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  1. Bo Skywalker

    thanks if I get some time I intend to do some weathering on her (and final assembly, of course)
  2. Revell Thermopylae

    does this kit come with a crew of 300 Spartans?
  3. Turbo chargers

    one of our members makes a nice set, chucky or chubby or fuzzy or something its been a few years since he send me some
  4. Bo Skywalker

    thanks Jim I am not sure if I actually came up with this idea myself, or if I saw it online somewhere. I tried googling it by different keywords but all that came up was a millennium falcon in DOH livery.
  5. Bo Skywalker

    still a work in progress...but I always wondered how cool it would be if they painted the X wing fighter to look like a real rebel vehicle (the kit is an older snapkit, empire strikes back, I think) I still have quite a bit to do, mostly detail painting and final assembly, but she is close enough to tell really the only big change that needed to be made was the opening up of the motors, to fit the turbine wheels (stock on the right, modified on the left) about 30 minutes with the dremel did the trick the turbine wheel came from a 69 buick Riviera, and will be stripped and repainted steel the only other modification I made was cut out a bunch of clutter from the body to allow the flag decal to sit flush on second though, I should have cut a LOT more and put a whole new panel on the back, but I think it worked out
  6. Revell 1/48 B-17G

    shoot, just make a dio with only the latter part of the tail then (like that part was blown off and fell down) you did detail the tailgunners turret no?
  7. 68 charger gasser , final assembly

    11, 12 jaar nu al maar al mijn familie woont nog in Nederland, dus ik kom nog ieder jaar terug
  8. would look real if it wasn't for the palm trees in the background
  9. 68 charger gasser , final assembly

    funny, I hadnt noticed your Dutch (never do pay a whole lot of attention to the avatars) Waar kom je ergens vandaan? ik ben zelf Jaren geleden uit de Brabantse klei getrokken
  10. Revell 1/48 B-17G

    why not make it a crash site diorama? rip the wings of (to preserve room) and rip sections of the fuselage of so you can show the interior or at least poke a few .50 cal. peekholes in there
  11. White Hat Special

    cant go wrong with a mopar...but way two clean for a day two car maybe its a dealer special with Cragars included?
  12. The Missile

    the dash I need looks like this I need it for an AMT 71 duster but the one that is in there is a rally version, the only kit I know of that has the dash I need is the pro street cuda your redoing I'm sure I could modify the rallye dash, but swapping is so much easier
  13. Roadkill's '68 Dodge Charger "General Mayhem"

    mine is pretty well preserved she does have the see through trunk and a few little bubbles on the fender, but not bad for a 45 year old car the biggest issue I'm having is getting power to the ground
  14. The Missile

    any chance I can talk you into trading out the dash for a rallye unit? I need a non rallye dash for a model of my 1:1 I'm building
  15. I like it somewhat of a change from the "buick V6 swap" that's so common