by Wally World, sorry for the misunderstanding. ?
  9. Buy the time these were out Walmart had already stopped stocking models at every store in the chain and had tried putting them back into a few stores on a trial basis that lasted less than a year and was discontinued after Christmas of that year. And NEITHER of the Foose kits (other than the ones that were just wheels and decals) showed up in ANY of the stores that I saw in California.
  10. Like the Bronco? But I haven't heard a lot about it from the custom/hot rodder, off road guys about how it would be better if it was done as one of those versions instead of stock.
  11. They're probably removing the Foose items and that would qualify it as "new" reissue.
  12. Hate to enlighten you on an open forum. But the Plymouth and Dodge cars that the Petty clan (and anyone else running them) raced in the late sixties and seventies were ALL unibody cars, they even used the factory leaf springs in the rear and torsion bar suspension up front. That changed with the downsizing when they went to common measurements on the chassis and suspension and from then on almost everything is produced by a few different builders.
  13. Our Silverado is a 1992 4x4, should have put the year down when I answered the thread. Sorry 'bout that.
  14. And it's a 1913 Roadster. BUT you were right about it being a Ford.....well, some of it anyway.?
  15. With the mid engine Corvette finally scheduled for release to the public in the not so distant future it will be interesting to see if anything from this design exercise made it to the final production car.
  16. I might be confused by actual facts, BUT the chevy truck wheels I have like that on our Silverado are 16" wheels. I don't believe 16's were EVER offered on the Continental, OR any Chryslers of that time period. And I can't remember seeing any GM truck wheels in 15's in that style.
  17. My first issue '49 Ford coupe was molded in gray plastic and I bought it new in the summer of 1962, BUT at the same time the Ala Kart/Model A kits were molded in the pure white plastic. No rhyme or reason just happened that way.
  18. They've been pretty accurate with the previous issues of the.1940 Ford coupe, 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup, and the 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air sedan Coca-Cola kits all being released in the proper to the era color schemes and decals. Don't really know why they might screw it up now, especially since any Coca-Cola endorsed products would have to be given a proper release from the Atlanta home offices first.
  19. I sincerely hope that the braintrust for the new ROG/Blitz/Revell USA company reinstates the North American parts replacement program just as it was in the not so distant past. That was one of my main reasons for purchasing mostly Revell models in the first place and if they drop the ball here it will be a real disappointment.
  20. And before any of these ever saw a truck they ALL were brought to the States by a big freight carrying ship from China, BUT I seriously doubt if that will make anyone except a dedicated maritime modeler want to build one.
  21. It would be a really pleasant surprise if the drag boat was reissued as a stand alone kit instead of putting it in with another kit.
  22. Nope. As an owner of a '56 Bel-Air sedan I'd have to disagree with you there, the exterior trim is just the cherry on top of a very great ice cream sundae with the fancy nuts and extra flavor abundant in the interior also.?
  23. LOL!.that's so bad it shouldn't have even made it through the first proof reader. Even Ray Charles would have noticed that.??
  24. I'd like to see the Monogram/Revell 1/8 scale motorcycles ALL reissued. BUT we know that's NEVER likely to happen. Even if all the molds still exist and are in usable condition.?
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