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  1. oh yeah, i remember a day when he couldnt have been more then 18 months, just old enoug to get on a chair and sit down i was working on the kitchen table, sanding a rim down to fit inside a tire and he was sitting next to me i set down the sand paper and the rim to work on the engine pretty soon i heard this grinding sound as he started sanding the tire down in the exact same fashion i had just been sanding the rim it sure is, good eye i got that kit and the heinz 57 (the car in my avatar) in a trade or a deal or something one day, mostly because of the added goodies (which i have yet to use) its one of the few kits i actually dont mind him looking into much i have a cat about that size i put up the wall just as much for the cat as i did for the boy, but its a lot more effective on the cat: he cant open the door thats in it
  2. i really like how you painted the roofliner (you gotta tell me what paint that is, it would look good on my pro street fastlane) what i dont like though is that exhaust you put on...it looks way to restirctive you got those big old headers going into what looks like 2 inch exhaust where you would want at least 3 inchers to keep the flow going if it were my model, i would try to replace the section between the headers and the mufflers but thats just my 2 cents
  3. hey now, this is a family oriented forum
  4. oh yeah, the one in the orange is mine, the other one is his cousin we all met up at grandma's today and the first thing he asked was if we could head out to my place and race we will doc. now if i could just find some grand stands i'd be all set
  5. yeah, no kidding i bought the track at hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon and it was still a 3 digit sale i just scored a good deal on ebay on a split level ranch (with attached garage) and a set of 3 homes which are under construction im really getting excited about this so far my boys favorite part is gunning it down the back stretch and sending the car off the track and onto the floor then he cracks up when i have to go get it
  6. just laid down the paint on the clapboard siding now i just need to finish the trim (i hate painting trim) do some weathering and put her all together
  7. quick little mock up on my build the body will be painted red (think i mentioned that before) and the raised shoulder line will be painted white nothing more i can do untill i get the drivetrain in
  8. i think this is all i started in 2012 66 marauder, sitting in the purple pond right now post apocolypse chevelle pro-street duster some type of datsun truck with a ford box and a 440 everything else that is unfinished is older
  9. hey Tim, do you have acces to a printer ? i have the sides scaled about right but the hood just plain looks wrong if i could send you a file could you open it and print it on regular paper to make sure the sizes are right before i make the actual decals?
  10. looks like a great start Soren i think we are using the seem rubber (though my front ones are skinnier) got a mill picked out yet ? im pretty stagnant on my build...mostly waiting on parts so far ive put together the engine bay (which will remain stock) and decided on a paint scheme the main clolour will be red, with a white panel running down the side and the stock white decals i also cut out the wheel wells but wont be able to build them back up again untill i get the rear end in the mail i also ordered a motor for this build because the 390 is cute but it just doesnt have any power adders and i dont want to run it in stock trim (after all, this is pro street, not poser street)
  11. somehow i think the model as it stands look way better than the computer rendition you are going for not really sure how i would do the front spoiler, but i would suggest starting with some carbaord and making a template out of that, that way you can get the shape just right before you start cutting into expensive styrene
  12. look great you wouldnt happen to be Amish would you ?
  13. sounds like you want to larger, more modern wheels the best bet would be pegasus they carry a good line of those another good option would be to browse our resin section a lot of our member cast thier own rims and that would be the place to find them
  14. thanks guys im watching a few ebay auctions to see if i can get some more buildings for cheap for now the only progress is that i painted the molded in foundation on the house (which is brick) to match the porch of the house its not a perfect match but it is pretty close, not bad for a first try im gonna paint the steps and floor of the porch primer grey, just like the tops of the pillars to look like poured concrete then the siding of the house will be this colour blue with white trim and a white front door then, once i add the roof and call it done i think i will put it at the intersection here is a shot of the track it will go on
  15. in the main hallway at my parents house there is a little plaque with the different views a son has on his father over the ages (i think it actually came from my grandfather) i dont quite remember what it said but it was something along the lines off age 2: daddy is my hero age 6: daddy is my best friend age 12:daddy thinks he knows everything age18: daddy is hopelesly oldfashioned age 24:maybe dad was on to something and i cant remember the rest, but i always liked that one thanks, all to best to you and yours aswell and a ford on top of that
  16. yeah, that would be cool, let me know how big the hood decal needs to be and how long the side decal from the very beginning to where it kicks up i should be able to take it from there
  17. looks good man i always keep a few rattle cans of flat and gloss black around for the chassis and what not
  18. thats it i quit i cant even build something like that in a year
  19. the colour should be simple enough to match, its the scaling that will be tough because im basically making 2 different decals on top of that, i dont have any 69 novas in my stash (only a 66) so that makes it tough to get the sizing perfect iether way, ill get her done
  20. speaking of loopholes, you guys think i should buy this and enter it ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polar-Lights-Back-To-The-Future-Time-Machine-snap-together-model-car-kit-/121044517738?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item1c2ed0c36a
  21. looks great i love the tone of the interior colour i should really get on those decals (just gotta figure out how to get the hood decal matched)
  22. there actually allready is a picture of him up in my room but this one would definatly be a nice addition ive build a few snap kits with him allready and i cant wait untill he's old enough to really join me at the bench (though im afraid as soon as he starts building models it wont be long till he starts wrecking 1:1 cars...if he's anything like Randy implies)
  23. here is a shot of the porch when it was first assembled there is a very nice molded in detail here and here is a shot of the porch after some detailing i put down a coat of white paint to bring out the mortar (is it still called mortar after it dries?) and then slapped on a quick coating of pastel i think there is still too light a colour there so more pastel will be added later
  24. see, thats the problem with nerds...its a viscious circle me...im cool (ill skip some of the results of how cool i am because this is a family forum) and as a result i got a son to send out to do the snow plowing
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