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  1. Great productive year! Four models in four different style ! Bravo!
  2. Wow! Great model! Your engine was super nice, you give a lot attention to details!
  3. AWesome built ! Very nice! Love it !
  4. Same for me, I agree, Fireball was çertsinly one of the best aftermarket on market! II have lot of stuff from him, wheels, tires, carburetor, all was perfect resin or decals ! The good thing with decals always have an extra wheels in case of disaster ! Same with resin, always have extra parts just in case! And the most important he give an excellente service !
  5. Very nice and clean ! Bravo!
  6. That’s real beauty! You use the best parts for built! Perfect way to great model! Bravo mon ami!
  7. Very nice! Great attention to details, this is give a lot reality to your model! Bravo!
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