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  1. I am wondering where I can source a rat roaster intake for a single carb that they ran back then?
  2. I took more than a few pictures of this on the WIP table at NNL East. Then this week I ordered the decals from Mike's. Also got the Charlie Glotzbach sheet. Keep it up.
  3. Hey Fabrizio, I work at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and we have the car on display currently. I would love to take any pictures you could possibly want for reference, should you need any. I have total access to the vehicle and would love to help any way I can.
  4. Like what I see. Also wanted to say thank you for all the pics on the first page right where they are easy to find.
  5. I would strongly suggest you throw away the body and replace it with the Speed City Resin Barracuda F/C body they offer. Other than that, it seems very nice to me.
  6. Like what you are up to om this one. May I ask you to take a photo of the decal sheet? Curious to see the differences between the American and ROG decals.
  7. Hey, I took a 2nd place with my Challenger. 3rd place went to a purple 70 RoadRunner.
  8. The current Corvette has my vote. You always hear the foreign car guys talking about the unrefined power and brute force the current model has and I personally find that endearing and kind of genuinely American. Then again, I do believe that Corvette owner is synonymous with AARP member.
  9. I love this. You did a wonderful job on that Charger. The one part that is always missing from those '71 Charger chassis swaps is the wiper fluid tank. doesnt come with the kit and always makes the passenger side of the engine look empty. But I think this is great.
  10. This kit could have the same potential as the AMT '71 Charger did with '71-'76 B-bodies, as far as using it to update every E-body from '70-'74 with accurate chassis, doghouse and driveline. Also the new tires looked incredible and the 15" Rallyes might be the best yet. I am not even an E-body guy, but am still very excited for this kit.
  11. I am way too excited to get my hands on some of these. I will order 4 sets right off the bat. Those Challenger wheels got me hyped up too. You can quickly become my new favorite resin caster.
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