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  1. Wow thank you for all your help! I actually own a 1971 Mazda 1300 estate so I'd really like to get my hands on one of these bodies and any other bits and pieces.
  2. Yeh I figured it was modeled from the R100 kit. Well if anyone know's the person in PR who does these bodies I'd be interested in one!
  3. Oh sweet! They were known as a Chrysler Galant wagon in Australia. The flutes on the rear quarters were only found on the coupes which in fact we did not get down here (New Zealand did though).
  4. Thanks! Is that the exact spelling of his username? I can't seem to find him.
  5. I've never heard of such a kit but a member of a Mazda Rotary forum I'm on found this picture: Can anyone shed any light on this? I know there is a Mazda Familia/R100 coupe kit available so maybe it is a custom made resin body based on that.
  6. Wow I just stumbled across this... absolutely incredible, I just love the whole concept. Awesome effort!
  7. Eric Bana still has his red XB Hardtop but is currently too busy with acting commitments to sought out a repair plan. Hopefully the car is salvagable although it did take quite a big hit. I'm not sure when it comes out in the US (if at all) but his new movie about the car itself called Love The Beast comes out here next week.
  8. Nice A40 mate! This car (albeit in it's original brown paint scheme) is on my to do list. You've done an excellent job.
  9. I haven't logged on in a while but it's good to see people are still enjoying these photos. I'm sure I've got some more so I'll be sure to post them up over the next few days.
  10. Certainly one of the best Funny Car builds I've seen on here... nice work! A+
  11. Wow that's awesome mate, very well done! You've captured the look perfectly
  12. Why I started? Because I was a car mad kid and I was encourage to engage in a constructive, creative hobby that reflected my interests. Why I still do it? Because I can't afford all real, life-sized versions!
  13. Wow some amazing detail in there! It really looks the part... great build!
  14. Sweet altered! What's the origin of the body? Lookin' very cool
  15. What the hell! I don't understand why anyone would do that... best of luck with getting things back they way they were, health wise and hobby wise.
  16. Awesome Willys! There's nothing like a fat-fendered Gasser... Shoeboxes just don't cut it
  17. Nice one! The car pictured is a 1962 model. There was a big fibreglass/kit sports car scene here in the 50's and 60's but not a great deal of these cars have survived over the years.
  18. My best wished to those persons in California who are affected by these fires. I've heard reports of some 800 homes lost so far and possible loss of life. Here is Australia we know the reality of bush fires all too well.
  19. No it's not an Elfin. The name of the manufacturer consists of two initials - X & X - the name of the car is a noun used to describe "a person who searches for or seeks something"....
  20. There were 20 of these cars built by an Australian fibreglass company in the 1960's. Some were powered by Holden 6-cyl engines, some by Jaguar engines and probably a couple of others in between.
  21. Australian built, not by a major manufacturer. I beleive they could be ordered/built in kit form. 1960's era.
  22. Haha maybe so, maybe so. I'll throw one up now...
  23. A Tatra! Never would have guessed. Well that's an easy one for me. It's a Holden LX Torana Hatchback, possibly an A9X race homologation model with that flare kit (obviously the wheels are late model, aftermarket) however it's very common for both the sedan and hatches to be 'mocked up' like this as L34-SLR5000's or A9X's. Interestingly these cars have enjoyed a significant increase in value in the last 5 years with genuine, factory-spec A9X cars (Only 405 A9X Toranas were produced and these consisted of 305 four-door sedans and 100 two-door hatches) hovering around the AUS$200000 mark. Race cars from the era (mid to late 70's) car fetch over $500000 depending on the driver and on track performance pedigree.
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