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  1. Wow very nice stock example there! Great job
  2. I love the weathered look on this one. You can almost imagine it being laid up in some barn or shed for decades. Great work!
  3. Nice rat man, looks deadly!
  4. WOW that is a stunner! The body mods and paint really set it apart.
  5. I like it mate The colour combo is spot on, very modern. Brings back memories of building this same kit about 10 years ago... it's really fun!
  6. Another question. I have a rim that is flaking and has a number of sections of 'chrome' missing. What can I do about this? Is there something I could soak it in to remove all the factory covering and then apply BMF (this will be quite difficult I am guessing considering the intricate shape of a mag wheel) or should I be going for another approach entirely. Kurt.
  7. What about BMF'ing a bare resin part such as an injection hat or blower case, even a moon tank? Should the parts be cleaned in anything first? Any tips?
  8. I was told the same thing recently by my dentist... I knew I should have done it when I was a teenager. I've had alot of pain this year but now they (only 3 of a possible 4, where not sure where the other one went!) have all come through. Unfortunately the bottom two have caused some crowding and cut into the gum on one occassion! Gotta get it done soon...
  9. Well Nick F40 the top one is obviously a Mazda RX8 engine bay, RENISIS Rotary/Wankel engine (unsure if it's a 6 or 4-port, we have both here in Aus) and I'm guessing it's an early model with that blue colour so could be 2004 or 2005? As for the second bay it looks like an E30 BMW (1981 - 1991) to me with a Bimmer inline 6. It's obviously some kind of race car as most of the engine bay accessories have been removed. Gotta love the individual throttle bodies!
  10. Haha go the Brumby! That is an old clip and is actually taken from a New Zealand automotive DVD series called HiOctane... great viewing by the way.
  11. Yep that's the Queens Street Smash Repairs 4-rotor BMW drag car at the start. Strangely enough that engine note (similar to the 787B) is still recongniseable over the noise of the two turbos and the other 13B powered RX7 drag car. The BMW now looks like this though: On another interesting note the metallic pink RX3 coupe with Mazsport written down the side in that video has just become Australia's (correction - 4th in the world) quickest 3/4 chassis Compact car (retains factory style front subframe, strut towers, suspension points) by running a 7.18@185mph. It uses a 20B turbo with Liberty 5-speed for motivation. This is our quickest Rotary powered drag car, the PAC Performance full chassis MX6.
  12. Love the engine detail... superb stuff! Keep posting updates!
  13. Hrmmm I'm wondering how hard it would be to shape the rear roof section and back window opening on the resin body... it doesn't seem like anyone manufactures a more stock style resin Fiat.
  14. Unreal! Love the gear knob mate
  15. The 1970 RX2 was powered by a 13B fuel injected 2-rotor engine lifted straight from a 1986 - 1990 non-turbo FC RX7. It also utilised the RX7 5-speed and was controlled via a locally produced Microtech MT4 (older model) fuel-only ECU. It was fairly quick for what is was and quite loud too... all part of owning a Rotor! I owned the car from age 20 to about 23. As for the 1300 Estate well I've always wanted one and although there are quite a few around Australia not many pop up in my particular state. At this stage through word of mouth and keeping a close eye on advertisements on the internet I know of only 5 or 6 other 4-door models (including the one and only 4-door 1200cc Estate that was imported here from Papua New Guinea) in this country. The weren't factory Rotary powered by I plan to eventually convert mine to a 12A Bridgeport, posibly EFI but more then likely running a 48IDA Weber down-draft carb.
  16. Hahaha listen to you Rotor Heads... nice one! I'm a big fan of the 3 and 4-rotor engines too. We have a number of street cars here in Australia that pack 20B turbo 3-rotor (and a few nat. aspirated rigs) engines... as you can imagine coupled with a light weight early model Mazda they are some of the most potent road driven cars around! What I might do is post a new thread with some photos/vids of local cars and cruises including some action from the up-coming Fast Fours and Rotaries Jamboree here in Queensland in a few weeks time. Of course the one and only 4-rotor king is the 1991 Le Mans winning 787B... oh what a sound! Here in Aus there has been a turbo-charged 4-rotor engine (hand build engine/crank, not a factory Mazda race motor) campaigning in the top level of Sport Compact drag racing. It's a full chassis E36 BMW two-door as I believe has eventually managed a best of e.t. of 7.2 but has had some development problems of late. Sadly like the U.S.A. our Compact drag scene is doomed to be over-run by the mighty 3.0 litre + 2JZ Supra engines.... On that note unfortunately stump I am unsure if I will be able to make it to the QMHE this year as it's the same weekend as the two-day Jamboree event. I'm assisting a photographer this year too so I don't think I'll have too much time on my hands.
  17. There are so many excellent drag projects on here... I just can't get over it Where can I order one of those parachutes from?! Great Digger by the way!
  18. What a great idea! It's coming along very well mate, stick at it.
  19. Current - finishing off the green Revell Thames Panel Van Gasser Next - Revell 1950 Austin Coupe Gasser... going to replicate an actual U.S. drag car from the 60's
  20. Sorry for bumping up an old thread but I thought it better to add information then to start anew. I am trying to find a more accurate Fiat Topolino body for a project I'm planning but I'm not having much luck. Basically I would prefer a body that has a front end setup such as this: (Note the bonnet area coming half way to meet the front grill clip) .... but has a factory style roof/rear window opening such as the old Double Dragster body: Is there anything out there? The only other thing for it is to cut and shut the two but I would first have to find someone willing to part with a Double Dragster body
  21. Eeyore


    If only the Highway Patrol has one of these in the 60's... wouldn't have been much help once they got to a corner though Excellent work!
  22. My old Mazda RX2 sedan powered by a EFI 13B My current project is a rare 4-door 1971 Mazda 1300 Estate/Wagon...
  23. Great effor there mate! Very original little altered there...
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