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    last October the wifey bought ginger for me, a 1971 Plymouth duster with a very weak 225 /6 engine as it sits today it sports a 360 LA smallblock out of a 1975 RV I will be building a model of her as close to the real thing as possible so far the only problems in seeing is the 8.75 rear end that comes with the kit the duster still has the 7.25 (with open highway gears) but I will build the model with the 8.75 which I am hoping to install at some point anyway I will try to install the rims in a manner that allows me to change them over once I get different rims on Ginger (which wont be until after I get the rear end and possibly the front brake set-up changed over) im planning on modifying the 360 to show the proper belt routing and that is about it PARTS I NEED a non rally A body dash as found in the 75 dart sport (mislabeled as a duster) and possibly the re-issue of this kit a set of Holley valve covers as shown below an air cleaner as seen below I will be working on this with my 5 year old when my 19 month old sleeps so don't expect to see it move any time soon
  2. nice start you know what I think would rock? (and don't get offended if you don't like this) but what about slapping some 15 by 8 inch rear rims on there? with some nice wide slicks to get the power to the ground
  3. I hear you man I can not stand cowl induction on mopars (except of course the AAR cuda I build, that one rocks) but if you do put that on there you might as well paint the engine bay black (the AAR hood I mentioned)
  4. I cant believe we are even discussing this the Allison is a ww2 aircraift engine, the airgrabber scoop has the typical nose art shark on it seems like a perfect match to me
  5. nice I saw a real life one of these last weekend at "mopars at Martin"
  6. sorry to hear it Kurt but look on the bright side...if it wasn't for your post I would still be thinking I have until December 31st to finish the build
  7. you can NOT build an alfa romeo race car without the serpent and cross on the hood and IMHO it should have been bright yellow...why? let me tell you, I was 16 years old when I was working at a alfa romeo garage that did a lot of race prepping one day we got a sprint in just like this from a Belgium owner he wanted it to be as light and fast as possible so we took off the front clip, the door skins and the trunklid and had then remade in fiberglass then we added an 3.2 v6 in it and shot it bright yellow as per the customers request the customer was ecstatic when he came to pick the car up until he told us what series he wanted to race the car in...he was over 400 pounds below the minimum weight
  8. I might join in on this build...IF I can find a front bench seat for a 70-74 A-body I have a good idea for a duster but it HAS to have a bench seat not giving any clues on the build but I will tell you the name...the A-bomb (which by the way is a whole lot more powerfull than the F-bomb) (and that name is taken guys, no stealing it
  9. I know its been a while Virgil but I have resumed progress on galloper nothing to show for it yet but I almost have the motor installed
  10. hey Nick (and everyone else involved) looks like I might be getting back into modeling as the days grow shorter not sure how I drifted away from models in general, but that's the way summers seem to go for me if I remember correctly I had a build started for this but I wasn't happy with the body so ill dig up the box and see where it sits and let yall know
  11. looks like you shot it under a 90% angle next time, shoot it under 45% and see if it doesn't come out a little shinier
  12. thanks Bill, that's a great help and to show you I am actually working on something, here are a few shots of the engine haven't paint the props yet, or the outside of the cowls but just to show how it sits in there
  13. thanks for the link Bill, there are some good tips on there the turbos are a nice molded in detail on the kit so that should be simple enough to detail since we're talking about the engine cowl, I was thinking of painting those red, those and the tail rudders so, cowl flaps, what are they, what are they for and what colour should they be?
  14. apart from the quality of the paint and or cans you are using there are several things to keep in mind that can improve the quality of the paint job first of, keep in mind some paints dry quicker then others if you are shooting clear A over paint B over primer C you must ensure both B and C are properly cured or those coats will shrink and cause cracking of the coat A now, this is much more likely to happen when using a combination of paint brands, lacquer and enamels secondly: preparation make sure you paint during the right conditions, if you have to paint outside do it on a dry, windstill warm day make sure you have as good a base as possible, clean the model you are about to paint, if it feels to rough, sand it (then wash it again) when you are ready to paint put your paint can in a pan of water and warm it up nicely, don't let it boil but let it get hot to the touch this will "thin" out the paint and allow it to flow nicer and remember, several thin coats are always better then one thick one baseline: a good painter with lousy equipment will still do a better job then a lousy painter with the best equipment
  15. thanks Wayne I've decided to go with olive drab over neutral grey though I might put in a tad more blue for the interior I have read the cockpit used a green (ish) insolation, im planning on using paper towel for that I also picked up a can of green chromate and a can of yellow chromate I will use the yellow for the inside of the engine shrouds and the wheel wells the green is too bright, I was going to mix in some grey or so and use that for the interior but you tell me the interior is not painted nor primered, save for the stringers I kinda really like this one (is this the radiators you refered to leaking on the wings?)
  16. steve, the song that came to my mind was by Jamey Johnson "in color" the second verse actually talks about a tailgunner Lenn, you did mention it was your dad, I just assumed it was your grand dad, probably because my grand dad lived through the war and he was a little boy, 7-12 I think the revel 1/48 kit is the one I will be building I started working on it yesterday and the first thing I did was "wrong" the instructions call for the trim on the glass pieces to be the colour as the fuselage but I decided to paint them silver my hands aren't that stable and I was never very good at painting tiny trim like this so I used the silver sharpie I also use to paint trim on car interior and it worked great (the trim is raised detail so I just very lightly put the tip of it on there and let the paint flow into the detail)
  17. thanks Jared would the same go for the inside of the engine cowl? (chromate yellow) Carl. I think im gonna stay here, I like this crowd Lenn, (not named after your grandfather are you?) I actually found a ton of references from different model builders and one site in particular you might find interesting: http://www.100thbg.com/ oh, and I also found your grand dad: tail gunner corporal Leonard G. Woodruff (bottom right) ill see if I like the marking off the century bombers, 350th squad, I may incorporate some of them in my build
  18. hey guys very very long way about but we will be studying the book of revelation in my sundayschool class soon and this is a perfect excuse to build a WW2 bomber (a gold star for anyone who can find the connection) I haven't build a plane in decades and I haven't put any serious effort into it, ever I have no intention of replicating a actual plane so I don't mind if I mix call signals or paint the propeller hub the wrong colour what I would like to get right is the "look" of a WW2 bomber plane that has put in some time and has the scars to show for it so, if anyone has any advise on how to weather the thing, or how to paint it (for instance, what colour is the inside of the wheel wells?) i'd love to hear it oh, when I finally get round to building this will be where the progress will be reported
  19. i had a real nice 03 VW passat with a 1.8 turbo in it i had the ECU flashed so the engine would spike at 18 PSI and hold 17 ALL DAY LONG everytime i hit 3200 RPM it felt liek being rearended by a semi having said that, the clutch was gone by 100K miles
  20. shoot, i ougtha give them a call, tell them i'll do it for $150,000 even
  21. what about all these so called "muscle cars" and then they only have a ford in there zing
  22. i wonder if he got that soaking in the Bible, copying and mimicking the words of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. other than that i do have to side with the good docter, imitation is the highest form of flattery we all have a common interest here and there are times when i see a fellow modeler build something that makes me think "ah-ha! thats what i need!"
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