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  1. dave riggs added a post in a topic '31 Model A Sedan, 1/8 scale   

    Doesn't look to bad Al. I haven't been working on much either. I will get back into the 1/8's soon though I think.
  2. dave riggs added a post in a topic The 5 best GM designs   

    I would actually give them the 63 Riviera, But where is the 70 Riviera, and the 71?
    As far as corvettes go, I would have to say 1967 would be the best.
    I don't really think a Camaro belong on the list at all. Style wise I can think of a lot of Cadillacs that look a whole lot better than a Camaro.

  3. dave riggs added a post in a topic IT`S OFFICIAL! (I HAVE LOST MY MIND)   

    Not all 455's are the same. Are you sure it is the Olds 455 you are looking at(gold), and not the Pontiac 455(blue) or Buick 455(red?).
  4. dave riggs added a post in a topic A few questions about 2010+ Mustangs   

    1) EVAP canister, (formally known as the charcoal canister).
    2)Yes fuel tank, unknown about one or two.
    3)Two fuel lines, (pressure, and return) one brake line, and I believe that the last would be EVAP line (They still feed to the intake)
  5. dave riggs added a post in a topic 10 years dem brakes lasted. 10 years...   

    This is cool isn't it? My last car bought, I changed the brakes on the front only, and proceded to drive the thing for 10 years before I changed them again!
    The only reason I changed them after the ten years was because the rear brakes were starting to leak, and get wore out. It went 63 miles a day to work and back!

  6. dave riggs added a post in a topic My New Year's model building resolutions for 2012   

    I've been thinking that my new years resolution should be to 1. work less, and 2. build more models! Maybe build some of the models at work, I mean, do I really have to try to be the best at work, or just better than the worst?

  7. dave riggs added a post in a topic Revell 1/12 Shelby GT350   

    White is correct for a 1965 Shelby GT 350. If you were to convert it to a 1966 Shelby, then it could be painted other colors. To convert it, you would need side scoops, 1/4 panel windows, and the 1966 GT interior. Those are the major differences.

  8. dave riggs added a post in a topic Early Corvette Grill Teeth?   

    I think it was the AMT 1957 chevy that had a wide grill of corvette teeth in it. It was the early release, not the newer ones. Let me look around for ya!

    Yeah, I found this on E-Bay. It is not mine...
    I believe just about any of the metal axle 57 kits from AMT should have the grill.
  9. dave riggs added a post in a topic Porsche 910   

    Cato, Thanks. I built this as a practise run for the GT-40 I have waiting in the wings...Now I am not sure I want to start it next..
    Al "Mr. Winston!", Thanks, didn't really put much detail into this one though, Really just about box stock.

  10. dave riggs added a post in a topic Porsche 910   

    Thanks guys. I tried weathering it based on the movie Le MANS, but I didn't go near as far with it as in the movie. I thought it might be a little over done also, but the flash from the camera really takes some of the weathering out of it.

  11. dave riggs added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Porsche 910
    Just finished this today. Hope you like.

    Here is the link to the rest.
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  12. dave riggs added a post in a topic Will we ever see another all-new tool in 1/8 scale?   

    Don't forget that Icon models created a 1/8 scale model not to many years ago. Sure its a die cast Australian kit, but it is a model!

    I believe that the frame/suspension would be the same as a Mustang, so it could be converted..

  13. dave riggs added a post in a topic Medical Tape For Headliners?   

    Hey Bruce, I just finished an 1/8 scale model and used the cloth medical tape to replicate canvas. I just burnished it down real good, cut it, and painted it. This is the best picture I could find.
    It should be just fine for a 1/25 headliner.

  14. dave riggs added a post in a topic The best of....   

    You could also try the AMT 71 duster. It has a 340 in it.

  15. dave riggs added a post in a topic Utter newbie; tons of questions   

    I am not totally sure what front suspension your 1:1 truck has, but I think you might be better off with the 65 frame and suspension. The 60 chevy has torsion bar front end, and the 65 has the coil springs. I think your truck has coil springs in front, right?