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  1. could be worse...they could have started out with something valuable, like a mopar
  2. weathering looks great is it all paint and washes, or did you also use pastels and such?
  3. gotcha I guess "charger streetmachine" didn't narrow it down very far
  4. are we talking about the "one run of fun" edition that came out last year, before they redid the tooling? or is this whatever they changed the tooling too? if it is the first, there are several of them in the "big boys" section
  5. I bought myself a snapkit of an X wing fighter (not the prissy ones from the new movie, but the cool ones, that still had the four turbines on it) ive had an idea rolling around in my head for a while and I think it might be able to get me back into modeling (something about kids)
  6. put a model car on a sheet of 220 grit sandpaper and see how it looks change the grit up or down until it looks right, and then start weathering it
  7. yeah, ford was so proud of their little sierra they marketed it in the US as a merkur lol nice model though I remember seeing a few of the cosworth version growing up
  8. im sure I don't need to tell you this but take your time beveling the edges of that hood to close nicely over that shaker
  9. lol, no kidding they seem to think every mopar ever build came with a hemi (even that 75 duster you need to send me the dash out off has one)
  10. pay no mind to this post, these are real pictures in adding for my own reference
  11. nice job grasshopper almost looks better then the real deal maybe I ougtha have you build my duster for me
  12. the name doesn't ring a bell but that picture sure looks familiar
  13. not a whole lot to show but im chipping at her (mostly trying to gather parts) I got some wheels done started a little prep work on the body, mostly sanding casting lines and filling in the holes for the spoiler why is it that every model I want to put a spoiler on I need to drill the holes myself and the one model that doesn't get a spoiler has the holes molded into the trunk? I also started working on the oil pan the 1:1 has a milodon unit on it (if I never get to use one of their products again it will be too soon) so I started copying one in scale the oil pan might be wasted effort since there is a good chance I will rip off the milodon and go with something a little bit higher quality instead
  14. we'll just get rid of them discs and run drums all the way around...if its good enough for my 71 duster im sure it will be good enough for an import
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Model-Car-Garage-MCG-2249-Small-Block-Chevy-Valve-Covers-triangular-Air-Cl-/381187075892?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58c0852f34
  16. I may have missed it in here, but were the pulleys part of the motor or did you acquire them separate?
  17. sure they are toys that's no reason to make it look as accurate and as good as you want it too if your reply to my comment would have been "i know, but I like it that way" then that is cool, your model, your choices but if by any chance you are posting here because you are looking for input from fellow modelers and are trying to make the next model look better then the last then i'd be more then happy to provide you with some constructive criticism
  18. the "main kit" I will be using is the AMT 71 duster 340 it has (most of) the underhood A/C parts I need as well as the knee kicker outlets im tempted to try and locate one of the 75 duster streetrods to scavenge the dash out of or maybe the new 75 dart sport kit (unless a fellow member has one they could part with or trade me) it will be tricky to get the 3 belt set up build but we'll see how it goes
  19. looks good but the tail pipes look a tad too big what is that, about 6-7 scale inches?
  20. no more FM3 ? too bad unless your going for EL5 ? I LOVE EL5
  21. tell me what you like and ill see what I can dig up for you if you want to measure how tall the front tires are I can probably find some about just as tall you may need to move the rear frame rails in a bit to clear them, so be sure to measure how wide you can go there I bet I can find some centerlines if you like those (I hate hate HATE them) but im sure I got some nicer ones too
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