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  1. ChevyFan added a post in a topic How Do You Display Your Completed Models?   

    What's a completed model? Been quite a while since I had one of them.

    Otherwise, they are in a couple different cabinets with glass front doors. Keeps most of the dust off.
  2. ChevyFan added a post in a topic My Inspirational Model Car   

    I'm inspired by all those that are building the models that I'd like to build. My skills are improving, but not there yet. It was Peter Lombardo (he has no idea who I am though) that got me back into building kits again after about a 10-15 year break. I found pics of his 56 (blue and silver) and 57 (burgundy) chevy roadsters through google when looking for 1:1 pics and thought WOW! That was also how I found this website.
  3. ChevyFan added a post in a topic '83 Cavalier IMSA road racer   

    Looking great so far. I'm liking the look of those decals you wanna make. I did notice something that didn't quite look right to me and that is you'll wanna check your spelling of chevrolet before you print off the decals. Not unless you are starting up a new company to "factory back" this car.
  4. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    Haven't done much to mine for a while, but I'll post what I have done so far.

    Put the first coat of primer on it and now time to start sanding probably most of it back off to straighten up the body etc.

    Hopefully get back into this one soon.

  5. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    No they won't, send them to me instead.

    They could look cool when they are done.
  6. ChevyFan added a post in a topic Bretts horsemen   

    Nice looking horsmen Brett. Look forward to seeing the others finished.

    Of course the chev finished first. Can Handle Easy Victories Running Only Low Elapsed Times!
  7. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    Nice looking cars being done here. I'm liking that blue mb_chargerchick and the blue on that charger Mississippi Resins. It really suits the charger.

    Been away from the bench for a while, only got a minor update. Made some mods to the rear window. The top now sits higher and I've trimmed down the sides a bit as well. Stuffed up a panel line for the vent window, so I have to put in more putty and more sanding afterwards. Would love to put this thing in primer soon to see how much more putty and sanding I still have to go.

    The engine in the background will be going into this car, but not in those colours. It's from a 93 (ish) corvette.

  8. ChevyFan added a post in a topic Historic Racing Community Build   

    I'm thinking of getting into this one, good thing I still have plenty of time to decide. I've got a monza 2+2 that I've thought about trying to make into a dekon monza (or something similar). I'll have to scratch build some of the body kit as I'm missing one rear piece (goes over the rear quarter). Not sure if it was supposed to have a front spoiler on the kit that I've got, but I don't think it would have been aggressive enough for the style I'm now thinking anyway. If I get the time etc. I'll join in on this later.
  9. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    Thanks for that, I'm hoping it turns out the way that I want. Go on then, do it, and get in here (provided it's a gluebomb 56). I was concerned even though the body was trashed before I started (this is my first time trying a lot of this stuff). I'm starting to see progress now and I'm really enjoying it.

    There are some great resto's and projects going on here, can't wait to see more join, and more pics of the rebuilds. Hope we all keep at it and get these things finished.
  10. ChevyFan added a post in a topic 1991 GMC Syclone   

    Really nice looking Syclone. I've got one to rebuild one day. It started out in this colour scheme (nowhere near as nice as yours though), but it has since had a custom (hand brushed) pattern on it in 3 shades of blue. When I rebuild it, I might have to go back original again. I couldn't for the life of me (back then at least hopefully) couldn't get the body kit to fit properly. I'll have to have a look at your WIP to see how you did it. It'll be a good reference to when I rebuild this:

  11. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    That 67 Plymouth would look awesome as a pro tourer. Or is that just me thinking that way.
  12. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    Here's the pics that I mentioned earlier. I've had to put them up this way instead by the looks of it.

    To give you an idea of what's happened so far, that I didn't mention in my first post for this one.

    The body has been sectioned about 2 milimetres through the middle. That then made me take the same off the back end behind the rear wheel arches as they then hung too low. Still need to do some raising of the front as well now. I've added styrene to the headlight areas and I'll be putting 57 chev headlight buckets in. I'll be modifying a "custom" 58 front to replace the original 56 grille etc including making the grille bars. I've also got plans on a 67 mustang front bumper to go on. Still trying to think of a custom style rear bumper, but I'll decide on that later. Might have to try and scratchbuild something, but trying to avoid that if I can just put something else on with only minor mods. I've also changed the vent window area to look more like the 58 chev style.

    I think that's all I've done so far. It's progressing slowly. This will be my most modified model once it's finished. A lot of first's for me to get this one done. Which is why I started with the glue bomb in the first place.

    This is the extended piece to the back window, and is now the new pillar, as most of the previous one is now gone.

    Sideview of the roof changes. Still need some more tidying up for a smoother finish and look. (hopefully)

    Rear suspension set up on the new chassis, so far. Still need to add shockers, or air bags etc. This is the stock "custom" delray diff and brake setup. The chrome part is from the parts box. No idea what they are from, possibly the 55 belair "street machine" maybe. As I didn't use very much of the gasser style setup on that one.

    Chassis getting closer to being completed. Still need a few more things to be sorted out before I look at painting it.

    A quick pic to compare the overall height difference between a standard ride height 56 and the new height.

    Still needing a few more touchups to the body work before I can put this into primer and start on an interior. It'll probably be mostly scratch built, using parts box seats etc.

  13. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    OK, I got some more done, and have more time to explain what I have done so far.

    I've put a donor roof on to this thing after the younger version of me (who deserves a smacking for making this job harder than it needed to be) removed it, badly. The roof has some mods like a minor chop, and I've exended the opening for a sleeker look. This meant that I had to put more styrene into the previous window area, otherwise there'd be no support back there. The rear window will be getting a different look to it as well soon.

    I changed the shape of the 56 vent windows to something more like the 58 chev. Still need to do some work there to make it look more realistic.

    The chassis is starting to take more shape as well. Kit bashed from the 56 Delray "custom" parts for the front suspension and rear diff complete with disc brakes all round now. Still need to finish off both ends with more suspension parts.

    I'll show pics when it lets me attach them.
  14. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    Here's a few pics as I said a few mins ago. (had to remember how to attach pics here)

    I'll explain more of what's happening later. For now, I'll let the pics do the talking.

  15. ChevyFan added a post in a topic The GLUE BOMB Invitational.   

    I'll put my current project in here, and if the other overhauling one goes ahead too, I'll hopefully find something for that one too (provided that I have time etc).

    It's a 56 chev that I butchered years ago. I'm trying a bunch of new things (to me) cos the body was shot to hell and I didn't really mind if I stuffed it up. Now it's starting to take shape.

    I'll post pics soon of what I started with, and where I'm up to at the moment.