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  1. Will Seagraves added a post in a topic Hello Everyone!   

    Slim, I am newbie here too. Have seen your work on other forums. You build awesome models. I build a lot of short track stuff and haulers, tow vehicles too.
    Best Wishes.
  2. Will Seagraves added a post in a topic Newbie Here, Working on a Mack Wrecker.   

    Tail Lights are craft store jewels, 5MM diameter. Bezels are turned from barstock. .2031 ID, .265 OD, Bucket OD is .218.
    Depth of drill .090 from drill flank. Oal is about .15 Turned on an ancient South Bend Lathe.

    The U-joints for the PTO are styrene tubing with a semicircle filed into the end. Bend wire to fit, slide U joint segment over wire, interlocking them where the cross would be. Very Simple.

    Thrilled that you liked it so much. Check out the other albums on Fotki.
  3. Will Seagraves added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Newbie Here, Working on a Mack Wrecker.
    Working on Mack Wrecker based on R model Tractor kit. Loosely based on a web find pic.
    Tow equipment is a Holmes W-45 sorta. WWII Military Surplus Style. Not a far reach for a sixties truck.
    Boom setups were commonly moved from truck to truck. Built a Braden 30 Ton Winch. Everything is scratch built.
    Made my own PTO box and shaft setup. Will have to paint soon, as I am running out of parts to make.
    Used the Wrecker and Tow truck book by Wood for reference too.
    Link to Fotki Album....http://public.fotki.com/WillSeagraves/mack-wrecker-buildup/
    Mack Wrecker Photos Link (**NOTE: I edited your post to create a hyperlink to the photos - Tim**)
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